Krishnamurti Subtitles

SM72T2 - Existuje v tomto šialenom svete úplné konanie?

2. Verejné vystúpenie
Santa Monica, USA
19 marec 1972

0:21  Krishnamurti: Krishnamurti:
We were saying yesterday morning Vиera som hovorili o tom,
0:28  that in a world ћe vo svete, ktorэ je takэ
that is so insane and confused, blбznivэ a zmдtenэ,
0:36  where there are so many kde je toѕko veѕa
religious leaders and politicians, nбboћenskэch vodcov a politikov,
0:44  where there is so much violence, kde je toѕko veѕa nбsilia,
0:50  sorrow smъtku,
0:54  and a sense of utter despair, a pocit ъplйho zъfalstva,
1:03  it seems natural vyzerб normбlne to,
1:06  that one should become ћe иlovek by mal byќ
a light to oneself. svetlom sebe samйmu.
1:14  And it is possible only A to je moћnй len vtedy,
1:18  when we understand keп pochopнme naљe podmienenie
our conditioning  
1:23  and go beyond it. a prekonбme ho.
1:25  That is what we were, more or less, To je to, o иom sme sa, viacmenej,
talking about yesterday morning. vиera rozprбvali.
1:35  And I think we ought to continue A myslнm si, ћe by sme mali pokraиovaќ
where we left off.  
1:38    tam, kde sme prestali.
1:48  We have broken up life Rozdelili sme svet na
as the outer and the inner. vonkajљн a vnъtornэ.
1:57  The outer existence, Vonkajљia existencia,
which demands certain activities, ktorб si vyћaduje urиitй aktivity,
2:02  certain labours, jobs, urиitъ prбcu, zamestnanie,
2:07  and an inward life a vъtornэ ћivot,
2:11  which is also in turmoil, ktorэ je tieћ v chaose,
in confusion. v zmдtku.
2:18  When one is concerned Keп sa иlovek bojн o prбcu
with having a job in this world, v tomto svete,
2:26  in this insane society, v tejto љialenej spoloиnosti,
2:31  and what is one to do a иo mб иlovek robiќ
– if one has a job – - ak mб prбcu -
2:37  one is contributing ako to prispieva
to further confusion, k пalљiemu zmдtku,
2:44  further misery, пalљej biede,
further insanity. k пalљiemu љialenstvu.
2:51  And inwardly, Ale vnъtorne,
2:54  we want to live chceme ћiќ
a different kind of life, ћivot inэ ,
2:57  separated from the outer, oddelenэ od vonkajљieho.
3:03  a life that is fairly peaceful, Ћivot, ktorэ
  je dosќ kѕudnэ,
3:08  clear, rational, jasnэ, zmyselnэ,
3:13  without too much conflict, bez mnohэch konfliktov,
3:18  and perhaps find something, a moћno nбjsќ nieиo,
3:23  come upon something prнsќ na nieиo,
which is not corruptible, иo nie je skorumpovateѕnй,
3:28  which is not put together иo nevziљlo z rozmэљѕania
by thought or by a cunning mind. alebo z prefнkanej mysle.
3:34  So we separate the two, Takћe tieto dve veci rozdeѕujeme,
3:38  the inner and the outer, na vonkajљie, vnъtornй,
3:46  and yet we don't see a napriek tomu nevidнme
– unfortunately, I think – - naneљќastie, myslнm si -
3:50  that they are interrelated. ћe spolu sъvisia.
3:56  That is, Znamenб to: existuje v spoloиnosti,
is there a total action nejakб totбlna иinnosќ
4:03  in a society ktorб nie je tak
that is so corrupt, polluted, skorumpovanб, skazenб,
4:08  so utterly insane? takб ъplne љialenб?
4:13  Is there a total action Existuje ъplnб иinnosќ
4:16  which corresponds ktorб sъvisн
both to the inner and to the outer? aj s vnъtornэm aj s vonkajљнm?
4:22  And to merely be concerned A pъho sa obбvaќ
4:27  whether we should pay a tax иi by sme mali platiќ daт
4:31  or be conscripted alebo mali narukovaќ
4:34  – or is it called draft here, - alebo ako sa v tejto krajine
in this country – volб -
4:38  and so on, as though that a tak, akoby to bolo
was something separate, nieиo separovanй,
4:43  apart from oddelenй
our innermost desires, od naљich najtajnejљнch tъћob,
4:50  longings, oиakбvanн,
hopes, fears, pleasures. nбdejн, strachov, poteљenн.
4:58  And as we said, they are interrelated, A ako sme povedali, sъvisia spolu.
the two are not separate. Tie dve veci nie sъ oddelenй.
5:03  And to separate them A oddeliќ ich je
is another form of insanity, пalљia forma љialenstva,
5:15  because pretoћe инm viac do hеbky
the more inwardly one is aware, si to иlovek uvedomuje,
5:22  concerned with the understanding robн si starosti s pochopenнm
of the totality of existence, totality existencie,
5:27  not a particular segment of it, nie len jednotlivэm segmentom,
5:31  then that concern, potom tб obava,
5:36  that awareness, to uvedomovanie si,
5:39  brings about an action prinбљa zmenu v иinnosti.
in the outer Vo vonkajљej,
5:44  which is not ktorй nie je v protiklade
contradictory to the inner. s vnъtornou.
5:49  So we are asking, Takћe sa pэtame:
is there a total action existuje takб иinnosќ,
5:58  which will be sane ktrб bude rozumnб
in an insane world, v tomto љialenom svete,
6:04  which will be rational ktorб bude rozumnб
in an irrational world, v nerozumnom svete,
6:10  which will bring about order ktorб vnesie poriadok
6:15  out of confusion, do neporiadku,
6:20  which will give ktorб nбm dб zmysel radosti
a sense of joy and beauty to existence, a krбsy v existencii,
6:28  which at present ktorъ teraz
has none whatsoever. vфbec nemбme?
6:35  So in considering this question, Takћe uvaћujъc nad touto otбzkou
6:41  which is, ktorб je,
is there a total action, иi existuje takб иinnosќ,
6:45  an action иinnosќ, ktorб nie je
which is not inner or outer, ani vnъtornб ani vonkajљia,
6:49  but an action ale иinnosќ ktorб
that is totally related, s tэm sъvisн,
6:52  totally complete, totбlne, ъplne,
6:55  so that tak, ћe keп nastane vonkajљia
when there is an outward action, иinnosќ,
6:58  it is as complete ja takб ъplnб
as the inward action? ako vnъtornб иinnosќ?
7:06  You know, Viete, toto
this has been a problem je problйm,
7:11  that confronts all of us. ktorэ konfrontuje nбs vљetkэch.
7:17  When the speaker Keп reиnнk ide do Indie,
goes to India and talks there, a hovorн tam,
7:23  where there is so much poverty, kde je tak veѕa chudoby,
unemployment, overpopulation nezamestnanosti, preѕudnenia:
7:29  – for one job there are probably na jedno pracovnй miesto je
10,000 people asking for that job, 10 000 uchбdzaиov,
7:33  looking – ktorн hѕadajъ prбcu -
7:36  this problem tento problйm sa stбva nesmierne
becomes extraordinarily important: dфleћitэm:
7:40  how to act so that ako sa sprбvaќ, aby nenastal
there is no contradiction, rozpor?
7:47  how to act Ako sa prбvaќ tak, aby bol иlovek
so that one brings sanity, rozumnэ,
7:54  how to act so that ako sa spбvaќ tak, aby sa
the social structure is changed, sociбlna љtruktъra zmenila,
8:00  transformed. pretransformovala sa.
8:03  This question Tъto otбzku
8:05  must be asked by each one of us. si musн poloћiќ kaћdэ z nбs.
8:10  I am sure Som si istэ, ћe vљetci
we are all asking this question, si kladieme tъto otбzku,
8:13  not slurring over it, neodbijete ju,
8:15  not trying to gloss over nesnaћнte sa zakrэvaќ
the complications of it, komplikбcie okolo toho,
8:22  but what is one ale иo mб иlovek
– if one is young – to do? - ak je mladэ - robiќ?
8:34  To answer that question Aby sme si zodpovedali
  tъto otбzku,
8:38  one must go иlovek musн нsќ
very much more deeply veѕmi do hеbky,
8:42  than what is action ako - akб je иinnosќ
in relation to a particular issue, vo vzќahu ku konkrйtnej otбzke,
8:52  whether one иi by mal иlovek
should join the army, vstъpiќ do armбdy,
8:55  be conscripted, drafted, byќ odvedenэ, narukovaќ,
8:59  what kind of job akъ prбcu by
one should have, and so on. mal иlovek maќ, atп.
9:05  To go into this problem Aby sme si prebrali
very deeply, problйm do hеbky,
9:12  and it is only in the understanding a je to len v pochopenн
of the fullness of the problem plnosti problйmu,
9:18  that the superficial problem ћe povrchnэ problйm
is answered. bol zodpovedanэ.
9:22  But if you merely deal Ak sa zaoberбte iba
with the superficial problem povrchnэm problйmom,
9:26  superficially, povrchne,
9:30  then it leads vedie to k oveѕa vдиљiemu
to much more confusion, conflict zmдtku, konfliktu,
9:35  and misery and mischief. k biede a k nepleche.
9:39  So, Takћe v uvaћovanн nad
in considering this question: touto otбzkou:
9:45  is there a total action existuje nejakб иinnosќ,
9:51  which will be harmonious ktorб bude harmonickб
9:54  outwardly and inwardly, sane, navonok aj v nъtorne, mъdra,
10:00  completely rational, healthy? ъplne racionбlna, zdravб?
10:14  Are you waiting for me Иakбte na mтa, aby som vбm
to answer this question? zodpovedal tъto otбzku?
10:22  I see you are. Vidнm, ћe бno!
10:26  Please don't wait, Prosнm, neиakajte,
10:30  because we are going to share pretoћe sa ideme na tento problйm
together this problem. pozrieќ spoloиne.
10:35  The speaker Reиnнk ho moћno vyrieљil sбm.
may have solved it for himself.  
10:46  The speaker is probably a beggar Reиnнk je moћno ћobrбkom
and that is good enough for him. a jemu to staин.
10:55  And if you are waiting A ak иakбte na odpoveп od
for an answer from the speaker reиnнka,
11:03  to see how you can apply aby ste videli ako mфћete
what he says to a particular problem, pouћiќ
11:07    to иo hovorн
  na tento konkrйtny problйm,
11:10  or understand the total problem alebo porozumieќ celйmu problйmu
according to his answer, podѕa toho, иo hovorн,
11:20  then you are not sharing. potom to nezdieѕate.
11:24  Then you are merely accepting Potom iba akceptujete пalљн
another formula, another concept, nбvod, пalљн koncept,
11:30  as you have accepted ako ste uћ akceptovali mnohй
so many formulas and concepts. nбvody a koncepty.
11:37  And a concept is not an answer. A koncept nie je odpoveп.
11:45  An idea is not an answer. Nбvodd nie je odpoveп.
11:51  A conglomeration of beliefs Mnoћstvo presvedиenн nie je
is not an answer odpoveп
11:55  to a fundamental question na zбkladnъ otбzku
as this. na toto.
12:03  So, we are going to share Takћe ideme tento problйm
together the problem. zdieѕaќ spoloиne.
12:07  That is, we are together, To znamenб ћe
12:11  sensitively, citlivo,
hesitantly and rationally opatrne a racionбlne,
12:18  examine this problem. skъmame tento problйm.
12:21  And in the understanding A v snahe chбpaќ
of the problem together tento problйm spoloиne,
12:25  you will find prнdete na tъ odpoveп sami,
the answer for yourself.  
12:28  Which is far more important иo je oveѕa dфleћitejљie, ako keп
than being told what to do, vбm poviem, иo robiќ,
12:34  what is the total action. иo je totбlna иinnosќ.
