Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube

San Francisco

10 Mar 1973 SF73T1 Audio Knowledge in relationship creates division
11 Mar 1973 SF73T2 Audio What is the place of thought?
17 Mar 1973 SF73T3 Audio Suffering, love and freedom from death
18 Mar 1973 SF73T4 Audio Total negation of the self

20 Mar 1975 SF75T1 Audio Freedom is necessary to investigate into oneself
22 Mar 1975 SF75T2 Audio What is the relationship of knowledge to transformation?
23 Mar 1975 SF75T3 Audio Why have we not been able to resolve suffering?
25 Mar 1975 SF75T4 Audio The art of meditation

30 Apr 1983 SF83T1 Audio Subt. Can disorder in our lives end?
1 May 1983 SF83T2 Audio Subt. When the brain is totally unconditioned, the mind is religious

5 May 1984 SF84T1 Audio Why are we in conflict?
6 May 1984 SF84T2 Audio Fear, sorrow, death and meditation