Krishnamurti Subtitles

Konať okamžite, znamená vidieť to, čo sa v skutočnosti deje

Santa Monica - 18 March 1972

Public Talk 1

0:43 Krishnamurti: Krishnamurti:
As we are going to talk Pretoћe sa ideme rozprбvaќ,
0:46 during these four meetings poиas tэchto љtyroch stretnutн,
0:52 about many things, o mnohэch veciach,
0:56 I think it is important, myslнm si, ћe je dфleћitй
0:59 first, po prvй:
that we should understand ћe by sme mali vedieќ,
1:05 that these meetings ћe tieto stretnutia nie sъ
are not a kind of entertainment, nejakэ druh zбbavy,
1:17 but rather ale ћe skфr spolu
that we are going together, ideme
1:23 sharing the many problems zdieѕaќ mnoho problйmov
that face all of us. ktorэm vљetci иelнme.
1:34 I mean by 'entertaining' Tou zбbavou myslнm,
1:44 that you are ћe vбm nikto nebude hovoriќ
not being told what to do, иo mбte robiќ,
1:49 or to understand alebo ako mбte pochopiќ
a particular philosophy, konkrйtnu filozofiu,
1:59 or comply alebo vyhovieќ urиitej dogme
to a certain dogma, theory. alebo teуrii.
2:06 Most of us, I am afraid, Vдиљina z nбs, obбvam sa,
2:13 like to be informed, je rada, keп nбs informujъ,
2:18 entertained, told, zabбvajъ, povedia иo robiќ,
2:22 follow a certain theory, dogma, keп sledujeme urиitъ teуriu, dogmu
2:29 or a belief, alebo presvedиenie,
2:37 or follow alebo nasledujeme najnovљieho
the latest psychologist psycholуga
2:42 or a philosopher. alebo filozofa.
2:47 It is like going to a church Je to ako chodiќ do kostola,
to be entertained aby sme sa zabavili,
2:51 – however much alebo lepљie povedanй,
you may like the ceremony, etc. pбиi sa nбm tб ceremуnia, atп.
3:01 Here, during these four talks, Tu, poиas tэchto љtyroch
3:08 we are not sa vфbec nebudeme zabбvaќ,
going to be entertained at all,  
3:16 for there is nothing pretoћe reиnнk nemusн hovoriќ
that the speaker has to say niи takй
3:21 that will be either иo bude
intellectually stimulating, intelektuбlne stimulujъce
3:31 or psychologically, alebo psychologickй,
3:35 that needs acceptance. nieиo, иo treba prijaќ.
3:41 For we are Pretoћe sa spolu ideme podeliќ
going to share together  
3:48 the many problems, o mohй problйmy,
3:53 such as love, death, ako je lбska, smrќ,
3:58 and the utter madness a totбlne љialenstvo
that is going on in the world. ktorй sa deje vo svete.
4:05 We are going to understand Ideme spolu porozumieќ
these problems together, tэmto problйmom,
4:10 share them, podeliќ sa s nimi,
4:14 and therefore, a preto je veѕmi dфleћitй
it is very important  
4:18 from the very beginning od ъplnйho zaиiatku,
4:22 that we should aby sme si rozumeli,
understand each other,  
4:27 and what it means to observe a aby sme rozumeli tomu,
  иo znamenб skъmaќ
4:33 the problems problйmy do ktorэch sa
into which we are going, dostбvame.
4:37 to observe, to listen. Skъmaќ, poиъvaќ.
4:44 We generally listen Zvyиajne poиъvame
4:52 according to our fancy: podѕa toho, иi sa nбm chce:
4:58 comparing what we already know porovnбvame, иo uћ vieme,
5:01 with what is being said, s tэm иo nбm hovoria,
5:05 translating, prekladбme si to,
interpreting, comparing, interpretujeme, porovnбvame,
5:14 and trying to follow a snaћнme sa sledovaќ, иo
what the speaker is saying. rozprбvajъci hovorн.
5:23 And it seems to me, A mne sa zdб,
5:25 such forms of listening ћe takб forma poиъvania
prevents actual listening. zabraтuje skutoиnйmu poиъvaniu.
5:32 You are not only listening Vy nepoиъvate len to, иo hovorн
to what the speaker is saying rozprбvajъci,
5:38 but also listening ale tieћ poиъvate vlastnй reakcie.
to your own reactions.  
5:45 For after all, Koniec koncov,
5:48 the speaker acts as a mirror rozprбvajъci sa chovб ako
5:53 into which you are looking, do ktorйho sa pozerбte,
5:57 and what you see a иo vidнte, nepotrebuje
doesn't need any interpretation, ћiadnu interpretбciu,
6:00 you merely observe. jednoducho pozorujete.
6:06 So our first enquiry together Takћe naљa prvб
  spoloиnб otбzka je,
6:15 is what it means иo to znamenб poиъvaќ,
to listen, to observe, pozorovaќ.
6:22 whether it is at all possible Иi je vфbec moћnй
to observe actually 'what is' pozorovaќ v skutoиnosti to, иo je,
6:29 without any interpretation, bez nejakej interpretбcie,
6:39 without any categorising, bez akйhokoѕvek zaraпovania,
6:44 putting it dбvaќ to do urиitйho
into a certain groove, љuplнka,
6:50 into a certain path, do istej kategуrie,
6:53 but to merely observe. len pozorovaќ.
7:00 And this is A to bude dosќ ќaћkй,
going to be rather difficult,  
7:04 because for most of us pretoћe pre vдиљinu z nбs pozorovanie
observation means interpretation, znamnenб interpretбciu,
7:14 interpreting what you see tlmoиiќ si to, иo vidнte
according to what you already know, podѕa toho, иo uћ viete,
7:20 and therefore a preto
you are looking at what you see sa pozerбte na to, иo vidнte
7:25 with the knowledge of the past. s vedomнm minulosti.
7:29 Therefore Preto sa v skutoиnosti
you are actually not seeing. vlastne vфbec nepozerбte.
7:35 And I think A myslнm,
this is very important to understand, ћe to je veѕmi dфleћitй pochopiќ,
7:43 because to bring about pretoћe aby ste radikбlne zmenili
a radical transformation in 'what is', nieиo "иo je",
7:49 you have to observe it, tak to najprv musite pozorovaќ,
7:54 not translate it nie prekladaќ si to podѕa
in terms of your particular tendency, toho, ako sa nбm chce,
8:00 idiosyncrasy or temperament, podѕa vэstrednosti alebo povahe,
or what you like or dislike, alebo, иi sa vбm to pбиi, иi nepбиi,
8:07 which prevents иo zabraтuje skutoиnйmu vnнmaniu.
the actual observation.  
8:19 In the same way, to listen Rovnakэm spфsobom poriadne
8:29 to what is being said completely. tomu, иo druhэ hovorн.
8:38 If you listen completely, Ak poriadne poиъvate,
8:42 then you will find out for yourself potom sami prнdete na to, иo je
what is truth and what is falsehood pravda, a иo je loћ
8:47 in what is being said, v tom, иo sa hovorн,
8:52 but if you listen ale ak poиъvate
8:57 according to podѕa nejakйho vzoru
a particular pattern of your thought, svojej mysle,
9:05 according podѕa toho, иo sa vбm
to your like and dislike, pбиi a nepбиi,
9:13 any form of distortion akбkoѕvek forma skreslenia
prevents actual listening. brбni skutoиnйmu naиъvaniu.
9:22 This is an obvious fact. To je oиividnэ fak.
9:30 So, this is not an entertainment Takћe, toto nie je zбbava,
9:37 in the sense v zmysle
9:43 that you either ћe buп prijнmate alebo
accept or reject what is being said, odmietate to, иobolo povedanй,
9:53 neither ani
9:57 comparing what is being said neporovnбvate to иo bolo povedanй
with what you have read s tэm, иo bolo napнsanй,
10:02 or what you have experienced alebo s tэm, иo ste zaћili,
or what you know, alebo иo viete,
10:07 which prevents иo zabraтuje skutoиnйmu
the actual listening. poиъvaniu.
10:17 And if you want A ak sa chcete zabбvaќ,
to be entertained  
10:22 in the sense v zmysle
10:26 to follow a particular philosophy, nasledovaќ urиitъ filozofiu,
10:42 or investigate together alebo skъmaќ spoloиne
into a particular theory, konkrйtnu teуriu,
10:50 a concept, nejakэ koncept,
10:52 all such forms, I feel, cнtim, ћe vљetky takйto formy
are a kind of entertainment sъ druhom zбbavy,
10:58 because they prevent pretoћe zabraтujъ
the actual observation of yourself. skutoиnйmu pozorovaniu seba.
11:08 If that is fairly clear, Keп je to dosќ jasnй,
11:12 that this is not ћe to nie je zбbava,
an entertainment,  
11:17 but together spolu
11:21 we are going to investigate budeme skъmaќ
into our human problems, ѕudskй problйmy,
11:28 their complexity, ich zloћitosti,
11:31 and if it is possible a ak je to moћnй,
to resolve them totally. ъplne ich vyrieљime.
11:42 As one observes, Keп иlovek pozoruje
11:46 right round the world, svet, kol dokola,
11:50 there is utter chaos. vlбdne tam totбlny chaos.
11:55 Something јudstvu sa nieиo stalo,
has happened to humanity,  
11:59 to the human being. ѕudskej bytosti.
12:04 There are these problems Sъ tu problйmy
of overpopulation, pollution, preѕudnenia, zneиistenia,
12:13 the tremendous obrovskб
economic imbalance, ekonomickб nerovnovбha,
12:19 social injustice, sociбlna nespravodlivosќ,
and so on and on and on, a tak пalej a tak пalej,
12:24 the utter chaos totбlny chaos
in the political field. v politickej oblasti.
12:32 So seeing all that, Vidiac toto vљetko,
12:35 the chaos, the suffering, chaos, utrpenie,
12:39 the extraordinary sense neskutoиnъ
12:43 of brutality brutбlnosќ
and violence in the world, a nбsilie vo svete,
12:49 in observing that, pozorujъc to,
it becomes absolutely necessary zaинna byќ nevyhnutnй
12:57 that one be a light to oneself, aby bol иlovek svetlom
  sebe samйmu,
13:03 not depending on anybody, aby nebol psychologicky
psychologically. na nikom zбvislэ!
13:14 One has to be Иlovek musн byќ absoltъtnym
totally a light to oneself svetlom sebe samйmu,
13:20 in this world of chaos, v tomto svete chaosu,
13:23 which we, ktorэ sme si my,
all together, have created it. vљetci spoloиne, vytvorili.
13:32 I mean, Myslнm tэm...byќ
by being a light to oneself, svetlom sebe samйmu,
13:43 not depending nebyќ zбvislэ na nejakej
on some philosophy, filozofii,
13:50 on a guru, na guruovi,
13:54 on some external authority, na nejakej vonkajљej autorite,
13:58 or the latest psychologist, alebo najmodernejљom
14:06 but to understand ale chбpaќ seba samйho,
totally ourselves,  
14:12 and therefore our relationship a tэm aj naљim vzќahom
with each other and with the world. medzi sebou a so svetom.
14:23 And I think that too A myslнm si, ћe je
is fairly obvious, je celkom jasnй aj to,
14:29 considering that everything ћe vљetko okolo nбs
around us has failed: zlyhalo:
14:36 the churches, the temples, kostoly, chrбmy
the gurus with their absurdities, guruovia so svojimi absurditami,
14:45 the various disciplines, rфznymi nasledovnнkmi,
14:50 the little groups and sects malй skupiny a sekty,
14:55 separating themselves ktorб sa separujъ
in search of truth pri hѕadanн pravdy...
15:01 – all those things vљetky tieto veci ъplne,
have utterly, totally failed. totбlne zlyhali.
15:11 And therefore seeing all that, A preto, vidiac toto vљetko,
15:17 being aware of it uvedomujъc si to
15:21 – not something outside, - nie nieиo tam vonku,
over there,  
15:28 but as a thing very close to us, ale ako vec, veѕmi
  blнzko nбs,
15:33 in which v ktorej sme
we are totally committed, ъpne vљetci sъиasќou,
15:37 which is part of us, иo je иasќou nбs,
15:39 which is us, me, you – иo je my, ja, ty-
15:47 unless one becomes pokiaѕ sa иlovek nestane
a light to oneself, svetlom sebe samйmu,
15:56 we will only further budeme len naпalej prinбљaќ
bring about misery and confusion. biedu a zmдtok.
16:06 So that is what Takћe toto si ideme prebraќ.
we are going to discuss,  
16:09 talk over together Preberieme si spoloиne na
these four morning meetings, tэchto љtyroch rannэch stretnutiach,
16:18 so that we act, behave, ћe to ako konбme, ako sa sprбvame
16:28 in the light vo svetle
of our own understanding, nбљho vlastnйho chбpania
16:36 not according to some analyst, - nie je podѕa niektorэch analytikov,
16:41 guru, philosopher, professor, gurua, filozofa, profesora,
16:47 even according to the speaker, dokoca ani podѕa reиnнka,
16:50 especially. to uћ vфbec nie.
17:02 And to find out Zistiќ,
how to be a light to oneself ako byќ svetlom sebe samйmu
17:09 is an immense problem, je obrovskэ problйm,
17:16 because we have pretoћe
depended on external authority, zбvisнme na vonkajљej autorite.
17:25 as you can observe: Ako mфћete pozorovaќ:
17:32 all the books that are written, vљetky knihy, ktorй sъ napнsanй,
17:39 the growing rastъci
assembly of analysts, poиet analytikov,
17:46 the latest psychologists modernн psycholуgovia
17:50 who maintain ktorн tvrdia, ћe sme predurиenн
that you are bound to be conditioned, na podmienenie,
17:56 whatever you do, nech robнme, иo robнme,
18:03 that you can never be free. ћe sa nikdy nemфћeme byќ
18:12 And these things A tieto veci sa neustбle opakujъ,
are being constantly repeated,  
18:19 maintained, asserted, udrћiavajъ, uplatтujъ,
18:25 and you depend on all that, a vy ste na tom vљetkom zбvislн,
18:28 not knowing what is true, neviete иo je pravda,
what is false. иo je loћ.
