Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube


1 Dec 1965 RA65TS1 Audio Subt. Why are you being educated?
4 Dec 1965 RA65TS2 Audio You can understand yourself very simply when you are quiet
7 Dec 1965 RA65TS3 Audio Subt. Why does one have to have order in life?
10 Dec 1965 RA65TS4 Audio Subt. To understand death we must understand living

11 Nov 1978 RA78T1 Audio What is the cause of our destructive way of living?
12 Nov 1978 RA78T2 Audio Do you know your life is in disorder?

17 Nov 1981 RA81DS1 Audio Learning and sorrow
19 Nov 1981 RA81DS2 Audio You become insensitive if you get used to anything
25 Nov 1981 RA81T1 Audio Thought in relationships brings disorder
26 Nov 1981 RA81T2 Audio Perceiving the whole movement of fear
28 Nov 1981 RA81Q Audio Question & answer meeting
29 Nov 1981 RA81T3 Audio Understanding the nature of meditation

11 Nov 1984 RA84T1 Video Subt. What is the significance of our daily life?
12 Nov 1984 RA84T2 Video Subt. A religious mind has great sense of beauty
24 Nov 1984 RA84T3 Audio Unless you radically change now the future is what you are now
25 Nov 1984 RA84T4 Audio What place has thought in the movement of desire?

18 Nov 1985 RA85T1 Video Subt. Whatever you think, you are
19 Nov 1985 RA85T2 Video Subt. All time is contained now
21 Nov 1985 RA85D Video Subt. Why do we divide the spiritual and the mundane?
22 Nov 1985 RA85T3 Video Subt. As long as there is a meditator, there is no meditation.