Krishnamurti Subtitles

Iný druh energie

Santa Monica - 26 March 1972

Public Talk 4

0:44 Krishnamurti: I think we have Krishnamurti: Myslнm, ћe sme
talked about several things hovorili o niekoѕkэch veciach
0:50 during the past three gatherings poиas poslednэch troch zhromaћdenн,
that we have had here. иo sme tu mali.
0:58 And this morning A dnes rбno
1:04 we ought to, I think, by sme mali, myslнm si,
1:06 talk about hovoriќ a spolu sa
and share together naturally, rozprбvaќ
1:17 the question o otбzke,
1:22 of how to have ako maќ nielen
not only abundant physical energy kopec fyzickej energie,
1:32 but also a quality of energy ale aj energiu ktorб
that is not purely physical, je nielen fyzickб,
1:41 brought about spфsobenб
through friction, struggle cez trenice, boj,
1:48 – a quality of energy - ale maќ takъ kvalitu energie, ktorб
that is totally different. je ъplne inб.
1:54 Because we need energy, Pretoћe my
  potrebujeme energiu
2:00 not only to change ourselves nielen nato, aby sme sa zmenili
2:04 in the light of our svetlo v nбs samotnэch,
own understanding of ourselves,  
2:08 but also we need ale tieћ potrebujeme veѕa energie
a great deal of energy  
2:13 to change the social structure nato, aby sme zmenili spoloиenskъ
in which we live. љtruktъru v ktorej ћijeme.
2:17 Questioner: Otбzka: Nepoиujeme tu.
We can't hear over here.  
2:19 K: Oh, Lord. K: Boћe!
2:22 You can't hear. Nepoиujete.
2:26 I don't know, No neviem, to nie je moja chyba.
it is not my fault.  
2:34 Can you hear now? Poиujete teraz?
2:38 Q: The speaker is too bassy. O: Reproduktor mб silnй basy.
2:44 K: I am afraid I can't hear. K: Obбvam sa, ћe nepoиujem.
2:52 Q: That is our problem, too. O: Ani my.
2:53 K: So what shall we do? K: Tak иo budeme robiќ?
2:59 Q: The technicians K: Nech to vyrieљia technici.
need to do their work.  
3:02 Q: We need more treble. O: Potrebujeme vэљky.
3:12 Q: There is too much bass O: Basy sъ prнliљ hore a vэљky dole.
and not enough treble.  
3:15 The speaker system Treba nastaviќ reproduktory.
needs an adjustment.  
3:18 Q: The words are all muffled. O: Vљetky slovб sъ tlmenй.
K: Muffled. Is it better now? K: Tlmenй. Je to teraz lepљie?
3:24 Audience: Yes. Obecenstvo: Бno.
3:26 K: I had better talk K: Mal by som hovoriќ hlasnejљie.
a little bit louder.  
3:33 As we were saying, Ako som povedal, nepotrebujeme len
we not only need  
3:39 a great deal of energy veѕa energie na to,
to change ourselves, aby sme sa zmenili
3:44 in the light of our v svetlo, aby sme sa pochopili
own understanding of ourselves, samэch seba,
3:48 but also we need ale potrebujeme aj veѕa energie
a great deal of energy  
3:52 to change the social order, nato, aby sme zmenili
  spoloиenskэ poriadok,
3:57 to bring about vytvorili inъ spoloиnosќ,
a different society,  
4:00 a different culture. inъ kultъru.
4:05 And we said, as yesterday, A ako sme vиera povedali,
that thought myseѕ
4:13 has brought about vytvorila nesmiernu
considerable energy, energiu
4:19 thought vпaka konfliktom s druhэmi,
in its conflict with others,  
4:23 thought myseѕ v konflikte sama so sebou,
in conflict with itself,  
4:27 thought – myseѕ -
aggressive, separative, agresнvna, rozdeѕujъca,
4:32 a great deal of friction, veѕkй nesvбry,
4:39 and this friction a tieto nesvбry nбm
has given us considerable energy. priniesli znaиnъ energiu.
4:43 And it is more so A o to viac je to v tejto krajine!
in this country,  
4:48 there is so much energy, jJe tu veѕa energie,
physical energy. fyzickej energie.
4:55 And we need also A my potrebujeme aj inъ energiu,
a different kind of energy  
5:02 that is not the result of conflict, ktorб nie ne vэsledkom kofliktu,
struggle, competition, zбpasenia, sъќaћenia,
5:10 and the endless sorrow, a nekoneиnйho smъtku,
which has its own energy. ktorэ mб svoju vlastnъ energiu.
5:19 And that is what I would like A o tomto by som chcel dnes rбno
this morning to talk about. hovoriќ.
5:31 We see Vidнme, ћe novб kvalita
that a new quality of energy, energie,
5:38 not personal energy nie osobnб energia, alebo
or a collective energy, kolektнvna energia,
5:44 an energy enegia ъplne inej dimenzie,
of a totally different dimension  
5:51 not of any particular group, nie konkrйtnej skupiny,
5:56 country, krajiny,
5:58 of any religious belief inйho nбboћenskйho presvedиenia
and dogma, a dogmy,
6:02 but an energy ale energiu ktorб
that is totally outside je ъplne mimo
6:08 of all the human conflict, ѕudskэch konfliktov,
6:12 with all its energy s celou svojou energiou
6:22 that does bring about ktorб neprinбљa urиitй
certain outward effects. vonkajљie efekty.
6:27 I don't quite know how deeply Neviem celkom presne, ako sa
I can go into this with you. o tom s vami rozprбvaќ.
6:36 Because it seems to me Lebo sa mi zdб,
that all religions ћe vљetky nбboћenstvб
6:44 – because I am - pretoћe mбm veѕkй
chiefly concerned with religion – obavy kvфli nбboћenstvu,
6:51 all religions, vљetkэm nбboћenstvбm,
6:53 whatever the organisation, иi uћ je to hocijakб organizбcia,
belief, dogma be, presvedиenie, dogma,
6:58 have tried to capture sa pokъsila uchopiќ
7:02 an energy that is energiu, ktorб nepochбdza
not brought about by thought. z mysle.
7:12 I am not Nehovorнm o nбboћenstve
talking about the religion  
7:18 which the priests have invented ktorй vymysleli kтazi
throughout the world, organised, na celom svete, organizovanй,
7:23 with their vested interest so svojim zбujmom
in property, in God, in rituals, o majetok, v Boha, o rituбly,
7:32 but a religion ale o nбboћenstve,
7:35 that has nothing whatsoever to do ktorй nemб to niи spoloиnй
with any dogma, belief, ritual, s akoukoѕvek
7:38   dogmou, vierou, rituбlom,
7:42 that is not ktorб nie je to vэtvorom
the product of a cunning thought, prefнkanej mysle,
7:48 contriving a vymэљѕa upravovanie
to shape man's behaviour. ѕudskйho sprбcania sa.
7:56 We are talking about a religion Hovorнme o nбboћenstve
8:01 which is of the highest... ktorй je najvyљљie...
8:06 Has something gone wrong? Pokazilo sa nieиo?
8:08 Q: It has turned off. O: Vyplo sa to.
K: Oh Lord. K: Boћe!
8:12 Q: We can hear you now. O: Uћ vбs poиujeme.
It is good now. Uћ je to dobrй.
8:16 K: Is it better now? K: Je to teraz lepљie?
A: Yes. A: Бno.
8:18 K: Ah, at last. K: Ach, koneиne.
8:22 Where am I? Kde som?
8:34 We are talking Hovorнme o inom
of a different kind of religion, nбboћenstve,
8:39 totally different, ъplne inom,
8:43 in which there are v ktorom nie sъ spasitelia, majstri,
no saviours, masters,  
8:47 acceptance of authority, akceptбcia autority,
8:52 in which do ktorйho kтaz nezasahuje,
the priest doesn't intervene,  
8:59 in which v ktorom je priame
there is direct perception. vnнmanie.
9:04 And that very perception A to priame vnнmanie prinбљa
brings about its own order, svoj vlastnэ poriadok,
9:09 its own vitality, vlastnъ vitalitu,
its own energy. vlastnъ energiu.
9:17 Some religious leaders Niektorн duchovnн vodcovia
9:21 – really they shouldn't - v skutoиnosti by sa vфbec nemali
be called leaders at all – nazэvaќ lнdrami -
9:24 religious teachers, nбboћenskн uиitelia,
9:27 have tried to convey, sa pokъљali priniesќ,
as far as I can understand, aspoт pokiaѕ tomu rozumiem,
9:34 the quality of this energy takъ vlastnosќ energie,
9:38 which brings about order ktorб vnбљa poriadok
in existence. do existencie.
9:46 And this energy A tбto energia
is not the result of friction, nie je vэsledkom konfliktu,
9:56 with which ktorэ celkom dobre
we are quite familiar. poznбme.
10:00 The more you are aggressive, Инm ste agresнvnejљн,
the more energy you have. tэm viacej mбte energie.
10:04 The more competitive, Инm sme sъќaћivejљн,
the more energy. tэm viac energie mбte.
10:07 Ultimately, A nakoniec
you have heart failures. dostanete infarkt.
10:12 But we are talking of an energy Ale my hovorнme o energii
10:17 that comes ktorб prichбdza
10:24 through the total understanding cez ъplnй pochopenie
of consciousness, vedomia,
10:29 and going beyond it. a ide aћ zaт.
10:36 Our consciousness, that is you, Naљe vedomie, ktorэm ste vy,
10:41 is its content. je jeho obsahom.