12:38  So we are not concerned Takћe sa nezaoberajte
with formulas or conclusions, nбvodmi alebo zбvermi,
12:45  concepts, konceptami, na ktorэch ste
on which you have been brought up. vyrбstli.
12:53  The other day Minule
12:55  someone asked, 'What do you do?' sa ma niekto spэtal: "Иo robнte?"
13:04  and I didn't know how to reply a ja som nevedel,
  ako mбm odpovedaќ
13:08  and I said, a povedal som: "Celkom presne
I don't quite know what I do. neviem, иo robнm.
13:13  I am some kind of talker, Sonm nejakэ druh reиnнka,
philosopher, filozofa.",
13:17  you know, viete, a tak.
all that kind of stuff.  
13:21  'And what is your philosophy?' "A akб je vaљa filozofia?"
13:26  I said, it isn't my philosophy. Povedal som, ћe to nie je moja
13:29  Philosophy means Filozofia znamenб
the love of truth, lбska k pravde,
13:33  which is not yours or mine. ktorб nie je ani moja, ani vaљa.
13:37  Love of truth. Lбska k pravde.
13:41  And here is the same problem. A tu je ten istэ
13:45  We are concerned with something Zaoberбme sa nieинm
extraordinarily important. mimoriadne dфleћitэm.
13:52  And there are very few A je len pбr
serious people in the world, ѕudн na svete,
13:58  very few who will veѕmi mбlo, ktorн vyrieљia tento
tackle this problem completely. problйm ъplne.
14:06  And in a world surrounded by A vo svete, ktorэ je obklopenэ
people who are not interested, ѕudmi ktorэch to nezaujнma,
14:12  who are not serious, ktorн to neberъ vбћne,
14:15  who are completely concerned ktorэch zaujнma jedine
with their own pleasures, ich vlastnй poteљenie,
14:19  with their own amusements, s vlastnэmi zбbavkami,
with their own satisfactions, s vlastnэm uspokojenнm,
14:27  and a few that might be a pбr ѕuпmi, ktorн sa o to
interested, deeply, zauнmajъ do hѕbky -
14:35  what are they to do иo majъ takн ѕudia robiќ
14:39  in a world vo svete
that is so superficial, ktorэ je takэ povrchnэ,
14:42  so casual, so thoughtless? takэ obyиajnэ, takэ bezohѕadnэ?
14:48  So there are these two problems, Takћe sъ tu tieto
  dva problйmy,
14:52  which is, ktorй sъ: иo mб иlovek,
what is a serious person to do, ktorэ to myslн vбћne, robiќ,
15:00  concerned with a total action, ktorэ sa starб o celkovъ иinnosќ,
15:03  and what is that serious person, a иo mб seriуzny иlovek
15:06  what is his relationship akэ je jeho vzќah k
with the vast majority of the world, drvivej vдиљine sveta,
15:12  of the human beings k ѕudskэm bytostiam,
15:14  which want a society as it is ktorэ chce spoloиnosќ takъ, akб je,
with slight modifications? s nepatrnэmi zmenami?
15:23  They want complete security – Chcъ ъplnъ bezpeиnosќ -
15:25  it doesn't matter nezaujнma ich, иo sa
what happens to any others. stane s ostatnэmi.
15:31  They want a way of life Chcъ takэ spфsob ћivota, ktorэ
that will give them their satisfaction, im zabezpeин spokojnosќ,
15:40  their fulfilment ich naplnenie
and all that business. a celъ tъ vec.
15:44  So there are these two problems. Takћe, sъ tu tieto dva problйmy.
15:50  Now, to go into this question Teraz, aby sme sa dostali
very deeply, k tэmto problйmom do hеbky,
15:57  one has to understand иlovek musн pochopiќ,
what is the motive, akэ je motнv,
16:03  what is the drive, the energy иo je pohonom, tou energiou,
16:09  that is behind our action. ktorб je za naљim konanнm.
16:13  The action of a man Konanie иloveka, ktorэ
who is trying to seek sa snaћн hѕadaќ,
16:18  a total action which corresponds ъplnй konanie s odpoveпami,
both to the inner and the outer, aj s vnъtornэmi aj s vonkajљнmi,
16:24  in which there is no contradiction v ktorэch nie je rozpor
and therefore no conflict? a preto ani konflikt?
16:30  What is the essence Иo je podstatou
of this drive? tohto pohбтania?
16:46  Is it not Nie je to
– please, I am enquiring, - prosнm, pэtam sa,
16:49  I don't say it is or it is not, nehovorнm- takto to je, takto
  to nie je ,
16:52  we are together sme tu, aby sme ten problйm pochopili
understanding this problem – spoloиne -
16:58  is it not the drive nie je tэm pohonom
and the search for pleasure, hѕadanie poteљenia,
17:09  the pursuit of pleasure? nahбтanie sa za poteљenнm?
17:14  Please, don't answer me. Prosнm, neodpovedajte mi!
Just look at it. Len sa na to pozrite.
17:18  We are going to explore it. Ideme to preskъmaќ.
This is just the beginning of it. Toto je len zaиiatok.
17:27  Our society is based on this, Naљa spoloиnosќ je zaloћenб
17:32  on the pursuit of pleasure, na nahбтanн sa zabбbavou,
17:35  continuity of pleasure, pokraиovanн zбbavy
17:40  through position, power, skrz postavenie, moc,
17:44  through money, through sex. skrz peniaze, skrz sex.
17:52  We are not saying Nehovorнme, ћe
that pleasure is wrong, zбbava je zlб!
17:58  we are not becoming puritanical. Nezaиnime byќ puritбni.
18:02  We are examining. Skъmame to.
18:06  And to examine very clearly A aby sme to preskъmali dopodrobna
18:09  you must be free musнte sa oslobodiќ od svojej
from your puritanical upbringing puritбnskej vэchovy,
18:14  or your Victorian upbringing alebo Viktoriбnskej vэchovy,
18:16  or whatever your upbringing is. alebo akъ vэchovu to mбte.
18:21  There must be Nato, aby ste sa pэtali, potrebujete
freedom to enquire, byќ slobodnн,
18:26  and therefore a preto tam nesmъ byќ ћiadne
there must be no previous conclusion predchбdzajъce zбvery,
18:29  or come to any conclusion alebo prнsќ k zбveru
as you are enquiring. keп sa pэtate!
18:42  So, Takћe, nie je vдиљina
is not most of our action, z nбљho konania,
18:49  both outwardly and inwardly, aj navonok aj vъtorne
18:54  based on this pursuit zaloћenб na nahбтanнm sa za,
in subtle or gross form, v jemnej alebo hrubej forme
19:01  of pleasure? za poteљenнm?
19:07  And what is the difference A akэ je rozdiel
19:10  between pleasure, medzi poteљenнm,
enjoyment and joy? pфћitkom a radosќou?
19:22  We have to understand Musнme pochopiќ tieto
these three things. tri veci.
19:28  When you walk in a wood Keп sa prechбdzate po lese
19:32  or along the beach, alebo po plбћi,
19:36  there is great delight, tam je veѕkб radosќ,
there is great pleasure: veѕkй poteљenie:
19:39  the beauty of the land, krбsa zeme,
the trees, the birds, stromy, vtбky,
19:42  the light on the water, svetlo na vode,
the sunset among the hills, zбpad slnka medzi kopcami,
19:48  that peculiar atmosphere typickб atmosfйra ktorб
that comes about prichбdza
19:51  when the sun is setting. vtedy, keп slnko zapadб.
19:56  When you see in the sky Keп na veиernej oblohe
the evening star, uvidнte hviezdu
20:02  that is great pleasure, je to veѕkй poteљenie,
20:04  there is great joy in that. je v tom veѕa radosti.
20:10  What is wrong with it? Иo je na tom zlй?
20:14  The other day, Minule,
20:16  a so-called teacher, a guru, takzvanэ uиiteѕ, guru,
20:24  said, when it was pointed out povedal, niekto poukбzal na to,
what a beautiful town this was, akй bolo toto prekrбsne mesto,
20:28  what a lovely tree that was, akэ tam bol peknэ strom,
20:30  he said, 'I haven't time povedal: "Nemal som иas
to bother with all that.' sa s tэm zaoberaќ."
20:38  So what is wrong Иo je zlй na tom,
20:41  to look at a beautiful thing pozeraќ sa na peknъ vec,
20:45  or to eat a perfect food alebo jesќ perfektnй jedlo
like mango ako mango,
20:50  or an orange, alebo pomaranи?
what is wrong with it? Иo je na tom zlй?
20:53  There is pleasure in it. Je v tom radosќ.
20:59  But when you insist Ale keп naliehate na tom, ћe musнte
that you must eat mango or orange jesќ mango alebo pomaranи,
21:04  or have the beautiful sunset alebo maќ prekrбsny zбpad slnka
every day of your life, kaћdэ deт vбљho ћivota,
21:10  and pursue it, subtly, a sledovaќ ho, jemne,
consistently, doggedly, dфsledne, zarputilo,
21:18  then that pursuit vtedy to sledovanie
brings about an imbalance. prinбљa nerovnovбhu.
21:28  And when you are imbalanced A keп ste v nerovnovбhe,
21:34  there is neurotic, nastбva neurotickй,
contradictory action. protichodnй konanie.
21:40  That is one of the facts Toto je jeden z faktov
of this pursuit of pleasure. nahбтania sa za poteљenнm.
21:46  Haven't you noticed this? Nevљimli ste si to?
21:54  And in the pursuit of this pleasure A v nahбтanн sa za poteљenнm, nie
there is not only imbalance, je len nerovnovбha,
22:00  contradictory action, protichodnй sprбvanie,
neurotic activity, neurotickб иinnosќ,
22:06  but also behind it ale tieћ je za nнm
there is a sense of contradiction. pocit rozporu.
22:16  You are never enjoying anything, Nikdy si niи neuћнvate,
22:22  but wanting to have more of it. ale chcete toho eљte viac.
22:30  Have you not noticed all this? Vљimli ste si to?
22:36  When you are seeking power, Keп hѕadбte moc,
22:39  as most people are, ako mnohн ѕudia,
22:42  whether it is power иi uћ je to moc v malэch skupinбch
in a small group or in a family, alebo v rodine,
22:47  you know, veп viete, иo sa deje v Amerike?
what is going on in America  
22:51  – Women's Lib, is it? – -Ћenskй hnutie, nie? -
22:58  power, Moc,
23:01  domination, nadvlбda,
23:03  assertion, uplatтovanie si nбrokov,
23:07  aggression, agresia,
23:09  all these are forms of pleasure. vљetky tieto formy poteљenia.
23:15  And society in which we live A spoloиnosќ v ktorej ћijeme,
23:18  encourages povzbudzuje
this kind of pleasure. tento druh poteљenia.
23:26  That is, To jest,
the pursuit of pleasure. nahбтanie sa za poteљenнm.
23:30  The pursuit of pleasure Toto nahбтanie sa za poteљenнm
is entirely different from enjoyment. je ъplne odliљnй od radosti.
23:40  When you see Keп vidнte prekrбsny zбpad
a beautiful sunset, you enjoy it. slnka, teљнte sa z neho.
23:49  The colour, Z farby,
23:52  the light, svetla,
23:54  the purity of an evening иistoty veиera
– perhaps not in Los Angeles – - moћno nie v Los Angeles -
24:05  and the beauty of it a tб krбsa je
is really quite extraordinary, skutoиne neobyиajnб,
24:08  and you enjoy it. a vy sa teљнte.
24:11  That enjoyment Tб radosќ je premoћenб
is taken over by thought, mysѕou,
24:17  and thought says, a tб myseѕ hovorн:
I must have it tomorrow, " Musнm to maќ zajtra zase"
24:22  and you pursue that, a vy to hѕadбte,
then it becomes pleasure. potom sa to stane poteљenнm.
