Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube

San Diego

5 Apr 1970 SD70T1 Video Subt. How does one learn about oneself?
6 Apr 1970 SD70T2 Video Subt. Can the human mind be completely free of fear?
7 Apr 1970 SD70T3 Video Subt. Understanding meditation requires order
8 Apr 1970 SD70DYP Audio How can the mind free itself of its accumulated violence?
9 Apr 1970 SD70T4 Video Subt. What is meditation?

25 Mar 1971 SD71DYP1 Video Subt. Can human beings radically bring about in themselves a psychological revolution?
29 Mar 1971 SD71DYP2 Video Subt. A possibility of change

15 Feb 1972 SD72CCTR Video Subt. What is Meditation?
16 Feb 1972 SD72CA1 Video Subt. Listening is a great miracle
16 Feb 1972 SD72CA2 Video Subt. What Is The Point of Education?
17 Feb 1972 SD72CES1 Video Subt. Goodness only flowers in freedom
17 Feb 1972 SD72CES2 Video Subt. Ending disorder is the ending of death

18 Feb 1974 SD74CA1 Video Subt. Knowledge and the transformation of man
18 Feb 1974 SD74CA2 Video Subt. Knowledge and conflict in human Relationships
19 Feb 1974 SD74CA3 Video Subt. What is communication with others?
19 Feb 1974 SD74CA4 Video Subt. What is a responsible human being?
20 Feb 1974 SD74CA5 Video Subt. Understanding of our disorder
20 Feb 1974 SD74CA6 Video Subt. The nature and total eradication of fear
21 Feb 1974 SD74CA7 Video Subt. Understanding, not controlling, desire
21 Feb 1974 SD74CA8 Video Subt. Does pleasure bring happiness?
22 Feb 1974 SD74CA9 Video Subt. Sorrow, passion and beauty
22 Feb 1974 SD74CA10 Video Subt. The art of listening
25 Feb 1974 SD74CA11 Video Subt. Being hurt and hurting others
25 Feb 1974 SD74CA12 Video Subt. Love, sex and pleasure
26 Feb 1974 SD74CA13 Video Subt. A different way of living
26 Feb 1974 SD74CA14 Video Subt. Death, life and love are indivisible
27 Feb 1974 SD74CA15 Video Subt. Religion, authority and education - Part 1
27 Feb 1974 SD74CA16 Video Subt. Religion, authority and education - Part 2
28 Feb 1974 SD74CA17 Video Subt. Meditation, a quality of attention that pervades all of one's life
28 Feb 1974 SD74CA18 Video Subt. Meditation and the sacred mind