10:47 The content Obsah
is the quality of that consciousness. je rysom tohto vedomia.
11:01 And whether that content A иi je tento obsah povrchnэ,
be superficial,  
11:06 petty, narrow, bigoted, bezvэznamnэ, ъzkoprsэ, bigotnэ,
11:10 or clever, erudite, alebo mъdry, erudovanэ,
11:17 capable of great sacrifice, schopnэ veѕkej obety,
great wisdom, veѕkej mъdrosti,
11:26 is still the content je to stбle ten istэ
of that consciousness. obsah vedomia.
11:32 Your consciousness, Vaљe vedomie, ak sa na to
if you observe it closely, pozriete zblнzka,
11:39 is it not made up nie je vytvorenй
of your racial inheritance, z vбљho rasovйho pфvodu,
11:46 the communal collective beliefs, kolektнvneho presvedиenia,
11:51 culture, morality. kultъry, morбlky.
11:58 It is also made up of Je vytvorenй aj
various beliefs, dogmas, z rфznych vier, dogiem,
12:02 fears, pleasures and so on. strachov, radostн a podobne.
12:06 That consciousness is you. To vedomie ste vy.
12:13 And because of its content A kvфli jeho obsahu
it must be always limited, musн byќ vћdy limitovanй,
12:21 it must always have borders vћdy musн maќ hranice,
12:27 within the confines of which v ktorэch to vedomie
the contents function and live. funguje a ћije.
12:35 Are we meeting each other? Rozumieme si?
12:38 Please, Prosнm, toto je
this is very serious because veѕmi dфleћitй, pretoћe
12:40 I want to go into this chcem o tom dnes rбno hovoriќ
very deeply if I can this morning, veѕmi podrobne.
12:47 because perhaps Pretoћe to moћno niektorн
a few of us can capture this. z nбs uchopia.
12:56 I mean by capturing, Tэm uchopenнm nemyslнm,
you cannot hold it, ћe to chytнte,
13:00 as you cannot tak ako ani nebesia
hold the heavens in your fist nemфћete drћaќ v hrsti,
13:04 or the sea in your hands, alebo more vo vaљich rukбch,
but you can, ale budete mфcќ,
13:08 if you give your attention ak tomu budete venovaќ
somewhat to it, trochu pozornosti,
13:11 come upon it. prнsќ na to.
13:15 And it seems to me A zdб sa mi, ћe je to
it is most essential, to najpodstatnejљie,
13:18 if we are to create ak vytvorнme celkom
quite a different kind of culture, inъ kultъru,
13:22 a different kind of society, inэ druh spoloиnosti,
morality. morбlky.
13:29 Our consciousness Naљe vedomie je vћdy limitovanй,
is always limited,  
13:34 whether it is conscious иi uћ vedome alebo
or unconscious. nevedome.
13:44 This division Toto rozdelenie
between consciousness medzi vedomнm
13:49 and the deeper layers a hlbљнmi vrstvami
is quite artificial. je dosќ neprirodzenй.
14:01 And the psychologists, A psycholуgovia,
the analysts anylitici,
14:05 and the latest theorists a najnovљн teoretici
14:11 want to shape man chcъ formovaќ иloveka
14:16 at the very root na samom zбklade vedomia.
of the unconscious.  
14:25 That is, Иo znamenб,
14:29 as superficially ћe povrchne sa nemфћete zmeniќ,
you cannot be changed,  
14:31 because you are pretoћe ste si prнliљ
too well established zvykli
14:36 in the habitual way of life na obvyklэ spфsob ћivota -
14:42 – anger, jealousy, - hnev, ћiarlivosќ,
aggression, competition, agresivita, sъќaћenie,
14:46 calling yourself Catholic, hovorнte si katolнk, protestant
Protestant or what you will. alebo hociиo.
14:51 That apparently To oиividne иloveka nezmenilo .
hasn't changed man  
14:55 he is still brutal, vicious, Zostal brutбlny,
14:58 eager to kill tъћi zabiќ
on the least provocation. pri najmenљej provokбcii.
15:04 A society in which the mothers are Spoloиnosќ, v ktorej sъ matky
quite willing to destroy their children celkom ochotnй niиiќ svoje deti
15:11 through war. vojnou.
15:14 Superficially, apparently, Povrchne oиividne,
15:18 human beings ѕudskй bytosti takmer nie je
are almost impossible to change. moћnй zmeniќ.
15:26 So, unconsciously, Takћe, v podvedomн,
15:30 if there is ak sa radikбlna zmena udeje tam,
a radical change there,  
15:34 perhaps it will moћnoћe to ovplyvnн
affect the outer behaviour, vonkajљie sprбvanie,
15:45 and so there is takћe stбle tu o to prebieha
great endeavour going on. veѕkб snaha.
15:53 And the religions have done it, A nбboћenstvб to spravili.
15:55 organised religions also, Aj organizovanй nбboћenstvб,
15:58 but they did it ale spravili to v mene boha,
in the name of God,  
16:00 in the name of fear, zo strachu,
16:02 through reward and punishment, skrz odmenu a trest,
16:05 hell and heaven nebo a peklo,
16:09 – that too has failed. - ale ani to sa nepodarilo.
16:12 Education has failed. Zlyhalo vzdelanie.
16:20 So, there are those people Takћe sъ tu ѕudia, ktorн
who are trying sa pokъљajъ
16:26 to affect the unconscious. ovyplyvniќ podvedomie.
16:32 To condition it much more Podmieniќ ho eљte viac,
16:36 so that the conscious mind tak aby sa vedomб myseѕ
16:42 conforms or acts according to prispфsobila alebo konala podѕa
the dictates of the unconscious. diktбtu podvedomia.
16:52 That is all Toto vљetko
within the field of consciousness. obsahuje vedomie.
17:03 And I feel, A ja cнtim, pri skъmanн
in examining all this vљetkэch tэchto skutoиnostн,
17:06 – and I have been doing this - a robнm to uћ poslednэch
for the last 50, 60 years of my life – 50, 60 rokov mфjho ћivota -
17:16 I find in myself and in others, zisќujem v sebe a v inэch,
17:25 that the real transformation ћe skutoиnб transformбcia
of the mind and the heart mysle a srdca
17:31 doesn't lie nespoинva
within this field of consciousness, v tejto oblasti vedomia,
17:37 it lies outside it. spoинva mimo nej!
17:44 And the problem then arises, A potom vznikб problйm,
17:48 how is it possible ako sa dб
17:52 to empty the whole content vyprбzdniќ celэ obsah
of consciousness vedomia
18:00 so that tak, aby vznikla inб
there is a different mind, myseѕ,
18:06 a different intelligence, inб inteligencia,
18:08 a sense of compassion, love, zmysel pre sъcit, lбsku,
18:14 which can function ktorй mфћu fungovaќ
18:19 within the given culture? v rбmci danej kultъry?
18:29 You see, to put it differently, Vidнte, inak povedanй:
18:35 I can change myself Mфћem sa zmeniќ
18:40 through will, prostrednнctvom vфle,
through determination, prostrednнctvom rozhodnutia,
18:45 through every cez vљetky
form of compulsion. formy nбtlaku?
18:48 Either that compulsion Иi uћ je ten nбtlak
be reward or punishment. formou odmeny alebo trestu.
18:53 I can learn to behave, Mфћem sa nauиiќ sprбvaќ,
19:00 not be aggressive, nebyќ agresнvny,
not be competitive, nebyќ sъќaћivэ,
19:03 not be greedy, envious, chamtivэ, zбvistlivэ,
19:06 and all the things a vљetky tie veci
that has brought about ktorй priniesli
19:10 this unfortunate, toto neљќastie,
insane society. tъto љialenъ spoloиnosќ?
19:14 That is fairly easy, Je to celkom jednoduchй.
I can set about doing it Mфћem to zaиaќ robiќ
19:18 consciously, vedome,
19:21 having determined consciously vedome sa rozhodnъќ pre
to pursue a certain path, jednu cestu,
19:26 and consciousness a vedomie, ktorй to akceptuje
then accepts it, follows it. to nasleduje.
19:33 But that remains Ale zostбva to veѕmi povrchnй
very superficial  
19:40 because it is still pretoћe je to stбle
within the field of the known, v rovine poznanйho,
19:46 still within the field of time, stбle v rovine иasu,
19:51 within the field v rovine vonkajљej
of superficial activity, aktivity,
20:01 and therefore a preto mфj ћivot
my life remains ordinary, mediocre, zostбva obyиajnэ, priemernэ,
20:08 doing good here and there, sem tam vykonб dobro,
20:11 superficial, povrchne,
rather petty, and so on. skфr nevэznamne, a tak пalej.
20:21 So the mind says Takћe myseѕ hovorн,
that is not good enough, ћe to nestaин,
20:27 that is still a bourgeois life, иo je tu stбle ten
  burћoбzny ћivot,
20:30 whether it is lived in America иi uћ je to v Amerike,
or in China or in Russia. v Инne alebo v Rusku.
20:38 So the mind Takћe myseѕ
20:44 tries to find out sa pokъљa zistiќ,
20:48 if there is a way of living иi existuje takэ spфsob
20:52 in which conflict v ktorom konflikt ъplne prestбva,
totally ceases,  
20:58 and therefore a preto
action of total intelligence, иinnosќ celkovej inteligencie,
21:06 and not within the field of a nie v oblasti
21:13 the consciousness vedomia
with its content. s jeho obsahom.
21:18 Am I making myself clear? Som zrozumiteѕnэ?
