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16 Jul 1949 OJ49T1 Audio Subt. Does self-knowledge come through searching?
17 Jul 1949 OJ49T2 Audio Subt. Relationship has significance only when it is a process of self-revelation
23 Jul 1949 OJ49T3 Audio Subt. If we had no belief what would happen to us?
24 Jul 1949 OJ49T4 Audio Simplicity cannot be found unless one is free inwardly
30 Jul 1949 OJ49T5 Audio Subt. How is one to be aware?
31 Jul 1949 OJ49T6 Audio Subt. What is true religion?
6 Aug 1949 OJ49T7 Audio Subt. To understand ‘what is’ there must be no prejudice
7 Aug 1949 OJ49T8 Audio Subt. Experiencing the state of immortality without ideation
13 Aug 1949 OJ49T9 Audio Subt. Ideals and ambition
14 Aug 1949 OJ49T10 Audio Subt. Without self-knowledge there cannot be complete action
20 Aug 1949 OJ49T11 Audio Subt. Why do we want to dominate or be subservient to another?
21 Aug 1949 OJ49T12 Audio Subt. Why do we seek a method or technique?
27 Aug 1949 OJ49T13 Audio Subt. Simplicity comes into being when there is freedom from the desire to achieve
28 Aug 1949 OJ49T14 Audio Subt. Why do we seek?

23 Jan 1972 OJ72DYP Audio Subt. Questioning everything
29 Mar 1972 OJ72DSG1 Audio Subt. Conflict and choice
30 Mar 1972 OJ72DSG2 Audio A life without measurement
31 Mar 1972 OJ72DSG3 Audio Subt. Direct perception
1 Apr 1972 OJ72DSG4 Audio Can thought bring about a change in our daily life?
8 Apr 1972 OJ72T1 Video Subt. What will bring humanity together?
9 Apr 1972 OJ72T2 Video Subt. Order has its own law

7 Apr 1973 OJ73T1 Audio Relationship without image is love
8 Apr 1973 OJ73T2 Audio The meaning of life, pleasure and fear
14 Apr 1973 OJ73T3 Audio Order, love and death
15 Apr 1973 OJ73T4 Audio Religion and meditation

31 Mar 1974 OJ74D1 Audio Subt. Thinking, relationship and fear
7 Apr 1974 OJ74D2 Audio Subt. Meditation, energy and regeneration in consciousness

9 Apr 1975 OJ75IFH Video Interview on education by Fred Hall

3 Apr 1976 OJ76T1 Audio Relationships, images and hurt
4 Apr 1976 OJ76T2 Audio Why is thought fragmentary?
6 Apr 1976 OJ76D1 Audio What is the function of learning?
10 Apr 1976 OJ76T3 Audio Fear and the structure of the ‘me’
11 Apr 1976 OJ76T4 Audio Reality, pleasure and sorrow
13 Apr 1976 OJ76D2 Audio What is the correct action in life?
15 Apr 1976 OJ76D3 Audio Correct action in a disintegrating society
17 Apr 1976 OJ76T5 Audio Desire, love and death
18 Apr 1976 OJ76T6 Audio Meditation implies a life of great order

25 Feb 1977 OJ77DT1 Video Subt. How does one help a child to understand the immense problem of conditioning?
25 Mar 1977 OJ77DT2 Video Subt. Is it possible to bring about a different human being through right education?
26 Mar 1977 OJ77DT3 Video Subt. How will you help a child not to have fear?
27 Mar 1977 OJ77DT4 Video Subt. Observation is partial when you identify with a group
2 Apr 1977 OJ77T1 Video Subt. An intelligence in which there is complete security
3 Apr 1977 OJ77T2 Video Subt. The source of conflict
5 Apr 1977 OJ77D1 Video Subt. How does one transform oneself?
7 Apr 1977 OJ77D2 Video Subt. The relationship of experience and thought
9 Apr 1977 OJ77T3 Video Subt. Can man radically transform himself psychologically?
10 Apr 1977 OJ77T4 Video Subt. The art of listening, seeing, learning and living
12 Apr 1977 OJ77D3 Video Subt. Education and conditioning
14 Apr 1977 OJ77CDI Audio Awareness is a mirror in which the movement of thought is perceived
14 Apr 1977 OJ77D4 Video Subt. Intellect and intelligence
16 Apr 1977 OJ77T5 Video Subt. Love and death
17 Apr 1977 OJ77T6 Video Subt. What is the significance of meditation?

1 Apr 1978 OJ78T1 Audio Subt. When there is no pressure there is freedom
2 Apr 1978 OJ78T2 Audio Subt. Is it possible to bring about order without the operation of thought?
4 Apr 1978 OJ78D1 Audio Subt. Can the observer come to an end so that there is clarity of perception?
6 Apr 1978 OJ78D2 Audio Subt. Why do we live under pressure?
8 Apr 1978 OJ78T3 Audio Subt. Why does the mechanism of image-making come into being?
9 Apr 1978 OJ78T4 Audio Subt. What is the relationship of thought to desire?
11 Apr 1978 OJ78D3 Audio Subt. What will make you see the danger of conditioning?
13 Apr 1978 OJ78D4 Audio Subt. What is correct action?
15 Apr 1978 OJ78T5 Audio Subt. Is it possible to live, act, without a centre?
16 Apr 1978 OJ78T6 Audio Subt. In meditation there is no observer or the observed