24:35  So, Takћe, bez pochopenia poteљenia,
without understanding pleasure,  
24:42  enjoyment, radovania sa,
24:45  and that a tej zvlбљtnej veci
strange thing called joy, zvanej radosќ,
24:51  which cannot be invited ktorб sa nedб vynбjsќ,
24:54  – you cannot practice a system - nedб sa praktizovaќ systйm
in order to be joyous, aby ste boli radostnн,
25:01  or go to school or college, alebo нsќ do љkoly иi
  na univerzitu,
25:03  or attend groups, therapy, alebo navљtevovaќ kurzy,
25:07  or whatever you do alebo иo to robнte v tejto
in this strange country, zvlбљtnej krajine,
25:14  analysed in order to be joyous, aby vбs analyzovali aby ste
  boli veselн,
25:18  you are just being insane – ste blбzni -
25:22  joy comes radosќ prichбdza, keп nie ste.
when you are not there.  
25:29  When you Keп, so vљetkэmi
– with all your problems, vaљimi problйmami,
25:32  with your miseries, trбpeniami,
with your pettiness – s maliиkosќami
25:35  is nonexistent, neexistujete,
then that happens. vtedy sa to stane.
25:38  Haven't you noticed it Vљimli ste si to?
for yourself?  
25:43  When you are not Keп nemyslнte na seba,
thinking about yourself,  
25:45  your wife, vaљu ћenu,
your problems, you know, vaљe problйmy, viete,
25:52  when the mind is quiet, keп je myseѕ pokojnб,
not concerned, has no problem, nesъstredenб, nemб ћiadny problйm,
25:56  suddenly nбhle prнde tбto
this strange thing comes, podivnб vec.
26:01  a total sense of harmony, Uplnэ pocit harmуnie,
26:04  of complete unity totбlnej jednoty
with everything. so vљetkэm.
26:09  And that brings about A to prinбљa nesmierny
a tremendous sense of ecstasy, joy. pocit slasti, radosti.
26:17  So there are these three things: Takћe tu mбme tieto tri veci:
26:20  joy, radosќ,
26:23  real enjoyment, ozajstnй radovanie sa,
26:27  which is prevented ktorйmu je zabrбnenй,
when you are pursuing pleasure. keп hѕadбte poteљenie.
26:33  So without Takћe bez toho, aby sme sa na tento
going into this problem completely, problйm pozreli kompletne,
26:38  not theoretically, nie teoreticky,
not in abstraction, abstraktne,
26:45  not linguistically, nie verbбlne,
which is intellectually, иo znamneй intelektuбlne,
26:50  but actually observing yourself, ale v skutoиnosti aby ste
  skъmali seba,
26:58  how you are ako sa neustбle ћeniete
constantly pursuing this thing. za touto vecou.
27:06  And encouraged A pohбтanн
by a commercial society, komerиnou spoloиnosќou,
27:14  and you say to yourself, hovorнte si:
27:16  How am I to act Ako sa mбm chovaќ v tomto
in this insane world, blбznivom svete,
27:24  in this commercial world, v tomto
  komerиnom svete,
27:28  so that I neither tak aby som nepodporoval
encourage this society, tъto spoloиnosќ,
27:33  and yet I have to live in it, v ktorej napriek tomu musнm ћiќ,
27:39  and so a tak sa nestarбme o podstatnй.
we go off on a tangent.  
27:44  But whereas, if you enquired, Ale ak sa pэtate,
27:49  as we are doing now, ako sa pэtame teraz,
into this question of action, na otбzku иinnosti,
27:58  and action a иinnosќ je vћdy "teraz",
is always in the present,  
28:00  not in the future nie v budъcnosti alebo
or in the past. v minulosti.
28:05  Action means that, the doing, Иinnosќ znamenб "robenie",
28:08  not having done or going to do. nie "urobenй" alebo "idem urobiќ."
28:20  Now, when you and I Teraz, keп sa na to
together look at this, pozrieme spoloиne,
28:28  are we looking pozerбme sa na to
at the problem verbally? verbбlne?
28:37  You understand Rozumiete, иo myslнm tэm
what I mean – verbally. "verbбlne?"
28:42  Because I have used Pretoћe som pouћil pбr slov,
certain words  
28:47  which may evoke in you ktorй vo vбs mфћu vyvolaќ
certain responses, istй reakcie,
28:52  and according to those responses a podѕa tэchto reakciн
you are looking at the problem. sa pozerбte na problйm.
28:59  Please, listen to this. Poиъvajte, prosнm!
29:03  So you are verbally stimulated Takћe verbбlne ste povzbudenн
to look at the problem, poиъvaќ tento problйm,
29:10  and therefore you are stimulated a preto ste stimulovanн
by the speaker to look, reиnнkom, aby ste sa na to pozreli,
29:17  but you are not actually looking ale v skutoиnosti sa nepozerбte,
– you are stimulated. - ste stimulovanн.
29:24  Which is entirely different Иo je nieиo ъplne inй,
from you actually looking at it ako keп sa naozaj pozerбte
29:29  without any stimulation, bez akejkoѕvek stimulбcie,
observing. skъmania.
29:40  So, if you observe non-verbally, Takћe, ak pozorujete neverbбlne,
29:49  without any conclusion, bez akэchkoѕvek zбverov,
29:54  that is, conclusion being to jest, zбvery sъ verbбlne
verbal images which you have built predstavy, ktorй ste si vybudovali
30:01  or which have been handed to you, alebo ktorй vбm boli podanй,
30:03  and through those a cez tieto verbбlne zбvery
verbal conclusions you look. sa pozerбte.
30:12  So, if you look either through Takћe, ak sa pozerбte cez verbбlne
a verbal stimulation of another alebo inй stimuly,
30:19  or through your own conclusions, alebo cez vlastnй zбvery,
30:27  a verbal image that you have, tб verbбlna predstava
  ktorъ mбte,
30:29  then you are vtedy sa v skutoиnosti
actually not participating nepodieѕate
30:36  in observing na skъmanн,
what is actually going on. ktorй sa v tom momente deje.
30:41  That is, To jest, nepozerбte sa
you are not facing facts. na fakty.
30:46  You are facing facts through Pozerбte sa na fakty skrz
a series of ideas or conclusions. kopec predstбv a zбverov.
30:55  Am I making myself clear? Som zrozumiteѕnэ?
30:58  Because this is rather important, Pretoћe toto je dфsќ dфleћitй,
if you don't mind. ak vбm to nevadн.
31:05  Which is, To znamenб,
31:07  how do you look ako sa pozerбte na tъto
at this question of action, otбzku иinnosti,
31:17  the motive behind that action, motнv ktorэ je za иinnosќou,
31:22  the persistent neustбle sa hnanie
pursuit of pleasure za poteљenнm,
31:32  through power, skrz moc,
31:36  with all its nuances, so vљetkэmi odtieтami,
subtleties, drobnosќami,
31:44  through money, skrz peniaze,
31:48  through sex skrz sex
– how do you look at it? - ako sa na to pozerбte?
31:54  Are you an outsider looking in, Pozerбte sa na to zvonka,
32:01  saying, yes, that is so, keп hovorнte: "Бno, je to tak",
32:07  or the very act of looking alebo sa na to skutoиne pozerбte
is the total action? a to je tб ozajstnб иinnosќ?
32:13  You get what I am saying? Chбpete иo hovorнm?
32:22  Are we meeting each other? Rozumieme si?
32:27  No, I am afraid not. Nie, obбvam sa, ћe nie.
32:32  Look, sir, Pozrite, pane!
32:34  total action implies Ozajstnб иinosќ zahrтuje
total awareness, listening – action. ъplnъ pozornosќ, poиъvanie - иinnosќ.
32:42  It implies Zahатa
32:46  a look, an action nбhѕad, иinnosќ
in which there is no division v ktorej nie je rozdelenie
32:52  as the outer or inner, na vonkajљie a vnъtornй,
32:54  acting according to a formula, sprбvanie sa podѕa nбvodu,
an idea, a concept or an image, idei, konceptu alebo predstavy,
32:59  because pretoћe tie prinбљajъ
they bring about a division. rozdelenie.
33:09  And to be free of them, A aby sme sa od nich
33:12  so that you can look tak aby ste sa vedeli
at the whole problem. pozrieќ na problйm v celku.
33:18  When you are capable Ak ste schopnэ pozeraќ sa na problйm
of looking at the total problem v celosti,
33:21  then that very look tak potom ten istэ pohѕad
is the total action. je ozajstnб иinnosќ.
33:35  Look, Pozrite, nechajte,
let me put it differently. nech vбm to vysvetlнm inak!
33:37  I see we are not Vidнm, ћe si nerozumieme.
communicating with each other.  
33:41  You know what Viete, иo znamenб komunikбcia?
communication means?  
33:48  To share, to create, Deliќ sa, tvoriќ,
to work, to think together. pracovaќ, myslieќ spoloиne.
33:55  If you are thinking Ak myslнte na nieиo inй,
of something else  
33:57  and the speaker is going on a reиnнk pokraиuje пalej
talking about his own thing, a hovorн si svoje,
34:01  then you are not vtedy si nerozmiete.
meeting each other.  
34:10  We have a problem. Mбme tu problйm.
34:13  I want to earn a livelihood, Chcem zarбbaќ na ћivobitie.
34:15  I have to. Musнm!
34:20  And I see, A vidнm, ћe v tomto svete,
in this world which is quite appalling, ktorэ je celkom desivэ,
34:26  quite frightening, celkom straљnэ,
34:31  and strangely mad, a иudne blбznivэ,
34:34  I see that and I say, vidнm to a hovorнm si:
now, what am I to do? "Иo mбm robiќ?
34:39  Shall I join them? Mбm sa pridaќ?"
34:43  If I do, I shall continue Ak sa pridбm, budem pokraиovaќ
maintaining the insanity, udrћiavanнm tohto љialenstva,
34:50  whether the insanity иi uћ je to љialenstvo
is in China or in Russia v Инne иi v Rusku,
34:54  or in this country alebo v tejto krajine,
or anywhere else. alebo hocikde inde.
34:57  We are not the sane people Nie sme mъdri ѕudia
35:01  apart from those na rozdiel od tэch
insane people. љialenэch ѕudн.
35:05  We are all in the same boat. Vљetci sme na jednej lodi.
35:10  Now what am I to do? "Tak teda, иo mбm robiќ?"
35:15  I have to earn a livelihood, Musнm zarбbaќ na ћiobytie,
I have to have a job. musнm maќ prбcu.
35:22  Am I to be concerned Mбm sa zaoberaќ len
only with the job? prбcou?
35:29  And seeing if I do, whatever I do, A vidнm, ћe keп to robнm, hociиo
I contribute to war. robнm, prispievam tak k vojne.
35:39  So how shall I Tak ako sa mбm vysporiadaќ s tэmto
meet this problem? problйmom?
35:42  And it is a very A pre mтa je to
vital problem to me. podstatnэ problйm.
35:45  It isn't just Nie je to len
a superficial problem, povrchnэ problйm,
35:48  it is my life. je to mфj ћivot.
35:51  I have another 50 years to live. Budem ћiќ пalљнch
  50 rokov.
35:55  I want to live rightly, Chcem ћiќ sprбvne,
I want to live decently, chcem ћiќ sluљne.
35:58  I want to live with clarity, Chcem ћiќ rozumne,
with happiness, so љќastнm,
36:04  not endlessly run after nie neustбle behaќ za
the analysts and the gurus analistami a guruami,
36:08  and all the rest a vљetkэmi
of that business. tэmi vecami.
36:12  So, what am I to do? Takћe, иo mбm robiќ?
36:17  And I see Vidнm,
36:20  action in my life ћe konanie v mojom ћivote
36:27  is broken up. je skazenй.
36:30  I am one thing Pri jednej veci
on one occasion, som takэ,
36:34  another on another occasion, pri пalљej inakљн,
and so on – broken up, fragmented. a tak пalej - rozlбmanэ na kъsky.