18:36 And not knowing, A tak nevediac,
18:40 enquiring, pэtate sa,
18:43 hoping to find the right answer dъfate, ћe nбjdete sprбvnu odpoveп,
18:46 and always looking outwardly: a vћdy to hѕadбte navonok:
18:51 to some leader, u nejakйho lнdra,
to some special authority, u nejakej љpeciбlnej autority,
18:58 whether it is the oriental иi sa uћ jednб o orientбlnu
or the occidental authority. alebo zбpadnъ autoritu.
19:05 And so it becomes A tak to zaинna byќ
extraordinarily difficult nesmierne ќaћkй
19:13 to put aside all that daќ to vљetko bokom
19:19 and to find out a sбm prнsќ na to,
for oneself what is truth иo je pravda
19:27 in the midst of this chaos. uprostred tohto chaosu.
19:33 And if you are willing A ak ste ochotnн
19:39 – and apparently you must be willing - a oиividne vљetci ste,
because you are all here, lebo ste tu,
19:45 to go into this problem pustiќ sa do tohto
very seriously, problйmu naozaj vбћne,
19:49 right to the very end of it, ъplne aћ do samйho konca,
not just listen for ten minutes nie len poиъvaќ 10 minъt
19:54 or for an hour, alebo hodinu,
19:57 agreeing or disagreeing, sъhlasiќ, nesъhlasiќ,
which is irrational – иo je neracionбlne.
20:01 when you are Keп sa naozaj pokъљate porozumieќ,
really trying to understand  
20:03 you cannot possibly nemфћete teoreticky sъhlasiќ alebo
agree or disagree with 'what is'. nesъhlasiќ s tэm "иo je".
20:13 As we are Pretoћe sme ochotnн to
willing to share together, spolu zdieѕaќ,
20:18 then we can investigate mфћeme skъmaќ
20:25 actually what is going on, иo sa deje naozaj.
20:28 not only outwardly but inwardly. Nie navonok, ale vo vnъtri.
20:35 The outer To vonkajљie je odpoveп
is the response of the inner, na to vnъtornй
20:40 it is one movement. - je to jeden pohyb.
20:42 There is no outer Neexistuje vokajљie oddelenй
separated from the inner, od vnъtornйho,
20:45 it is one movement, je to jeden pohyb,
20:47 like the tide ta ako prнliv ktorэ
that goes out and comes in. prichбdza a odchбdza.
20:58 Please do listen to all this Prosнm, poиъvajte toto
21:03 with some care, veѕmi pozorne,
21:09 because we are concerned pretoћe sa obбvam
with your life, o vбљ ћivot,
21:12 not with the life nie o svoj,
of the speaker,  
21:18 with your life, o vбљ ћivot,
21:21 and we are trying a spolu sa pokъsime porozumieќ
to understand together that life, tomuto ћivotu,
21:26 in which kde sъvisн
there is this interrelationship  
21:32 between the outer and the inner, vonkajљie
  s vnъtornэm
21:33 between human beings. medzi ѕudskэmi bytosќami.
21:45 So how do we Takћe ako sa pozerбme na tieto
look at these problems? problйmy?
22:00 How do we look with clarity Ako sa pozerбme s jasnosќou
22:05 so that tak aby tam bolo neustбle
there is instant perception? vnнmanie?
22:10 Because we have no time. Pretoћ nemбme ћiadny иas.
22:16 You know what I mean by time? Viete, иo myslнm tэm
22:26 There is time by the watch, Existuje иas podѕa hodнn,
22:30 time as yesterday, иas ako vиerajљok,
today and tomorrow, dneљok a zajtrajљok,
22:40 but psychologically, ale psychologicky,
22:44 from which z иoho vљetky иiny vznikajъ,
all real action takes place,  
22:47 is there time? je v tom иas?
22:54 Please, Prosнm, pozrime sa na to
let's go together into this. spolu.
23:03 We have to act. Musнm konaќ.
23:08 Action means Aktivita znamenб ћe konбm
always in the present, vћdy v prнtomnosti,
23:11 not in some nie v nejakej vzdialenej
distant future or tomorrow, budъcosti alebo zajtra.
23:15 action means now. Aktivita znamenб - teraz!
23:21 And seeing what the world is, A vidiac akэ svet je,
23:26 action is immensely important иinnosќ je dфleћitб teraz,
now, not tomorrow. nie zajtra.
23:38 So, to act instantly Takћe, konaќ okamћite
23:43 is to see actually 'what is'. v skutoиnosti znamenб vidieќ
  to "иo je."
23:48 You know, Viete,
when you see some danger, keп vidнte nejakй nebezpeиenstvo,
23:54 some physical danger, nejakй fyzickй nebezpeиenstvo,
you act instantly, konбte okamћite.
24:01 the seeing and acting Videnie a konanie
are not two separate things. nie sъ dve oddelenй veci.
24:06 There is no interval Neexistuje interval medzi videnнm
between seeing and acting a konanнm tam
24:10 when there is danger kde je nebezpeиenstvo.
24:14 there is instant action. Je tam okamћitб reakcia.
24:21 Psychologically, inwardly, Psychologicky, vnъtorne,
24:26 there is a gap between the seeing, existuje medzera medzi videnнm,
the understanding, and acting. chбpanнm, a konanнm.
24:35 Isn't that so? Nie je to tak?
24:37 I do not know Neviem, иi ste si
if you have not noticed it, nevљimli
24:41 the interval between interval medzi
psychological perception psychologickэm vnнmanнm
24:49 and the action a reakciou ktorб sa deje
that takes place from that perception. z tohto vnнmania.
24:56 There is a wide gap, Je tam љirokб medzera,
25:02 and in that wide gap a v tej љirokej medzere
lies all our conflict. leћн celэ nбљ konflikt.
25:12 Are you following Sledujete o иom hovorнme?
what we are talking about?  
25:20 I see, for example, Naprнklad! Vidнm
25:27 that there must be no fear, ћe tam nemб byќ strach,
25:36 and I argue, a hбdam sa, diskutujem,
discuss, think about it, rozmэљѕam o tom,
25:39 and action follows much later. a reakcia nasleduje oveѕa neskфr.
25:48 Whereas to see instantly Zatiaѕиo vidieќ okamћite,
is to act. znamenб konaќ.
26:02 So, what is it that prevents Takћe, иo zabraтuje tomu
this action taking place? aby nastala reakcia?
26:11 Not only outwardly Nielen navonok
– pollution, overpopulation, wars, - zneиisќovanie, preѕudnenie, vojny,
26:17 the appalling things tie otrasnй veci
that are going on in the world, иo sa dejъ vo svete,
26:22 which we seem ktorй, zdб sa,
to accept so easily, tak ѕahko akceptujeme,
26:25 so casually. tak nedbalo.
26:32 And action on the part A je na kaћdom z nбs
of each one of us  
26:39 to change not only zmeniќ nielen
the outward environment, vonkajљie prostredie,
26:43 the destruction of nature, deљtrukciu prнrody,
26:49 the pollution of every river, zneиisќovanie kaћdej rieky,
sea, lakes, and all the rest, mora, jazera, a vљetkйho ostatnйho,
26:58 and the pollution ale aj zneиistenie,
that is going on in ourselves. иo sa deje v nбs.
27:08 And to see that inward pollution A vidieќ to vnъtornй zneиistenie
and to end it instantly, a okamћite ho ukonиiќ,
27:15 that is our problem. to je nбљ problйm.
27:17 And therefore in that A preto v tom pozorovanн
observation and action a иinnosti,
27:22 there is no time. nie je иas.
27:26 Am I making myself clear? Som zrozumiteѕnэ?
27:32 Am I? Som?
27:34 Questioner: Yes. Pэtajъci sa: Бno!
27:35 K: Wait sir, we'll see. K: Poиkajte pane, uvidнme.
27:44 You see, we are so accustomed Vidнte, sme zvyknutн na
to the idea of gradualness, myљlienku postupnosti,
27:51 evolution, psychologically. vэvoja, psychologicky.
27:54 Outwardly there is evolution, Navonok existuje vэvin.
28:01 the child grows to a man, Dieќa vyrastie v muћa,
and all the rest, a to vљetko,
28:04 outwardly navonok,
there must be gradual growth, musн byќ postupnэ rast.
28:11 but is there Ale deje sa takб vec
such a thing inwardly? aj vo vnъtri?
28:16 I don't think so. Nemyslнm si.
28:25 And we are accustomed Sme zvyknutн
28:29 to accept the gradual process akceptovaќ postupnэ proces
of evolution, psychologically. evolъcie, psychologicky.
28:41 that is a form of laziness, Je to z lenivosti,
28:44 indolence. z ѕahostajnosti.
28:48 We don't want to have Nechceme maќ kopec energie,
enough energy, vitality to look, vitalitu aby sme to videli.
29:01 and we waste this vital energy My mrhбme touto ћivotnou energiou
29:06 not in observation nie tэm, ћe to pozorujeme,
but being entertained ale tэm, ћe sa nechбme zabбvaќ
29:10 by some philosopher, some guru, nejakэm filozofom,
  nejakэm guruom,
29:13 some psychologist, analyst nejakэm psycholуgom, anylэzou
29:16 – you know, all that is happening - viete, toto vљetko sa na svete deje.
around the world – the leader. - Vodca.
29:24 And when you follow somebody, A keп niekoho nasledujete,
it doesn't matter who it is, nezбleћн na tom koho,
29:29 you are destroying, niинte sa,
29:34 because you are preventing yourself pretoћe zabraтujete staќ sa
from being a light to yourself. svetlom sebe samйmu.
29:46 So, time Takћe иas,
29:54 becomes sa stбva tэm najpodstatnejљнm,
of the utmost importance,  
30:01 the understanding of it. pozoruzumenнm tohto.
30:07 We see that there must be Vidнme, ћe v ѕudskej bytosti
a radical change in the human being, musн nastaќ radikбlna zmena.
30:16 fundamental, Fundamentбlna,
complete transformation kompletnб zmena
30:22 in the human behaviour, v ѕudskom sprбvanн,
30:25 in the human thinking, v ѕudskom myslenн,
30:27 in the human conduct. v ѕudskom chovanн.
30:32 Can that conduct, behaviour, Mфћe to sprбvanie, chovanie,
take place instantly? nastaќ okamћite?
30:43 Because we have no time. Pretoћe nemбme иas.
30:48 You understand my question? Rozumiete mojej otбzke?
30:52 Because the moment Pretoћe v tom momente,
we say it will happen, keп poviete, ћe sa to stane,
30:56 we will gradually change, ћe to postupne zmenнme,
31:01 then you are allowing time, potom uznбvate иas,
31:05 which brings about other factors, иo prinбљa inй faktory,
31:08 other strains, inй energiu,
other experiences, inй skъsenosti,
31:14 which prevent иo zbraтuje aktuбlnej situбcii.
the actual action taking place.  
31:25 Look, Pozrite sa!
31:30 as human beings Ako ѕudskй bytosti sme podmienenй.
we are conditioned,  
31:36 that is a fact, To je fakt!
31:41 as Christians, as communists, Ako kresќania, komunisti,
as what you will, we are conditioned, ako to, иo bude. Sme podmienenн,
31:48 we are shaped sme formovanн
by the environment, okolнm,
31:52 shaped by the culture, formovanн kultъrou,
31:55 by all that we read and see tэm vљetkэm иo инtame a vidнme
and feel outwardly. a cнtime navonok.
32:07 And is it possible A je moћnй
32:11 to change this conditioning zmeniќ toto
32:15 and not be caught a nebiќ lapenэ
in another form of conditioning? v inej forme podmienenia?
32:21 This conditioning that has Toto podmienenie, ktorй
created such havoc in the world, spфsobilo toѕko chaosu vo svete,
32:31 is it possible to totally shed je moћnй sa ho zbaviќ
32:39 the conditioning of prejudice, Podmienenie predsudkov,
32:47 our own particular vanity, naљe vlastnй konkrйtne
32:54 our particular naљa konkrйtna
little temperament, malб povaha,
32:58 idiosyncrasy, vэstrednosќ,
33:02 the conclusions that you have, zбvery, ktorй robнte,
33:07 which all act as conditioning, to vљetko sa deje ako podmienenie.
33:14 can those be Dб sa to vљetko
immediately wiped away? okamћite zmazaќ?
33:25 If it is not possible Ak to nie je moћnй,
33:29 then you will slip tak potom skеznete s jednйho
from one conditioning to another. podmienenia k druhйmu.
33:38 And therefore A preto modernн psycholуgovia
the latest psychologists say hovoria
33:42 man can never be free, ћe иlovek nikdy nemфћe byќ
33:45 he must go beyond ћe musн нsќ za rбmec
his freedom and his dignity svojej slobody a svojej dфstojnosti
33:48 and be better conditioned, a byќ eљte podmienenejљн,
33:57 which means division иo znamenб rozdelenie
between man and man, medzi иlovekom a иlovekom,
34:02 and further destruction a пalљia deљtrukcia
of man and man. иloveka - иlovekom.
34:13 So we have this problem, Takћe tu mбme tento problйm,
34:19 that your mind, ktorэ vaљa myseѕ
34:22 living in a particular culture, ћijъca v urиitej kultъre,
34:28 in the recent culture, v modernej kultъre,
34:31 where freedom kde sloboda stratila svoj vэznam,
has lost its meaning,  
34:43 where there is disorder, kde je chaos,
34:50 racial hatreds, kde je rasovб nenбvisќ,
wars, competition, vojny, sъќaћenie,
34:56 the appalling violence, desivй nбsilie,
35:03 the division between rozdelenie medzi
Christianity and Hinduism, Muslim, kresќanstvom a hinduizmom, islamom,
35:07 all the religious divisions, vљetky tie nбboћenskй rozdiely,
35:09 political divisions, politickй rozdiely,
national divisions. nбrodnostnй rozdiely.
