Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube

Bombay (Mumbai)

7 Feb 1971 BO71T1 Audio Subt. To perceive ‘what is’ is the basis of truth
10 Feb 1971 BO71T2 Audio Subt. Direct perception is freedom
14 Feb 1971 BO71T3 Audio Subt. Love is that quality of mind in which there is no division
17 Feb 1971 BO71T4 Audio Subt. A mind in meditation is concerned only with meditation, not with the meditator

19 Jan 1974 BO74T1 Audio Can the human mind radically regenerate?
20 Jan 1974 BO74T2 Audio Can the mind remain with hurt?
26 Jan 1974 BO74T3 Audio Living, love and the meaning of death
27 Jan 1974 BO74T4 Audio Meditation, order and space

21 Jan 1978 BO78T1 Audio Subt. When you change radically it affects all mankind
22 Jan 1978 BO78T2 Audio Subt. Can there be a regeneration of the mind?
28 Jan 1978 BO78T3 Audio Subt. What makes our lives so disorderly and confused?
29 Jan 1978 BO78T4 Audio Subt. Meditation is a flowering that has no motive

24 Jan 1979 BO79T1 Audio Action not based on knowledge
27 Jan 1979 BO79T2 Audio Security not based on thought

16 Jan 1980 BO80T1 Audio A crowded brain is incapable of being free
19 Jan 1980 BO80T2 Audio The tremendous energy of the brain
20 Jan 1980 BO80T3 Audio Learning and desire
27 Jan 1980 BO80T4 Audio Time perpetuates the agony of humanity
30 Jan 1980 BO80T5 Audio Self-centred occupation creates sorrow

23 Jan 1982 BO82T1 Audio Thought limits our lives
24 Jan 1982 BO82T2 Audio Why have we lost relationship with nature and each other?
30 Jan 1982 BO82T3 Audio The movement of fear
31 Jan 1982 BO82T4 Audio Remaining with suffering without thought
6 Feb 1982 BO82T5 Audio Fragmentation, time and death
7 Feb 1982 BO82T6 Audio Without meditation there is no religious mind

22 Jan 1983 BO83T1 Audio Subt. Why do we have problems at all?
23 Jan 1983 BO83T2 Audio Subt. Is it possible to live without a single problem?
29 Jan 1983 BO83T3 Audio Subt. Is there time psychologically?
30 Jan 1983 BO83T4 Audio Subt. A religious mind

4 Feb 1984 BO84T1 Video Subt. A different quality of life
5 Feb 1984 BO84T2 Video Subt. The endless cycle of action and reaction
7 Feb 1984 BO84IIT Video Subt. What place has knowledge in human relationship?
9 Feb 1984 BO84Q Video Subt. Questions & Answers
11 Feb 1984 BO84T3 Video Subt. The art of living and dying
12 Feb 1984 BO84T4 Video Subt. Love, freedom, goodness, beauty are one

2 Feb 1985 BO85T1 Video Subt. What is our brain?
3 Feb 1985 BO85T2 Video Subt. Thought and time are always together
5 Feb 1985 BO85Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
7 Feb 1985 BO85Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
9 Feb 1985 BO85T3 Video Subt. Sorrow is part of our self-centred activity
10 Feb 1985 BO85T4 Video Subt. Is there a meditation that is not brought about by thought?