21:21 Good. I hope I am. Dobre. Dъfam, ћe som.
21:30 Then my question to myself is: Potom sa pэtam sбm seba:
21:32 how am I, how is the mind ako mбm, ako mб moja myseѕ
– which is so conditioned, - ktorб je tak podmienenб,
21:41 which functions irrationally, ktorб funguje tak iracionбlne,
and at rare occasions rationally –  
21:45   a v zriedkavэch prнpadoch
  racionбlne -
21:50 how is that mind ako sa mб tбto myseѕ
to transform itself without conflict transformovaќ bez konfliktu
22:02 and have an energy a maќ energiu
that is totally different ktorб sa ъplne lнљi
22:06 from the energy that is od energie ktorъ
brought about through conflict. prinбљa konflikt?
22:12 An energy Energiu,
that never deteriorates. ktorб sa nikdy nezhorљн,
22:21 An energy energiu,
that renews itself all the time, ktorб sa stбle obnovuje,
22:31 without any motive? bez akйhokoѕvek motнvu?
22:38 Now, Teraz, keп som si poloћil
having put that question to myself, tъto otбzku,
22:44 I now want to find out teraz chcem zistiќ
22:48 how to ako
22:52 empty, purgate, vyprбzdniќ, oиistiќ,
22:59 wash out vyplaviќ tъto
this petty little mind malъ bezvэnamnъ myseѕ
23:06 with all its ambitions and crudities so vљetkэmi jej ambнciami
and cunningness and shoddiness, a krutosќou,
23:11   a prefнkanosќou a mrzutosќou.
23:15 how is this possible? Ako sa to dб?
23:23 Are you putting Pэtate sa to sami seba?
this question to yourselves?  
23:36 In putting that question Keп sa to pэtate sami seba,
to oneself,  
23:42 who is going to answer it? kto odpovedб?
23:49 Any teacher, Nejakэ uиiteѕ,
any guru, any book? nejakэ guru, nejakб kniha?
23:57 If they do, Ak tak urobia,
they are not the teachers. nie sъ to uиitelia.
24:04 You know, Viete, ћiaѕ
most teachers unfortunately, gurus, vдиљina uиiteѕov, guruov,
24:11 have some kind of experience mб nejakъ skъsenosќ
and they blow it up to the heavens. a tъ chvбli do neba.
24:18 And they think that one experience A myslia si, ћe jedna skъsenosќ
resolves all our problems, it doesn't.  
24:22   vyrieљi vљetky naљe problйmy.
24:27 So there is nobody Takћe neexistuje nikto, kto by
to answer this question, odpovedal na tъto otбzku.
24:33 the question being Otбzkou je:
24:36 there must be musн nastaќ totбlna revolъcia
a total revolution in oneself v sebe samom,
24:44 not the revolution of blood and bomb nie revolъcia krvi a bфmb
and destruction and killing people, a niиenie a zabнjanie ѕudн,
24:53 killing people zabнjanie ѕudн aby bol mier,
in order to have peace,  
24:56 killing people in order zabнjanie ѕudн, aby
to bring about a new society vznikla novб spoloиnosќ,
25:02 – that is all too immature, - to je prнliљ nezrelй,
too childish, too brutal, prнliљ detskй, prнliљ brutбlnй,
25:05 too meaningless. prнliљ bezvэznamnй.
25:13 But the mind and the heart Ale myseѕ a srdce
must go a radical revolution. musia prejsќ radikбlnou revolъciou.
25:22 And that revolution A tбto revolъcia
cannot be brought about by will, nemфћe byќ vyvolanб vфѕou,
25:26 because will means friction. pretoћe vфѕa znamenб konflikt.
25:31 It cannot be brought about To sa nedб dosiahnuќ
by a new series of ideologies, novэm radom ideolуgiн,
25:39 invented by vynбjdenэch
– it doesn't matter who it is - nezбleћн na tom, kэm,
25:45 because that still implies pretoћe to stбle znamenб
within the field of the known. v oblasti poznanйho.
25:55 So as nobody can answer this, Takћe, keп nikto na to nepoznб
what is the mind to do? odpoveп, иo mб myseѕ robiќ?
26:01 You are following this? Sledujete to?
26:04 What are you to do? Иo mбte robiќ?
26:15 First of all, Predovљetkэm,
26:19 in asking this question, keп sa pэtate tъto otбzku,
26:23 I see this whole movement, vidнm celэ pohyb,
26:27 within vnъtri
the field of consciousness oblasti vedomia,
26:32 is the movement of thought. je to pohyb mysle.
26:39 Thought, which is the response Myseѕ, ktorб je odpoveпou
of memory, which is knowledge, pamдte, иo je poznanie,
26:46 the known, to poznanй,
26:49 whether that thought иi uћ tбto myљlienka
is conscious or hidden. je vedomб alebo skrytб.
26:57 It is this whole Je to celэ tento
movement of thought pohyb mysle
27:07 that limits consciousness, ktorб obmedzuje vedomie,
27:12 because thought pretoћe myseѕ
is the response of the known, je odpoveп na poznanй.
27:17 There is no question of that. To nie je tб otбzka.
27:23 If you did not know Ak by ste nepoznali
your name, your house, vaљe meno, vбљ dom,
27:25 where you are going, kde idete,
where you live, what your job is, kde ћijete, akй je vaљa prбca,
27:28 you would be boli by ste
in a state of amnesia. v stave amnйzie.
27:33 And thought A myseѕ je
is the response of the known odpoveпou na poznanй
27:37 – knowledge, experience, memory. - vedomosti, skъsenosti, pamдќ.
27:41 So the next question is: Takћe пalљou otбzkou je:
27:45 can thought, Mфћe myseѕ,
27:48 which has created ktorб vytvorila
the most marvellous thing in the world, tie najkrajљie veci na svete,
27:53 and also thought a tieћ myseѕ ktorб
which has brought about vniesla
27:55 such devastating havoc niиivэ zmдtok
in the world: do sveta:
28:01 wars, the utter lack vojny, ъplnэ nedostatok
of relationship with another, vzќahu k inэm,
28:08 thought that has destroyed myseѕ, ktorб
in the name of Christianity v mene kresќanstva niиila
28:13 – probably Christians have killed more - kresќania pravdepodobne zabili viac
people than anybody else in the world. ѕudн ako ktokoѕvek inэ na svete.
28:19 Have you ever thought about it? Premэљѕali ste niekedy o tom?
28:22 Probably you daren't. Pravdepodobne ste si netrъfli.
28:26 So thought is consciousness, Takћe myseѕ je vedomie,
28:33 and any action by thought, a akйkoѕvek kroky mysle,
28:38 however subtle, however lovely, akokoѕvek jemnб, milб,
28:41 however free za akokoѕvek
it may consider itself, slobodnъ sa povaћuje,
28:47 is still within the pattern funguje stбle v rбmci
of the old. starйho modelu.
28:56 So the next question is: Takћe пalљia otбzka je:
28:58 can that thought Mфћe myseѕ ktorб
function in one field, funguje v jednom poli,
29:04 logically, logicky,
sanely and rationally, rozumne a racionбlne,
29:12 and in the other field, byќ v druhej oblasti,
completely silent? ъplne tichб?
29:20 You understand my question? Chбpete moju otбzku?
29:27 That is, can thought stop? To znamenб, mфћe
  myseѕ prestaќ?
29:33 Which is, can thought, Иo znamenб: Mфћe myseѕ,
as time, as movement, ako иas, ako pohyb,
29:40 within the field of the known, v oblasti znбmeho,
can that stop, mфћe zastaviќ,
29:43 and only come into action a vstъpiќ do иinnosti
when the known has to function? len vtedy keп mб fungovaќ?
29:52 Are we meeting each other? Rozumieme si? Mфћeme pokraиovaќ?
Can we go on? Can I go on? Mфћem pokraиovaќ?
29:56 A: Yes. A: Бno.
30:01 K: That is, K: To znamenб,
when knowledge has to operate, ћe keп vedomosti musia fungovaќ,
30:06 it operates without the 'me'. myseѕ funguje bez "JA".
30:15 The me who is aggressive, To JA, ktorй je agresнvne,
competitive, sъќaћivй,
30:18 fearful, wanting power, bojн sa, chce moc,
position, pleasure and all that. pozнciu, radosќ a to vљetko.
30:24 Only when knowledge Len vtedy, keп sъ vedomosti
is demanded in action, potrebnй v иinnosti,
30:31 it acts completely, pфsobн ъplne,
without the division bez rozdelenia,
30:35 which is brought about иo myseѕ
by thought as the me. prinбљa ako JA.
30:40 So my question is then, Takћe moja otбzka je:
can thought stop? Mфћe myseѕ prestaќ,
30:47 So that there is a different takћe je tam ъplne
quality of energy altogether? inб kvalita energie?
30:56 Because thought Pretoћe myseѕ
has brought about priniesla
30:58 a great deal of energy veѕa energie
and a great deal of mischief. a veѕa nepochopenia.
31:05 And I see thought cannot A vidнm, ћe nie je moћnй aby
bring about a radical revolution priniesla radikбlnu revolъciu
31:11 within the mind v mysli
and within the heart. a v srdci.
31:21 So, can thought come to an end Takћe vie myseѕ prestaќ
but operate when it is necessary? a fungovaќ vtedy, keп je to potrebnй?
31:29 Have you Pochopili ste
understood my question? moju otбzku?