35:16 These divisions exist not only Takйto rozdeѕovanie neexistuje
outwardly but in us, len navonok, ale aj v nбs,
35:22 as the me and the you, na ja a ty,
35:25 we and they, my a oni,
35:30 the guru who says he knows guru ktorэ hovorн "ja viem",
and the disciple says, 'I don't know', a jeho uиeт ktorэ hovorн "ja neviem",
35:40 the one who says, ten иo hovorн:
'I am enlightened "Som osvietenэ,
35:43 and you, poor blighter, a ty si ъbohэ chudбk.
you are in darkness. Si v temnote.
35:50 I will teach you'. Ja ќa budem uиiќ!"
35:58 This division is one form Rozdelenie je istб
of conditioning, forma podmienenia,
36:08 you the American, the Indian, ty Ameriиan, Indiбn.
36:12 you know what is happening, Veп viete иo sa deje,
36:14 for God's sake. preboha!
36:19 So that is our conditioning, Takћe, je tu naљe podmienenie,
36:24 and being so conditioned, a byќ takto podmienenэ,
36:26 our behaviour becomes naљe sprбvanie sa stбva
extraordinarily superficial, neobyиajne povrchnэm,
36:34 based on pleasure. je zaloћenй na poteљenн.
36:38 I do not know Neviem
if you have not noticed, иi ste si to nevљimli
36:41 power, money, sex - moc, peniaze, sex.
36:45 are the most To sъ najdфleћitejљie veci
important things in this world. na svete.
36:53 Though you may pretend Hoci mфћete predstieraќ
to worship God and go to church,  
36:55   zboћтovanie boha
  a chodenia do kostola,
36:56 and follow some a sledovaќ nejakйho brutбlne
beastly little guru or whatever he is, malйho guru alebo иo to je,
37:03 that is the main urge, je tu tб zбkladnб
37:13 and as long as one is conditioned a pokiaѕ bude иlovek takto
in that pattern podmienenэ,
37:23 you cannot possibly nemфћe
37:27 bring about right relationship vznikъќ vzќah
between man and man, medzi иlovekom a иlovekom,
37:32 live peacefully, ћiќ v mieri,
37:34 live with an extraordinary ћiќ s mimoriadnym
sense of joy and clarity. pocitom radosti a jasnosti.
37:40 So that is our first problem. Takћe toto je nбљ
  prvэ problйm.
37:46 Seeing that, Vidiac,
that we are so dreadfully conditioned, ћe sme tak hrozne podmienenн,
37:54 we say we must have time to chip away hovorнme, ћe postupne sa musнme
little by little all the conditioning. zbavovaќ podmienenia.
38:05 Is that the way? Je to tak?
38:09 Or is there a totally different way? Alebo existuje ъplne inэ
38:14 You understand the question? Rozumiete otбzke?
38:18 Q: Yes. P: Бno.
K: Good. K: Dobre!
38:21 That is, To znamenб,
if I am conditioned as a Hindu som podmienenэ ako hinduista,
38:30 and you conditioned a ty si podmienenэ ako
as a Christian, communist, kresќan, komunista,
38:36 different cultures and so on, inб kultъra atп.
38:41 being conditioned, Byќ podmienenэ
38:47 there is division znamenб rozdelenie
between you and me, medzi mnou a tebou,
38:51 although we may pretend hoci mфћeme predstieraќ
to be brotherly bratstvo.
38:56 and talk about unity A hovoriќ o jednote,
and all that nonsense ideologically, a celom tom ideologickom nezmysle
39:02 sounds beautiful znie krбsne na papieri
on paper and in words, a v slovбch,
39:06 but actually there is division ale v kutoиnosti medzi nami
between you and me, existuje rozdelenie,
39:14 because I am conditioned pretoћe ja som podmienenэ
by a culture, by a society, kultъrou, spoloиnosќou,
39:20 economically, socially, ekonomicky, sociбlne,
religiously, politically, nбboћensky, politicky,
39:27 as you are. tak to je.
39:32 I am aware of this conditioning Ja si toto podmienenie
39:42 and I neither accept it a ani ho neakceptujem,
nor reject it, ani ho neodmietam,
39:46 because if I accept it pretoћe ak ho akceptujem,
there is no problem, problйm neexistuje.
39:48 I live in that particular groove Ћijem v urиitej bubline,
39:51 and go on a tak pokraиujem
for the rest of my life, celэ mфj ћivot.
39:54 fighting, quarrelling Bojujem, hбdam sa
and all the rest, and die. a vљetko to ostanй, a zomriem.
40:04 If I want to understand it Ak tomu chcem porozumieќ,
40:14 then I must look at it. potom sa na to musнm pozrieќ.
40:18 And am I capable Ale som schopnэ sa na to pozrieќ?
of looking at it?  
40:24 Do I really want to look Naozaj sa chcem na to pozrieќ
and break through this conditioning, a prelomiќ to podmienenie,
40:33 knowing this division vediac, ћe toto rozdelenie medzi
between man and man, иlovekom a иlovekom,
40:38 not only outwardly nie len navonok, ale aj
but deeply inwardly, hlboko vo vnъtri,
40:42 is creating such misery spфsobuje neљќastie
40:44 not only for you nielen tebe,
but also for me. ale aj mne?
40:54 And is it possible for me A je moћnй, aby som
41:00 to break down prelomil tъto
this wall of separation? stenu separбcie?
41:07 Not gradually Nie postupne, pretoћe v tom
because there is no gradualness. nie je ћiadna postupnosќ.
41:11 When you are suffering Keп trpнte, nehovorнte
you don't say,  
41:13 I will gradually get rid "Postupne sa zbavнm tohto
of this suffering, utrpenia,"
41:17 when you have ak mбte
violent pain physically nбsilnъ fyzickъ bolesќ
41:20 you don't talk tak nehovorнte
about gradualness, o postupnosti.
41:24 you want to act, Chcete konaќ,
41:27 and you do act, a konбte.
41:30 when there is tremendous pain Keп vбs nieиo veѕmi bolн,
you go to the doctor, idete k doktorovi.
41:34 you do various kinds Robнte mnoho normбlnych
of sane and insane things. a nezmyselnэch vecн...
41:44 So, is it possible for my mind Takћe, je moћnй, aby moja
41:48 and so your mind, a takisto vaљa myseѕ,
41:51 you know, veп viete,
41:54 your mind is not different vaљa myseѕ sa nelнљi od
from the mind of the Hindu, hinduistovej,
42:03 he has his problems, on mб svoje problйmy,
42:06 poverty, overpopulation, moc, preѕudnenie,
42:12 pollution, lack of food. zneиistenie,
  nedostatok jedla.
42:20 Here you have abundance Tu mбte hojnosќ,
but also you have poverty, ale tieћ tu mбte aj chudobu.
42:28 you are unhappy, suffering, Ste neљќastnн, trpнte,
42:33 which you very a snaћнte sa na to nepozeraќ.
carefully avoid looking at.  
42:39 He has death On mб smrќ,
and you also have death, aj vy mбte smrќ,
42:42 but you never think about it, ale nikdy na тu nemyslнte.
you want to postpone it. Chcete ju odloћiќ.
42:46 So your mind is my mind, Takћe vaљa myseѕ je moja myseѕ,
42:52 your sorrow is my sorrow. vбљ smъtok je mфj smъtok.
42:56 There is no division in sorrow, V smъtku nie je rozdiel,
43:01 there is no division in love. ani v lбske.
43:08 And realising A uvedomujъc si, ћe som podmienenэ,
that I am conditioned,  
43:15 can the mind break through mфћe moja myseѕ zruљiќ toto
this conditioning – and so behave? podmienenie a sprбvaќ sa podѕa toho?
43:22 And you do behave Vy sa naozaj sprбvate sluљne
when there is no division. keп tam nie je rozdelenie!
43:35 So, I am asking myself Takћe, ja sa pэtam sбm seba, tak ako
as well as you are asking yourself, vy sa pэtate sami seba.
43:39 I hope, Dъfam,
43:42 whether you can иi sa mфћete ъplne zbaviќ tohto
un-condition yourself totally, podmienenia,
43:52 in spite of napriek tomu, ћe vљetci
all the psychologists, psychlуgovia,
43:57 theorists, teoretici,
44:00 you know, veп viete, celэ ten gang ktorэ existuje
all the gang that exists round you okolo toho,
44:05 to tell you vбm hovorн,
that you cannot or you can. иi mфћete alebo nemфћete.
44:13 So my concern, your concern is, Takћe moja vec, vaљa vec je
44:19 seeing that this division vidieќ, ћe toto rozdelenie
between man and man, medzi иlovekom a иlovekom,
44:22 between you and me exists, medzi mnou a vami existuje,
44:31 and that division exists a to rozdelenie existuje
because of our various cultures, kvфli naљim rozliиnэm kultъram,
44:37 religions, political, nбboћenstvu, politike,
economic environment, ekonomickйmu prostrediu.
44:44 can I and you break it down? Vieme to zruљiќ?
44:48 And in the very act of breaking Priamo v tom akte zruљenia
is righteous behaviour. je sprбvne sprбvanie.
44:57 What prevents right behaviour, Иo zabraтuje sprбvnemu
45:02 right conduct, order, sprбvnnemu chovaniu, poriadku,
45:04 is this division je rozdelenie
in myself and in yourself, vo mne a v tebe,
45:10 and therefore a preto rozdelenie
division between you and me. medzi tebou a mnou.
45:22 The speaker says that this conditioning Rozprбvajъci hovorн, ћe toto
can be dissolved instantly. podmienenie sa dб zruљiќ okamћite.
45:34 You may say, well, Mфћete povedaќ: Dobre,
poor chap, he is mistaken, chudбk, mэli sa.
45:39 he is in some kind of illusion, Ћije v nejakej ilъzii,
45:43 a wish-fulfilment, v ћelanн - hѕadб naplnenie,
45:47 caught up je lapenэ v jeho vlastnэch
in his own mystical absurdities, mystickэch absurditбch,
45:56 irrational, iracionбlnych,
45:59 because pretoћe sa mu pбиi veriќ
he likes to believe that he can, ћe to dokбћe...
46:02 you know, viete,
all the intellectual arguments vљetky tie intelektuбlne argumenty
46:10 that one puts forward ktorй niekto vznбљa
46:12 when you are confronted keп ste konfrontovanэ
with something totally new. nieинm novэm...
46:26 It is possible if you deny time. Dб sa to, ak popriete иas!
46:35 Which is, Иo znamenб,
46:37 that you cannot ћe nemфћete rozumieќ
understand this conditioning tomuto podmieneniu
46:43 if in any form ak sa vбm tam v hocijakej forme
46:46 you have dostane element
the element of time entering into it. иasu.
46:54 If you say, well, Ak poviete: Dobre,
not today, I will do it tomorrow. nie dnes, urobнm to zajtra.
47:02 What will happen Иo sa stane
if I do un-condition myself? ak sa vymanнm z podmienenia?
47:07 I may lose my job, Mфћno stratнm prбcu,
my position, my prestige pozнciu, prestнћ,
47:13 – so there is that, - takћe to je to.
47:18 and: A: Ako viete, ћe sa to dб,
how do you know that it can be done  
47:23 when all the experts in the world keп vљetci experti na svete hovoria,
say that you must take time? ћe na vљetko treba иas?
47:34 This thing can't be done. K: Dб sa to!
47:42 Now, Teraz, ak ste ochotnн
if you are willing to listen, poиъvaќ,
47:47 listen in the sense not accept, poиъvajte tak, aby ste neakcepto-
which is too ridiculous, vali - иo je prнliљ smieљne
47:53 or deny, - alebo popierali,
which is equally absurd, иo je rovnako absurdnй,
47:57 but to actually find out, ale aby ste to naozaj zistili.
48:01 and to find out A aby ste na to priљli,
you must give your heart to it, musнte daќ do toho celй svoje srdce,
48:04 not your mind only, nie len svoju myseѕ.
48:09 you must give your mind Musнte daќ do toho kompletne svoju
and your heart completely to find out. myseѕ a srdce, aby ste na to priљli.
48:15 That means To znamenб,
you must be attentive, ћe musнte byќ pozornн,
48:22 you must be immensely aware. ћe si musнte plne uvedomovaќ.
48:29 Now listen to me: be aware. Teraz ma poиъvajte: Uvedomovaќ si!
48:37 You don't know what it means, Vy neviete, иo to znamenб,
48:39 and so you say, well, a tak hovorнte, dobre,
I must learn to be aware. musнm sa nauиiќ uvedomovaќ si.
48:46 That means time. To znamenб иas.
48:51 I must learn Musнm sa nauиiќ od niekoho,
from somebody who is aware kto si uvedomuje,
48:55 and he will tell me a on mi povie,
how to be aware. ako byќ vedomэ.
49:00 So you are caught in time. Takћe ste lapenэ
  v иase.
49:09 Can you put away from your mind, Vy teraz vypustite z vaљej mysle,
49:12 now, sitting here, teraz, sediac tu, myљlienku,
49:15 the idea ћe sa musнte uиiќ ako byќ vedomн!
that you have to learn to be aware?  
49:21 You know, it is like those people Viete, je to ako tн ѕudia
who go to some school ktorн chodia do nejakej љkoly,
49:26 or some enclave, some group, alebo do nejakej enklбvy,
  nejakej skupiny,
49:29 where they are kde sa uиia byќ
going to learn to be sensitive. vnнmavн.
49:36 Learn to be sensitive, Uиiќ sa byќ vnнmavн...
you understand what it means? Rozumiete, иo to znamenб?
49:41 Which means Иo znamenб, ћe nikdy
you are never going to be sensitive. nebudete vnнmavн.
49:47 And the man who is going A иlovek, ktorэ vбs bude uиiќ
to teach you how to be sensitive ako byќ vnнmavн
49:50 is insensitive. je nevnнmavэ.
49:55 No, don't laugh, Nie, nesmejte sa!
49:56 this is what you are doing, Toto predsa robнte, preboha!
for God's sake.  