36:40  And my actions A aj moje konanie
are also fragmented: je na kъsky.
36:44  my private life Mфj sъkromэ ћivot
and my public life. a mфj verejnэ ћivot.
36:52  My private life, Mфj sъkromnэ ћivot, so vљetkэm
with all my pleasures, joys, agonies, poteљenнm, radosќami, starosќami,
36:56  and public life a verejnэ ћivot
in which I comply, ktorэ chcem naplniќ,
37:00  become a mechanic sa stбva mechanickэm,
or whatever it is. иi akэ je?!
37:10  So I want to find out Takћe chcem nбjsќ
37:12  an action konanie, ktorй
which is totally harmonious, je ъplne harmonickй,
37:16  whole, complete, ъplnй, kompletnй,
which has meaning in my life. ktorй mб v mojom ћivote zmysel.
37:25  And in enquiring A pэtajъc sa,
what is this action, иo je to konanie,
37:31  I dig deeper sa dostбvam hlbљie,
37:33  and I say, a hovorнm, иo je za vљetkэm tэm
what is behind every action in my life? konanнm v mojom ћivote?
37:42  Every action. Kaћdб иinnosќ.
37:46  The action that, Tб иinnosќ, v ktorej,
37:48  in the outer world, vo vonkajљom svete,
I must have security, musнm maќ bezpeиie,
37:52  a roof, clothes, strechu, љaty,
37:57  and in getting the clothes, a pri zнskavanн tэch љiat,
the house, domu,
38:01  all that, food, toho vљetkйho, jedla,
38:03  I am contributing prispievam k chaosu
to the confusion of a society. v spoloиnosti.
38:10  And inwardly, Akб je moja vnъtornб
what is my action? reakcia?
38:14  Why am I broken up? Preиo som zmдtenэ?
38:20  And I know A viem, ћe toto
when there is this fragmentation, rozdelenie
38:23  it leads to insanity, vedie k љialenosti,
38:26  contradiction, k rozporu, konfliktu,
conflict, misery, guilt, agony. biede, pocitu viny, k mukбm.
38:36  So, in enquiring, Takћe v hѕadanн,
38:38  I want to find out chcem prнsќ na to, иo je to tб
what is this total action. totбlna reakcia.
38:42  How am I to find it? Ako mбm na to prнsќ?
38:44  Not to be told by some professor Nie, ћeby mi to povedal
  nejakэ profesor,
38:50  or a professional, alebo odbornнk.
38:51  I want to find out for myself, Chcem na to prнsќ sбm,
because it is my life. lebo je to mфj ћivot.
38:57  What is this total action? Иo je toto totбlne konanie?
38:59  And I see the motive A za tэm konanнm
behind all action vidнm motнv:
39:09  – fear, pleasure, strach, poteљenie,
39:12  the pursuit of pleasure, nahбтanie sa za poteљenнm,
39:15  and therefore in its wake, a teda v jeho dфsledku
the shadow of fear. tieт strachu.
39:25  And I also want to enjoy life, A tieћ sa chem teљiќ
  zo ћivota,
39:31  the extraordinary earth z tejto neobyиajnej zeme
in which we live. na ktorej ћijeme.
39:34  It is our earth, Je to naљa zem,
39:36  not your earth, the American nie vaљa zem, americkб,
or the Russian or the Indian. alebo ruskб alebo indickб.
39:42  It is our earth to live in, Je to naљa zem, na ktorej ћijeme,
39:44  to be taken delight in, aby sme sa z nej teљili,
39:49  which we are spoiling, ktorъ kazнme,
corrupting, destroying. korupmujeme, niинme.
39:56  And so, A tak prнdem k tejto veci:
then I come to this thing:  
40:00  how do I look at this, ako sa mбm na to pozrieќ,
40:08  look at this question pozrieќ sa na tъto otбzku
of pleasure, fear, radosti, strachu,
40:13  and the persistent pursuit a neustбleho hѕadania
of pleasure? poteљenia?
40:17  How do I look at it? Ako sa mбm na to pozeraќ?
40:21  Do I look at it Mбm sa na to pozrieќ
as a verbal statement, ako na verbбlne stanovisko,
40:28  a conclusion, rieљenie,
40:31  or do I look at it completely, alebo sa na to pozriem
  v celosti,
40:34  as when I do when I am hungry? ako keп to robнm, keп som hladnэ?
40:38  There is no division V takom stave nie je
in that state, ћiadne rozdelenie.
40:41  I am hungry, Som hladnэ. Je tam okamћitб
it is an immediate response, reaction, odpoveп, reakcia,
40:47  which demands an action. ktorб si vyћaduje konanie.
40:51  So do I Takћe, pozerбm sa na to
look at this non-verbally, neverbбlne,
40:58  without any conclusion, bez akэchkoѕvek zбverov,
41:02  without previous evaluation? bez predchбdzajъceho hodnotenia?
41:06  Therefore Pozerбm sa preto na to
am I looking at it completely? kompletne?
41:13  And that is where A to je nбљ problйm!
our problem is.  
41:16  If I know Ak budem vedieќ, ako sa na
how to look at that thing completely vec pozeraќ ъplne,
41:21  – my disharmony, mфj disharmуnia,
inwardly and outwardly, vnъtorne i navonok,
41:26  the contradictory action rozporuplnб иinnosќ
inwardly and outwardly, vnъtorne i navonok,
41:32  the fragmentation fragmentбcia kaћdodnnйho
of every kind of action of my life – konania mфjho ћivota.
41:39  do I look at it Pozerбm sa na to
from the outside, zvonku,
41:44  or there is no outsider at all alebo tam vфbec neexistuje
but only that, vonkajљн pozorovateѕ ale je to
41:52  which is the fact. iba fakt?
41:57  When there is only the fact, Keп je tam len fakt,
42:00  you have total energy mбte ъplnъ energiu
to deal with that fact. popasovaќ sa s tэm.
42:08  Then that fact undergoes Potom tбto skutoиnosќ prejde
a radical change. radikбlnou zmenou.
42:13  It is only when you look Je to len vtedy, keп sa pozriete
at the fact, at 'what is' nad fakt takэ, "akэ je".
42:20  with a conclusion, Keп robнte zбvery, mбte verbбlnu
with a verbal image, with a prejudice, predstavu, predsudky,
42:23  then you are dissipating potom v tom rozpore
energy in contradiction. rozptyѕujete energiu.
42:31  Whereas if you can Zatiaѕиo, ak sa pozriete na fakt,
look at the fact of 'what is' "takэ akэ je",
42:35  then without any contradiction, potom bez akйhokoѕvek rozporu,
without any verbal conclusion, bez slovnйho zбveru,
42:39  then you have tremendous action, potom mбte obrovskй konanie,
there is tremendous energy, panuje tam obrovskб energia,
42:43  which is action, иo znamenб, ћe иinnosќ
which changes 'what is'. zmenн to, "иo je".
42:47  Have you got it? Chбpete?
42:51  Have some of you got it? Pochopil to niekto z vбs?
Audience: Yes. Obecenstvo: Бno!
42:54  K: Thank God. K: Vпaka bohu!
42:59  Now you see, sir, teraz vidнte pane,
43:04  which means, to znamenб,
43:07  a man who is seeking, иlovek ktorэ vidн,
understanding action, rozumie konaniu,
43:13  does not seek power. nehѕadб moc.
43:17  Right? Ћe?
43:21  He needs money, but Potrebuje peniaze, ale nepouћнva
does not use money to derive pleasure, peniaze aby si privodil poteљenie,
43:27  which is the 'me' иo znamnenб "JA"
that derives pleasure. ktorй sa nahбтa za poteљenнm.
43:30  You understand? Rozumiete?
43:35  And one of our major problems A jeden z naљich hlavnэch problйmov
in the world is sex, apparently. vo svete je sex, oиividne.
43:47  Q: How are you doing? Otбzka: Ako sa mбte?
K: How am I doing? K: Ako sa mбm?
43:52  I don't quite understand, sir. Nerozumiem celkom, pane.
43:55  Q: How is your sex life? O: Akэ je vбљ sexuбlny ћivot?
43:59  K: The gentleman wants to know K: Ten dћentlmen chce vedieќ,
how is my sex life. akэ je mфj sexuбlny ћivot.
44:03  Good God. Dobrэ boћe!
44:08  Please don't. Prosнm nie!
44:15  Wait, sir, Poиkajte pane!
I will tell you later. Poviem vбm neskфr,
44:22  If I want to tell you, иi vбm chcem povedaќ,
44:24  and if it is worthwhile recording иi je alebo nie je hodnй zaznamenaќ,
what my sex life is or is not. akэ je mфj sexuбlny ћivot.
44:30  We are concerned My sa zaoberбme tэmto
with this problem problйmom,
44:35  – not somebody's problem, nie niekoho problйmom,
44:38  our problem, your problem – naљim, vaљim problйmom,
44:46  which is, ktorэ je:
44:50  through sex, cez sex,
44:52  the constant neustбlym sa hnanнm za
pursuit of pleasure, poteљenнm,
45:05  and what happens there иo sa stane
when that is denied keп je mi odopretэ
45:08  or when there is an uncertainty, alebo keп je tam neistota,
when there is conflict. keп tam je konflikt.
45:13  There is an imbalance, Je tam nerovnovбha,
there is neurotic activity, neurotickб aktivita,
45:17  inaction goes on. deje sa neиinnosќ.
45:22  And as this society has made sex A ako tбto spoloиnosќ urobila zo sexu
as the greatest thing in life, tъ najvдиљiu vec v ћivote,
45:31  even more dokonca vдиљiu ako sъ vaљi
than your gods and saviours, bohovia a guruovia,
45:36  you have to answer it, musнte si na to odpovedaќ,
haven't you? nie?
45:40  Why you as a human being Preиo vy, ako ѕudskй
45:47  have made this such an issue. ste z toho spravili
  takэ problйm?
45:54  And because A pretoћe ste z toho spravili
you have made this such an issue takэ problйm,
45:58  it has become a problem, stalo sa to problйmom,
46:05  a terrible thing hroznou vecou, keп zostбrnete.
when you get old.  
46:11  We are always seeking, flirting. Stбle hѕadбme, flirtujeme.
46:18  And so A preto vy si to musнte zodpovedaќ,
you have to answer, not I. nie ja.
46:22  I have no problems Ja s tэm nemбm
about it at all. najmenљн problйm.
46:29  I don't make it Nerobнm si z toho najvдиљiu
into the most important thing in life, vec v ћivote,
46:37  as an escape from myself, a neutekбm pred sebou,
46:40  or through sex alebo skrz sex nehѕadбm nieиo
find something extraordinarily noble, extra fajnovй,
46:47  or some extraordinary state alebo nejakэ extra stav
of experience. zбћitku.
46:52  Those are all rather childish, To je vљetko dosќ
46:58  immature. nedospelй.
47:03  So, Takћe to nie je o tom,
it is not what my sex life is, akэ je mфj sexuбlny ћivot,
47:07  but what your life is. ale akэ ja vбљ ћivot.
47:09  Why are you concerned Preиo sa starбte o reиnнka?
about the speaker?  
47:14  As I said yesterday, Ako som vиera povedal,
47:16  the speaker is not na reиnнkovi vфbec nezбleћн.
of importance at all.  
47:21  What is important is you, Na иom zбleћн je vбљ ћivot,
your life. vy!
47:29  So when we give to pleasure Takћe ak dбvame poteљeniu tъ
the greatest importance najvдиљiu dфleћitosќ,
47:37  in all our directions, vo vљetkэch oblastiach,
47:44  and the pursuit of it, a stбle sa za
  nнm nahбтame,
47:48  you must lead the most musнte ћiќ ten najneobyиajnejљн,
extraordinarily unbalanced life, najnevyvбћenejљн ћivot -
47:53  which you do. ktorэ aj ћijete.