31:33 Now, we are going to find out, Teraz ideme zistiќ,
31:37 we are going to pozrieme sa na tъto
go into this question carefully, otбzku dфkladne,
31:47 with real, earnest enquiry. so skutoиnэm,
  seriуznym nбhѕadom.
31:57 Because you see, Pretoћe uvidнte,
31:59 when thought comes to an end ћe keп myslenie prestane,
something new takes place. prнde nieиo novй.
32:06 And this is what people, A to je to, иo ѕudia,
32:09 those people tн ѕudia иo rozprбvajъ o meditбcii,
who talk about meditation have tried. vyskъљali.
32:17 There are those Zen groups, To sъ tie Zenovй skupiny,
32:22 there are those transcendental to sъ tн transcendentбlni
– what are they – meditators, - иo sъ oni? - meditujъci,
32:28 there are those who join sъ to tн, ktorн vstupujъ
various groups of meditation, do rфznych meditaиnэch skupнn,
32:37 all trying to bring about vљetci sa pokъљajъ
32:45 a cessation of thought o to, aby myslenie prestalo,
32:49 so that a new quality of energy tak aby mohla zaиaќ ъиinkovaќ
can come into being novб kvalita energie,
32:56 – the name doesn't matter. - to je jedno ako sa to volб.
33:06 To me, to the speaker Pre mтa, reиnнka,
33:11 – because - pretoћe to
I have watched all this, vљetko pozorujem,
33:13 the speaker has watched all this reиnнk to vљetko pozoruje mnoho
for many years, gone into it – rokov, do hеbky -
33:20 to the speaker all these pre reиnнka je vљetko toto
are rather immature, childish dosќ nezrelй, detinskй,
33:26 and ultimately meaningless. a ъplne bezvэznamnй.
33:30 I'll show you why – Ukбћem vбm preиo -
because you have to understand this, pretoћe to musнte pochopiќ,
33:33 because you are pretoћe ste obklopenн
surrounded by all these things. vљetkэmi tэmito vecami.
33:41 First of all, Predovљetkэm,
33:45 one observes, if you have иlovek si vљimne, ak sa na to
gone into this sufficiently, dobre pozriete,
33:49 into yourself, na seba, nie podѕa
not according to anybody, niekoho,
33:55 you will find that thought zisнte ћe myseѕ musн niekedy
must stop sometime, prestaќ,
34:03 so that takћe vidнte veci
you can see things differently, inak.
34:08 you can feel differently. Cнtite inak.
34:13 That is absolutely so. Presne tak je to.
34:16 If you are chattering Ak v kuse rozprбvate,
all the time, as you are, иo aj rozprбvate,
34:20 comparing, judging, opinions, porovnбvate, hodnotнte,
  mбte nбzory,
34:22 you know, endless chatter, viete, nekoneиnй kecy,
chatter, chatter, kecy, kecy,
34:25 obviously there is no space oиividne tam nie je miesto nato,
for something new to take place. aby sa tam udialo nieиo novй.
34:34 Only when the mind is still, Iba vtedy, keп je myseѕ nehybnб,
quiet, completely motionless, kѕudnб, ъplne nehybnб,
34:45 then perhaps potom je tu moћno
there is something new taking place. nieиo novй.
34:51 Not new in terms of the old, Nie je to novй, pokiaѕ ide o starй,
not in terms of the known nie z hѕadiska znбmeho,
34:57 – something totally different. - nieиo ъplne inй.
35:04 So, let's examine Takћe, pozrime sa
the various groups, na niektorй skupiny.
35:08 various systems of meditation rфzne systйmy meditбciн
35:14 to still the mind. na zastavenie mysle.
35:18 First of all, Po prvй tu je transcendentбlna
there is the transcendental meditation. meditбcia.
35:23 God, I don't know why Boћe, nechбpem,
you get involved in all this. иo na tom vidнte?
35:28 You are the most Ste tн najnaivnejљн
gullible people in the world. ѕudia na svete!
35:33 Please. Prosнm.
35:39 You have no reference, Nemбte ћiadny dфkaz,
you have no background, nemбte ћiadne podklady,
35:42 you have no education nemбte ћiadny vэcvik.
about all this.  
35:48 Somebody comes along, Niekto prнde,
promises you, do this, sѕubuje vбm, robн to,
35:51 and you swallow the whole thing. a vy mu to zhltnete aj s navijбkom.
35:58 So let's look at it. Takћe sa na to pozrime!
36:00 You know, the idea of this Viete, celб tб myљlienka o tejto
transcendental meditation transcendentбlnej meditбcii
36:05 is that you repeat je to, ћe opakujete
a certain mantra. urиitъ mantru.
36:10 You know all about this, Poznбte to celй,
don't you? vљak?
36:12 Need I go into Chcete aby som hovoril
this question of mantra? o tejto mantre?
36:17 Oh no, don't waste time, Och nie, nestrбcajme иas. Mфћete
you can invent your own mantra. si vymyslieќ vlastnъ mantru.
36:30 Some guru has come from India Nejakэ guru prнde z Indie
to tell you his sacred mantra. aby vбm povedal svoju svдtъ mantru.
36:37 You can invent it for yourself, To si mфћete vymyslieќ aj vy.
repeat certain phrases Budete si opakovaќ urиitй frбzy.
36:41 – Ave Maria - Ave Maria
or God knows what else, alebo Boh vie иo?!,
36:45 and you have your mantra. a mбte svoju mantru!
36:47 Now, please listen. Teraz prosнm poиъvajte!
36:50 Listen – Poиъvajte -
once you see the truth of it, raz keп uvidнte pravdu,
36:53 you will never touch it. uћ to nikdy nebudete robiќ.
36:58 Because when you see the false Pretoћe keп vidнte faloљ,
you see the truth. vidнte aj pravdu.
37:03 And it is that truth A je to tб pravda,
that will free the mind from the false. ktorб oslobodн myseѕ od faloљnйho.
37:12 You can repeat a mantra, Mфћete opakovaќ mantru,
a word, over and over again, slovo, znova a znova,
37:17 verbally, loudly, verbбlne, hlasno,
37:21 moving your lips. pohybujъc perami.
37:23 Then you repeat Potom ich opakujete potichu.
those words silently.  
37:31 And after repeating silently A po tichom opakovanн
for some time you float off, na nejakэ иas sa vznesiete,
37:36 you jump over, vyskoинte,
you spring off from that. vyjdete z toho.
37:45 That is, To znamenб,
37:47 spring off into something vyskoинte z toho do nieиoho
that you don't know, иo nepoznбte,
37:52 something that you hope to find. do nieиoho, o иom dъfate,
  ћe to nбjdete.
37:56 But before you repeat these words, Ale predtэm neћ opakujete tieto
mantras, whatever they do, slovб,
38:00   mantry, nech uћ slъћia na hociиo,
38:06 your life is disorderly, vбљ ћivot je neprнjemnэ,
38:12 your life is disturbed, vбљ ћivot je naruљenэ,
38:16 confused, irrational, zmдtenэ, iracionбlny,
38:20 illogical, insane, nelogickэ, љialenэ,
38:25 and you hope to bring a dъfate, ћe do vбљho ћivota vnesiete
rationality, sanity into your life racionбlnosќ, zdravэ rozum
38:32 by repeating these mantras, tэm, ћe budete opakovaќ mantry,
these words. tieto slovб.
38:39 So you become less angry, Takћe budete menej nahnevanн,
38:43 a little more cheerful, troљku veselљн,
38:45 perhaps not so aggressive, moћno nie tak agresнvni,
38:49 and so on a tak пalej
– still very superficial. - stбle je to veѕmi povrchnй.
38:57 We are talking about a life Hovorнme o ћivote,
39:02 that is totally, ktorэ je ъplne,
radically different, radikбlne inэ,
39:06 a new race of mind and heart. novб rasa mysle a sdrca.
39:12 And so that type of meditation A tak ten typ meditбcie
39:16 – which is really - ktorэ vфbec nie je meditбciou,
not meditation at all,  
39:18 it is a form of self-deception. je formou sebaklamu.
39:24 And I have discussed this matter Hovoril som o tejto veci
in India with some of those people s niektorэmi z tэchto ѕudн v Indii
39:29 who have ktorн sa tнm zaoberajъ
gone into this very thoroughly, dopodrobna,
39:32 and they say, you are quite right, a oni hovoria: Mбte pravdu pane,
sir, but not for us. ale nie pre nбs.
39:40 You are right, Mбte pravdu, to иo
what you say is truth, hovorнte je pravda,
39:43 what you are saying to иo hovorнte je najvyљљia forma,
is the highest form,  
39:46 but not for us. ale nie pre nбs.
39:49 They don't say why Nehovoria preиo, lebo majъ
because they have their investment, svoje investнcie,
39:53 their disciples, their property, svojich uиenнkov, ich majetok,
their following – you follow? ich nasledovnнkov - sledujete?
40:02 So they say, Takћe hovoria:
keep it to yourself, not for us. Nechajte si to pre seba, nie pre nбs!
40:10 Then there are Potom sъ tu inй formy
other forms of meditation, meditбcie,
40:14 all wanting to still the mind, ktorй vљetky chcъ
  zastaviќ myseѕ,
40:21 to make the mind chcъ ъplne znehybniќ
completely quiet, myseѕ,
40:28 so they offer systems, a tak ponъkajъ systйmy,
methods. metуdy.
40:34 If you have tried one method, Ak ste vyskъљali jednu metуdu,
40:38 all other methods are the same. vљetky inй metуdy sъ rovnakй.
40:46 The method is: daily practice. Tб metуda je: kaћdodennй cviиenie.