50:03 Because you have reduced Pretoћe ste vљetko zredukovali
everything to outward phenomena, na vonkajљн ъkaz,
50:10 that you can learn ћe sa viete
from somebody od niekoho nauиiќ
50:15 how to be sensitive, ako byќ vnнmavэ,
50:18 how to look, how to be aware, ako sa pozeraќ, ako si uvedomovaќ,
50:21 how to love, how to be kind, ako milovaќ, ako byќ milэ,
50:25 how to stop wars, ako zastaviќ vojny.
50:28 always swimming on the surface, Vћdy plбvajъci na povrchu...
50:32 and that is to je to, иo sa
what is happening in this country. deje v tejto krajine_!
50:38 If you look at the television, Ak sa pozriete na televнziu,
50:42 you will see uvidнte иo s vami robia!
what they are doing to you.  
50:49 If you go to a church, Ak pфjdete do kostola,
see what they are doing to you, pozrite sa, иo s vami robia!
50:56 politically, religiously, Politicky, nбboћensky,
economically, ekonomicky.
51:01 live on the surface. Aby ste ћili na povrchu.
51:10 And when you do look inside, A ak sa pozerбte dovnъtra,
look according to somebody, ak sa pozriete podѕa niekoho,
51:20 some analyst, podѕa nejakйho analytika,
51:23 some philosopher, some guru. nejakйho filozofa,
  nejakйho guru,
51:26 So you never look, nikdy sa nepozerбte.
51:31 you are looking Pozerбte sa podѕa niekoho.
according to somebody.  
51:42 So, to find out for yourself Tak, prнпte sami na to,
51:52 whether you are conditioned, иi ste podmienenн,
51:55 which obviously you are, иo oиividne ste,
51:58 and whether you can break down a иi to podmienenie viete
that conditioning instantly. okamћite zruљiќ.
52:08 And you can do it A to mфћete spraviќ len vtedy,
only if you know how to look. ak viete ako sa pozeraќ.
52:19 So looking becomes important, Takћe nбhѕad je dфleћitэ,
not the conditioning, nie podmienenie,
52:24 but the manner of your looking. ale spфsob akэm sa pozerбte.
52:31 Are you looking from a centre, Pozerбte sa z centra,
52:36 which is the self, ktorэm je JA,
52:41 or are you looking alebo sa pozerбte
without that centre, bez tohto centra,
52:45 without the me? bez JA?
52:47 You understand my question? Rozumiete mojej otбzke
52:50 Right? ћe?
52:52 Q: No. P: Nie.
K: No, right. K: Nie? V poriadku.
52:56 It is so simple. Je to takй jednoduchй.
53:07 Look, I am looking at myself, Pozrite, pozerбm sa na seba,
53:13 conditioned as somebody, podmienenэ ako niekto,
as something, ako nieиo,
53:19 and I am looking at it a pozerбm sa na to
from a selfish point, zo sebeckйho hѕadiska,
53:24 from a centre which says, z centra, ktorй hovorн:
53:26 I will change that Zmenнm tamto,
and I won't change that, nezmenнm hento,
53:30 because that gives me pretoћe mi to dбva nesmierny
a great deal of pleasure, pocit poteљenia,
53:32 great deal of amusement, nesmiernu zбbavu,
great deal of excitement, kopec vzruљenia.
53:36 I won't change that Nezmenнm toto,
but I will change that. ale zmenнm hento!
53:42 So you are looking Takћe pozerбte sa na svoje
at your conditioning podmienenie
53:45 from a point z bodu, ktorэ je zaloћenэ
which is based on pleasure and pain, na radosti a bolesti,
53:53 reward and punishment. odmene a treste.
53:56 Right? Is that simple? Ћe? Je to takй jednoduchй?
54:00 So that centre is the 'me', Takћe to centrum som JA,
54:06 is my ego, je to moje ego,
54:11 is my personality, moja osobnosќ,
54:17 and therefore a preto
54:19 I can never look completely sa nikdy neviem pozrieќ kompletne
and totally at my conditioning a ъplne na svoje podmienenie
54:27 if there is this me pokiaѕ tam je moje Ja,
who is looking. ktorй sa pozerб.
54:32 Is that simple? Je to takй jednoduchй?
54:34 That is clear, isn't it? Je to jasnй, nie?
54:40 Me JA,
54:43 that wants to be dominating, ktorй chce dominovaќ.
54:46 me that is seeking power, JA, ktorй chce moc,
position, prestige, pozнciu, prestнћ,
54:53 me that is competitive, JA, ktorй je sъќaћivй,
54:58 angry, jealous, furious, the me. zlostnй, ћiarlivй, zъrivй, to JA.
55:04 And when there is that me, A kde je toto JA,
55:09 and through the screen a skrz obraz tohto JA je pozeranie,
of that me there is a looking,  
55:13 then you cannot possibly tam neviete ukoиiќ
end that conditioning. toto podmienenie.
55:20 So the question then is: Takћe otбzka je:
55:24 can there be Dб sa oslobodiќ od JA?
a freedom from the me?  
55:32 You are following all this? Sledujete to vљetko?
55:37 Are you sufficiently Zaujнma vбs dosќ tбto
interested in this question? otбzka?
55:42 I wonder. Pochybujem!
55:46 Do you know how serious it is, Viete, akй je to dфleћitй,
55:57 how serious it is akй je dфleћitй zaoberaќ sa
to enquire into this question? toutu otбzkou?
56:04 It means Znamenб to, ћe tomu musнte
you have to give your life to it, zasvдtiќ celэ svoj ћivot,
56:06 not just this morning nie len dnes rбno,
for a few minutes, na pбr minъt,
56:11 you have to musнte tomu zasvдtiќ celэ ћivot.
give your whole life to it.  
56:15 That means To znamenб, ћe musнte tomu
you have to give your whole life obetovaќ celэ svoj ћivot,
56:17 to find out aby ste naљli
a way of living differently. spфsob ako ћiќ inak.
56:26 And people do, A ѕudia to aj robia,
therefore they say, preto hovoria:
56:29 I will retire from the world, Utiahnem sa zo sveta,
go into a monastery pфjdem do klбљtora
56:33 – listen to all the arguments – - poиъvajte vљetky tie argumenty -
go into a monastery, Pфjdem do klбљtora
56:36 and at least I am alone, a aspoт ja sбm,
I can go into this, to mфћem urobiќ,
56:42 get rid of myself, zbaviќ sa seba,
56:44 call myself a different name daќ si inй meno, alebo
or give myself a number. инslo.
56:49 Or go to the East, Alebo нsќ na vэchod,
join a monastery vstъpiќ do klбљtora,
56:54 or follow some guru alebo nasledovaќ nejakйho guru,
who will help me to get rid of the me, ktorэ mi pomфћe zbaviќ sa seba,
56:58 or identify myself, the me, alebo identifikovaќ sa, to JA,
with something greater, God, nieиo vэznamnejљie, Boha,
57:07 or greater nationality, alebo ъћasnejљiu nбrodnosќ,
or greater activity, greater ideology ъћasnejљiu иinnosќ, ideolуgiu,
57:14 – you follow? – - sledujete? -
57:15 always moving away from reality, Vћdy sa to pohybuje
  preи od reality,
57:22 in which you have been v иom ste boli tak prefektne
so beautifully trained. vytrйnovanн...
57:37 So to find out Takћe, aby sme zistili,
57:40 whether иi vieme ћќ
you can live without the me, bez JA,
57:44 which is the cause ktorй je prниninou
of separation, oddeѕovania,
57:49 which is the cause иo je prниinou
of conditioning, podmienenia,
57:52 because where there is conditioning pretoћe tam, kde je podmienenie
there must be separation, je aj separбcia,
57:55 and therefore the conflict a preto konflikt,
57:57 and therefore a tak aj vљetko
all the mischief in the world. zlй na svete.
58:06 So is it possible, Takћe, je moћnй
58:09 living in this world ћiќ vo svete a nie
and not in a monastery, v klбљtore,
58:14 not in a small little community nie v malej komunite
or commune, alebo obci?
58:20 living here, daily, Ћiќ tu, denne,
58:23 meeting all the problems stretбvaќ sa so vљetkэmi
58:29 without the me, bez JA,
58:32 without that centre? bez tohto centra?
58:38 And what is this centre A иo je toto centrum
58:40 which has become so ktorй sa stalo takй nesmierne
extraordinarily important in our lives? dфleћitй v naљich ћivotoch?
58:46 Have you ever gone into this? Zamysleli ste sa niekedy nad tэm?
58:49 Not according to some analyst, Nie podѕa nejakйho analytika,
58:51 for God's sake preboha,
leave those people alone. nevљнmajte si tэch ѕudн.
58:59 If you do, Ak tak robнte, nepozerбte sa
you are not looking at yourself, na seba,
59:03 but looking at yourself ale pozerбte sa na seba
according to the philosopher, skrz toho filozofa,
59:10 according to the analyst, podѕa analytika,
according to somebody else, podѕa niekoho inйho,
59:16 and that is what a to je to, иo robнte.
you have been doing.  
59:20 So there is nothing original. Takћe tu nie je niи originбlneho.
59:28 To look at yourself Pozrieќ sa na seba
59:36 without the eyes of another, bez pohѕadu inйho,
but with your own eyes. len svojimi vlastnэmi oиami.
59:49 Now, this me is the past. Teraz...To JA je minulosќou.
59:56 Right? Ћe?
59:59 The past being Tб minulosќ ktorб
all the accumulated knowledge, nazromaћdila vљetky vedomosti,
1:00:03 images, myths, predstavy, mэty,
1:00:09 hopes, fears, nбdeje, strachy,
despair, longing, the me. zъfalstvo, tъћbu, to JA.
1:00:20 And that me separates itself A to JA oddeѕuje seba
from other parts of me. od ostatnэch иastн mтa.
1:00:31 There is the conscious me Je tam moje vedomй
and the unconscious me. a moje nevedomй JA.
1:00:39 Is it becoming difficult? Zaинna to byќ ќaћkй?
1:00:42 Am I making the thing Robнm to ќaћkэm?
too difficult?  
1:00:45 May I go on? Mфћem pokraиovaќ?
1:00:54 The me has divided itself, To Ja rozdelilo samйho seba,
1:01:03 the me that is good, to JA ktorй je dobrй,
the me that is bad, to JA ktorй je zlй,
1:01:07 the me to JA,
that wants to do something, ktorй chce nieиo robiќ,
1:01:09 the me that says, to JA, ktorй hovorн,
oh, you shouldn't do that. ach, to si nemal robiќ!
1:01:16 The me that pursues violence To JA, ktorй je nбsilnй
1:01:18 and the me that says, a to JA, ktorй hovorн:
I must live peacefully. Musнm ћiќ v mieri!
1:01:23 Haven't you noticed Nevљimli ste si v sebe
all this in yourself? toto vљetko?
1:01:29 So there is the me, conscious, Takћe je tu to JA, vedomй,
1:01:33 and the me that is hidden. a to JA, schovanй.
1:01:42 The me To Ja, rozdeѕъc sa
having divided itself as the observer, na pozorovateѕa,
1:01:48 and the me that is observing. a to Ja, ktorй pozoruje.
1:01:52 Right? Ћe?
1:01:55 Right, I see. Ћe? Je to tak!
1:01:57 So there is this me. Takћe toto je moje JA.
1:02:00 Can I look at it, Mфћem sa na to pozrieќ...
can the mind look at it mфћe sa na to myseѕ pozrieќ
1:02:05 without separation. bez separбcie?
1:02:09 You understand? Rozumiete?
No. Right. Nie? V poriadku!
1:02:12 Let me explain. Vysvetlнm to!
1:02:15 There is this me. Je tam toto JA.
1:02:18 You accept that, don't you? To akceptujete, ћe?
1:02:22 The me that says, To JA hovorн:
I am a Christian, Som kresќan,
1:02:24 the me that says, to Ja ktorй hovorн:
I want to be the boss of something, Chcem nieиomu rozkazovaќ,
1:02:29 the me that is frightened, the me to Ja ktorй sa bojн, to JA ktorй
that says, I must have more knowledge, hovorн: Musнm maќ viac znalostн,
1:02:33 you know, the me: my house, viete, to JA: mфj dom, mфj majetok,
my property, my money, my God, moje peniaze, mфj Boh,
1:02:37 my country, my politics, moja vlasќ, moja politika,
you know, the me, viete, to JA,
1:02:41 not only superficially nielen na povrchu ale aj
but the me deep down, hlboko vo vnъtri,
1:02:46 unconscious, hidden, nevedomй, schovanй,
1:02:51 with all the secret motives, so vљetkэmi tэmi skrytэmi
1:02:56 all the inherited so vљetkэmi tэmi zdedenэmi
racial instincts, rasovэmi inљtinktmi,
1:03:05 all that is the me. to vљetko som JA.
1:03:09 That me has divided itself To JA rozdelilo seba na
into the higher, more intelligent, vyљљie, inteligentnejљie,
1:03:15 and the less intelligent me. a menej inteligentnй.
1:03:17 Are you following all this? Sledujete?
1:03:21 Are we travelling together? Chбpeme sa?
Audience: Yes. Obecentsvo: Бno.
1:03:25 K: Right. K. V poriadku!
1:03:27 So there is division Takћe je tu rozdelenie
not only outwardly nie len navonok,
1:03:32 but also in me, inwardly, ale aj vo mne, vnъtorne,
1:03:38 the me that says, to Ja ktorй hovorн:
this is right, To je sprбvne,
1:03:41 and I must control a musнm kontrolovaќ
the thing which is wrong. tъ vec, ktorб je zlб.
1:03:51 The me that says, To JA, ktorй hovorн, vedome:
consciously, I want to do this, Chcem toto,
1:03:56 but the me hidden says, ale to schovanй Ja hovorн:
steady, don't do it, be careful. Opatrne, nerob to, buп opatrnэ!
