Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube

Conversations with David Bohm

7 Oct 1972 BR72CB Audio Subt. On intelligence

18 May 1975 BRGS75CB1 Audio Subt. What is truth and what is reality?
24 May 1975 BRGS75CB2 Audio Subt. Seeing 'what is' is action
31 May 1975 BRGS75CB3 Audio Subt. Thought cannot bring about an insight
14 Jun 1975 BRGS75CB4 Audio Subt. How does desire arise from perception?
22 Jun 1975 BRGS75CB5 Audio Subt. Attention implies that there is no centre
28 Jun 1975 BRGS75CB6 Audio Perceiving without the perceiver
18 Jul 1975 BRGS75CB7 Audio Subt. If thought cannot achieve, why should it suffer?
25 Jul 1975 BRGS75CB8 Audio Subt. What is the substance of thought?
6 Aug 1975 BRGS75CB9 Audio Subt. Is there in the brain anything untouched by culture?
27 Sep 1975 BRGS75CB10 Audio Subt. Truth does not belong to an individual
4 Oct 1975 BRGS75CB11 Audio Subt. What is wisdom which is not a movement of thought?
11 Oct 1975 BRGS75CB12 Audio Subt. Can the brain free itself from all self-delusion?

1 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB1 Audio Subt. The roots of psychological conflict
2 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB2 Audio Subt. Cleansing the mind of the accumulation of time
8 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB3 Audio Subt. Why has man given supreme importance to thought?
10 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB4 Audio Subt. Breaking the pattern of egocentric activity
12 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB5 Audio Subt. The ground of being, and the mind of man
15 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB6 Audio Subt. Can insight bring about a mutation of the brain cells?
17 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB7 Audio Subt. Death has very little meaning
19 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB8 Audio Subt. Can insight be awakened in another?
1 Jun 1980 OJBR80CB9 Video Subt. Brockwood Park 1980 - Dialogue 9 - Senility and the brain cells
7 Jun 1980 OJBR80CB10 Video Subt. Cosmic order
14 Sep 1980 OJBR80CB11 Video Subt. The liberation of insight
16 Sep 1980 OJBR80CB12 Video Subt. The intelligence of love
18 Sep 1980 OJBR80CB13 Video Subt. The ending of psychological knowledge
20 Sep 1980 OJBR80CB14 Video Subt. The mind in the universe
27 Sep 1980 OJBR80CB15 Video Subt. Can human problems be solved?

14 Apr 1981 OJ81CB Audio Subt. A feeling for something sacred

11 Jun 1983 BR83CB1 Video Subt. Is there an action not touched by thought?
20 Jun 1983 BR83CB2 Video Subt. Is there evolution of consciousness?