Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube


4 Nov 1969 RO69T Audio What is one to do confronted with deterioration in the world?

31 Oct 1971 RO71T Audio How is man to change?

31 Oct 1972 RO72DSG1 Audio Subt. Can I live a life which is totally harmonious?
2 Nov 1972 RO72DSG2 Audio Subt. The world is on fire
4 Nov 1972 RO72DSG3 Audio Subt. Is there anything new at all?

28 Oct 1973 RO73T Audio When the mind realises the observer is the observed
30 Oct 1973 RO73DSG1 Audio The division between the observer and the observed
31 Oct 1973 RO73DSG2 Audio Subt. Ending the chattering of the mind