40:53 Either you sit down Buп sedнte
cross-legged, s prekrнћenэmi nohami,
40:57 again, I don't know why znova, neviem preиo mбte sedieќ
you have to sit cross-legged, s prekrнћenэmi nohami?
41:06 you can do Toto cviиenie mфћete robiќ
this kind of meditation in bed aj v posteli,
41:13 or lying down in the sun, alebo poleћiaиky na slnku,
under a tree. pod stromom.
41:18 But you see, Ale vidнte, keп sedнte
when you sit cross-legged, s prekrнћenэmi nohami,
41:21 according to your guru, podѕa vбљho guru,
it is more romantic, je to romantickejљie,
41:28 it is more conducive, je to priaznivejљie,
41:33 and also when you sit straight, a tieћ ak sedнte vzpriamenн,
41:36 the basis of this is zбklad toho je
– if you sit straight, - ak sedнte vzpriamenн,
41:39 blood goes to your head krv prъdi do hlavy
more easily, that is all. ѕahљie. To je vљetko!
41:45 So you sit straight Takћe sedнte vzpriamene
and you practise. a cviинte.
41:53 The more you practise, Инm viac praktizujete,
the more mechanical you become. tэm viac sa stбvate mechanickэm.
41:59 The practise will produce Tбto prax bude produkovaќ
what you desire. иo si prajete.
42:06 What you desire Иo chcete
is the highest form of pleasure, je najvyљљia forma poteљenia,
42:12 whether it is enlightenment, иi uћ je to osvietenie,
whether it is God, иi uћ je to Boh,
42:14 whether it is your super-sexual иi uћ sъ to vaљe super-sexuбlne
demands, or whatever it is, potreby, alebo иokoѕvek to je,
42:20 it is still a mechanical pursuit je to stбle mechanickй nasledovanie
42:26 and therefore still a preto stбle
within the field of the known, v oblasti znбmeho,
42:32 though you hope aj keп dъfate, ћe sa cez toto
through the known to jump off. znбme dostanete von,
42:40 Because you have never understood pretoћe ste nikdy nepochopili,
what the known is. иo je to, to znбme.
42:43 How can you jump off something Ako mфћe z nieиoho vystъpiќ
42:45 if you have not ak ste sprбvne
laid the foundation rightly? nepoloћili zбklady?
42:50 If your life is not righteous, Ak vбљ ћivot nie je spravodlivэ,
orderly, sane, poriadny, rozumnэ,
42:56 where is the foundation? kde sъ zбklady?
43:02 So those people who want to meditate, Takћe tн ѕudia иo chcъ meditovaќ,
much better not to meditate. by radљej nemali meditovaќ.
43:08 That is only an escape. Je to len ъnik.
43:11 But whereas Ale иi uћ dбvate
if you gave your attention pozornosќ
43:16 to bring about tomu, aby ste uviedli
order in your life, vбљ ћivot do poriadku,
43:21 not according nie podѕa nejakйho psycholуga,
to some psychologist  
43:24 but in the light ale vo svetle svojho
of your own understanding, vlastnйho pochopenia,
43:27 in the light vo svetle
of your own enquiry, vlastnйho skъmania,
43:32 understanding yourself. pochopenia seba.
43:35 And out of that order A z toho poriadku
43:38 comes the real action prichбdza skutoиnй konanie,
43:45 from which you can move, z ktorйho sa viete pohnъќ,
from which you can go very far. z ktorйho sa viete dostaќ пaleko.
43:55 So, any form of discipline, Takћe hocijakб forma disciplнny,
44:01 any form of contrivance akбkoѕvek forma pasce
by thought, mysѕou,
44:05 which is what the systems do, иo je to иo systйmy robia,
44:08 contriving to force you snaћiќ sa vбs nъtiќ
to behave so that, sprбvaќ sa tak,
44:13 not only in this world nielen v tomto svete,
but have a mind that is quiet, ale maќ myseѕ ktorб je pokojnб,
44:17 it is a contrivance by thought je to pasca mysle,
and therefore limited. a preto je to obmedzenй.
44:27 And there are those meditations A sъ tu tie meditбcie
44:33 who train you to be attentive. ktorн vбs uиia byќ pozornн.
44:40 Beginning from your toe Zaинnajъc od palca na nohe
– you understand? – - rozumiete? -
44:44 paying attention to your toe Venujete pozornosќ svojej љpiиke
and gradually working up, a postupne idete hore.
44:47 it is all so infantile. To je tak infantilnй!
44:54 It doesn't matter Nezбleћн na tom
who practises it, kto to praktizuje,
44:56 whether the ancient monks иi ju praktizujъ starн mnнsi
in Zen monasteries practise it, v Zenovэch klбљtoroch ,
45:02 or you practise it alebo to precviиujete
in your quiet room, vo vaљej tichej izbe,
45:05 or a noisy room alebo hluиnej miestnosti
or in a room filled with smog. alebo v miestnosti naplnenej smogom.
45:13 Because attention means attention Pretoћe pozornosќ znamenб pozornosќ
to what you are doing in daily life, tomu, иo robнte v kaћdodennom ћivote,
45:22 attention to the way you talk, pozornosќ spфsobu ako hovorнte,
the way you walk, the way you think, ako chodнte, иo si myslнte,
45:27 to be attentive to that. dбvaќ pozor tomuto.
45:34 And you cannot be attentive A vy nemфћete byќ pozornн,
if you are controlling. ak sa kontrolujete.
45:39 So you begin to see Takћe zaиnete vidieќ
45:42 that control ћe tб kontrola nemб
has no place in meditation. v meditбcii miesto.
45:52 Then you ask: Potom sa pэtate:
how am I to control thought? Ako mбm kontrolovaќ myseѕ?
45:58 Controlling thought Kontrola mysle nie je
is not the ending of thought. ukonиenie myslenia.
46:05 Who is the controller? Kto je ten, иo kontroluje?
46:08 – do please listen to all this – Poиъvajte toto vљetko:
who is the controller? Kto je kontrolуr?
46:12 Another part of the mind. Inб иasќ mysle.
46:15 Another segment of thought, Пalљa иasќ mysle
46:18 which says, ktorб hovorн: Musнm sa kontrolovaќ
I must control in order to behave, aby som sa sluљne sprбval,
46:21 in order to achieve, aby som dosiahol,
in order to be enlightened. aby som bol osvietenэ.
46:25 Good Lord. Pre Boha!
46:29 So when you control, Takћe keп sa ovlбdate,
in that there is contradiction, je v tom rozpor,
46:34 there is conflict, je tam konflikt,
there is suppression, je tam potlaиenie,
46:38 and all the neurotic habits a vљetky tie neurotickй nбvyky
that those who are controlling have, ktorн tн, иo sa kontrolujъ, majъ,
46:44 and that those a tн ktorн sa nekontrolujъ,
who do not control also have. ich majъ tieћ.
46:55 So, thought Takћe, myslenie sa
cannot be stopped by control. ovlбdanнm zastaviќ nedб.
47:03 Thought cannot be brought Myslenie sa nedб ukonиiќ
to an end by will. vфѕou.
47:09 Will is another part of desire. Vфѕa je пalљou sъиasќou tъћby.
47:16 It is desire that says, Je to tъћba, ktorб hovorн:
47:18 I want to control Chcem sa ovlбdaќ
in order to achieve aby som dosiahol ъspech,
47:26 heaven, God, truth. nebesia, Boha, pravdu.
47:30 Sirs, you cannot achieve it, Pбni, neviete do dosiahnuќ,
47:34 you cannot invite it. neviete si to pritiahnuќ.
47:41 Your house must be in order, Vбљ dom musн byќ v poriadku,
that is all your concern. to je vaљa jedinб starosќ.
47:51 So, thought Takћe myslenie vie prestaќ
can only come to an end len vtedy,
47:55 naturally, prirozene, ѕahko,
easily, without conflict. bez konfliktu.
48:01 And it comes to an end A prestбva vtedy,
when you see the urgency of it, keп vidнte akй je to naliehavй,
48:07 when you see keп vidнte akй je to dфleћitй.
the importance of it.  
48:11 When you see Keп vidнљ
the importance of it, tъ dфleћitosќ,
48:19 when you see for yourself keп vidнte vy sami,
what thought has done: иo myslenie spфsobilo:
48:26 the mischief, zlo,
48:29 the divisions, rozdelenie,
48:34 the technological advancement, technologickэ pokrok,
48:39 which is used by thought ktorэ myseѕ vypouћнva na to
to destroy people, aby niиili ѕudн,
48:44 to corrupt people, aby skorumpovala ѕudн,
48:49 when you yourself see the fact keп sami uvidнte tъto skutoиnosќ
and the effect of thought, a nбsledok myslenia,
48:59 that very perception to istй vnнmanie
is the ending of thought. je koniec myslenia.
49:09 Which means that awareness To znamenб, ћe vedomie
49:17 is not sa nedб
something to be practiced. vycviиiќ.
49:21 To be aware, Uvedomovaќ si,
49:23 that is, to be aware of the birds, to znamenб, uvedomovaќ si vtбkov,
the sea, the movement of the water, more, pohyb vody,
49:28 to be aware uvedomovaќ si veci navonok,
of the things outwardly,  
49:31 the terrible confusion which the straљnэ zmдtok, ktorэ
politicians are creating in the world, politici tvoria vo svete,
49:38 to see aby ste videli,
what the priests have done, иo spфsobil kтaz,
49:43 what religions have done. иo spфsobili nбboћenstvб.
