Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube

Madras (Chennai)

28 Dec 1969 MA6970T1 Audio Why is there fragmentation and division?
31 Dec 1969 MA6970T2 Audio Order is the total response to a challenge

2 Jan 1970 MA6970D2 Audio Meeting a challenge anew
4 Jan 1970 MA6970T3 Audio Living, dying and love
6 Jan 1970 MA6970D3 Audio To live in fear is to be asleep
7 Jan 1970 MA6970T4 Audio Meditation concerns the whole of life
30 Dec 1970 MA6970D1 Audio Can the conditioned mind throw off its conditioning?

6 Jan 1971 MA71T1 Audio Conditioning disappears at the moment of attention
10 Jan 1971 MA71T2 Audio Why are we fragmented?
12 Jan 1971 MA71D1 Audio What is the place of memory in daily life?
13 Jan 1971 MA71T3 Audio Attention, meditation and understanding oneself
15 Jan 1971 MA71D2 Audio Burdened with habits we are not capable of awareness
18 Jan 1971 MA71DYP Audio Subt. Looking without conclusion

9 Dec 1972 MA72T1 Audio Subt. Can the mind bring about a radical change in itself?
10 Dec 1972 MA72T2 Audio Subt. Observing fear without any movement of thought
12 Dec 1972 MA72D1 Audio Subt. Why does the mind get hurt?
14 Dec 1972 MA72D2 Audio Subt. Meditation, freedom from the known, and suffering
16 Dec 1972 MA72T3 Audio Subt. Freedom, order, love and death
17 Dec 1972 MA72T4 Audio Subt. What is religion, what is truth?

15 Dec 1973 MA73D1 Audio Can the mind free itself from the habit of comparison?
16 Dec 1973 MA73D2 Audio Subt. We are the world and the world is us
18 Dec 1973 MA73T1 Audio Subt. A different quality of mind not bound by thought
20 Dec 1973 MA73D3 Audio Can the brain look at the present without time?
22 Dec 1973 MA73T2 Audio Subt. Living in the past prevents action in the present
23 Dec 1973 MA73T3 Audio Subt. Order is essential for survival
26 Dec 1973 MA73T4 Audio Subt. In meditation there is no direction

7 Dec 1974 MA74T1 Audio Knowledge and envy
8 Dec 1974 MA74T2 Audio Looking at the content of consciousness
10 Dec 1974 MA74D1 Audio Relationship and sleep
12 Dec 1974 MA74D2 Audio Your consciousness is the collective consciousness
14 Dec 1974 MA74T3 Audio Sorrow, passion and death
15 Dec 1974 MA74T4 Audio Meditation is inquiry into the sacred

11 Dec 1976 MA76T1 Audio Relationship without the movement of thought
12 Dec 1976 MA76T2 Audio Looking into the content of consciousness
14 Dec 1976 MA76D1 Audio The observer is the past
16 Dec 1976 MA76D2 Audio Giving all your energy to understand fear
18 Dec 1976 MA76T3 Audio Pleasure and desire
19 Dec 1976 MA76T4 Audio Love, compassion and sorrow
25 Dec 1976 MA76T5 Audio Listening, learning and dying
26 Dec 1976 MA76T6 Audio Religion, meditation and truth

24 Dec 1977 MA7778T1 Audio Why should the brain register hurt?
25 Dec 1977 MA7778T2 Audio Observing the content of consciousness
27 Dec 1977 MA7778D1 Audio Desire in itself is not contradictory
29 Dec 1977 MA7778D2 Audio What are you afraid of?
31 Dec 1977 MA7778T3 Audio What place has knowledge in correct action?

1 Jan 1978 MA7778T4 Audio Fear and pleasure are movements of time
3 Jan 1978 MA7778D3 Audio Discontent with yourself and the world
7 Jan 1978 MA7778T5 Audio The innermost nature of the self is not-a-thing
8 Jan 1978 MA7778T6 Audio Can the brain renew itself?
31 Dec 1978 MA7879T1 Video Subt. Organisations have not saved man

1 Jan 1979 MA7879T2 Video Subt. An action that is not the outcome of thought
2 Jan 1979 MA79DSG1.1 Video Subt. What is the nature of the religious life?
3 Jan 1979 MA79DSG1.2 Video Subt. What is a religious mind?
4 Jan 1979 MA79DSG1.3 Video Subt. What is a holistic perception?
6 Jan 1979 MA7879T3 Video Subt. Is freedom a matter of time?
7 Jan 1979 MA7879T4 Video Subt. What brings about disorder in relationship?
9 Jan 1979 MA7879D2 Video Subt. Are we aware of division?
11 Jan 1979 MA7879D3 Video Subt. Can you understand what a religious life is?
13 Jan 1979 MA7879T5 Video Subt. What is a religious mind?
14 Jan 1979 MA7879T6 Video Subt. The movement of meditation
19 Dec 1979 MA79CPJ Audio Subt. Is there a way which will make man free of suffering?
22 Dec 1979 MA7980T1 Audio The flowering of the seed of a million years
23 Dec 1979 MA7980T2 Audio Thought has put together the whole structure of the ‘me’
26 Dec 1979 MA79S1 Video Subt. How can a human being bring about a radical change, not only in himself but outside?
26 Dec 1979 MA79S2 Video Subt. As a human being caught in the structure of society what is right action?
27 Dec 1979 MA79S3 Video Subt. Can you give all your energy to understanding the image-making machinery?
27 Dec 1979 MA79S4 Video Subt. Can a human problem be resolved instantly?
29 Dec 1979 MA7980T3 Audio Where is security found for the brain?
30 Dec 1979 MA7980T4 Audio A mind living in control, conflict and desire is never free