1:04:05 So there is division Takћe vo mne samotnom je toto
in the me itself, rozdelenie,
1:04:13 as the higher, na nieиo vyљљie,
the more intelligent, inteligentnejљie,
1:04:16 the spiritual, the soul, God, duchovnй, duљa, Boh,
1:04:21 the Hindus call it atman, hinduisti tomu hovoria Atman,
and so on and so on, a tak пalej a tak пalej.
1:04:25 it is still the me. Je to stбle to JA.
1:04:31 Now, can the mind A teraz...Mфћe sa myseѕ
look at the totality of the me pozrieќ na ъplnosќ mтa
1:04:37 without division? bez rozdelenia?
1:04:41 You understand? Rozumiete?
1:04:44 Am I making the question clear? Pэtam sa jasne?
1:04:54 Can this mind look at itself Mфћe sa myseѕ pozrieќ
without the division, na seba bez rozdelenia,
1:05:04 knowing the division vediac, ћe to rozdelenie
is the conditioning, je podmiennй,
1:05:09 is the source of conflict, je zdrojom konfliktu,
1:05:14 can the mind look at this me mфћe sa myseѕ pozrieќ
  na toto JA,
1:05:19 without any distortion, bez nejakйho skreslenia,
1:05:25 without any image, bez nejakej predstavy,
1:05:30 conclusion, formula? zбveru, vzorca?
1:05:35 You know, that is meditation. Viete, to je meditбcia.
You understand? Rozumiete?
1:05:42 Which we will go into V ktorej sa dostaneme
another time. do inйho иasu.
1:05:46 That is the beginning Toto je zaиiatok meditбcie,
of meditation,  
1:05:49 and the beauty of it is a krбsa toho je pozeraќ sa
to look without any division. bez akйhokoѕvek rozdelenia.
1:06:00 What is the time? Иo je to иas?
1:06:02 Q: Twelve-thirty. P: Dvanбsќ - tridsaќ.
1:06:11 K: Have you had enough K: Mali ste dosќ иasu dnes rбno?
for this morning?  
1:06:13 A: No! A: Nie!
1:06:20 Q: Will you answer questions? P: Budete odpovedaќ na otбzky?
1:06:22 K: You will ask questions K: Nech sa pбиi, pэtajte sa teraz,
presently, please, if you will. ak chcete.
1:06:28 But is this clear so far? Ale je to zatiaѕ jasnй?
Q: Yes. P: Бno.
1:06:32 K: No, look, K: Nie, pozrite
please don't say yes, prosнm, nehovorte бno,
1:06:35 not verbally. nie verbбlne.
1:06:39 We are not children to say yes. Nie sme deti aby sme hovorili бno.
1:06:42 I don't mean verbally. Nemyslнm verbбlne.
1:06:44 Inwardly, see the clarity of it, Vnъtorne, vidieќ tъ jasnosќ ,
1:06:53 for yourself, sбm! Nie preto, ћe
not because the speaker points it out. rozprбvajъci na to poukazuje.
1:07:01 If he points it out Ak na to poukazuje,
and you follow it, a vy ho nasledujete,
1:07:04 then the speaker becomes potom sa rozprбvajъci stбva jednэm
another one of those beastly leaders. z пalљнch tэch hnusnэch vodcov.
1:07:13 We are talking of being My hovorнme o tom byќ
a light to yourself, svetlom sebe samйmu,
1:07:17 and therefore a preto nikoho nenasledovaќ.
no following of anybody.  
1:07:31 So there is this problem, Takћe tu je tento problйm,
1:07:36 perhaps it is the only problem. moћno je to jedinэ problйm.
1:07:49 And when we ask the question: Keп sa pэtame otбzku:
can the mind observe totally, Vie myseѕ skъmaќ ъplne,
1:07:55 without any division in itself, bez nejakйho rozdelenia v sebe?
1:08:03 the answer Odpoveп bude nevyhnutne:
inevitably will be: I cannot, Neviem!
1:08:08 I don't know what it means Neviem, иo je to pozeraќ sa
to look at anything without division. bez akйhokoѕvek rozdelenia.
1:08:19 So I must investigate Takћe musнm prнsќ na to, иo to znamenб
what it means to look without division. pozeraќ sa bez rozdelenia.
1:08:33 There is this me Je tam toto JA,
who is the result иo je vэsledok
1:08:41 of a thousand years tisнcky rokov,
with a thousand activities, s tisнckami иinnostн,
1:08:46 with all their knowledge, so vљetkэmi jeho znalosќami,
the past, minulosќou,
1:08:50 that is the me, to je JA.
always accumulating, Vћdy akumulujъce.
1:08:56 that is the centre, Je tam centrum,
that is the maker of image. ktorй je tvorcom imidћu.
1:09:03 Haven't you got images Nemбvate predstavy o sebe
about yourself and about another? a o ostatnэch?
1:09:09 Do observe it, please. Skъmajte to, prosнm.
Haven't you got images? Nemбvate predstavy?
1:09:13 What you think you should be, Keп si myslнte, ћe by ste mali
  nejakэ byќ,
1:09:18 or what you are, alebo иo ste,
1:09:20 or what you might become? alebo иo by malo byќ?
1:09:24 Haven't you got an image Nemбvate predstavy
about another? o tom druhom?
1:09:28 Your wife, your husband, O manћelke, manћelovi,
your boy or girl, vaљom chlapcovi, dievиati,
1:09:31 haven't you have an image? nemбvate predstavy?
Obviously. Samozrejme!
1:09:35 The machine Ten stroj, ktorэ
that builds the image, is the me. buduje imidћ, som JA.
1:09:51 When you say, I believe in God, Keп hovorнte: Verнm v Boha,
1:09:58 you don't know a thing about God nemбte ani љajnu o Bohu,
1:10:03 but you believe. ale verнte.
1:10:09 And that belief A tб viera
is fostered, built up je ћivenб, budovanб
1:10:14 by your fear, by your culture, vaљim strachom, vaљou kultъrou,
1:10:18 you know, all the rest of it. viete, s tэm vљetkэm.
1:10:22 And equally, you deny God because A takisto, popierate Boha, pretoћe
that is another part of your culture. to je inб sъиasќ vaљej kultъry.
1:10:31 So you have images. Takћe mбte predstavy.
1:10:36 Can you live Viete ћiќ bez akejkoѕvek
without a single image? predstavy?
1:10:42 Go into it, you will find out. Choпte do toho!
  Zistнte to.
1:10:48 Which means, can you be aware Иo znamenб, mфћete si byќ vedomн
of your images that you have, vaљich predstбv ktorй mбte,
1:10:57 not say that I must nehovoriac, ћe sa ich musнm
get rid of them or transplant them, zbaviќ alebo ich zmeniќ,
1:11:03 I will put new images a namiesto starэch predstбv
in place of old images, dбm novй.
1:11:09 just to look at your images. Len ich sledovaќ!
1:11:13 That means to be aware To znamenб, uvedomovaќ si
1:11:15 of the images predstavy,ktorй
that you have about yourself, o sebe mбte,
1:11:18 your country, o svojej krajine,
your politician, your god, vaљich politikoch, vaљom bohu,
1:11:21 your wife, your husband, etc. vaљej manћelke, manћelovi, atп.
1:11:26 If you are aware of your images Ak si uvedomujete svoje
1:11:28 then you will see, tak uvidнte,
from that awareness ћe vпaka uvedomovaniu si
1:11:31 you come to the centre prнdesa dostanete k centru,
which creates these images. ktorй vytvбra tieto predstavy.
1:11:40 And after all, A koniec koncov,
1:11:42 these images tieto predstavy sъ
are the factors of conditioning. faktory podmienenia.
1:11:52 If one lives in India, Ak ћijete v Indii,
1:11:56 you have got a thousand images. mбte tisнcky predstбv.
1:12:04 The misery, Utrpenie,
the poverty, the agony, chudoba, agуnia.
1:12:11 the appalling degradation Desivб degradбcia toho,
of having nothing, ћe niи nemбte,
1:12:17 and wanting, wanting, wanting. a chcete, chcete, chcete.
1:12:22 And you have your images A predstavy mбte aj tu,
here in this country, v tejto krajine.
1:12:25 the image of success, Predstavu ъspechu,
1:12:30 of abundance, dostatku,
1:12:32 buy, buy, buy. kupovaќ, kupovaќ, kupovaќ.
1:12:37 The images of your gods, Mбte predstavy o vaљich bohoch,
your saviours, vaљich spasiteѕoch,
1:12:46 and when you observe these images a keп budete skъmaќ
  tieto predstavy
1:12:50 you will see uvidнte, ћe sъ tvorenй
that it is created by the me, tэm JA.
1:12:56 the whole machinery of the me Celб tб maљinйria toho JA
builds these images, tvorн tieto prestavy,
1:13:02 and it builds it because a stavia ho, lebo bez imidћu...
without an image, what are you? иo ste bez imidћu ?
1:13:13 So one is afraid Takћe иlovek
of being nothing. sa obбva byќ niинm.
1:13:24 You know, Viete, aby ste sa dostali
to go very far, very deeply, veѕmi пaleko, veѕmi hlboko,
1:13:28 you must be nothing. musнte byќ niинm.
1:13:32 Not become enlightened, Nestaќ sa osvietenэm, nestaќ sa
not become somebody marvellous niekэm vэnimoиnэm,
1:13:37 have certain powers, maќ istй schopnosti,
position and all that. pozнciu a to vљetko.
1:13:47 So, Takћe, byќ svetlom sebe samйmu
to be a light to oneself means znamenб
1:13:57 to see actually 'what is' v skutoиnosti vidieќ to "иo je"
in yourself, vo vбs,
1:14:04 see the division in yourself, vidieќ rozdelenie v sebe,
1:14:07 and the conflict a konflikt, ktorэ pochбdza
that comes through this division, z tohto rozdelenia,
1:14:14 the me to JA, so vљetkэmi
with all its separate compartments, samotnэmi иasќami,
1:14:18 separate divisions, samotnй rozdelenia,
1:14:25 and be aware, just look at it. a uvedomovaќ si to.
  Len sa na to pozeraќ.
1:14:30 And when you know A ak viete, ako sa na to
how to look at it pozeraќ,
1:14:34 you will see that uvidнte, ћe tam nastane zmena.
there is a transformation.  
1:14:40 Now, if we may, Teraz, ak mфћeme,
1:14:42 perhaps moћno by sta sa chceli
you would like to ask questions. nieиo spэtaќ.
1:14:46 Before you ask questions, Predtэm, neћ sa budete pэtaќ,
if I may point out, ak mфћem upozorniќ,
1:14:58 ask the right question. pэtajte sa sprбvne
1:15:07 Because to ask the right question Pretoћe pэtaќ sa sprбvnu otбzku
1:15:12 brings the right answer. prinбљa sprбvnu odpoveп.
1:15:16 And it is very difficult A je veѕmi ќaћkй, pэtaќ
to ask the right questions. sa sprбvne otбzky.
1:15:24 And besides, A okrem toho,
1:15:26 from whom od koho oиakбvate odpoveп?
are you expecting the answer?  
1:15:35 I ask a question Ja sa pэtam
1:15:39 because I am dreadfully serious. lebo to myslнm veѕmi vбћne.
1:15:45 I am asking the question Pэtam sa otбzku
either for confirmation, buп pre potvrdenie,
1:15:51 or ask the question alebo sa pэtam otбzku,
which will be a challenge to myself ktorб bude pre mтa vэzvou
1:15:57 and therefore a preto
the capacity to investigate. obsahom na skъmanie.
1:16:08 And if you are waiting Ak ak иakбte, ћe niekto
for somebody to answer your question zodpovie vaљu otбzku,
1:16:14 then I am afraid obбvam sa, ћe
you will have to wait. budete musieќ иakaќ.
1:16:19 But if you ask the question Ale ak sa pэtate preto,
in order to find out together, aby sme spoloиne zistili,
1:16:23 investigate, skъmali,
share the problem together, delili sa o problйm spolu,
1:16:28 then we will find potom nбjdeme sprбvnu
the right answer. odpoveп.
1:16:31 In saying all this, Hovoriac toto vљetko,
1:16:34 the speaker is not reиnнk vбm nebrбni
preventing you from asking questions. pэtaќ sa otбzky.
1:16:40 Q: I want to put a question. P: Chcem sa spэtaќ.
1:16:43 Please, Prosнm, ak to budete
if you will share this with me. zdieѕaќ spolu so mnou.
1:16:46 You remember, surely, Uriиte si pamдtбte na иasy,
when you were not famous, keп ste nebol slбvny,
1:16:52 when you were not venerated, keп ste nebol uctievanэ,
when you were not so well known. keп ste nebol tak dobre znбmy.
1:16:59 A question in me Otбzka vo mne
wants to know from you chce od vбs vedieќ,
1:17:02 whether the power that you have иi tб sila, ktorъ mбte
1:17:06 – with your being so well known - pretoћe ste tak dobre znбmy
and sharing yourself in this way a prezentujete sa takэmto spфsobom -
1:17:10 with so many as you do – robнte to mohн -
1:17:13 brings you joy, or whether, prinбљa to radosќ, alebo
1:17:17 if there are other times иi xistujъ takй chvнle
in your life vo vaљom ћivote,
1:17:20 where that word 'joy' kde slovo radosќ mб
has more meaning for you. pre vбs vдиљн vэznam?
1:17:23 K: Right, I understand madame. K: Бno, rozumiem pani.
I have understood the question. Rozumel som otбzke.
1:17:27 The questioner asks Pэtajъca sa pэta
1:17:32 – oh lord – - у, boћe -
1:17:37 the questioner asks: pэtajъca sa pэta:
through fame, cez slбvu,
1:17:47 through notoriety, cez znбmosti,
1:17:54 you have gained this power ste zнskali tъto silu
– whatever that may mean. - nech to uћ znamenб hociиo.
1:18:02 Surely, when you were young Iste, keп ste bol mladэ,
you didn't have all this, nemal ste toto vљetko,
1:18:07 and how did you get this? a ako ste to dosiahol?
1:18:10 Is that right, madame? Je tak madam?