49:48 To be aware of your environment, Aby ste ste si uvedomovali ћivotnй
how you are destroying it, prostredie a ako ho niинte,
49:54 polluting the air. zneиisќujete vzduch.
49:56 And to be aware A aby ste si uvedomovali
of yourself in relation to another, vzќah k druhйmu,
50:00 in relation to your nature, vo vzќahu k vaљej povahe,
50:04 to be just aware, uvedomovaќ si, nepokъљajte sa ho
not trying to correct it, to shape it. opraviќ, tvarovaќ.
50:12 Then out of that awareness Potom z toho vedomia vzнde
comes attention, total attention. pozornosќ, celkovб pozornosќ.
50:19 In that attention V tejto pozornosti
thought comes to an end. myslenie konин.
50:24 I'll show it to you. Ukбћem vбm to.
50:27 Are you listening Poиъvate иo hovorнm?
to what is being said?  
50:30 Wait just a minute, sir, Poиkajte len minъtu, pane!
don't say yes. I don't think so. Nehovorte бno? Nemyslнm ћe poиъvate!
50:36 Are you completely, totally, Ste celkom, ъplne,
50:38 with your mind, with your body, s vaљou mysѕou, s vaљim telom,
with your nerves, s nervami,
50:41 with your heart and mind, svojнm srdcom a mysѕou,
listening to what is being said? poиъvajъc to, иo sa hovorн?
50:52 When you are listening Keп poиъvate
so intently tak pozorne,
50:58 is there any movement je tam nejakэ pohyb mysle?
of thought?  
51:09 At the moment, V tom momente,
at the act of listening, pri poиъvanн,
51:14 seeing, thought is quiet. pozeranн sa, je myseѕ pokojnб.
51:18 A second later O sekundu neskфr
it comes into being. zaинna fungovaќ.
51:23 Then your question is: Potom vysvstбva otбzka:
51:24 how am I to maintain or continue ako mбm udrћaќ alebo pokraиovaќ
that second of quietness? v tom tichu?
51:32 that is a wrong question to put, To je zle poloћenб otбzka,
51:37 because you can never pretoћe nikdy nemфћete
sustain that moment of attention. udrћaќ moment pozornosti.
51:45 If you want to sustain it, Ak si to chcete udrћaќ,
it is another form of greed. je to inб forma chtниu.
51:53 But if you understand, Ale ak rozumiete,
51:55 if you listen now completely, ak poиъvate ъplne,
52:01 there is no consciousness nie ja tam ћiadne vedomie
with it is content as the me s obsahom ako JA,
52:08 which is trying to listen, ktorй sa pokъљa poиъvaќ,
52:12 there is only je tam len akt poиъvania,
the act of listening  
52:18 without any interpretation, bez akйhokoѕvek vэkladu,
52:22 just to listen. len poиъvanie.
52:25 That is ending of thought. To je ukonиenie myslenia.
52:29 Which means Иo znamenб, ћe
we are never attentive. nikdy sme pozornн.
52:35 We talk about it, Hovorнme o tom, chodнme do љkoly,
we go to school to learn, aby sme sa to nauиili,
52:41 or go to Japan or India alebo ideme do Japonska alebo do
or God knows what else, Indie, alebo Boh vie kde,
52:44 to learn to be attentive, aby sme sa nauиili byќ
52:49 which means иo znamenб, ћe sa
you are never learning. nikdy neuинte.
52:55 You are 'going to learn' Chystбte sa uиiќ sa,
is different from learning. ale to sa lнљi od uиenia sa.
53:00 The act of learning Akt uиenia sa
is always in the present. deje vћdy v prнtomnosti.
53:12 So, meditation Takћe meditбcia
53:17 is the most extraordinary thing je tб najmimoriadnejљia vec,
if you know what it is. ak viete, иo to je.
53:22 But you don't know what it is. Ale vy neviete иo to je,
53:26 So don't listen to anybody, takћe nikoho nepoиъvate.
including the speaker, Vrбtane reиnнka!
53:34 don't join any groups Nepridбvajte sa k ћiadnym skupinбm!
53:38 – I am not advising you, I am just, Nehovorнm vбm иo mбte robiќ, ja len,
if you are interested in this – ak vбs to zaujнma -
53:43 don't follow any system, nenasledujte ћiadny systйm,
53:47 any person who says, I know, nijakъ osobu ktorб hovorн: Ja viem!
they don't know. ....Nevie niи.
53:51 And a man who says, 'I know', A иlovek, ktorэ hovorн "JA viem",
53:54 he does not know. nevie.
54:01 So you, Takћe vy,
54:04 in your own do vбљho vlastnйho
light of understanding svetla pochopenia,
54:08 will come upon prнde
this strange energy tбto zvlбљtna energia,
54:17 which is incorruptible. ktorб nie je skorumpovateѕnб.
54:22 This energy Tбto energia je najvyљљia
is the highest form of intelligence. forma inteligencie.
54:28 And that intelligence is not A tбto inteligencia sa nedб zнskaќ
come by or through any form of effort, cez ћiadnu snahu.
54:37 however subtle, Akokoѕvek jemnб, akokoѕvek
however stupid, however cunning, hlъpa, akokoѕvek prefнkanб,
54:41 it comes naturally when you see prichбdza to prirodzene
  keп vidнte
54:47 the energy ako bola tб energia zbytoиne
that has been wasted in mischief. premбrnenб.
54:56 You know, we use music, Viete, pouћнvame hudbu,
literature, poem, literatъru, bбseт,
55:06 and a sunset a zбpad slnka ako spфsob
as a means to go off, ъniku,
55:11 as a means to something else. ako prostriedok na nieиo inй.
55:16 There is no means to reality. Na realitu netreba
  ћiadne prostriedky.
55:22 You are not silent Nie ste potichu, pretoћe chcete
because you want something new, nieиo novй,
55:25 then you are contriving, potom ste si vymэљѕate,
then you are cunning, potom ste prefнkanн,
55:29 then you become a merchant. stбvate sa obchodnнkom.
55:34 Whereas if you Zatiaѕиo, ak ste
really understood this thing, naozaj pochopili tъto vec,
55:38 that is, a life иo znamenб: ћivot
in which you have brought about do ktorйho ste vniesli
55:44 through understanding cez pochopenie seba
of yourself without effort, bez nбmahy,
55:47 order out of disorder. poriadok z neporiadku.
55:53 Then when you have that Potom, keп ste poloћili takйto
foundation really well laid, dobrй zбklady,
56:01 then you will come upon potom sa dostanete
this strange energy, k tejto zvlбљtnej energie,
56:08 and that transforms a to zmenн
the whole mentation, celъ duљevnъ иinnosќ,
56:15 the whole business of love. celъ vec lбsky.
56:29 Perhaps, if you are willing, Moћno, ak ste ochotnн,
56:34 we can ask questions about this, mфћeme si klбsќ otбzky,
56:40 about what o иom sme
we have talked this morning. hovorili dnes rбno.
56:48 There are a lot of questions Je veѕa otбzok
I can ask about it. na ktorй mфћeme odpovedaќ,
56:52 And I hope you will, a ja dъfam ћe budem,
56:55 because we are pretoћe to zdieѕame spolu,
sharing this thing together,  
57:00 therefore you are responsible. a preto za to
  nesiete zodpovednosќ.
57:04 Sharing doesn't mean Zdieѕanie neznamenб
just accepting or denying. len akceptovanie alebo popieranie.
57:07 Sharing – therefore when you share Zdieѕanie - teda pri zdieѕanн
something you are responsible for it. za иo ste za to zodpovednн.
57:19 Yes, sir? Бno, pane?
57:22 Q: Sir, O: Pane, nehovorнte
aren't you making a distinction o rozdiele,
57:25 when you speak of keп hovorнte o tom
thoughts in action keп myslнte
57:32 versus not using thoughts? verzus keп nepouћнvate myљlienky?
57:35 Aren't you making a distinction Nerobнte rozdiely
between memory of facts, medzi spomienkou na skutoиnosќ,
57:39 like your address, ako je vaљa adresa,
57:41 versus memory of patterns, v porovnanн s pamдќou vzorov,
especially patterns of relationship? najmд vzory vo vzќahoch?
57:46 K: Sir, that is fairly clear. K: Pane, to je dosќ jasnй.
The gentleman asks, Ten gentleman sa pэta,
57:51 aren't you making a difference, nerobнte rozdiel,
isn't there a difference nie je tam rozdiel
57:55 between memory of facts, medzi spomienkou na skutoиnosќ,
58:00 memory as knowledge, spomienkou ako poznanнm,
58:02 which is иo je
the understanding of facts, pochopenie faktov,
58:07 and the freedom from the fact a oslobodenie sa od tejto
58:15 and going beyond it. a dostaќ sa za тu.
58:16 Is that the question, sir? Na toto sa pэtate, pane?
58:21 Q: The lack of thoughts that represent O: Nedostatok myљlienok, ktorй
patterns of relationships. predstavujъ vzory vzќahov.
58:30 K: I am sorry, I can't hear. K: Prepбиte, nepoиujem.
58:46 There is memory that represents Existuje pamдќ, ktorб predstavuje
fact and relationship. skutoиnost a vzќahy?
58:51 A: Pattern. A: Vzor.
Patterns of relationship. Vzory vzќahu.
58:59 K: Patterns of relationship. K: Vzory vzќahu.
59:03 There is memory that represents Existuje pamдќ, ktorб predstavuje
patterns of relationship. vzory vzќahov?
59:12 Do you have patterns Mбte vo vzќahu vzory?
in relationship?  
