Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube


2 May 1961 LO61T1 Audio What is the mind?
4 May 1961 LO61T2 Audio What is thinking?
7 May 1961 LO61T3 Audio Can the mind experience without leaving a residue as memory?
9 May 1961 LO61T4 Audio Why has the mind to be occupied?
11 May 1961 LO61T5 Audio Can the mind free itself from fear?
14 May 1961 LO61T6 Audio Can the mind wipe away entirely the conditioning of centuries?
16 May 1961 LO61T7 Audio What significance has desire?
18 May 1961 LO61T8 Audio Can the mind be free from conflict?
21 May 1961 LO61T9 Audio Time and death
23 May 1961 LO61T10 Audio What is the quality of the mind that is capable of meditation?
25 May 1961 LO61T11 Audio The truly religious mind is not a slave to time
28 May 1961 LO61T12 Audio How is one to understand the totality of suffering?

22 Apr 1965 LO65D1 Audio Can we deal with life as a whole?
26 Apr 1965 LO65D2 Audio Subt. Effort involves dissipation of energy
29 Apr 1965 LO65D3 Audio Subt. Time is disorder
3 May 1965 LO65D4 Audio Subt. Is it possible to live in this world without experiencing?
6 May 1965 LO65D5 Audio Subt. On change and meditation
9 May 1965 LO65D6 Audio Subt. Is it possible to look at fear out of silence?

19 Sep 1967 LO67DSG1.1 Audio Thought is the observer
20 Sep 1967 LO67DSG2.1 Audio What is sacred?
21 Sep 1967 LO67DSG2.2 Audio Meditation and experience
26 Sep 1967 LO67DSG1.2 Audio Can I look at myself without thought?
28 Sep 1967 LO67DSG1.3 Audio Images, change, the observer and the observed
29 Sep 1967 LO67DSG3.1 Audio How will you live a different kind of life?
1 Oct 1967 LO67DSG3.2 Audio What are we educated for?

12 Mar 1969 LO69T1 Audio Looking at violence without the word
16 Mar 1969 LO69T2 Audio Can the mind be free of fear?
20 Mar 1969 LO69T3 Audio A way of living in which there is no division
23 Mar 1969 LO69T4 Audio Meditation and the activity of silence

5 Jun 1982 LO82T1 Audio Subt. Is it possible not to have conflict and not to have images?
6 Jun 1982 LO82T2 Video Subt. Order in consciousness