Q: No. K: Oh, sorry. P: Nie. K: Och, prepбиte!
1:18:16 Q: No, P: Nie,
I really wanted to ask if you could, naozaj som sa chcela spэtaќ
1:18:19 and would it be a mohli by ste sa s nami podeliќ
possible to share with us  
1:18:23 some of yourself nieиim z vбs,
that would reveal to us иo by nбm odhalilo
1:18:26 which times in your life ktorй chvile vo vaљom ћivote,
you know the feeling of joy. viete, pocit radosti.
1:18:29 K: Ah, I see, right. K: Aha, chбpem, no dobre!
1:18:32 Did you have this joy, Mali ste tъto radosќ,
or did it come to you suddenly, alebo ste k nej nбhle priљli,
1:18:39 or this sense of urgency, alebo tento pocit naliehavosti,
1:18:43 energy, vitality, energia, vitalita,
1:18:47 and the beauty of this joy, a krбsa tejto radosti,
1:18:52 apparently you seem to have it oиividine sa zdб, ћe ju mбte,
1:18:54 and therefore a preto by ste sa s тou
could you share it with us. mohli s nami podeliќ.
1:18:56 That is right? No? Je to tak. Nie?
1:19:00 Q: No. P: Nie!
1:19:06 Don't rephrase it for me. Neopakujte to po mne!
1:19:09 It is a simple question. Je to jednoduchб otбzka.
1:19:11 It is only to ask Je to len otбzka,
if you can share with us, and will, иi sa snami podelнte, a budete,
1:19:15 the recollection of those times spomнnaќ na tie chvнle
of your own life as you have lived it, vбљho ћivota, keп ste ho ћili,
1:19:20 when you have known a quality, keп ste poznali kvalitu,
1:19:22 that you would put that word ћe by ste to nazvali
'joy' to name. slovom "radosќ?"
1:19:29 K: Have you understood it? K: Rozumeli ste tomu?
1:19:31 Q: When are you happy? P: Kedy ste љќastnэ? Kedy ste
When are you elated and free and open? povznesenэ, slobodnэ a otvorenэ?
1:19:37 K: When have you experienced joy? K: Kedy ste zaћili radosќ?
1:19:42 K: Is that it? Je to ono?
Q: Yes, that is it. P: Бno, to je ono!
1:19:51 K: When have you K: Kedy ste zaћili radosќ?
experienced joy?  
1:19:59 I am afraid Obбvam sa,
I have never experienced joy. ћe som nikdy nezaћil radosќ.
1:20:04 No, please, Nie, prosнm,
1:20:06 go slowly, go slowly, go slowly, postupujte pomaly, pomaly, pomaly,
listen to what I have to say. poиъvajte, иo vбm musнm povedaќ.
1:20:16 When you experience joy Keп zaћнvate radosќ,
it is not joy, it is pleasure. nie je to radosќ, je to poteљenie.
1:20:25 When joy happens, Keп sa radosќ stane,
it happens, doesn't it? tak sa stane, nie je to tak?
1:20:33 Look, you are wandering down the street Pozrite, idete po ulici alebo po zбhrade,
or in a garden or looking at the sea, alebo pri pohѕade na more
1:20:38 suddenly you feel sa zrazu cнtite
extraordinarily happy, joyous, nesmierne љќastnэ, radostnэ,
1:20:44 you see things very clearly. vidнte veci veѕmi jasne.
1:20:50 And you remember that joy, A tъ radosќ si pamдtбte,
1:20:53 that experience, tъ skъsenosќ,
1:20:56 and then you want to repeat a potom chcete aby sa tб skъsenosќ
that experience. opakovala.
1:21:00 Then that becomes pleasure. To sa potom stбva poteљenнm.
1:21:04 You see the difference Vdнte rozdiel medzi tэmi dvomi?
between the two?  
1:21:07 Joy is not something Radosќ nie je nieиo, иo mфћete zaћiќ
that you can experience  
1:21:11 as: I experience joy. ako: Ja zaћнvam radosќ.
1:21:17 You know Viete, иo je to љќastie, vљak?
what happiness is don't you?  
1:21:22 You know what it means Viete, иo to znamenб byќ sќastnэ, ћe?
to be happy, don't you?  
1:21:26 No? Oh! Nie? Och.
1:21:34 Does that happiness come naturally Priachбdza to љќastie samo,
or do you cultivate it? alebo ho musнte pestovaќ?
1:21:41 It comes naturally, Prichбdza prirodzene,
doesn't it? ћe?
1:21:44 And it happens. A deje sa.
1:21:45 When it happens Keп sa to stane,
you want to cultivate it, don't you? chcete ho pestovaќ, ћe?
1:21:51 That is the me that says, Je to to JA, ktorй hovorн:
I must cultivate that happiness, "Musнm sa staraќ o to љќastie!"
1:21:56 and therefore a preto
loses its happiness. strбca svoje љќastie.
1:22:01 And the lady asks: A tб pani sa pэta:
1:22:07 could you share with us this joy, "Mohli by ste sa snami
  podeliќ o tъ radosќ,
1:22:11 how it came about in your life. ako priљla do vбљho ћivota?"
1:22:17 Now, look what you are asking: Teraz sa pozrite, o иo prosнte!
1:22:20 you are asking the speaker Prosнte reиnнka
1:22:23 to share with you aby sa s vami podelil o nieиo,
something which you haven't got. иo nemбte.
1:22:28 Is that it? Je to tak?
1:22:30 Q: No. P: Nie.
K: No? K: Nie?
1:22:34 Q: It is only to know you P: Je to len spoznaќ vбs lepљie na
on another level, inej ъrovni,
1:22:37 if you would be willing ak by ste bol ochotnэ.
in that way.  
1:22:40 So it isn't to suggest To nie preto, aby som naznaиila
what I have or haven't, иo mбm alebo nemбm,
1:22:43 but to suggest that: ale naznaиila, ћe:
1:22:46 if you know a time in your life иi ste zaћil v ћivote chvнѕu, ktorб
that has been joyous bola radostnб.
1:22:54 – I am suggesting in my question – - Naznaиujem v mojej otбzke -
1:22:56 they are probably not those times ћe to pravdepodobne nie sъ tie иasy,
when you have an enormous audience. keп mбte obrovskй publikum.
1:23:00 K: Ah, I see. K: Ach, rozumiem!
1:23:19 Beauty Krбsa,
1:23:21 – just let me introduce another word - dovoѕte mi predstaviќ пalљie slovo
instead of yours – beauty. namiesto vбљho - krбsa.
1:23:31 You know, Viete,
beauty demands great sensitivity. krбsa si vyћaduje veѕkъ citlivosќ.
1:23:37 Beauty demands that the me Krбsa si vyћaduje, aby to JA
should be completely absent. absolъtne chэbalo.
1:23:45 Beauty says, Krбsa hovorн:
1:23:50 you cannot see me completely Ty ma nemфћeљ vidieќ ъplnъ,
if there is any form of egotism, ak existuje nejakб forma egoizmu,
1:23:56 selfishness, sebectvo, akбkoѕvek forma zбveru,
any form of conclusion, fear, hope, strach, nбdej.
1:24:01 you must Musнљ byќ ъplne oslobodenэ
completely be free of the separation. od separбcie.
1:24:11 Joy Radosќ
1:24:16 exists only existuje len vtedy,
1:24:22 when you understand keп ste pochopili
the difficulties of pleasure, ќaћkosti rozkoљe,
1:24:30 when you understand keп ste pochopili
the up and down of moods, vzlety a pбdy nбlady,
1:24:37 when you understand keп ste pochopili
how to live alone, ako ћiќ sбm,
1:24:45 not in isolation, nie v izolбcii,
1:24:48 but to live alone ale ћiќ sбm.
inwardly, untouched. Vnъtorne, nedotknutэ.
1:24:55 So to share something with you, Takћe nieиo zdieѕaќ s vami,
1:24:58 or was there a time alebo, boli иasy
when you were not joyous, keп ste nebol radostnэ,
1:25:06 all this implies, doesn't it, toto vљetko to naznaиuje,
1:25:09 that you want ћe chcete porozumieќ
to understand the speaker, reиnнkovi,
1:25:14 don't you? ћe?
Q: Yes. P: Бno.
1:25:19 K: You want to understand K: Chcete rozumieќ reиnнkovi.
the speaker.  
1:25:23 I say Ja hovorнm, prosнm,
please don't understand the speaker, nesnaћte sa porozumieќ reиnнkovi,
1:25:26 understand yourself. porozumejte sebe.
1:25:30 Just a minute. Len na minъtku.
1:25:35 The speaker has no value, reиnнk nemб ћiadnu hodnotu,
1:25:39 and I really mean it. a myslнm to vбћne.
1:25:48 And if you really Ak naozaj chcete rozumieќ
want to understand the speaker, reиnнkovi,
1:25:52 you have to live with him, musнte s nнm ћiќ,
1:25:55 you have to watch him, musнte ho pozorovaќ,
1:26:00 you have to see what he does, musнte sa pozeraќ иo robн,
what he doesn't do. иo nerobн.
1:26:04 And when you watch him, A keп ho pozorujete, pozorujete ho
you watch him according to your image, podѕa vaљich predstбv,
1:26:08 your principles, vaљich zбsad, presvedиenн,
your beliefs, your conditioning, vбљho podmienenia,
1:26:14 your judgements, vaљich ъsudkov,
your evaluations, vбљho hodnotenia,
1:26:17 which all becomes to vљetko sa vљak stбva
so tiresome and so useless. takй ъnavnй a tak zbytoиnй.
1:26:27 What the speaker is saying is: Иo reиnнk hovorн, to je:
1:26:31 look at yourself, "Pozrite sa na seba,
understand yourself, rozumejte sebe samйmu,
1:26:35 be a light to yourself, buпte svetlom sebe samйmu!
1:26:37 not in a hundred years Nie za sto rokov,
or ten days but now. za desaќ, ale teraz!"
1:26:45 And that means A to znamenб, ћe musнte maќ
you have to be vitally interested, ћivэ zбujem,
1:26:49 not be distracted nie nechaќ sa vyruљovaќ reиnнkom.
by the speaker.  
1:26:55 And we want to be distracted. Ale my sa chceme nechaќ vyruљovaќ.
1:27:02 And our religions A naљe nбboћenstvб sъ zaloћenй
are based on this distraction. na tomto vyruљovanн.
1:27:09 But whereas when you Ale pokiaѕ sa poznбte dobre,
understand yourself completely,  
1:27:13 you will understand the speaker. budete reиnнkovi rozumieќ.
1:27:18 Yes, sir? Бno, pane?
1:27:19 Q: What does it take to snap from P: Иo treba na to, aby sme preљli
adaptiveness to spontaneity? od prispфsobivosti k spontбnosti?
1:27:26 What does it take to snap from K: Иo treba na to, aby sme preљli
1:27:28 adaptive conditioned behaviour od prispфsovivosti k spontбnnosti?
to spontaneity?  
1:27:31 K: Ah, yes. Aha, бno.
What does it take, Иo treba na to,
1:27:36 from conditioned behaviour z podmienenйho sprбvanie sa
to spontaneity? k spontбnosti?
1:27:49 You know what it means Viete, иo to znamenб, byќ spontбnny?
to be spontaneous?  
1:27:54 Do you? Viete?
1:27:56 Wait, go slow. Poиkajte, pomaly!
1:28:00 You know Poznбte vэznam slova,
the meaning of the word,  
1:28:04 the dictionary meaning slovnнkovэ vэznam slova,
of the word,  
1:28:06 to be spontaneous, byќ spontбnny,
to be free, byќ slobodnэ?
1:28:10 to do things instantly, - Robiќ veci okamћite,
without any previous meditation, bez predchбdzajъceho meditovania,
1:28:15 previous order, previous will, predchбdzajъceho prнkazu,
  predchбdzajъcej vфle,
1:28:18 to do something easily, robiќ nieиo s ѕahkosќou,
quickly, rэchlo,
1:28:21 which is natural, иo je prirodzenй,
which is beautiful, which is free. иo je krбsne, иo je slobodnй.
1:28:28 How can a mind be free Ako mфћe byќ myseѕ slobodnб,
when it is conditioned? keп je podmienenб?
1:28:37 And what does it take A иo treba na to,
1:28:39 from that conditioned mind aby sme z tej podmienenej mysle
1:28:41 to come to that priљli k takйmuto pocitu
sense of total freedom of spontaneity? ъplnej slobody spontбnnosti?
1:28:49 Now, Teda,
that comes about only, surely, to urиite prichбdza iba vtedy,
1:28:54 when you observe keп pozorujete
the totality of your conditioning. ъplnosќ vбљho podmienenia.
1:28:59 Don't bother about spontaneity, Nezaќaћujte sa spontбnosќou,
you follow? sledujete?
1:29:03 Begin with what is, Zaиnite s tэm иo je,
not with what should be. nie s tэm, иo by malo byќ.
1:29:10 Begin with the conditioning, Zaиnite s podmienenнm,
1:29:13 and out of that perception a z toho vnнmania
comes the other. prichбdza пalљie.
1:29:18 But if you say, well, Ale ak poviete, dobre,
I am searching for spontaneity, ja hѕadбm spontбnnosќ,
1:29:22 then you will be potom budete hѕadaќ navћdy.
searching forever.  
1:29:27 Yes, sir? Бno, pane?
1:29:30 Q: If you throw a stone P: Ak hodнte kameт do vody,
into the water, do the ripples stop? vlny prestanъ?
1:29:35 K: What, sir? What's that? K: Иo pane? Иo to?
1:29:39 Q: If you throw into a clear lake P: Ak hodнte do pokojnйho jazera
that is clean, ktorй je иistй,
1:29:44 throw a rock in the water, hodнte kameт do vody,
do the ripples stop? иi vlny prestanъ?
1:29:50 K: I haven't heard, K: Eљte som to nepoиul.
1:29:52 perhaps somebody who has Moћno niekto kto to poиul,
heard it would repeat it? aby na to odpovedal.