59:16 This is something new Toto je nieиo novй
which I have not heard before. иo som predtэm nepoиul.
59:21 Do you have patterns Mбte vzory
of relationship? vo vzќahu?
59:23 You behave towards K nejakej osobe sa chovбte
one person in one way, istэm spфsobom,
59:26 towards another, another way, smerom k inйmu, inэm spфsobom,
and to your boss another way, a k svojmu љйfovi inэm spфsobom,
59:29 to your wife another way, k svojej ћene inэm spфsobom,
if you have a cook, another way ak mбte kuchбra, inэm spфsobom
59:33 – is that the pattern - je to ten vzor
of behaviour? sprбvania?
59:35 Your analyst in one way, K vбљmu psycholуgovi jednэm spфsobom,
to your doctor another way k vбљmu lekбrovi inэm spфsobom.
59:38 – is that it? Je to ono?
59:41 Is that it? Je to ono?
59:43 What a complicated life Akэ komplikovanэ musн byќ vбљ ћivot?!
you must have.  
59:53 You must be changing your masks Musнte stбle meniќ svoje masky,
all the time, aren't you? ћe?
1:00:02 When you go to the doctor Keп idete k lekбrovi
you put on one mask, dбte si jednu masku,
1:00:04 when you meet your wife keп stretnete svoju ћenu
put on a different mask, dбte si inъ masku,
1:00:06 and your boss, and so on a vбљho љйfa a tak пalej
– changing, putting on masks. - menenie, nasadzovanie masiek.
1:00:11 And you call that patterns A vy tomu tomuto hovorнte vzory
of behaviour in relationship? sprбvania sa vo vzќahoch?
1:00:18 Good Lord. Dobrэ Boћe!
1:00:22 So you have Takћe mбte
different facets of relationship. rфzne aspekty vzќahov.
1:00:30 That means Znamenб to, ћe nikdy nie ste
you are never yourself, sбm sebou.
1:00:34 whatever that be, Nech uћ to je hociиo,
1:00:36 there is always je tam vћdy
a pretension, a pose. predstieranie, pуza.
1:00:47 And that inevitably A to nevyhnutne
breeds conflict. prinбљa konflikt.
1:00:53 You are different to your wife, Inak sa sprбvate k manћelke,
different to your boss, inak k љйfovi,
1:00:56 different to the priest inak ku kтazovi ak nejakйho mбte,
if you have one,  
1:00:58 obviously you are totally different samozrejme, ћe sa inak sprбvate
to your analyst, if you have one. k vбљmu psycholуgovi, ak ho mбte.
1:01:04 So, you are always Takћe vћdy
living in contradiction ћijate v rozpore
1:01:09 and therefore conflict. a preto v konflikte.
1:01:13 Now when you see that, Teraz, keп to vidнte,
when you are really aware of that, keп si to naozaj uvedomujete,
1:01:18 honestly, you know, иestne, viete,
1:01:22 not deceive yourself, keп sa neklamete,
1:01:25 when you are actually aware keп si skutoиne uvedomujete
that you are pretending all the time, ћe po celэ иas predstierate,
1:01:30 putting on po celэ иas si nasadzujete
different faces all the time, masky,
1:01:36 when you see the falseness of it keп vidнte tъ faloљ,
1:01:39 then you see the truth potom vidнte pravdu -
that you must be yourself. ћe musнte byќ sami sebou.
1:01:44 Then you begin to enquire Potom sa zaиnete pэtaќ
what is yourself. иo je to to JA?!
1:01:49 Is not yourself Nie je JA
all these patterns? vљetky tieto vzorce?
1:01:55 Are you following this? Sledujete to?
1:01:59 Is not yourself To nie ste vy, ako
how you behave to the doctor, sa sprбvate k doktorovi,
1:02:02 to the wife, k manћelke, k dieќaќu,
to the child, and so on? atп.
1:02:07 That is yourself. To je vaљe JA.
1:02:12 So, you say: what is myself? Takћe hovorнte: иo je to JA?
1:02:18 To find that out Ak to chcete zistiќ nesmie existovaќ
there must be no pretention. ћiadne nymэљѕanie si.
1:02:24 Don't pretend to be one thing, Nepredstierajte, ћe ste jedna vec,
say another, do another. a hovorнte jedno a robнte inй.
1:02:35 Then you will find out Potom zistнte
what you are. иo ste.
1:02:40 You will find out what you are, Zistнte иo ste,
1:02:44 which is, иo znamenб, ћe ste vљetko
all these calculated pretensions. toto predstieranie.
1:02:54 And when you go beyond A keп sa dostanete za toto
all these pretensions, predstieranie,
1:02:58 all these poses, vљetky tieto pуzy,
all these imaginations, vљetky tieto predstavy,
1:03:01 contriving remembrances, prinбљanie spomienok,
images, predstбv,
1:03:06 what are you at the end of it. иo ste na konci toho?
1:03:09 Nothing at all, are you, Niи, vфbec niи,
aren't you? ћe?
1:03:14 And we are frightened A my sa bojнme byќ niинm.
to be nothing.  
1:03:18 You say, well, if I am nothing, Hovoнte: V poriadku.
I'll be destroyed by society. Ak som niи, spoloиnosќ ma zniин.
1:03:21 Be destroyed by society. Byќ zniиenэ spoloиnosќou.
You won't be destroyed. Nebudete zniиenн.
1:03:28 You see, sir, Vidнte pane, keп ste naozaj
when you are really nothing, niинm,
1:03:36 which means thought, znamenб to, ћe myseѕ
1:03:40 which has put together ktorб poskladala dokopy
the me, JA,
1:03:43 is no longer there. uћ tam nie je.
1:03:47 Then there is a totally different Je tam ъplne inб energia,
kind of energy,  
1:03:53 which is much more real ktorб je oveѕa skutoиnejљia
than the imaginary me neћ vymyslenй JA,
1:03:57 which has been ktorй dala dokopy
put together by thought. myseѕ...
1:04:06 Yes, sir? Бno, pane?
1:04:10 Q: Since time started, O: Odkedy vznikol иas,
1:04:12 how did this idea of thought ako vфbec vznikla tбto
ever come about? myљlienka?
1:04:18 K: How did the me K: Ako vzniklo JA?
come about?  
1:04:20 Q: Yes. Originally, O: Бno. Pфvodne...
1:04:21 It seems like there was at one time Zdб sa, ћe raz tu
there had not to be a me, nebolo JA.
1:04:26 since there was, Odkedy bolo, verнm,
I believe, a beginning to man, pri zaиiatku иloveka,
1:04:29 then it had to ћe nejako muselo
come about somehow, vzniknъќ,
1:04:32 the thought and the me. myseѕ a JA.
1:04:36 How did it ever start? Ako sa to zaиalo?
1:04:39 K: How did this culture, K: Ako tбto kultъra,
how did the me, ako toto JA,
1:04:41 how did the mischief ever start? ako tбto љarapata
  vфbec vznikla?
1:04:45 Is that the question, sir? Toto je otбzka?
Q: Yes. O: Бno.
1:04:48 K: All right, let's look into it, K: Dobre, pozrime sa na to,
how did it start. ako to zaиalo.
1:04:52 How do you think it started? Ako si myslнte, ћe to zaиalo?
1:04:59 You know, they are investigating Viete, skъmajъ sa
the higher apes. vyvinutejљie ѕudoopy.
1:05:09 Some people have lived with them Niektorн ѕudia s nimi ћili
in Africa, written books, v Afrike, napнsali knihy,
1:05:14 and they almost behave a oni sa sprбvajъ takmer
like human beings, ako ѕudskй bytosti.
1:05:19 contriving, inventing, Vynachбdzajъ, vymэљѕajъ,
jealous, frightened, aggressive. ћiarlia, boja sa, sъ agresнvni.
1:05:26 It started there, probably, Pravdepodobne to zaиalo tam,
1:05:29 because collectively pretoћe kolektнvne
they have to protect themselves. sa musia chrбniќ.
1:05:36 You can see all this phenomena, Mфћete vidieќ vљetky tieto javy,
1:05:37 you don't have to ask me or anybody, nemusнte sa ma na to alebo niekto
you can see it for yourself. pэtaќ. Mфћete to vidieќ sami.
1:05:43 You can see how in the child Mфћete vidieќ, ako v dieќati
the me begins. zaинna JA.
1:05:49 The other child has a bigger toy Inй dieќa mб vдиљiu hraиku,
1:05:52 and your own child a vaљe dieќa mб menљiu,
has a smaller one, so they fight. tak sa bijъ.
1:05:55 Haven’t you noticed Nevљimli ste si tieto
all these silly things? hlъpe veci?
1:05:58 So there it is. Takћe tak to je.
1:06:02 What is important Nie je dфleћitй, ako
is not how it began to zaиalo,
1:06:07 but how to end ale ako tento zmдtok
all this mischief. ukonиiќ.
1:06:14 Whether it can Иi to mфћe
ever be ended collectively, byќ ukonиenй kolektнvne,
1:06:21 or is it to be ended alebo sa to dб ukonиiќ
by an individual, as a human being? jednotlivcom, ako ѕudskou bytosќou?
1:06:25 And what relationship A akй vzќahy
has that human being mб tбto ѕudskб bytosќ
1:06:28 who has freed himself ktorб sa oslobodila
from the mischief, z tohto zmдtku...
1:06:32 what is his relationship Akэ ma vzќah k druhэm?
to the others?  
