Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube

Rishi Valley

28 Nov 1978 RV78DT1 Audio Subt. Is there a way of living not based on thought?
30 Nov 1978 RV78DS1 Audio Subt. Don’t compare yourself with anybody
2 Dec 1978 RV78DT2 Audio Subt. Learning the art of attention
3 Dec 1978 RV78DT3 Audio Subt. How will you, as educators, help the student to listen?
5 Dec 1978 RV78DS2 Video Subt. Do you see the importance of not being frightened?
7 Dec 1978 RV78DS3 Video Subt. Can you observe your thinking?
9 Dec 1978 RV78DT4 Audio Subt. What will bring about total relationship in our life?
10 Dec 1978 RV78DT5 Audio Subt. What is our responsibility as educators and human beings?
11 Dec 1978 RV78DSG Audio Subt. The mind of Krishnamurti
12 Dec 1978 RV78DS4 Video Subt. To behave rightly is to have consideration and respect
14 Dec 1978 RV78DS5 Video Subt. Look at the human being, not the word
16 Dec 1978 RV78DT6 Audio How can we bring about human beings who are flowering deeply?
17 Dec 1978 RV78DT7 Audio Subt. How will you bring about a group of people who are helping each other to uncondition themselves?
18 Dec 1978 RV78DS6 Audio Subt. Intelligence is total security
19 Dec 1978 RV78DS7 Audio Subt. Love means having no fear

17 Nov 1979 RV79DS1 Video Subt. To be sensitive is to be aware of what you are doing
19 Nov 1979 RV79DS2 Audio Subt. Do you lead a life of hypocrisy?
21 Nov 1979 RV79DS3 Video Subt. Can you be free of the image?
27 Nov 1979 RV79DS4 Video Subt. Do you have confidence or trust in anybody?

11 Dec 1980 RV80DS1 Video Subt. What happens when you are concerned only with yourself?
13 Dec 1980 RV80DS2 Video Subt. Are you aware of what is happening in the technological world?
15 Dec 1980 RV80DS3 Video Subt. Thinking about the future causes fear
17 Dec 1980 RV80DS4 Video Subt. Freedom, responsibility and discipline
20 Dec 1980 RV80TSS Audio Short talks given by Krishnamurti and Indira Gandhi

10 Dec 1981 RV81DS1 Video Subt. Have you ever asked yourself what knowledge is?
15 Dec 1981 RV81DS2 Video Subt. Will you be responsible not to be corrupt?

8 Dec 1982 RV82DS1 Audio Subt. Have you noticed how your brain is conditioned?
13 Dec 1982 RV82DS2 Video Subt. Discipline means to learn
16 Dec 1982 RV82DS3 Video Subt. What are the factors which bring about a deterioration of the brain?
18 Dec 1982 RV82CPA Video Subt. Reading the book of mankind

24 Nov 1983 RV83S1 Video Subt. Why are you educating your children?
26 Nov 1983 RV83S2 Video Subt. From whom are we learning?
12 Dec 1983 RV83DS1 Video Subt. What is your future?
14 Dec 1983 RV83DS2 Video Subt. The function of an educator is to help students have a good academic brain and be good human beings
16 Dec 1983 RV83DS3 Video Subt. Where do I look to see what I am?

7 Dec 1984 RV84DS1 Audio Subt. Can we stop thinking about ourselves?
16 Dec 1984 RV84DSG1.1 Audio Subt. Have you ever looked with all your senses?
18 Dec 1984 RV84DS2 Video Subt. The brain is always recording
19 Dec 1984 RV84DSG1.2 Video Subt. Why have I not radically changed?
20 Dec 1984 RV84DS3 Video Subt. What is the cause of corruption?

3 Dec 1985 RV85DT1 Audio Subt. A different human being
5 Dec 1985 RV85DS1 Video Subt. What is the taste of fear?
7 Dec 1985 RV85DT2 Video Subt. Can education bring a holistic way of living?
9 Dec 1985 RV85DT3 Video Subt. If you stand alone you are related
11 Dec 1985 RV85DS2 Video Subt. Thinking about myself all day long