Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube

New Delhi

15 Dec 1966 ND66T1 Audio How is a mind so heavily conditioned to be made new?
18 Dec 1966 ND66T2 Audio Time and will have not changed man
22 Dec 1966 ND66T3 Audio Die totally to the past so that the mind is renewed
25 Dec 1966 ND66T4 Audio To bring about a radical transformation demands great energy

19 Nov 1967 ND67T1 Audio Subt. Freedom and love
23 Nov 1967 ND67T2 Audio Being alone means being innocent
26 Nov 1967 ND67T3 Audio Subt. Love is not mechanical
30 Nov 1967 ND67T4 Audio Subt. Intelligence creates its own austerity
3 Dec 1967 ND67T5 Audio Subt. What causes disorder inwardly?

31 Oct 1981 ND81T1 Audio What is the process of thinking?
1 Nov 1981 ND81T2 Audio Can we be free of fear?
4 Nov 1981 ND81S1 Video Subt. The crisis in consciousness
5 Nov 1981 ND81S2 Video Subt. Can fear come to an end?
5 Nov 1981 ND81S3 Video Subt. When I observe fear, that fear is me
7 Nov 1981 ND81T3 Audio Disorder, sorrow, death and love
8 Nov 1981 ND81T4 Audio Meditation is the release of creative energy
1 Dec 1981 ND81DTV Video Subt. Conversation with Pupul Jayakar and Achyut Patwardhan