48:00  And this unbalanced life A tento nevyvбћenэ ћivot
creates the insane society, vytvбra chorъ spoloиnosќ,
48:05  which you have created. ktorъ ste vytvorili.
48:14  So without understanding deeply Takћe bez toho aby sme to
and going beyond it, pochopili a dostali sa z toho,
48:24  because we have pretoћe fungujeme
based our morality, na morбlke,
48:28  our virtue, cnosti, poteљenн,
our conduct on pleasure.  
48:34  You may sacrifice, mфћete sa obetovaќ,
48:37  that sacrifice ale tб obeta je
is also a form of pleasure. tieћ forma poteљenia.
48:43  So you have to see Takћe musнte vidieќ celэ
this whole phenomenon, tento fenomenуm,
48:47  not as a fragment, nie ako fragmet,
48:50  not in one particular direction nie v jdenom smere,
but as a whole. ale ako celok.
48:58  And the seeing of the whole A vidieќ to, je
is the total action. to ozajstnй konanie.
49:08  Have I talked enough? Hovoril som dosќ?
49:12  Wait a minute, sir. Poиkajte minъtku, pane!
49:24  You see, Ako vidнte, nбboћenstvo
religion plays a great part zohrбva veѕkъ rolu
49:28  in the pursuit of pleasure. v hnanн sa za poteљenнm.
49:30  I am sorry Prepбиte, ћe som
I forgot to include that. na to zabudol.
49:35  Power, money, sex and God. Moc, peniaze, sex a Boh.
49:40  Lovely combination, isn't it? Milб kombinбcia, ћe?
49:47  Laugh at it Kѕudne sa smejte
– it is quite amusing. - je to celkom zбbavnй.
49:58  Because religions, Pretoћe nбboћenstvб, ako sъ
as they have been organised, organizovanй,
50:03  offer this. toto ponъkajъ.
50:11  And the highest form of pleasure Najvyљљia forma zбbavy
and the pursuit of it, a hnanie sa za тou,
50:15  the discipline, the various sanctions disciplнna, rфzne tresty
the religions have offered ktorй nбboћenstvб ponъkajъ,
50:24  is in the line of this. s tэm sъvisia.
50:28  So, to see all this together, Tak, aby sme to videli spolu,
50:35  not as a religious life, ako nбboћenskэ ћivot,
a political life, politickэ ћivot,
50:39  a life of a family, rodinnэ ћivot,
50:41  life of just earning a job ћivot kde ide o prбcu,
50:43  and going off to the beach a нsќ na plбћ
and lying in the sun a leћaќ na slnku,
50:48  – those are all to vљetko sъ иiastkovй
fragmentary actions, aktivity -
50:51  but to see len aby sme videli
this whole phenomena. tento fenomйn.
50:55  Then if you see it, Ak to vidнte,
then you will act, potom budete konaќ.
50:59  from the total perception, Z celkovйho vnнmania,
the particular. konkrйtne.
51:03  You understand? Rozumiete?
51:05  It is like seeing Je to akoby ste sa pozerali
a map of this country, na mapu tejto krajiny.
51:09  the total map of this country, Celъ mapu:
51:11  all the roads, vљetky cesty, dediny, mestб.
the villages, the towns.  
51:17  Then you know Vtedy viete, kde idete,
where you are going  
51:20  because pretoћe ste videli celъ vec.
you have seen the total thing.  
51:26  And the mind A pre myseѕ, ktorб toto vљetko
that does not see this, nevidн,
51:29  but merely concerned with a job ale len sa zaoberб prбcou,
51:35  and trying to see how you can live a pokъљa sa vidieќ, ako sa dб ћiќ
in a society that is so corrupt, v spoloиnosti, ktorб je skorumpovanб,
51:45  to him it becomes a torture. sa to stбva utrpenнm.
51:53  You know, Viete,
51:58  one has talked иlovek o tom veѕa hovorн,
so long about this,  
52:05  not only about action, nie len o konanн,
52:07  about seeing o videnн
the totality of life, celistvosti ћivota,
52:13  the total movement of life. ъplnom hnutн ћivota.
52:19  And to see that totally, Aby to иlovek videl
  v celku,
52:21  one has to also look иlovek sa musн pozrieќ aj
at this extraordinary division na toto zvlбљtne rozdelenie
52:25  between the conscious medzi vedomнm
as well as the unconscious. ako aj nevedomнm.
52:29  Why we have created Preиo sme si vytvorili toto
that division, rozdelenie,
52:33  why the analysts preиo dali analytici
52:35  have given such extraordinary tomu rozdeleniu takъ nesmiernu
importance to this division. dфleћitosќ?
52:39  I know it is very profitable, Viem, ћe je to veѕmi vэnosnй,
but why? ale preиo?
52:43  Why this division? Preиo toto delenie?
52:50  So is it possible Takћe je moћnй,
52:52  – and we haven't time now a teraz na tъto otбzku nemбme иas,
to go into this question  
52:56  of the unconscious podvedomie
and the conscious – a vedomie -
52:59  why this division? preиo toto delenie?
53:02  We have divided the world Svet sme rozdelili
religiously, politically, nбboћensky, politicky,
53:09  beaurocratically, birokraticky,
technologically, technicky,
53:14  nationally, religiously, nбrodnostne, nбboћensky,
53:18  and in ourselves a v nбs samэch
we are fragmented. sme rozdelenн.
53:23  Surely this fragmentation Urиite tбto fragmentбcia,
and this division toto rozdelenie,
53:27  leads to great insanity, vedie k nesmiernemu
53:33  great contradiction veѕkйmu rozporu
in our own lives. v naљich ћivotoch.
53:39  And being in contradiction, A v takomto rozpore sa snaћнme
we are trying to be very sane. byќ normбlni.
53:48  Sanity can only come Rozumnosќ sa mфћe dostaviќ
when you have understood len vtedy keп ste pochopili
53:53  – not somebody else helps - nikto vбm nemфћe pomфcќ
you to understand – pochopiќ -
53:56  when you have understood yourself, keп ste pochopili seba,
your own contradiction, vбљ rozpor,
54:00  are aware of it. keп ste si toho vedomн.
54:02  Then out of that awareness Potom z toho uvedomovania si
comes sanity, vzikne rozumnosќ,
54:05  and from that sanity a z tej rozumnosti
you earn a livelihood. si zarobнte na ћivobytie.
54:13  You earn a job. Zнskate prбcu.
Then that sanity, that action, Potom ten zdravэ rozum, tб иinnosќ,
54:18  will not be complied nebude v sъlade so spoloиnosќou
with a society that is corrupt. ktorб je skorumpovanб.
54:27  You are bringing Prinбљate nieиo
something incorruptible. neskorumpovanй.
54:32  That is the first thing Toto je prvб vec
to find out for ourselves. na ktorъ prнdete.
54:40  And I assure you A uisќujem vбs
54:43  – you don't want any assurance - nechcite ћiadne uistenie
from the speaker, sorry – od reиnнka, prepбиte -
54:47  in this there is great beauty. je v tom veѕkб krбsa -
54:54  It is love. je to lбska!
54:59  Without that, Bez nej,
55:01  without this quality of beauty, bez tejto hodnoty krбsy,
55:04  quality of mind, quality of love, vlastnosti mysle, vlastnosti lбsky,
55:07  your job, your gods, vaљej prбce, vaљich bohov,
55:11  your reformation vaљa zmena priniesќ
of bringing about a new society novъ spoloиnosќ,
55:14  has no meaning. to nemб zmysel.
55:18  And you are the builder Vy ste tvoriteѕom
of a new society, novej spoloиnosti,
55:20  therefore you as a human being preto sa vy, ѕudskй bytosti
have to change radically. musнte zmeniќ radikбlne!
55:30  Now, perhaps Teraz by ste sa moћno
you would like to ask some questions. chceli spэtaќ nejakй otбzky.
55:36  Just a minute, sir. Minъtku pane!
55:39  Q: I am a devotee O: Som stъpencom
of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramana Maharshi,
55:43  and when he was asked a keп sa ho spэtali na
about the significance of Christ vэznam Krista
55:50  and the illumination of St Paul, a osvietenie Sv. Pavla,
55:55  he said, 'Illumination is absolute, povedal:" Osvietenie nemб abslolъtne
not associated with form.' niи spoloиnй s formou."
56:04  After St Paul Potom, иo bol sv.Pavol
became Self-conscious, stal osvietenэ,
56:10  he identified the illumination porovnal osvietenie
with Christ consciousness. s vedomнm Krista.
56:18  Then (a man) said Potom, ten иlovek povedal,
56:22  that St Paul ћe sv.Pavol nemiloval
was not a lover of Christ. Krista.
56:28  And (he) said, A povedal:
56:31  love or hatred is immaterial, Lбska иi nenбvisќ nie je
56:35  the thought of Christ was there. myseѕ Krista tam bola...
56:40  K: May I ask K: Mфћem sa spэtaќ
– sorry to interrupt you – - prepбиte za preruљenie -
56:43  could you make it brief? mohli by ste to skrбtiќ?
56:46  I have to repeat the question. Musнm zopakovaќ otбzku.
56:49  Q: I would like to understand O: Rбd by som pochopil,
56:53  why love or hatred preиo bola lбska a nenбvisќ
in this situation was immaterial? v tejto situбcii nepodstanб?
57:01  K: The gentleman wants to know, K: Ten pбn chce vedieќ,
57:07  first of all quoting St Paul najprv citujъc sv.Pavla
57:15  who apparently ktorэ bol zrejme
had illumination, osvietenэ,
57:21  and that illumination a povedal, ћe jeho osvietenie
he said was absolute, bolo ъplnй,
57:25  but when he identified himself ale keп sa s nieинm identifikoval,
with something,  
57:28  out of that identification z tej identifikбcie
grew hate and love vznikla nenбvisќ a lбska,
57:32  – why this contradiction. - preиo tieto rozpory?
57:35  K: Is that the question? K: Je toto tб otбzka?
Q: Yes. O: Бno!
57:40  K: Look, K: Pozrite sa,
I know nothing about St Paul. neviem niи o sv.Pavlovi.
57:46  Do you? Vy viete?
57:50  And how important is it A ako dфleћitй je to,
what somebody else says, иo povie niekto druhэ,
57:56  it doesn't matter who it is. nech uћ je to ktokoѕvek?
58:00  You know, sirs, Viete pбni,
58:03  this question of authority, tбto otбzka autority,
58:08  which conditions ktorб tak veѕmi
our minds so deeply, podmieтuje naљe mysle,
58:13  is one of the most je jedna z najhorљнch vecн
terrible things on earth. na svete.
58:18  You go to India Idete do Indie
58:22  and there a tam citujete
they quote scriptures by the yard, nбpisy na dvore,
58:30  and they say, are you saying this a oni hovoria..vy hovorнte podѕa
according to the scriptures? toho, иo je tam napнsanй.
58:35  Have you read them Preинtali ste si ich, alebo
or are you sharing with them? ste ich zdieѕali?
58:39  And so on. A tak пalej...
58:41  They can't put all that aside Oni nevedia daќ vљetko bokom
and look at their own life. a pozrieќ sa na svoj ћivot.
58:51  And they are frightened A boja sa pozrieќ na svoj ћivot,
to look at their own life,  
58:54  it is an act of self-deception, je to akt
58:57  an act of escape a akt ъniku
from themselves. od seba.
59:04  I am not saying Nehovorнm, ћe to
you are doing that, sir. robнte, pane.
59:07  All that I am saying is: To, иo hovorнm je:
59:11  is there such a thing иi existuje takб vec
as absolute goodness? ako absolъtne dobro?
59:19  Call it by Hovorte si tomu ako chcete:
whatever name you like:  
59:22  enlightenment, truth, osvietenie, pravda,
59:27  the immeasurable, nemerateѕnй,
the unnameable, and so on nepomenovateѕnй, atп...
59:32  – is there such a thing - existuje takб vec ako
as total goodness, totбlne dobro?
