Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube


10 Apr 1969 PA69T1 Audio Change and fear
12 Apr 1969 PA69DYP1 Audio What is the state of the mind when the observer is not?
13 Apr 1969 PA69T2 Audio Uncovering the content of consciousness
16 Apr 1969 PA69DYP2 Audio What am I to do in life?
17 Apr 1969 PA69T3 Audio Fear, time and silence
19 Apr 1969 PA69DYP3 Audio Why are we confused?
20 Apr 1969 PA69T4 Audio Can we live without division?
22 Apr 1969 PA69DYP4 Audio Looking at pleasure and pain
24 Apr 1969 PA69T5 Audio A reality of a different dimension