Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube


20 May 1967 AM67T1 Audio To look without a concept is to be aware of the observer and the thing observed
21 May 1967 AM67T2 Audio Where there is pleasure there is the shadow of pain
24 May 1967 AM67DYP1 Audio What does it mean to be totally free?
24 May 1967 AM67T3 Audio Is it possible to renew the mind?
28 May 1967 AM67DYP2 Audio When one observes a fact without knowledge then one can learn
28 May 1967 AM67T4 Audio Can thought stop?
30 May 1967 AM67T5 Audio It is only a very silent mind that can actually see
31 May 1967 AM67DYP3 Audio Is there such thing as free will?

11 May 1968 AM68T1 Audio Can one establish a relationship with reality?
12 May 1968 AM68T2 Audio Is it possible to end thought?
14 May 1968 AM68DYP1 Audio When I say I must know myself, what is ‘myself’?
16 May 1968 AM68DYP2 Audio To change without effort
18 May 1968 AM68T3 Audio In acting completely there is no fragmentation
19 May 1968 AM68T4 Audio This light in oneself
20 May 1968 AM68I Audio Interview by a Rosicrucian group
21 May 1968 AM68DYP3 Audio Thought operates in the present having its root in the past
22 May 1968 AM68T5 Audio The meaning of life
23 May 1968 AM68DYP4 Audio It is only in freedom that there can be love

3 May 1969 AM69T1 Audio Why don’t we have the energy to change?
4 May 1969 AM69T2 Audio How is conditioning to be understood?
6 May 1969 AM69DYP1 Audio Can I live harmoniously?
8 May 1969 AM69DYP2 Audio What am I to watch when all is me?
10 May 1969 AM69T3 Audio In the demand for freedom is fear
11 May 1969 AM69T4 Audio Looking at life, loving and dying as one movement
13 May 1969 AM69DYP3 Audio Learning has nothing to do with criticism or experiencing
14 May 1969 AM69T5 Audio What is a religious life?
15 May 1969 AM69DYP4 Audio Thought is a movement in fear and pleasure

22 May 1971 AM71T1 Audio Subt. Change without analysis
23 May 1971 AM71T2 Audio Subt. Can one end sorrow?
24 May 1971 AM71T3 Audio Subt. I cannot assume anything about myself
25 May 1971 AM71T4 Audio Subt. What is the meaning of religion?
26 May 1971 AM71DYP Audio Subt. What is the root of isolation?

19 Sep 1981 AM81T1 Video Subt. Thought and time are the root of fear
20 Sep 1981 AM81T2 Video Subt. A religious mind is a very factual mind