59:37  absolute goodness? TOTБLNE dobro?
59:43  You enquire. Vy sa pэtajte!
59:47  And if you look to an answer A ak sa pozriete na odpoveп,
59:51  in any of the scripture na niektorй tie pнsma
or any of the philosophers, alebo niekoho z tэch filozofov,
59:54  you are not answering it neodpovedбte na to sami.
for yourself,  
59:56  you are answering it Odpovedбte na to podѕa
according to somebody's explanation. niekoho vysvetlenia.
1:00:03  And that becomes A to je
so utterly valueless. ъplne bezhodnotnй.
1:00:09  It isn't vanity that says, To nie je mбrnivosќ, ktora hovorн:
I must find out for myself. Musнm to zistiќ sбm!
1:00:19  It is an act of humiliation, Je to иin ponнћenia,
of humility, pokory,
1:00:25  that says, I know nothing. ktorэ hovorн:
  Neviem niи!
1:00:29  Others may be true, Ostatnн mфћu maќ pravdu
what they have said, v tom, иo hovoria,
1:00:31  but I know nothing. ale ja to neviem.
1:00:36  So you abnegate all authority, Takћe sa vzdбte
  vљetkэch autorнt,
1:00:40  deny it, popriete ich,
1:00:42  and therefore you become a preto sa stanete mimoriadne
extraordinarily humble to find out. skromnэ, aby ste to zistil.
1:00:50  And we are afraid Ale my sa bojнme byќ
to be so open, honest, takэ otvorenн, ъprimnн,
1:00:57  for we like to be pretoћe mбme radi keп
very proud of our knowledge, mфћeme byќ hrdн na svoje vedomosti,
1:01:05  the depth of our reading. mnoћstvo nбљho инtania.
1:01:11  But you may read all the books Ale mфћete preинtaќ vљetky
in the world, knihy na svete,
1:01:17  but if you yourself ale ak ste vy sami nepochopili
have not understood what goodness is, иo je to dobro,
1:01:26  and the flowering a prekvitanie dobra
of that goodness in your life, vo vaљom ћivote,
1:01:31  what value is it ako zбleћн na tom,
what others say? иo inн hovoria?
1:01:36  Yes, sir? Vљak? Pane?
1:01:38  Q: I would like to ask, O: Chcel by som sa spэtaќ...
1:01:40  I heard you, I think I understand, Poиъval som vбs. Myslнm, ћe som
but I have a question about pochopil, ale mбm jednu otбzku
1:01:45  the persistent o neustбlom sa nahбтanн
pursuit of pleasure. za poteљenнm.
1:01:56  It has been my experience, Je to moja skъsenosќ
in the last year, ktorъ som mal minulэ rok,
1:02:01  that I found ћe som naљiel ъplne
an altogether new and wonderful joy novъ a krбsnu radosќ
1:02:06  in myself vo mne a v prбci
and working with others, s druhэmi.
1:02:09  in a calm pursuit of sex, money, V pokojnej snahe o sex,
1:02:17  God, power, distribution of it, boha, moci, v predбvanн toho,
1:02:20  a fair distribution spravodlivй rozdelenie
of all of those things. vљetkэch tэchto vecн.
1:02:24  And I work with people, A pracujem s ѕudmi,
1:02:27  so I see strong takћe vidнm silnэ
and growing elements of rationality, a rastъci element racionality,
1:02:32  not utter irrationality nie naprostej iracionality
1:02:38  in some movements v niektorэch veciach
that I am involved with. ktorй robнm.
1:02:41  I see joy Vidнm radosќ,
1:02:44  and people a ѕudн ktorн sa snaћia vymaniќ
trying to break out of past rigidities. z minulej skostnatenosti.
1:02:48  K: So, are you saying, sir, K: Takћe hovorнte pane,
1:02:52  that because ћe pretoћe sa пalej nenahбтate
you are no longer pursuing pleasure, za poteљenнm,
1:03:01  you are in a state with others, ste v spojenн s ostatnэmi,
or with a community of people, alebo s komunitou ѕudн,
1:03:06  that you are joyous? ћe ste veselэ?
1:03:09  Q: I think I am joyous O: Myslнm si, ћe som veselэ,
because in the last year pretoћe minulэ rok
1:03:13  I found out that it was som zistil, ћe to bolo v poriadku
okay to calmly pursue pleasure. pokojne hѕadaќ poteљenie.
1:03:17  K: Oh, you are saying it is K: Och, vy hovorнte, ћe je to
perfectly all right to pursue pleasure. ъplne v poriadku, hѕadaќ poteљenie.
1:03:23  Is that it? To je to?
1:03:25  Q: And to work for it. OP: A pracovaќ pre to.
K: Yes, sir. K: Бno, pane.
1:03:27  I mean, if you and I and a half a dozen Myslнm tэm, ak vy, ja a pol tucta
people are pursuing pleasure пalљнch hѕadб poteљenie
1:03:31  and all work together a vљetci pracujъ na poteљenн,
for that pleasure, it is lovely. to je milй.
1:03:34  We all get rather delighted My vљetci sa radљej poteљнme
with each other, and joy. jeden s druhэm a s radosќou.
1:03:39  But have we gone into this question Ale prebrali sme si tъto otбzku
sufficiently deeply: dostatoиne hlboko?
1:03:44  what is implied in this pursuit? Иo je zahrnutй v tomto
  hnanн sa?
1:03:47  You may pursue pleasure, Mфћete vyhѕadбvaќ poteљenie.
1:03:49  I am not saying you should Nehovorнm, ћeby ste mali alebo
or should not, that is up to you, nemali. Je to na vбs!
1:03:52  but what is implied in this? Ale иo to zahrтuje?
1:03:58  Q: If we eliminate P: Ak vylъиime vљetky vonkajљie
all external authority, autority,
1:04:01  what will keep the world udrћнme svet pred anarchiou?
from anarchy?  
1:04:05  K: Wait a minute, sir. K: Poиkajte pane! Nikdy som nepovedal
I never said exclude all authority. vylъиiќ vљetky autority.
1:04:11  How can you exclude Ako mфћete vylъиiќ
all authority, outside authority? vљetky autority? Vonkajљie autority?
1:04:16  When you drive on the road, Keп cestujete po ceste,
1:04:17  you keep to the – left side here? – drћнte sa - naѕavo?-
yes, left side of the road. бno, na ѕavej strane cesty.
1:04:25  In Europe, V Eurуpe sa drћнte
you keep to the right side. napravo.
1:04:29  There are laws. To sъ zбkony.
1:04:31  You have to pay tax or whatever it is, Budete musieќ platiќ dane
there are laws which you have to obey. alebo иo to je.
1:04:33    Existujъ zбkony, ktorй budete
  musieќ poиъvaќ.
1:04:35  But I am talking of Ale ja hovorнm o
1:04:37  the psychological psychologickej
dependence on authority, zбvislosti na moci,
1:04:41  whether the guru иi guruovi,
or the priest or the analyst иi kтazovi alebo analytikovi,
1:04:45  or your wife or husband alebo na vaљej manћelke иi manћelovi
– the authority. - autorita.
1:04:49  Q: But we are then O: Ale potom sme v situбcii...
put in a situation...  
1:04:52  K: Sir, wait a minute. K: Poиkajte, pane!
1:04:55  I haven't Eљte som nezodpovedal
answered the first question, prvъ otбzku,
1:04:56  if you don't mind. ak vбm to nevadн.
1:04:59  The gentleman said Ten pбn povedal
he finds great pleasure ћe nachбdza veѕkй poteљenie
1:05:06  in the pursuing of pleasure, v hѕadanн rozkoљe,
1:05:09  and there is great joy in it. a ћe mб z toho veѕkъ radosќ.
1:05:13  And working together A pracujъc spoloиne
with people, s ѕuпmi,
1:05:18  that joy is spreading, tб radosќ sa љнri,
1:05:23  is involving, inviting. zapбja, pozэva.
1:05:29  And we are enquiring A my sa pэtame
into that question. tъto otбzku.
1:05:38  I wonder how we can Rozmэљѕam, ako to mфћeme
explain this a little more differently? vysvetliќ trochu inak?
1:05:45  You know, Viete, uvaћovali ste niekedy,
have you ever considered  
1:05:49  how pleasure ako snaha zabбvaќ sa
and the pursuit of pleasure  
1:05:55  divides people? rozdeѕuje ѕudн?
1:06:03  Haven't you considered that? Nerozmэљѕali ste nad tэm?
1:06:07  Divides people, Rozdeѕuje ѕudн,
that is – you, to ste - vy,
1:06:11  in your pursuit of pleasure, vo svojej snahe o poteљenie,
according to your belief podѕa svojho presvedиenia
1:06:15  – you believe in some deity, - verнte v nejakй boћstvo,
some saviour, some guru – nejakэch spasiteѕov, nejakэch guru -
1:06:21  in the pursuit of that pleasure, v hnanн sa sa zбbavou
you have your fellow members mбte svojich sъkmeтovcov,
1:06:24  in that path, in that group. na tejto ceste, v tejto skupine.
1:06:28  That group is separate Tбto skupina je oddelenб
from another group od inej skupiny
1:06:31  which has its own guru, ktorб mб svojho vlastnйho guru,
its own leader, vlastnйho vodcu,
1:06:34  its own political boss, svojho vlastnйho politickйho bosa
and they find pleasure in that. a to im sa to pбиi.
1:06:38  isn't there a division Nie je tam rozdelenie
between these two? medzi tэmito dvoma?
1:06:44  The Catholic, Katolнci,
1:06:45  completely absorbed ъplne absorbovanн
in his Catholicism, v нch katolicizme,
1:06:50  in his dogma, in his belief, v jeho dogme, v jeho viere,
in his saviour, in all that, v jeho zбchrane, v tom vљetkom,
1:06:55  and that group a tбto skupina
is extraordinarily vital, je mimoriadne vitбlna,
1:06:58  extraordinarily joyous, mimoriadne radostnб.
1:07:01  and there is A existuje
the other group who say, look, druhб skupina, ktorб hovorн: Pozrite,
1:07:04  we don't my neverнme v takй veci.
believe in all that stuff.  
1:07:08  So there is this division. Takћe tam je toto rozdelenie.
1:07:15  As there is inwardly, Pretoћe je smerom dovnъtra,
there is division, je tam rozdelenie,
1:07:18  because you pursue pleasure, pretoћe hѕadбte poteљenie,
consistently, doggedly. dфsledne, zarputilo.
1:07:24  And there is always A vћdy tam je
this sense of distrust, tento pocit nedфvery,
1:07:31  anxiety, fear. ъzkosti, strachu.
1:07:36  So, all this exists. Takћe toto vљetko existuje.
1:07:42  Haven't you noticed also, Vљimli ste si tieћ,
1:07:44  when you are pursuing pleasure, ћe keп sa nahбтate za poteљenнm,
how self-centred you are? akн ste sebeckн?
1:07:54  And being self-centred, A pretoћe ste sebeckн,
1:07:56  you collect other people budete zbieraќ okolo seba
who are also self-centred. пalљнch ѕudн,
1:07:58    ktorн sъ tieћ sъstredenн na seba.
1:08:00  Haven't you noticed Nevљimli ste si
all these things? vљetky tieto veci?
1:08:06  So, we are talking of total action, Hovorнme o celkovej иinnosti,
not in a particular society, nie v urиitej spoloиnosti,
1:08:13  total action of a human being ale o celkovom pфsobenн ѕudskej
whether he lives in India, bytosti, иi uћ ћije v Indii,
1:08:17  in China, v Инne,
in Russia or in this country. v Rusku alebo v tejto krajine.
1:08:21  You know, sir, Viete pane,
this is a marvellous country. toto je ъћasnб krajina.
1:08:26  I am not praising you. Nechvбlim vбs.
1:08:30  America, the country, Amerika, ako krajina,
is a beautiful country, je krбsna zem,
1:08:36  one of the most jedna z najkrajљнch krajнn na svete.
beautiful countries in the world.  
