Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube


8 Nov 1968 CL68TYP1 Audio Subt. A radical transformation in the psyche itself
10 Nov 1968 CL68TYP2 Audio Subt. Thought is the cause of fear
11 Nov 1968 CL68DYP1 Audio Subt. Freedom of choice is not freedom
12 Nov 1968 CL68DYP2 Audio Subt. Learning is action
13 Nov 1968 CL68DYP3 Audio Subt. Is it possible to end the thousand yesterdays?
14 Nov 1968 CL68DYP4 Audio Subt. Can the mind be free of thought?
15 Nov 1968 CL68CHS Video Subt. Authority is destructive
15 Nov 1968 CL68DYP5 Audio Subt. The mind that is free of authority is a very intense, alive mind
17 Nov 1968 CL68TYP3 Audio Subt. The benediction of meditation