Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube

Conversations with Pupul Jayakar

11 Jun 1978 BR78CPJ1 Audio Subt. Has there been a radical change in Krishnamurti’s teaching?
12 Jun 1978 BR78CPJ2 Audio Subt. Thought cannot fundamentally perceive or comprehend the totality of consciousness
19 Dec 1979 MA79CPJ Audio Subt. Is there a way which will make man free of suffering?
27 May 1981 BR81CPJ1 Audio On God
7 Jun 1981 BR81CPJ2 Video Subt. Living with death
21 Jun 1982 BR82CPJ1 Video Subt. How does one inquire into the source of all life?
23 Jun 1982 BR82CPJ2 Video Subt. Can we live without the burden of a thousand yesterdays?
24 Jun 1983 BR83CPJ1 Video Subt. What will bring about change in the brain?
25 Jun 1983 BR83CPJ2 Video Subt. Why are we frightened to be nothing?
28 Apr 1984 OJ84CPJ Audio What is the summation of Krishnamurti’s teaching and who are you?