1:08:40  And you are destroying it. A vy ju niинte.
1:08:44  You have seen those hills, Videli ste tie kopce,
how they are ripping it up? ako sъ rozrэpanй?
1:08:51  Well, that is up to you. Teda, je to len na vбs.
1:08:56  Q: Sir, I have another question Otбzka: Pane, mбm пalљiu otбzku
I would like to ask. Rбd by som sa spэtala...
1:08:59  K: Yes, sir? K: Бno, pane?
1:09:02  Just a minute, madame. Len minъtu, madam.
1:09:05  Q: I have a question. Otбzka: Mбm otбzku.
K: Yes, sir. K: Бno, pane.
1:09:08  Q: In my life, O: V mojom ћivote som myslel
I thought about all my friends na vљetkэch mojich priateѕov
1:09:11  and what I wanted a иo som s nimi chcel
to do with them. robiќ.
1:09:14  I realise that we were all people Uvedomujem si, ћe vљetci sme ѕudia
and I notice that, a vљimol som si, ћe
1:09:19  as we always ako sme sa vћdy
tried to get together snaћili daќ dokopy
1:09:21  and move in a direction where a daќ sa smerom kde
we would always come closer together, by sme mali vћdy bliћљie k sebe.
1:09:25  in recent times V poslednej dobe
we have moved farther apart, sme sa od seba odcudzili ,
1:09:27  in career, in jobs, in travel. v kariйre, v zamestnanн, v cestovanн.
1:09:31  And I said to myself, A povedal som si,
that is not what I wanted. toto nie je to, иo som chcel.
1:09:34  And I came up with the idea that A priљiel som na to, ћe
1:09:37  if I chose one of my friends si vyberiem jednйho z nich
to be a number one, za priateѕa инslo jedna
1:09:40  with the rest of them z ostatnэch,
being number one,  
1:09:43  and I started a zaиal som mu venovaќ
to put my attention on him svoju pozornosќ
1:09:47  and give him a dбvaќ mu
what he wanted on his terms, иo chce,
1:09:52  and he started to give my other friends a on zaиal dбvaќ mojim priateѕov
what they wanted on their terms, иo chceli,
1:09:56  then everything would move forward ћe potom vљetko bude v poriadku
and we would be happy. a my budeme љќastnн.
1:09:59  I am working on that Pracujem na tom,
but I am curious. ale som zvedavэ.
1:10:03  K: Would you kindly K: Mohli by ste lбskavo
make the question brief? skrбtiќ otбzku?
1:10:07  What is the question? Akб je otбzka?
1:10:10  Q: In trying to get closer O: Keп som sa skъљal dostaќ bliћљie
to my wife and friends, k manћelke a priateѕom,
1:10:12  I noticed that I didn't. vљimol som si, ћe som sa vlastne
1:10:15  So I chose one particular friend Tak som si vybral jednйho
  konkrйtneho priateѕa
1:10:17  above all the others pred ostanэmi a urobil si z neho
and made him number one, инslo jedna
1:10:20  and gave him all he wanted, a dal som mu vљetko, иo chcel,
1:10:22  and he in turn gave all the others a on na oplбtku on dal ostatnэm
all they wanted. vљetko, иo chceli.
1:10:26  I am working on it Pracujem na tom
– what do you think of this idea? - иo si o tom myslнte?
1:10:31  K: Have you heard the question? K: Poиuli ste otбzku?
  (k obecenstvu)
1:10:35  Have you all heard the question, Vљetci ste poиuli otбzku?
have I to repeat it? Mбm ju opakovaќ?
1:10:40  Sir, we are not laughing, Pane, nesmejeme sa.
I am just asking. Len sa pэtam.
1:10:44  Have all of you Vљetci ste poиuli otбzku?
heard the question?  
1:10:46  Right. Dobre!
1:10:51  I can't get on Nevychбdzam s manћelkou
with my wife and friends a deќmi,
1:10:56  but I can get on ale s jednэm иlovekom vychбdzam.
with one person.  
1:11:01  And that one person A tб osoba pomбha inэm,
helps the others,  
1:11:04  he gets on with the others. vychбdza s inэmi.
1:11:10  What is the problem in this? Akэ je v tom problйm?
1:11:14  I can't get on with my wife, Nevychбdzam s manћelkou,
1:11:18  therefore I can get on preto mфћem vychбdzaќ
with others – is that it? s inэmi - je to toto?
1:11:21  Or I have chosen one person Alebo, som si vybral jednu osobu,
with whom I can get on. s ktorou vychбdzam.
1:11:30  Just a minute, Len minъtku. Pozrime sa na to
let's go at this differently. z druhej strany.
1:11:35  What is relationship? Иo je to vzќah?
1:11:40  To be related, Byќ prнbuznэ,
what does it mean? иo to znamenб?
1:11:48  Relationship Vzќah znamenб byќ prнbuznэ,
means to be related,  
1:11:51  to be in contact with, byќ v kontakte,
1:11:55  not only physically nie len fyzicky,
but psychologically, inwardly. ale aj psychologicky, vnъtorne.
1:12:02  Are we related to anybody, Sme s niekэm spojenн,
1:12:06  except of course samozrejme okrem matky a otca.
father and mother, etc.  
1:12:09  I am not talking of that, Nehovorнm o tom, ale sme
but are we related to anybody? s niekэm spojenн?
1:12:13  Are you related to me Ste so mnou spojenэ,
and am I related to you? a som ja spojenэ s vami?
1:12:21  Are you related to your wife? Ste spojenэ so svojou ћenou?
To your father, to your mother? S vaљim otcom, vaљou matkou?
1:12:25  To your friend, Vaљim priateѕom, vaљim dievиaќom,
to your girl, to your boy? vaљim chlapcom?
1:12:28  Are you? Ste? Иo to slovo
What does this word relationship mean? "vzќah" znamenб?
1:12:35  Not only Nie len byќ vo fyzickom
to be physically in contact, kontakte,
1:12:39  but also it means ale tieћ to znamenб
much deeper than that, surely. aj nieиo inй. Iste!
1:12:44  To be related with somebody Byќ s niekэm v spojenн
actually means v skutoиnosti znamenб
1:12:48  to be related at all levels byќ prepojenэ na vљetkэch ъrovniach
of one's being, doesn't it? bytosti, vљakћe?
1:12:55  No? Nie?
1:12:57  I may be related to my wife Mфћem byќ v spojenн
  so ћenou,
1:13:01  – I am not married – - ja nie som ћenatэ - mфћem byќ
I may be related to my wife physically. v spojenн s manћelkou fyzicky.
1:13:06  I may not be Nemusнm s тou byќ v spojenн
related intellectually, intelektuбlne,
1:13:11  spiritually duchovne
– if I can use that word. - ak mфћem pouћiќ to slovo.
1:13:13  I may not be related to her Nemusнm s тou byќ spojenэ
at all except physically. vфbec, okrem fyziиna.
1:13:17  Is that relationship? Je to vzќah?
1:13:21  I spend Veѕkъ иasќ
1:13:25  a great part of my life svojho ћivota trбvim
in an office, in a factory, v kancelбrii, v tovбrni,
1:13:30  and come home a prichбdzam domov s vlastnэmi
with my own ambitions, ambнciami,
1:13:34  greeds, chamtivosќou, urбћkami,
insults, all the agonies, pains, vљetkэmi mukami, bolesќami,
1:13:38  and have I related to my wife? a mбm nieиo spoloиnй so ћenou?
1:13:45  So relationship means, Takћe vzќah znamenб,
doesn't it, vљakћe,
1:13:49  to be related totally, byќ spojenэ ъplne,
completely, kompletne,
1:13:52  at all levels of one's being: na vљetkэch ъrovniach bytosti:
1:13:57  physically, emotionally, fyzicky, emocionбlne,
1:14:00  intellectually, subtly, intelektuбlne, jemne,
1:14:03  you know, the whole thing. viete, celъ tъ vec.
1:14:06  That means love, To znamenб lбsku,
1:14:10  doesn't it? ћe?
1:14:14  When there is love, Kde je lбska,
1:14:16  you are related ste spojenн na vљetkэch
at all levels at the same time, ъrovniach naraz,
1:14:23  with the same intensity. s rovnakou
1:14:27  But we are not, unfortunately. Ale my nie sme,
1:14:29  We have images Mбme predstavy
1:14:32  which intervene, which divide, ktorй do toho zasahujъ,
  ktorй rozdeѕujъ,
1:14:34  which make us fragmented. ktzorй nбs delia.
1:14:41  And this is A tomuto hovorнme
what we call relationship. vzќah.
1:14:48  See again, Pozrite sa znova!
we go superficially, Znova sa povrchne
1:14:53  try to solve snaћнme vyrieљiќ
our problems superficially, naљe problйmy,
1:14:57  when the problem keп je problйm
is so very deep, v skutoиnosti veѕmi hlboko,
1:15:01  and we don't take trouble, a nedбvame si nбmahu,
1:15:03  we don't give thought, nremyslнme, neskъmame
enquiry into this question, deeply. otбzku do hеbky.
1:15:09  We are satisfied Staин nбm nejakб povrchnб odpoveп.
by some superficial answer.  
1:15:15  If I want to live Ak chcem ћiќ s niekэm
in relationship with somebody vo vzќahu,
1:15:20  I must be without any image musнm byќ bez akejkoѕvek predstavy
about myself or about that person. o mne, alebo o tej osobe.
1:15:27  There must be no barrier. Nesmъ tam byќ ћiadne bariйry.
1:15:33  Of course, sir, Samozrejme pane, vy toto
you listen to this, poиъvate,
1:15:39  you feel it nachvнѕu to cнtite,
for the moment, verbally, verbбlne,
1:15:43  but you go away ale idete preи a spadnete
and you fall back into the old trap. do tej samej pasce.
1:15:51  So what is important is to see Takћe, иo je dфleћitй je to,
1:15:56  if you are actually, иi ste naozaj, v beћnom ћivote,
in daily life, related, spojenн,
1:16:03  so that you have takћe nemбte ћiadne
no barrier, no resistance. bariйry, ћiadny odpor.
1:16:12  And when there is A keп tam nie je ћiadny odpor,
no resistance, no barrier, ћiadna bariйra,
1:16:15  no division, ћiadne rozdelenie,
then there is no conflict, potom tam nie je ћiadny konflikt,
1:16:21  both with that person ani s tou osobou,
or within yourself. ani vo vбs.
1:16:27  That is the beauty of relations, Toto je krбsa
1:16:30  that is the beauty toto je krбsa
of living together ћitia spolu,
1:16:34  in a commune v komъne
or in a family or in a community. alebo v rodine, alebo v komunite.
1:16:44  Yes, madame. Бno, madam?!
1:16:47  Q: I wonder if you could O: Zaujнmalo by ma, иi by ste mohli
clarify a contradiction. objasniќ odpor.
1:16:56  I have, for the past few years, Za poslednэch pбr rokov
1:17:00  learned a great deal som sa od vбs
by listening to you, veѕa nauиila
1:17:05  about getting in touch with... ako sa dostaќ do kontaktu s...
[inaudible]. (nepoиuteѕnй).
1:17:15  I find that the same thing Zisќujem, ћe rovnakб vec sa robн,
has been done  
1:17:20  or is being attempted alebo sa o to pokъљajъ
1:17:22  by an organisation organizбcie
for millions of women. pre miliуny ћien.
1:17:27  I am, of course, referring to Samozrejme, hovoria o
the Women's Liberation movement. Ћenskom oslobodeneckom hnutн.
1:17:31  Through consciousness raising, Cez dvнhanie povedomia,
1:17:34  trying to raise sa snaћia pozdvihnъќ
the consciousness of women. vedomie ћien.
1:17:38  K: I see, I understand, madame. K: Aha, rozumiem madam.