1:29:56 Q: If you throw a stone P: Ak hodнte kameт do jazera,
into the lake  
1:30:02 and it forms ripples a to utvorн vlny
on the water, na hladine,
1:30:05 do these ripples ever stop? иi tie vlny niekedy prestanъ?
1:30:11 K: As you throw a rock K: Keп hodнte kameт do vody,
into the lake, the ripples go on. vlny sa vlnia.
1:30:17 Do those ripples ever stop Иi tie vlny niekedy prestanъ
– is that the question? - to je otбzka?
1:30:20 Q: Yes. P: Бno.
1:30:24 K: If I may ask, K: Ak sa mфћem spэtaќ,
1:30:28 what is the relationship akб je spojitosќ s tэm иo hovorнm
with what you are saying, your question a vaљou otбzkou,
1:30:31 and what a s tэm o иom hovorнme?
we have been talking about?  
1:30:37 No, please, Nie prosнm,
this is not meant to be rude. nepovaћujte to za drzй!
1:30:41 Please don't applaud. Prosнm, netlieskajte!
1:30:43 If you must applaud, Ak musнte tlieskaќ, prosнm,
please applaud after I have left. tlieskajte aћ odнdem.
1:30:52 Just a minute, please. Len minъtku, prosнm.
1:30:57 You see, Vidнte, pэtajъci mб
the questioner has something in mind. nieиo na mysli.
1:31:02 Q: I am using symbols P: Pouћнvam symboly
that are very familiar. ktorй sъ veѕmi znбme.
1:31:07 The water is the consciousness, Voda je podvedomie,
the rock is the [inaudible] kameт je... (nedб sa poиuќ)
1:31:14 K: Oh, I see. K: Aha, chбpem.
1:31:21 Do you mean this: Myslнte toto:
1:31:23 that our whole consciousness ћe celй naљe podvedomie
1:31:28 is like a lake je ako jazero
1:31:32 into which incidents, v ktorom sa udalosti,
accidents happen nбhody dejъ
1:31:40 and they set up ripples, a to posiela vlny,
which are our activity – is that it? ktorй sъ naљou aktivitou - je to tak?
1:31:46 Q: In a very incomplete form. P: Veѕmi zhruba.
1:31:49 K: In an incomplete form, K: Veѕmi zhruba.
1:31:50 is that what Je to to, иo
you are trying to say, sir? sa pokъљate povedaќ, pane?
1:31:53 Q: The lake has no form. P: Jazero nemб ћiadnu formu.
K: Yes, that is right. K: Бno, to je pravda.
1:31:59 Now, look, Teraz sa pozrite,
1:32:03 do you want to go into this? chcete sa do toho
1:32:06 Q: No. P: Nie!
Q: Yes. P: Бno!
1:32:12 K: You know, K: Viete, hovoriќ
to talk about consciousness, o podvedomн,
1:32:16 which is a lake ktorэm je jazero
which apparently has no form, ktorй nemб formu,
1:32:20 you must know what the content musнte vedieќ, akэ je obsah
of that consciousness is. toho podvedomia.
1:32:27 Whether the content Иi ten obsah
makes consciousness, vytvбra podvedomie,
1:32:32 and without the content a bez toho obsahu,
what is consciousness? иo je to podvedomie?
1:32:38 You have to investigate that. Musнte to skъmaќ.
1:32:42 Perhaps this is not the moment, Moћnoћe toto nie je
  sprбvna chvнѕa,
1:32:43 we might do it tomorrow mфћeme to urobiќ zajtra
or another day. alebo inokedy.
1:32:47 But we can see, Ale vidнme,
1:32:50 as long as there is a frontier pokiaѕ sъ hranice
to our consciousness v naљom vedomн
1:32:56 – that means a limitation, - to znamenб obmedzenie,
a conditioning – podmienenie -
1:33:02 the content makes up ten obsah vytvбra vedomie,
the consciousness,  
1:33:07 the content is consciousness. ten obsah je vedomнm.
1:33:10 You understand? Rozumiete?
1:33:12 My consciousness is made up Moje vedomie je zloћenй
of the content which it holds, z obsahu, ktorй ho drћн dokopy.
1:33:21 the prejudices, Predsudky,
the fears, the hopes, obavy, nбdeje,
1:33:25 the despairs, the longings, strasti, tъћby,
1:33:28 the jealousies, the anxieties, ћiarlivosќ, ъzkosti,
the guilt, the racial, all that vina, rasa, to vљetko
1:33:32 – that is, - to znamenб,
the content is my consciousness. ten obsah je moje vedomie.
1:33:39 When there is no content, Keп nie je ћiadny obsah,
1:33:41 what is the meaning akэ vэznam mб
of consciousness? vedomie?
1:33:45 That we will have to go into Na to sa budeme musieќ pozrieќ
some other time. niekedy inokedy.
1:33:48 Is that enough? Staин to?
1:33:50 Q: If an identity does not have P: Ak identita nemб svoje
its roots in conditioning, korene v podvedomн,
1:33:54 what are identities worth? akъ hodnotu majъ identity?
1:33:59 K: If you are K: Ak ste slobodnэ
free of conditioning, od podmienenia,
1:34:02 what is your identity worth? akб je hodnota vaљej identity?
1:34:10 What is the worth of your identity Akб je hodnota vaљej identity
if you are unconditioned? keп nie ste podmienenэ?
1:34:21 Q: [Inaudible] P: (nerozumiteѕnй)
1:34:33 K: I haven't understood. K: Nerozumel som.
1:34:36 What, madame? Иo, pani?
1:34:40 Q: What are the roots P: Akй sъ korene
of the identity? identity?
1:34:43 K: What are the roots K: Akй sъ korene
of the identity? identity?
1:34:48 Right? Ћe?
1:34:50 What are the roots Akй sъ korene identity?
of identity.  
1:34:53 Identity with what? Identity s инm?
1:34:58 You must have identity Musнte maќ identitu
with something. s nieинm.
1:35:03 You can't say identity by itself, Nemфћete povedaќ - indentita
it has no meaning. sama o sebe. To nemб zmysel.
1:35:07 Q: She means where is the me P: Myslн tэm, kde je JA
after the transformation. po transformбcii.
1:35:17 K: Sir, you have not K: Pane, vфbec ste tomu
understood this at all. neporozumeli.
1:35:22 Now wait a minute. Poиkajte chviѕoиku!
1:35:23 This is one of the things Toto je jedna z vecн, ktorъ
that in America, I believe, verнm ћe v Amerike
1:35:28 is becoming rather prominent: sa stбva dosќ prominentnou:
identity. identita.
1:35:33 You want to identify yourself Chcete urиiќ sami seba
with yourself, is that it? vami samotnэmi. Je to tak?
1:35:41 You identify yourself Stotoћтujete sa s Amerikou,
with America, with the flag, so zбstavou,
1:35:48 with the politician, Republican s politikom, republikбnom
or Democrat or whatever it is. alebo demokratom, иi иo to je?
1:35:52 You identify yourself Stotoћтujete sa
with the family, s rodinou,
1:35:55 with the house, s domom,
with the furniture. s nбbytkom.
1:35:59 So you are the furniture. Takћe ste nбbytok.
1:36:06 You are the bank account, Ste bankovэ ъиet,
you are your car. ste auto.
1:36:10 You have identified yourself Stotoћnili ste sa
with something. s nieинm.
1:36:17 Now, you brush all that aside, Teraz to vљetko
  strasiee dole
1:36:19 say, I don't want to identify a hovorнte: Nechcem sa stotoћтovaќ
with worldly things, s pozemskэmi vecami,
1:36:22 they are stupid, sъ hlъpe,
1:36:23 but I want to identify myself ale chcem sa
with something else. stotoћniќ s nieинm inэm!
1:36:28 What is that? Иo je to?
1:36:30 With your ideas? S vaљimi myљlienkami?
1:36:33 With your hopes, S vaљimi nбdejami?
with your images? S predstavami?
1:36:39 And when you do A keп sa stotoћтujete,
identify yourself,  
1:36:42 what are you s инm sa stotoћтujete?
identifying yourself with?  
1:36:48 Q: What is wrong P: Иo je zlй na tom stotoћтovaќ sa
with identifying with the Godself? s boћstvom?
1:36:51 K: What is wrong K: Иo je zlй na tom, stotoћтovaќ
with identifying yourself with Godself. sa s boћstvom?
1:36:58 Now just a minute, sir, Momentнk, pane,
don't get irritated with me, nebuпte podrбћdenэ
1:37:04 or angry with me, alebo nahnevanэ na mтa.
just listen to it. Len poиъvajte!
1:37:10 Who has invented this Godself? Kto vynaљiel boћstvo?
1:37:16 Q: Mankind. P: јudstvo.
1:37:17 K: Man. You have invented it. K: Иlovek. Vy ste ho stvorili.
1:37:22 You call it Godself here, Tu ho volбte boћstvo,
1:37:25 in India they call it v Indii to volajъ
the Atman or the Brahman, Atman alebo Brahman,
1:37:27 in other religions v inэch nбboћenstvбch
they call it something else. to volajъ nejako inби.
1:37:33 It is your conditioning Je to vaљe podmienenie
that says ktorй hovorн:
1:37:36 you must identify yourself "Musнљ sa stotoћniќ
with Godself, s boћstvom!",
1:37:43 because you have pretoћe ste sa stotoћnili
identified yourself with furniture, s nбbytkom,
1:37:46 with a house, with property, s domom, s majetkom,
1:37:48 and you say a hovorнte si:
that is too bourgeois, too silly, "To je takй burћoбzne, prнliљ hlъpe.",
1:37:51 whatever, square or circle, иokoѕvek, љtvorec alebo kruh,
and then you say, a potom hovorнte:
1:37:55 I must identify "Musнm sa stotoћniќ s boћstvom."
myself with Godself.  
1:37:59 Why do you want to Preиo sa chcete
identify yourself with anything? s nieинm stotoћтovaќ?
1:38:06 And if you do, who is the entity A ak to robнte, kto je tб entita,
that is identifying himself with? ktorб sa stotoћтuje?
1:38:13 Q: Is there God? P: Existuje Boh?
1:38:15 K: Now you come back K: Teraz ste spдќ pri otбzke:
to that question: is there God? Existuje Boh?
1:38:21 Sir, look, Pane, pozrite sa,
1:38:25 I will go into it. Pozriem sa na to!
1:38:28 Either you create God Buп tvorнte Boha
into a belief vierou,
1:38:34 or you want to find out alebo chcete sбm zistiќ,
for yourself if there is something иi nieиo existuje.
1:38:39 that is that without a belief, - To je bez viery.
1:38:44 you want to find out, Chcete to zistiќ,vљakћe?
don't you?  
1:38:46 Not say, well, I believe in God, Nie hovoriќ: Verнm v Boha...
it has no meaning. to nemб vэznam.
1:38:53 Which means, to find out, To znamenб, aby sme to zistili,
1:38:55 you have to have musнte maќ veѕmi иistъ myseѕ,
a very clear mind,  
1:39:00 a mind that is not caught myseѕ, ktorб nie je lapenб
in any illusion, deception. v nejakej ilъzii, mэlke.
1:39:05 You have to have Musнte maќ myseѕ, ktorб
a mind that is terribly honest, je plne ъprimnб,
1:39:11 that is incapable ktorб nie je schopnб
of deceiving itself. klamaќ samu seba.
1:39:15 Q: Is that possible? P: Je to moћnй?
1:39:18 K: Is that possible? K: Иi je to moћnй?
It is possible if you are seeking God. Je to moћnй, ak hѕadбte Boha.
1:39:24 Q: Is it objectivity? P: Je to objektнvne?
1:39:29 K: Is it objective K: Иi je to objektнvne
or is it subjective? alebo subjektнvne?
1:39:34 Is God objective Je Boh objektнvny alebo
or subjective? subjektнvny?
1:39:38 Now, of whom Teraz, koho sa pэtate
are you asking this question? tъto otбzku,
1:39:44 Are you asking pэtate sa tъ otбzku reиnнka,
the question of the speaker,  
1:39:47 or are you asking alebo sa pэtate tъto
this question for yourself? otбzku seba?
1:39:54 If you are asking Ak sa pэtate vaљu otбzku
your question for yourself, pre seba,
1:39:57 that is, your mind to jest vaљa myseѕ
is putting the question to itself, kladie otбzku sama sebe,
1:40:00 you have to find out. musнte na to prнsќ.
1:40:04 And to find out A aby ste na to priљli,
you must take a journey, musнte sa vydaќ na cestu.
1:40:07 you can't just sit comfortably Nemфћete len tak sedieќ vo svojom
in your bourgeois little house malom pбnskom dome,
1:40:11 or in your little church alebo vo svojom malom kostole
1:40:14 and say, well, I am going a hovoriќ: "Dobre, idem nбjsќ
to find God and be comfortable, Boha a budem v pohode."
1:40:17 you have to act. Musнte konaќ!
1:40:21 That means you have to go To znamenб, ћe musнte нsќ do seba
very deeply into yourself do hеbky,
1:40:26 to wipe out zmazaќ vљetok klam,
every form of deception  
1:40:30 so that your mind takћe vaљa myseѕ
becomes extraordinarily honest. bude nesmierne ъprimnб.
1:40:34 Knows when it lies Bude vedieќ keп klame,
it says, it is a lie. bude hovoriќ: To je klamstvo.
1:40:38 I am deceiving myself. Klamem sбm seba.
1:40:40 Be very clear. Buпte veѕmi ъprimnэ.
1:40:45 Then out of that clarity, Potom z tej jasnosti,
1:40:49 when the mind keп je myseѕ ъplne jasnб,
is completely clear,  
1:40:53 then you will find out. potom na to prнdete.
1:40:55 Q: Is the speaker aware P: Uvedomuje si reиnнk
of the contradiction protiklad
1:40:58 between his words, medzi jeho slovami,
his message, and his life, jeho posolstvom, a jeho ћivotom,
1:41:02 what he is doing, tэm иo robн,
the medium of his message? sprбvou jeho posolstva?
