Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube


14 Aug 1962 GS62DSG1 Audio Subt. A passion which has no motive
15 Aug 1962 GS62DSG2 Audio Subt. Imitation and negative thinking
16 Aug 1962 GS62DSG3 Audio Subt. Do we go to the end of anything?
17 Aug 1962 GS62DSG4 Audio Subt. Authority and imitation
18 Aug 1962 GS62DSG5 Audio Subt. Seeing authority as a poison
19 Aug 1962 GS62DSG6 Audio Subt. What is the state of the mind that discovers?
20 Aug 1962 GS62DSG7 Audio Subt. Fear is preventing us from looking
21 Aug 1962 GS62DSG8 Audio Once discovery is deeply taking place there is nothing more to discover

15 Aug 1964 GS64DSG1 Audio Start at the very depth of things
16 Aug 1964 GS64DSG2 Audio Action from the unknown
17 Aug 1964 GS64DSG3 Audio An action beyond the bondage of time
18 Aug 1964 GS64DSG4 Audio The mind that sees the whole
19 Aug 1964 GS64DSG5 Audio Where there is accumulation there is fragmentation
20 Aug 1964 GS64DSG6 Audio Is there action apart from animalistic action?
21 Aug 1964 GS64DSG7 Audio Learning is the act of intelligence
22 Aug 1964 GS64DSG8 Audio Knowing without experiencing

30 Jun 1965 GS65DSG1.1 Audio Choice and its relationship to time
23 Jul 1965 GS65DSG1.2 Audio Is it possible for the mind to be free of the process of habit?
30 Jul 1965 GS65DSG1.3 Audio Going deeply into the unconscious
15 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.1 Audio Is thought detrimental?
18 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.2 Audio Am I aware of the process of thinking?
21 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.3 Audio What will make me see that thought breeds frustration?
24 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.4 Audio From where do attachment and detachment come?
25 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.5 Audio A complete stillness
29 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.6 Audio When the mind is completely quiet, how can there be time?

13 Aug 1967 GS67DYP1 Audio A state which is always moving
15 Aug 1967 GS67DYP2 Audio An action that is not a projection of the past

23 Jul 1974 GSBR74DT01 Audio Subt. The flame of responsibility
28 Jul 1974 GSBR74DT02 Audio Subt. Are we still working in the traditional field?
30 Jul 1974 GSBR74DT03 Audio Subt. Is it possible to produce students who will never be conditioned?
1 Aug 1974 GSBR74DT04 Audio Subt. Can we create an ambience that breaks conditioning?
4 Aug 1974 GSBR74DT05 Audio Subt. Can we bring about such intelligence that the mind is never conditioned?
23 Oct 1974 GSBR74DT11 Audio Subt. Awakening the flame of orderliness and intelligence