1:17:43  I am working for Pracujem pre
the Women's Lib, Liberation, Ћenskй oslobodenie,
1:17:48  and we are trying to raise A pokъљame sa pozdvihnъќ
women's consciousness ћenskй povedomie
1:17:53  to a higher level. na vyљљн stupeт.
1:17:56  What do you say about it? Иo na to hovorнte?
1:18:01  You know, first of all, Viete, predovљetkэm,
1:18:04  have the men raised keп muћi pozvihli svoje povedomie
their consciousness to such a level na takъ ъroveт,
1:18:08  that women aj ћeny sa musia
also have to reach that level? dostaќ na tъ ъroveт?
1:18:21  Are men Muћi sъ
so astonishingly superior tak ъћasne nadradenн,
1:18:26  because they are pretoћe sъ technicky zdatnн,
technologically capable,  
1:18:29  going to a factory, chodia do tovбrnн, sъ vynaliezavн,
inventing, engineering, sъ dobrн v stojбrstve,
1:18:33  you know, viete, vљetky tie veci
all the things that men are doing. иo muћi robia...
1:18:35  The most appalling things Najdesivejљie veci
and marvellous things, a aj najnбdhernejљie veci.
1:18:40  killing each other. Zabнjajъ jeden druhйho.
1:18:46  And their consciousness A ich vedomie
is so noble, je takй љѕachetnй...
1:18:49  and you want A vy sa im chcete vyrovnaќ?
to raise yours to their level?  
1:18:56  Q: We want to raise ourselves O: My chceme zvэљiќ svoju
for ourselves. vlastnъ ъroveт.
1:18:59  Let men raise Nech si muћi zdvнhajъ
their consciousness. svoje vlastnй povedomie.
1:19:01  K: I am questioning K: Pozerбm sa na vec v celku.
the whole thing.  
1:19:06  Wait a minute, please. Poиkajte troљku, prosнm.
1:19:09  I am not a politician, Nie som politik,
1:19:13  I don't want nechcem vaљu podporu.
your encouragement.  
1:19:21  As I said the other day Ako som minule povedal,
or yesterday, иi vиera,
1:19:24  please clap prosнm tlieskajte, keп tu
when the speaker is not here. reиnнk nie je.
1:19:32  Look, Pozrite,
1:19:34  do you know viete иo to znamenб,
to raise consciousness, pozdvihnъќ
1:19:37  what it means? vedomie?
1:19:42  You see, you use that phrase. Vidнte, pouћнvate tъ frбzu.
What does it mean? Иo to znamenб?
1:19:46  Who is to raise consciousness? Kto dvнha povedomie?
What is consciousness? Иo je to vedomie?
1:19:52  What is your consciousness, Akй je vaљe povedomie,
1:19:56  as a Women's Lib, ako ћeny libelбrky,
1:19:58  or being a simple woman alebo beћnej ћeny ktorб ћije
living in an unfortunate world, v neљќastnom svete,
1:20:03  what is your consciousness akй je vaљe vedomie,
1:20:06  which you are ktorй idete pozdvihnъќ
going to raise to a higher level? na vyљљiu ъroveт?
1:20:10  What is your consciousness? Akй je vaљe vedomie?
1:20:13  Your consciousness Vaљe vedomie je to,
is what it contains, isn't it. иo obsahuje, nie?
1:20:18  No? Nie?
1:20:21  My consciousness Moje vedomie
is the content je obsah
1:20:27  which exists ktorэ existuje
in that consciousness: v tomto vedomн:
1:20:31  my greed, envy, ambition, moja chamtivosќ, zбvisќ, ambнcie,
my nationality, my fears, nбrodnosќ, moje strachy,
1:20:35  my guilt, moja vina,
my pursuit of pleasure, moje nahбтanie sa za poteљenнm,
1:20:38  you follow, a dozen things. skedujete? Kopec vecн.
1:20:41  That makes To vytvбra moje vedomie, nie?
my consciousness, doesn't it?  
1:20:45  Right? Vљakћe?
1:20:46  Now, who is going Teraz, kto nбm pozdvihne
to raise that consciousness? toto vedomie?
1:20:50  Another part of me Tб istб иasќ mтa,
who is equally stupid ktorб je rovnako hlъpa
1:20:55  or equally cunning? a rovnako prefнkanб?
1:20:58  Raise that to what Pozdvihne k иomu?
– you follow? Sledujete?
1:21:01  What are you all doing, Иo to vљetci robнte,
for God's sake, preboha,
1:21:04  when you talk of keп hovorнte
raising consciousness? o zvэљovanн vedomia?
1:21:07  Q: We raise our own consciousness, O: Zdvнhame si naљe vlastnй vedomie,
each one for ourself. kaћdэ sбm za seba.
1:21:11  K: What do you mean by K: Иo myslнte tэm:
raising your own consciousness? zvyљovaќ si svoje vlastnй vedomie?
1:21:16  Q: Become aware of who you are. O: Uvedomovaќ si, kto ste!
1:21:20  K: What are you? K: A kto ste?
1:21:24  A woman? Ћena?
1:21:26  Because you have got a physical... Pretoћe mбte fyziиno, ste ћena
you are a woman  
1:21:29  and therefore you want to a preto si chcete inak
raise your consciousness differently? zvэљiќ svoje vedomie?
1:21:33  Sir, do look at it. Pane, pozrite sa na to!
Please don't answer me. Prosнm, neodpovedajte mi!
1:21:36  Do look at it, for God's sake. Pozrite sa na to, preboha.
1:21:38  What a mess Akэ zmдtok vytvбrame
we are making of this world! v tomto svete!
1:21:43  You, a woman, or a man, Vy, ћena, muћ,
1:21:51  women have been ill-treated so ћenami sa zle zaobchбdza
1:21:55  for thousands of years. tisнcky rokov.
1:21:57  You go to the East, you will know it Keп pфjdete na vэchod, budete to
much more than you do it here. vidieќ oveѕa viac, neћ tu.
1:22:01  You are just playing with words. Len sa zahrбvate so slovниkami.
1:22:03  You go to India, Choпte do Indie,
go to Asia, the Arab world, Бzie, arabskйho sveta!
1:22:08  the woman is kept, So ћenou sa tam zaobchбdza,
you know – I won't go into all that. viete, ani o tom nechcem hovoriќ.
1:22:12  The women there So ћenami sa tam zaobchбdza ako
are treated as chattel, slaves. s vecami, otrokmi.
1:22:18  Here, Tu ste naљќastie inн,
you are fortunately different,  
1:22:24  and you want equal rights, a chcete rovnakй prбva, rovnakъ
equal pay, etc., as the men have. plбcu, atп., ako majъ muћi.
1:22:30  All right, you will have it. V poriadku, majte su ju!
1:22:32  You are struggling, Snaћнte sa,
fighting, propagandising, bojujete, propagujete,
1:22:37  raising your standards zvyљujete svoj љtandart. V poriadku.
to that level. All right, then what? A potom иo?
1:22:44  Q: We don't think that is the point. O: Nemyslнme si, ћe je to je hlavnэ
K: That is not the point? zmysel toho. K: Nie je?
1:22:48  Q: No. The point is that women, O: Nie. Ide o to, ћe ћeny, okrem
in addition to being enslaved, toho, aby sa oslobodili z otroctva,
1:22:52  they are also being trained sъ vychovбvanй, aby si
not to be aware of themselves. uvedomili seba.
1:22:59  K: Ah, wait a minute. K: Poиkajte minъtku.
1:23:04  She is saying, Ona hovorн, ћe si seba
they are not aware of themselves. neuvedomujъ.
1:23:09  Yesterday morning and today, Vиera rбno a dnes som hovoril
I talked about being aware of yourself, o uvedomovanн si seba,
1:23:13  not as a woman or a man nie ako ћenu a muћa
– be aware of yourself. - uvedomovaќ si seba.
1:23:21  Why don't you? Preиo to tak nerobнte?
1:23:25  Q: Because of fear. O: Zo strachu.
1:23:27  K: Fear. All right, K: Strach. V poriadku, tak si
then be aware of that fear. uvedomujte ten strach.
1:23:31  Q: And then? O: A potom?
1:23:34  K: Just a minute, madame. K: Minъtku, madam.
1:23:36  Look, listen to me, Pozrite, poиъvajte ma,
two minutes. dve minъtky.
1:23:39  Look, I am aware as a man. Pozrite, uvedomujem si seba ako muћa?
Oh God, I am not – sorry. Boћe nie, neuvedomujem.(sarkasticky)
1:23:44  I am aware. Uvedomujem si seba.
1:23:47  I am aware of my reactions, Uvedomujem si svoje reakcie,
1:23:50  of my thoughts, moje myљlienky,
1:23:52  my attitude mфj postoj k ћene
towards a woman or a man, alebo muћovi,
1:23:54  another fellow being, k пalљej bytosti,
another human being. k пalљiemu иloveku.
1:23:58  I am aware how I look at them, Uvedomujem si, ako sa na nich
how I treat them. pozerбm, ako s nimi zaobchбdzam.
1:24:04  I am aware of this division, Uvedomujem si tento rozdiel
1:24:06  if there is a division ak tam rozdiel je,
between me and another. medzi mnou a nнm.
1:24:11  And in that awareness, A v tom uvedomovanн si,
1:24:16  there is a disappearing je miznutie
of all division. toho rozdielu.
1:24:20  Then I am totally a human being. Vtedy som ъplnб ѕudskб bytosќ.
1:24:23  Then in that awareness I find out V tom uvedomovanн si nбjdem
various forms of fear, anxiety, rфzne formy strahu, ъzkosti,
1:24:29  I face them, I understand them, иelнm im, rozumiem im,
I look at them – they are facts. pozerбm sa na ne - sъ to fakty.
1:24:36  And to go beyond is to be human. A dostaќ sa za ne, je byќ иlovekom.
1:24:40  When you are human Keп ste иlovek, nie ste ћena
you are not a woman or man, alebo muћ,
1:24:44  we are human beings my sme ѕudskй bytosti ћijъce
living together. spolu.
1:24:51  You see, sirs, Vidнte pбni?
please do listen to something. Prosнm, vypoиujte si nieиo.
1:24:56  Don't – please, Nie prosнm, ak smiem
if I may suggest most hesitantly – nesmelo navrhnъќ -
1:25:05  don't become superficial. nebuпte povrchnн.
1:25:09  don't live on a verbal level. Neћite na verbбlnej ъrovni.
1:25:15  don't live with slogans. Neћite so sloganmi.
1:25:21  Go deeply Ponorte sa do seba
into yourself and find out. a prнdete na to!
1:25:28  If you are raising Ak si dvнhate svoje povedomie
your consciousness as a human being, ako ѕudskб bytosќ,
1:25:35  then you have to understand potom musнte porozumieќ tomu
what that consciousness is, иo to je vedomie,
1:25:41  how man has ill-treated women, ako muћi zle zaobchбdzajъ so ћenami,
1:25:46  and how women a ako ћeny zle
also have ill-treated men. zaobchбdzajъ s muћmi.
1:25:52  Look at the whole picture, Pozrite sa na celэ obraz,
1:25:55  not only in this country nie len v tejto krajine,
but the rest of the world. ale na celom svete.
1:25:59  You are part of the world, Vy ste иasќ tohto sveta,
1:26:05  we have made this world. my sme vytvorili tento svet.
1:26:10  And you kind of separate yourself A vy sa troљku separujete na
into a little corner called America malэ roћtek zvanэ Amerika
1:26:14  and try to solve. a snaћнte sa to rieљiќ.
It is a world problem this, Toto je celosvetovэ problйm,
1:26:21  problem of human relationship. problйm ѕudskэch vzќahov.
1:26:25  And if you don't Ak to nevyrieљite dnes, zajtra,
solve it now, today,  
1:26:30  not in some future, nie v nejakej budъcnosti,
1:26:32  you are going to create budete vytvбraќ
such havoc in the world. vo svete zmдtok.