7 Apr 1979 OJ79T1 Video Subt. Living in goodness
8 Apr 1979 OJ79T2 Video Subt. What is the relationship between desire, thought and action?
10 Apr 1979 OJ79D1 Video Subt. Can a conditioned mind free itself?
12 Apr 1979 OJ79D2 Video Subt. Is there a way of living in which self-centred activity ends?
14 Apr 1979 OJ79T3 Video Subt. What is the root of fear?
15 Apr 1979 OJ79T4 Video Subt. The art of observing the book of mankind
17 Apr 1979 OJ79D3 Video Subt. Freedom, love and responsibility
19 Apr 1979 OJ79D4 Video Subt. What is blocking us from change?
21 Apr 1979 OJ79T5 Video Subt. What is disorder in one’s life and what is death?
22 Apr 1979 OJ79T6 Video Subt. Meditation is the ending of all the content of one’s consciousness

1 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB1 Audio Subt. The roots of psychological conflict
2 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB2 Audio Subt. Cleansing the mind of the accumulation of time
8 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB3 Audio Subt. Why has man given supreme importance to thought?
10 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB4 Audio Subt. Breaking the pattern of egocentric activity
12 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB5 Audio Subt. The ground of being, and the mind of man
15 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB6 Audio Subt. Can insight bring about a mutation of the brain cells?
17 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB7 Audio Subt. Death has very little meaning
19 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB8 Audio Subt. Senility and the brain cells
(Last dialogues of this series took place in Brockwood Park)
3 May 1980 OJ80T1 Video Subt. Can we think together about the crisis we are facing?
4 May 1980 OJ80T2 Video Subt. Observation is the total denial of analysis
6 May 1980 OJ80Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
8 May 1980 OJ80Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
10 May 1980 OJ80T3 Video Subt. Is time necessary to end something psychologically?
11 May 1980 OJ80T4 Video Subt. Desire, attachment and fear
13 May 1980 OJ80Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
14 May 1980 OJ80CDI Audio What is living, actually?
15 May 1980 OJ80Q4 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
17 May 1980 OJ80T5 Video Subt. Psychologically we are one unitary movement
18 May 1980 OJ80T6 Video Subt. Action, observation and dying while living

1 Apr 1981 OJ81DSG Audio Subt. Computers, thought and insight
3 Apr 1981 OJ81S2.1 Audio There is no individual consciousness
4 Apr 1981 OJ81S2.2 Audio Subt. Consciousness and learning
5 Apr 1981 OJ81S2.3 Audio Subt. Have we lost all sense of religion?
14 Apr 1981 OJ81CB Audio Subt. A feeling for something sacred
2 May 1981 OJ81T1 Video Subt. What is the root of the crisis in mankind?
3 May 1981 OJ81T2 Video Subt. Life is a movement of relationship
5 May 1981 OJ81Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
7 May 1981 OJ81Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
9 May 1981 OJ81T3 Video Subt. Can thought bring about right action?
10 May 1981 OJ81T4 Video Subt. Do we have the patience to listen to ourselves?
12 May 1981 OJ81Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
14 May 1981 OJ81Q4 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
16 May 1981 OJ81T5 Video Subt. Remaining with sorrow
17 May 1981 OJ81T6 Video Subt. In ending, which is death, is great beauty

16 Apr 1982 OJ82CNM1 Video Subt. Roots of psychological disorder
17 Apr 1982 OJ82CNM2 Video Subt. Psychological suffering
17 Apr 1982 OJ82CNM3 Video Subt. The need for security
18 Apr 1982 OJ82CNM4 Video Subt. What is a healthy mind?
1 May 1982 OJ82T1 Video Subt. Are we concerned with total human existence?
2 May 1982 OJ82T2 Video Subt. What is the place of knowledge in our lives?
4 May 1982 OJ82Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
6 May 1982 OJ82Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
8 May 1982 OJ82T3 Video Subt. Can our minds being in disorder create order?
9 May 1982 OJ82T4 Video Subt. What are the causes of human conflict?
11 May 1982 OJ82Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
13 May 1982 OJ82Q4 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
15 May 1982 OJ82T5 Video Subt. Where there is sorrow there is no love
16 May 1982 OJ82T6 Video Subt. Is there anything sacred in life?

27 Mar 1983 OJ83CJS Video Subt. What makes us change?
14 May 1983 OJ83T1 Video Subt. Thought and knowledge are limited
15 May 1983 OJ83T2 Video Subt. War is a symptom
17 May 1983 OJ83Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
19 May 1983 OJ83Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
21 May 1983 OJ83T3 Video Subt. Ending without any motive
22 May 1983 OJ83T4 Video Subt. To watch without any movement of thought

28 Apr 1984 OJ84CPJ Audio What is the summation of Krishnamurti’s teaching and who are you?
15 May 1984 OJ84CLS Audio We live in conflict with everything
19 May 1984 OJ84T1 Video Subt. Truth is the catalyst to end conflict
20 May 1984 OJ84T2 Video Subt. What is wrong with pleasure?
22 May 1984 OJ84Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
24 May 1984 OJ84Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
26 May 1984 OJ84T3 Video Subt. Attention is like a fire
27 May 1984 OJ84T4 Video Subt. Is love part of consciousness?

11 May 1985 OJ85T1 Video Subt. Why is our house in disorder?
12 May 1985 OJ85T2 Video Subt. A crisis in our consciousness
14 May 1985 OJ85Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
16 May 1985 OJ85Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
18 May 1985 OJ85T3 Video Subt. Creation is never ending
19 May 1985 OJ85T4 Video Subt. The ending of continuity