Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube


30 Jan 1971 BA71T1 Audio Subt. What is fear and what is pleasure?
31 Jan 1971 BA71T2 Audio Subt. How does the observer come into being?
1 Feb 1971 BA71DSG Audio Can the past be wiped away through effort?

10 Jan 1973 BA73T1 Audio Subt. In the state of attention there is no observer
11 Jan 1973 BA73DSG1 Audio What is the function of thought in life?
12 Jan 1973 BA73DSG2 Audio Where there is division, there must be conflict
13 Jan 1973 BA73T2 Audio Subt. Fear, love and death
14 Jan 1973 BA73T3 Audio Subt. A meditative mind is free of all control

5 Jan 1974 BA74T1 Audio What is your mind?
6 Jan 1974 BA74T2 Audio Is there a non-mechanistic behaviour?
9 Jan 1974 BA74S Audio Is it possible for the mind not to be hurt?
10 Jan 1974 BA74DT Audio A relationship where teacher and taught don’t exist
12 Jan 1974 BA74T3 Audio Sorrow, love and death
13 Jan 1974 BA74T4 Audio Meditation is concerned with the whole of life

10 Jan 1975 BA75DSG Audio Education and the transformation of consciousness