1:06:39 What is the relationship of a man Akй vzќahy mб иlovek,
who is really kind, good, ktorэ je skutoиne lбskavэ, dobrэ,
1:06:45 not in terms of good and bad, nie z hѕadiska dobrйho a zlйho,
but really completely good, ale naozaj ъplne dobrйho,
1:06:52 what relationship has he with another akэ mб vzќah s inэm,
who is mischievous, ugly? ktorэ je zlэ, љkaredэ?
1:06:59 What is the relationship? Иo je to vzќah?
1:07:02 Have you ever gone into it? Zaoberali ste sa tэm niekedy?
1:07:06 You who love, Vy, ktorн milujete,
if you really love, ak naozaj milujete,
1:07:09 what is your relationship to a man akэ je vбљ vzќah k muћovi
who is mischievous, brutal, vicious? ktorэ je zlomyseѕnэ, brutбlny, zlэ?
1:07:19 And in that relationship, A v tom vzќahu,
if you have a relationship, ak mбte vzќah,
1:07:21 you want to chcete tъ brutalitu zmeniќ.
change that brutality.  
1:07:27 And so do you become brutal? A staneљ sa teda brutбlnym?
1:07:35 Or because you are good, Alebo preto, ћe ste dobrн,
completely good, ъplne dobrн,
1:07:38 and flowering in that goodness, a prekvitбte v tom dobre,
1:07:42 the miracle happens stane sa zбzrak
that the other is affected. a ovplyvnнte aj toho druhйho?
1:07:46 That is all one can do. To je vљetko, иo mфћete urobiќ...
1:07:50 Any more? Yes, sir? Eљte nieиo? Бno, pane?
1:07:52 Q: Speaking of the mass, O: Keп uћ hovorнme o hmote,
1:07:54 does man have mб иlovek
a single homogenous personality jedinъ homogйnnu osobnosќ
1:07:58 or is he made up of many facets alebo je zloћenэ z mnohэch aspektov
and faces which comprise the totality? a tvбrн, ktorй tvoria celok?
1:08:05 Does man Mб иlovek
have a single homogenous personality? jednotnъ homogйnnu osobnosќ?
1:08:09 K: Does man have K: Mб иlovek
a homogenous personality. homogйnnu osobnosќ.
1:08:14 Of whom are you asking this? Koho sa to pэtate?
1:08:18 Me? Mтa?
Have you got a homogenous personality? Mбte homogйnnu osobnosќ?
1:08:24 Have you, sirs? Mбte, pбni?
1:08:27 No answer. Ћiadna odpoveп.
1:08:30 Naturally, Prirodzene,
because you are not a whole, pretoћe nie ste celistvн,
1:08:32 complete, homogenous. ъplnн, homogйnni.
1:08:37 Why? Preиo?
1:08:42 Because in you Pretoћe je vo vбs aj
there is violence and peace. nбsilie aj mier.
1:08:47 In you Je vo vбs dobro aj zlo.
there is the good and the bad  
1:08:52 – I am using the ordinary words – Pouћнvam tieto obyиajnй slovб -
1:08:55 the irrational activity iracionбlna aktivita,
and rational activity, a racionбlna aktivita,
1:08:59 there is fear, there is hope, je tam strach, je tam nбdej,
1:09:01 despair, guilt zъfalstvo, vina,
1:09:03 – you are made up ste zloћenн
of many fragments. z tэchto fragmentov.
1:09:07 And out of these fragments, A z tэchto fragmentov,
1:09:10 or collecting these alebo spojenнm tэchto fragmentov
fragments together dokopy,
1:09:13 you hope to bring about dъfate ћe poskladбte
a homogeneity. homogenitu.
1:09:18 It is not possible. Nie je to moћnй!
1:09:23 To be completely whole Aby ste boli celistvн,
1:09:27 implies a mind to si vyћaduje to myseѕ, ktorб
that is not divided in it iself. sama nie je rozdelenб.
1:09:36 Right, sir. Ћe, pane?
1:09:42 Q: Are there any judgments O: Existujъ nejakй ъsudky,
which do not do violence to the truth? ktorй neznesvдcujъ pravdu?
1:09:49 K: Are there any judgments K: Existujъ nejakй ъsudky,
which do not do violence to truth, ktorй neznesvдcujъ pravdu?
1:09:57 is that the question, sir? Tak znie otбzka?
Q: That is the question. O: To je otбzka.
1:10:01 K: Are there any judgments K: Existujъ nejakй ъsudky,
which do not violate truth. ktorй neznesvдcujъ pravdu?
1:10:12 What is judgment? Иo je to ъsudok?
1:10:16 You know, Viete, poznal som muћa,
I used to know a man  
1:10:21 who was ktorэ bol jeden z najvyљљнch
one of the highest judges in India. sudcov v Indii.
1:10:28 One day Jednйho dтa
1:10:33 he said, povedal: Sъdim ѕudн
I am passing judgment over people  
1:10:38 every day of my life, kaћdэ deт mфjho ћivota,
1:10:42 since I have come odkedy som na tejto pozнcii.
to this position.  
1:10:46 And what is judgment, A ako sъdim ѕudн?
which I am passing on others?  
1:10:51 So the more he thought about it, Takћe инm viacej na to myslel,
the more he was convinced tэm viacej bol presvedиenэ,
1:10:56 that he must give up ћe sa musн vzdaќ
his judgeship and his prominence sudcovstva a svojho postavenia,
1:11:01 and his way of life a spфsobu ћivota,
1:11:04 and retire into the woods a odнsќ do lesa
to find out what is judgment. a zistiќ, иo je to rozsudok.
1:11:08 And he did retire, A odiљiel do dфchodku,
withdrew from the family, odiљiel od rodiny,
1:11:14 from the office, z ъradu,
from the position, z pozнcie,
1:11:16 to find out what is truth zistiќ, иo je pravda
and what is judgment. a иo je to sъd.
1:11:22 Are any of you Je niekto z vбs ochotnэ to spraviќ?
willing to do that?  
1:11:27 Are any of you Sъ niektorн z vбs
willing to withdraw, ochotnн odstъpiќ,
1:11:29 to find out what is truth zistiќ, иo to je pravda
and what is judgment? a иo je to sъd?
1:11:33 I am afraid you are not. Obбvam sa, ћe nie ste.
1:11:35 You just want verbally Chcete to zistiќ len ъstne,
to find out, don't you? ћe?
1:11:41 You want to find out verbally Chcete to zistiќ verbбlne,
1:11:44 what is truth иo je to pravda,
and what is judgment, иo je to sъdiќ,
1:11:49 and what is the relationship a akэ je vzќah medzi
between judgment and truth. sъdenнm a pravdou.
1:11:54 Why do you judge at all? Preиo vфbec posudzujete?
1:11:59 Why do you say Preиo hovorнte ћe je
somebody is silly, niekto hlъpy,
1:12:01 somebody is this niekto je takэ,
or somebody is that, niekto hentakэ,
1:12:04 how noble, how crooked – why? akэ je nуbl, akэ skazenэ - preиo?
1:12:07 What is the measure you have? Akэm merнtkom?
1:12:12 And you say: A hovorнte: A vy neposudzujete
aren't you measuring when you say keп hovorнte
1:12:16 all the gurus are infantile? ћe vљetci guruovia sъ infantilnн?
1:12:20 Am I? Ћe?
1:12:24 Am I judging? Posudzujem?
1:12:27 Or merely observing the fact Alebo iba pozorujem fakt
1:12:30 without any prejudice, bez hociakйho predsudku,
without any emotion behind it. bez emуcie?
1:12:35 Just to observe Keп pozorujem
1:12:38 that the ant has four legs ћe mб mravec љtyri nohy
is not a judgment, to nie je posudzovanie,
1:12:45 that the elephant has a trunk ћe mб slo chobot
is not a judgment, to nie je posudzovanie.
1:12:48 it is an observation of a fact. To pozorovanie faktu.
1:12:52 When there is Keп je tam
the observation of a fact pozorovanie faktu
1:12:56 without any emotion, bez emуcie,
any prejudice, bez predsudku,
1:13:01 any judgment bez akйkoѕvek posudzovania,
according to a conclusion, podѕa zбveru,
1:13:07 then that judgment potom ten to posudzovania
is merely an observation of the fact, len pozorovanнm skutoиnosti,
1:13:12 and therefore it is truth. tak je to pravda.
1:13:15 The fact is always the truth. Fakt je vћdy pravdou.
1:13:18 The fact that one is lying, Fakt, ћe niekto klame,
1:13:23 one is frightened, ћe je vyplaљenэ,
that is the truth. to je tб pravda.
1:13:28 But to say that Ale povedaќ: Nesmiem sa bбќ! -
I must not be frightened,  
1:13:31 that is judgment. to je posudzovanie.
1:13:34 And when you say A keп poviete: Nesmiem sa bбќ! -
I must not be frightened,  
1:13:37 in that there is conflict. je v tom konflikt.
1:13:41 And therefore A preto z toho
from that you develop courage, vznikne odvaha,
1:13:45 which is another form иo je inб forma
of resistance to fear. odporu voиi strachu.
1:13:50 So when you state a fact, Takћe keп poviete fakt,
1:13:56 which anybody can observe, ktorэ mфћe hocikto vidieќ,
if they are willing to observe, ak sъ ochotnн ho vidieќ,
1:14:02 then in that stating of the fact potom v tom pozorovanн faktu
there is no judgment, nie je ћiadne posudzovanie,
1:14:07 but only the observation ale iba pozorovanie
of the fact is the truth. skutoиnosti je pravdou.