1:41:07 K: Is he aware K: Иi si je vedomэ
between what he is speaking medzi tэm иo hovorн
1:41:10 and the medium a sprбvou
of what he is doing. toho, иo robн?
1:41:15 What am I doing? Иo robнm?
1:41:20 And what am I saying? A иo hovorнm?
1:41:22 Where is the contradiction? Kde je protireиenie?
1:41:25 To find out whether Aby ste zistil иi si protireинm
I am contradicting myself in my life, vo svojom ћivote,
1:41:32 you must live with me, musнte ћiќ so mnou,
mustn't you? nie?
1:41:35 You must know me, Musнte ma poznaќ,
1:41:38 you must know what I think, musнte vedieќ, иo si myslнm,
what I do, what I feel. иo robнm, иo cнtim.
1:41:45 Q: What is the speaker P: Иo teraz reиnнk cнti?
feeling now?  
1:41:50 K: What is the speaker K: Иo teraz reиnнk cнti?
feeling now?  
1:41:54 The speaker is feeling nothing, Reиnнk necнti niи, len sa snaћн
but trying to explain a question. vysvetliќ otбzku.
1:42:01 Q: Explain dislocation, Q: Vysvetlite nepohodu,
the art of saying, umenie hovoriќ.
1:42:06 Why was I born, Preиo som sa narodil?
I don't know, God help me. Neviem. Boh mi pomбhaj!
1:42:10 K: Then leave it to him. K: Tak to nechajte naтho.
1:42:17 Now, sir, just a minute. Teraz, len na minъtku, pane!
1:42:20 Look, this must be answered. Pozrite, toto
  musн byќ zodpovedanй!
1:42:24 This must be answered. Na toto treba odpovedaќ!
1:42:28 It is for the speaker to find out Je na reиnнkovi, aby zistil, иi vedie
if he is leading a double-life. dvojakэ ћivot.
1:42:33 Right? Ћe?
1:42:35 If he is dishonest, Ak je neиestnэ,
if he is crooked, ak je skazenэ,
1:42:38 says one thing, hovorн jednu vec,
thinks another, does another, a myslн si druhъ, robн пalљiu,
1:42:42 it is for him to find out. je to na тom, aby to
1:42:46 You can't sit there Nemфћete tam sedieќ a sъdiќ
and judge the poor chap can you? ъbohйho chlapa, ћe?
1:42:51 Because you don't know him. Pretoћe ho nepoznбte.
1:42:54 You may have an image about him. Mфћete maќ o тom predstavu.
1:42:55 And your image A vaљa predstava nemб
has no value whatsoever, has it? ani najmenљiu hodnotu, иi?
1:43:00 Your image Vбљ imidћ je postavenэ
is built on reputation, na reputбcii,
1:43:03 or some idea of your own, alebo vaљej predstave,
which has no validity. ktorб nemб ћiadnu platnosќ.
1:43:08 Q: How old are you? P: Koѕko mбte rokov?
K: Wait, sir, let me finish. K: Poиkajte pane, dokonинm!
1:43:12 What is important Иo je dфleћitй
1:43:14 is not what nie je to, akэ reиnнk
the speaker is or is not, je alebo nie je ,
1:43:17 but what you are. ale akэ ste vy!
1:43:20 I must come back Musнm sa vrбtiќ k zбkladnej veci,
to that essential thing,  
1:43:24 which is more important иo je dфleћitejљie neћ
than anything else on earth, иokoѕvek inй na zemi!
1:43:28 which is what you are, To je: akэ ste vy,
1:43:32 not what somebody else is. nie akэ je niekto inэ.
1:43:36 It is for you to find out Je na vбs aby ste zistili
what you are, akэ ste,
1:43:41 and become a light to yourself. a stali sa svetlom sebe samйmu.
1:43:43 Sir, then we will talk together, Pane, potom sa budeme
  spolu rozprбvaќ,
1:43:46 then we will have potom budeme maќ
a relationship together. spolu vzќah.
1:43:48 Q: I don't understand: P: Nerozumiem:
1:43:53 When I am being aware of myself Keп si uvedomujem sбm seba,
1:43:55 the thing being aware tб vec ktorб si uvedomuje
is always me. som stбle ja.
1:43:58 I always find that it is my ego Vћdy prнdem na to, ћe je to moje ego,
being aware of the rest of me. ktorй si uvedomuje zbytok mтa.
1:44:02 How do I go about being aware Ako prнdem k tomu aby som si seba
of all myself with all myself? uvedomoval kompletne?
1:44:07 K: That is the real question, K: To je naozaj otбzka,
if you really want to know: ak to naozaj chcete vedieќ:
1:44:10 how to be aware of myself? ako si byќ vedomэ sбm seba?
1:44:14 First of all, Tak za prvй,
it is very simple, je to veѕmi jednoduchй.
1:44:17 first find out Zistite, иo to znamenб
what it means to be aware. uvedomovaќ si.
1:44:23 Find out, Zistite,
1:44:26 not from somebody else, nie od niekoho inйho,
not from the speaker, nie od reиnнka,
1:44:28 what it means to be aware. иo to znamenб,
  uvedomovaќ si.
1:44:31 To be aware of this hall, Vnнmaќ tъto sбlu,
1:44:35 to be aware uvedomovaќ si rфzne svetlб,
of the various lights,  
1:44:37 to be aware vnнmaќ vљetky farby
of all the colours in the hall, v sбle,
1:44:42 to be aware vnнmaќ
of the proportions of the hall, rozmery haly,
1:44:47 to be aware vnнmaќ suseda,
of your neighbour,  
1:44:50 how he sits, how you sit. ako sedн on, ako sedнte vy.
1:44:52 Begin outwardly Zaиnite navonok,
then work inwardly. potom pracujte dovnъtra.
1:44:58 Be aware Uvedomujte si, иo si myslнte,
of what you think,  
1:45:02 don't try to condemn nesъпte sa,
or justify what you are. alebo neospravedlтujte, иo ste.
1:45:06 You don't condemn or justify Neposudzujete ani neospravedlтujete
the colour that person is wearing, farbu, ktorъ mб tбto osoba na sebe,
1:45:09 she is wearing it. ktorъ nosн.
1:45:14 In the same way, Takэm istэm spфsobom si
be aware of yourself uvedomujte seba,
1:45:18 without judging, without saying, bez posudzovania, bez toho aby ste
  si hovorili:
1:45:21 I will keep this, "Toto si zapamдtбm,,
I will not keep that, hento nie,
1:45:22 this is right, this is wrong, toto je sprбvne, toto je zlй,
this is beautiful, toto je peknй.".
1:45:25 that is all too silly. To vљetko je veѕmi hlъpe!
1:45:26 When you do that, Keп to robнte,
you are judging from a centre, posudzujete z centra,
1:45:30 therefore you are not aware. a preto nie ste pozornэ.
1:45:32 Right? Ћe?
1:45:34 Aware, be aware. Pozornэ, buпte pozornэ.
1:45:36 Then, what are you aware of? Potom, иo si uvedomujete?
1:45:42 Q: How, P: Ako mбm, s podmienenou
with the conditioned mind that I have, mysѕou ktorъ mбm,
1:45:44 can I observe myself pozorovaќ sбm seba bez toho,
without looking at the centre? aby som sa pozeral na to centrum?
1:45:48 K: That is right, how can I, K: To je pravda, ako? Moja myseѕ
my mind being conditioned as it is, ktorб je podmienenб tak ako je,
1:45:54 observe with clarity pozorovaќ s jasnosќou
– you can't. - to neviete.
1:45:59 Therefore Preto pozorujte
observe your conditioning, vaљe podmienenie,
1:46:05 how you are conditioned. ako ste podmienenэ.
1:46:08 Isn't that simple? Nie je to jednoduchй?
1:46:10 Not how to be clear, Teraz, ako byќ jasnэ?
clarity, what it means, Jasnosќ. Иo to znamenб?
1:46:16 but first be aware Ale najprv si uvedomujte
of your conditioning. vaљu podmienenosќ.
1:46:20 See what is implied in it. Pozrite sa, иo obsahuje.
1:46:25 The communist in Russia Komunista v Rusku je
is conditioned in one way, naprogramovanэ jednэm spфsobom,
1:46:30 he doesn't believe in God, neverн v Boha.
1:46:33 he doesn't beleve in – whatever Neverн - иi uћ
he believes and doesn't believe, verн a neverн,
1:46:37 and you believe in something a vy v nieиo verнte, lebo ste
because you are conditioned this way. tak naprogramovanэ .
1:46:42 Be aware of your conditioning Uvedomujte si vaљe
1:46:46 and see a pozerajte sa
what is involved in it, learn. иo obsahuje - uиte sa!
1:46:51 Now, either you can learn A teda, buп sa to nauинte okamћite
instantly or take time. alebo vбm to mфћe trvaќ.
1:46:58 If you take time Ak vбm to trvб, pravdepodobne
then you are actually not learning, sa neuинte,
1:47:08 then you are merely adding. potom sotva pridбvate.
1:47:11 Sir, let me finish. Nechajte ma dokonиiќ, pane!
1:47:20 Q: You were talking about the me, P: Hovorili ste o JA,
1:47:22 and you said many things a povedali ste veѕa vecн
about the me. o tom JA.
1:47:25 My question is: Moja otбzka je:
1:47:28 what is the one thing иo je tб jedna vec
1:47:29 in all those things medzi ostatnэmi vecami
you said about the me, ktorй ste o mne povedali,
1:47:31 that is, by virtue of which, to jest, na zбklade akej vlastnosti,
the me is? иo je to, to JA?
1:47:36 You understand, Rozumiete,
what one thing is the me? aspoт jedna, ktorб je JA?
1:47:39 K: What is the me, K: Иo je Ja?,
are you saying, sir? hovorнte pane?
1:47:46 Q: I could give an example P: Mohol by som vбm daќ prнklad,
but I don't want to be wordy. ale nechcem dlho hovoriќ.
1:47:51 K: What is the source K: Иo je zdrojom toho JA?
of the me?  
1:48:00 Q: In the same way P: Rovnakэm spфsobom by ste
that you might think about a bee, mohli rozmэљѕaќ o vиele,
1:48:04 a bumble bee, a honey bee. иmeliakovi, vиeliиke.
1:48:07 We might be able to say that Mohli by sme povedaќ, ћe jedna
one bee can differ from another. vиela sa lнљi od druhej.
1:48:12 K: I understand. K: Rozumiem.
Then what is the question? To bolo v otбzke?
1:48:15 Q: I am trying to give an example P: Snaћнm sa daќ prнklad akэm
of how we might be able to think spфsobom by sme mohli rozmэљѕaќ
1:48:19 about the one thing o jednej veci,
that something is. ako nieиo je.
1:48:23 K: What is the question, sir? K: Akб to je otбzka pane?
1:48:26 Q: The question is that P: Otбzka je,
you were speaking about the me, hovorili ste tom JA,
1:48:28 and saying many things about it. a povedali o tom veѕa vecн.
1:48:31 What is the one thing Иo je aspoт jedna vec,
1:48:33 in all these many things medzi tэmito vecami,
that you say about the me keп hovorнte o JA,
1:48:36 that is, by virtue of which, to znamenб - ktorб
you say 'the me'? vlastnosќ je "to JA"?
1:48:41 K: By the virtue K: Na zбklade jednej veci,
of that one thing, me exists, kde to JA existuje,
1:48:45 what is that virtue, иo to je zбkladom toho JA?
what is that central thing? Иo je tб hlavnб vec?
1:48:50 Q: What is the me? P: Иo je to JA?
K: What is the me? K: Иo je to JA...?
1:48:53 Q: The one thing that it is P: To je tб jedna vec
1:48:55 in the many things v mnohэch veciach,
you said about the me. keп ste hovorili o JA.
1:48:57 K: I see, K: Rozumiem,
1:48:59 what is the one thing иo je jedna vec,
which is the me? ktorб je JA?
1:49:07 Though you have described Hoci ste popнsali mnohй veci,
the many things which is the me, ktorй sъ to JA,
1:49:11 what is the centre иo je to centrum,
which is the me – is that it? ktorй je to JA - tak?
1:49:17 Q: Well, no. P: Teda, nie.
1:49:18 It is similar to the difference Je to podobnй ako rozdiel
between the two questions: medzi tэmito dvoma otбzkami:
1:49:22 what is a colour akб je to farba
and what is colour, a akб je to farba,
1:49:24 you might be able to say. by ste mohli povedaќ.
1:49:27 K: Sir, I can't hear. K: Pane, nepoиujem.
1:49:29 There are people moving about. јudia sa tu chodia hore - dolu.
1:49:35 Be brief, Buпte struиnэ,
we'll have to stop because it is time. budeme musieќ prestaќ, je иas.
1:49:52 Q: [Inaudible] P: (nedб sa rozumieќ)
1:49:59 K: I see, K: Rozumiem, иo je to, to JA,
what is the me without the word, bez toho slova,
1:50:03 without the description, bez opisu,
without the colour. bez farby?
1:50:06 Is that right? Better. Je to tak? Lepљie?
1:50:09 Now listen to this, Teraz poиъvajte toto,
very interesting, je to veѕmi zaujнmavй:
1:50:12 what is the me Иo je to JA, bez slov,
without the word,  
1:50:18 without the description, bez opisu,
1:50:22 without the colour, bez farby,
1:50:25 without the various attributes bez mnohэch vlastnostн,
that are related to the me? ktorй so mnou sъvisia?
1:50:30 You understand the question? Rozumiete otбzke?
1:50:32 The me without the description, To JA bez opisu,
the me without the word, to JA bez slov,
1:50:37 the me without the attributes, to JA bez vlastnostн,
1:50:40 is there then the me je tam potom to JA,
without the attribute? bez vlastnostн?
1:50:44 Of course not. Samozrejme ћe nie!
1:50:49 I must stop, sorry. Musнm skonиiќ, prepбиte!
We will meet tomorrow. Stretneme sa zajtra.