3 Jan 1980 MA7980D Audio Bringing together all one’s energy to look at a problem
5 Jan 1980 MA7980T5 Audio Why does the mind live in concepts?
6 Jan 1980 MA7980T6 Audio Sorrow, death and meditation
27 Dec 1980 MA8081T1 Video Subt. What is the cause of the present crisis?
28 Dec 1980 MA8081T2 Video Subt. What is our relationship to another?

3 Jan 1981 MA8081T3 Video Subt. Salvaging the brain
4 Jan 1981 MA8081T4 Video Subt. Is there order which thought has never touched?
6 Jan 1981 MA8081Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
10 Jan 1981 MA8081T5 Video Subt. Is thought the cause of the decay of man?
11 Jan 1981 MA8081T6 Video Subt. Can the brain ever be free from the known?
14 Jan 1981 MA81S1 Video Subt. What will break the chain in which the brain is caught?
15 Jan 1981 MA81S2 Video Subt. Remaining with the stream of sorrow
16 Jan 1981 MA81S3 Video Subt. Do you ever come to a point where your brain is in a state of not knowing?
17 Jan 1981 MA8081Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
26 Dec 1981 MA8182T1 Video Subt. How do we psychologically respond to the present condition of the world?
27 Dec 1981 MA8182T2 Video Subt. Why have we become habituated to conflict?
29 Dec 1981 MA8182Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
31 Dec 1981 MA8182Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

1 Jan 1982 MA82DSG Video Subt. Is it possible for the brain to act totally?
2 Jan 1982 MA8182T3 Video Subt. Discovering the causes of disorder
3 Jan 1982 MA8182T4 Video Subt. Fear, pleasure and suffering are one unitary movement
5 Jan 1982 MA82S1 Video Subt. Is there a movement totally apart from time?
6 Jan 1982 MA82S2 Video Subt. Desire, time and thought are the basic elements of fear
9 Jan 1982 MA8182T5 Video Subt. Can one live a totally integrated life?
10 Jan 1982 MA8182T6 Video Subt. In meditation there is no becoming nor being
25 Dec 1982 MA8283T1 Video Subt. What instrument will solve human problems?
26 Dec 1982 MA8283T2 Video Subt. The mirror of relationship
28 Dec 1982 MA8283Q1 Audio Questions & Answers
30 Dec 1982 MA8283Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

1 Jan 1983 MA8283T3 Video Subt. Psychological time is the cause of conflict
2 Jan 1983 MA8283T4 Video Subt. Remaining with the challenge of sorrow
4 Jan 1983 MA83S1 Video Subt. What creates division?
5 Jan 1983 MA83S2 Video Subt. What is intelligence?
31 Dec 1983 MA8384T1 Video Subt. Can we radically bring about a change in ourselves?

1 Jan 1984 MA8384T2 Video Subt. What relationship has time to fear?
2 Jan 1984 MA84DSG1.1 Video Subt. Living is a constant movement
3 Jan 1984 MA8384Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
4 Jan 1984 MA84DSG1.2 Video Subt. Understanding death
5 Jan 1984 MA8384Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
7 Jan 1984 MA8384T3 Video Subt. To live means also to end
8 Jan 1984 MA8384T4 Video Subt. What has religion to do with your daily life?
11 Jan 1984 MA84DSG1.0 Video Subt. Ideas have divided people
18 Jan 1984 MA84DYP2 Video Subt. What is the relationship between highly educated, specialised people and the rest of the world?
29 Dec 1984 MA8485T1 Audio Without change won't we destroy ourselves?

1 Jan 1985 MA8485Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
3 Jan 1985 MA8485Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
4 Jan 1985 MA8485T2 Video Subt. Can thought give human beings security?
5 Jan 1985 MA8485T3 Video Subt. The shallowness of a life without passion
6 Jan 1985 MA8485T4 Video Subt. Death is not at the far end of life
28 Dec 1985 MA8586T1 Video Subt. The action with no past or future

1 Jan 1986 MA8586T2 Video Subt. Fear destroys love
4 Jan 1986 MA8586T3 Video Subt. What is creation, the origin, the beginning?