Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube


14 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP1 Audio Is analysis the way for the mind to learn about itself?
15 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP2 Audio How do I become aware of my conditioning?
21 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP3 Audio Thought creates fear of the pain of tomorrow
22 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP4 Audio A brain overcrowded with memories becomes confused
28 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP5 Audio Can the mind be free of fear, pain and pleasure?
29 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP6 Audio Can the mind look at violence as it arises, as though for the first time?

4 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP7 Audio Is there a discipline without the act of will?
5 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP8 Audio What is the state of a mind that is necessary to learn?
11 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP9 Audio Loneliness and intelligence
12 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP10 Audio What is the relationship between a free mind and an organized mind?
18 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP11 Audio Living without assumption
19 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP12 Audio What is the element that brings about a tremendous instant revolution?
25 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP13 Audio How do we gather the energy needed to change?
26 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP14 Audio The possible and the impossible

21 Feb 1970 ML70DSG1 Audio Subt. Living with a sustained seriousness
22 Feb 1970 ML70DSG2 Audio Can the brain operate without recourse to the past?
14 Mar 1970 ML70DSG3 Video Subt. What makes one control?
15 Mar 1970 ML70DSG4 Video Subt. Being serious without belief
21 Mar 1970 ML70DSG5 Video Subt. Attention leads to learning
22 Mar 1970 ML70DSG6 Video Subt. Fear in consciousness
28 Mar 1970 ML70DSG7 Video Subt. What is order?
29 Mar 1970 ML70DSG8 Video Subt. How is one to be entirely free from fear?
29 Mar 1970 ML70I Video Subt. A short interview about the future of the foundations and schools

26 Mar 1971 ML71CJN1 Audio Subt. The role of the teacher
26 Mar 1971 ML71CJN2 Audio Subt. Inner space
27 Mar 1971 ML7172CAN1 Audio Subt. The circus of man’s struggle
28 Mar 1971 ML7172CAN2 Audio Subt. On good and evil

24 Jan 1972 ML7172CAN3 Audio Subt. Is there a permanent ego?
25 Jan 1972 ML7172CAN4 Audio Subt. Masters and hierarchy
26 Jan 1972 ML7172CAN5 Audio Subt. Stepping out of the stream of the self
27 Jan 1972 ML7172CAN6 Audio A mind that is not empty can never find truth
28 Jan 1972 ML7172CAN7 Audio Subt. Religion and meditation
27 Mar 1972 ML72IFW Audio Subt. Interview by Frank Waters