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25 Jul 1961 SA61T1 Audio Subt. How do we meet life?
27 Jul 1961 SA61T2 Audio Subt. To see something totally, the brain must be quiet
30 Jul 1961 SA61T3 Audio Subt. Why are we in such conflict?
1 Aug 1961 SA61T4 Audio Subt. There is no learning, there is only seeing
3 Aug 1961 SA61T5 Audio Subt. Self-knowing is the beginning of meditation
6 Aug 1961 SA61T6 Audio Subt. Time does not wipe away sorrow
8 Aug 1961 SA61T7 Audio Subt. An attentive mind is without conflict, therefore free
10 Aug 1961 SA61T8 Audio Subt. To die implies having no continuity of thought
13 Aug 1961 SA61T9 Audio Subt. It is only the religious mind that can be in a state of creation

22 Jul 1962 SA62T1 Audio Subt. We can listen only when there is no motive
24 Jul 1962 SA62T2 Audio Subt. An intensely awake mind does not need experience
26 Jul 1962 SA62T3 Audio Subt. Is it possible to be free of influence?
29 Jul 1962 SA62T4 Audio Subt. Conflict wears the mind
31 Jul 1962 SA62T5 Audio Subt. Seeing the whole mechanism of habit is the essence of freedom
2 Aug 1962 SA62T6 Audio Subt. Emptying the mind of fear
5 Aug 1962 SA62T7 Audio Subt. The ending of sorrow and the intensity of passion
7 Aug 1962 SA62T8 Audio Subt. Death is creation
9 Aug 1962 SA62T9 Audio Subt. Meditation is an extraordinary thing that demands no effort
12 Aug 1962 SA62T10 Audio Subt. Freedom implies the total emptying of the mind of the known

11 Jul 1965 SA65T1 Audio Subt. How is the mind to see the totality of existence?
13 Jul 1965 SA65T2 Audio Subt. Problems exist as long as there is self-image
15 Jul 1965 SA65T3 Audio Subt. Change can take place only when there is no conscious effort
18 Jul 1965 SA65T4 Audio Subt. Freedom, space and order
20 Jul 1965 SA65T5 Audio Subt. A mind in a state of complete negation
22 Jul 1965 SA65T6 Audio Subt. Can conformity come to an end?
25 Jul 1965 SA65T7 Audio Subt. Ending sorrow needs a very clear, simple mind
27 Jul 1965 SA65T8 Audio Subt. Love and death are something unknown
29 Jul 1965 SA65T9 Audio Subt. Why do we deteriorate?
1 Aug 1965 SA65T10 Audio Subt. Sacredness is the essence of religion
4 Aug 1965 SA65D1 Audio Subt. What is the state of mind that learns?
5 Aug 1965 SA65D2 Audio Subt. The mind can be clear only in negation
6 Aug 1965 SA65D3 Audio Subt. In negation is action
7 Aug 1965 SA65D4 Audio Subt. What does it mean to live in the now?
8 Aug 1965 SA65D5 Audio Subt. Understanding meditation
9 Aug 1965 SA65D6 Audio Subt. This movement of life in which there is death
10 Aug 1965 SA65D7 Audio Subt. Only a fresh mind can create a new society

19 Jul 1967 SA67DYP Audio How do I find out what love is?
26 Jul 1967 SA67DT1 Audio Can the educator and the educated learn together?
8 Aug 1967 SA67DT2 Audio A different kind of education
9 Aug 1967 SA67DT3 Audio Discipline, freedom and comparison
10 Aug 1967 SA67DT4 Audio How do you bring about feeling of non-comparison?
11 Aug 1967 SA67DT5 Audio Radical mutation takes place when there is no comparison or pattern for change
12 Aug 1967 SA67DT6 Audio Bringing about a deeper, wider feeling for life
13 Aug 1967 SA67DT7 Audio Living in this world, what am I to do?

7 Jul 1968 SA68T1 Audio What is the essential issue in life?
9 Jul 1968 SA68T2 Audio No system will help man be free
11 Jul 1968 SA68T3 Audio Freedom, systems and conditioning
14 Jul 1968 SA68T4 Audio Looking at conditioning without distortion
16 Jul 1968 SA68T5 Audio Living is the beauty of action and love
17 Jul 1968 SA68DYP1 Audio Why do I want to fulfil myself?
18 Jul 1968 SA68T6 Audio Pleasure, love, beauty and loneliness
19 Jul 1968 SA68DYP2 Audio When are we aware of the image-making process?
21 Jul 1968 SA68T7 Audio The ending of fear
23 Jul 1968 SA68T8 Audio Looking at sorrow with the complete abandonment of silence
24 Jul 1968 SA68DYP3 Audio Non-fragmentary action in a fragmented world
25 Jul 1968 SA68T9 Audio Meditation is the understanding of the nature of life
26 Jul 1968 SA68DYP4 Audio Do we build images to protect ourselves?
28 Jul 1968 SA68T10 Audio A religious life
31 Jul 1968 SA68D1 Audio Can I look out of silence at my contradictory life?
1 Aug 1968 SA68D2 Audio Looking at oneself without words, images or pride
2 Aug 1968 SA68D3 Audio Why have we neglected the world of mind and spirit?
3 Aug 1968 SA68D4 Audio Can man go beyond his own limitation?
4 Aug 1968 SA68D5 Audio Why do we seek and what is there to seek?
5 Aug 1968 SA68D6 Audio True action
6 Aug 1968 SA68D7 Audio Is it possible to see with love?

25 Jul 1969 SA69CV1 Audio Subt. Can another dispel the darkness in oneself?
26 Jul 1969 SA69CV2 Audio Subt. Can one experience the infinite?

24 Jul 1970 SA70DYP1 Audio What is your vocation?
31 Jul 1970 SA70DYP2 Audio How do you know you are confused?

18 Jul 1971 SA71T1 Audio Subt. What is your deep interest in life?
20 Jul 1971 SA71T2 Audio Subt. How is one to bring about order in oneself without any conflict?
22 Jul 1971 SA71T3 Audio Subt. Looking at oneself without division
25 Jul 1971 SA71T4 Audio Subt. What is right relationship?
27 Jul 1971 SA71T5 Audio Subt. Can the mind be completely free of any distorting factor?
29 Jul 1971 SA71T6 Audio Subt. Does having concepts waste energy?
1 Aug 1971 SA71T7 Audio Subt. What is the relationship between thought and intelligence?
4 Aug 1971 SA71D1 Audio Subt. Knowing the content of my consciousness
5 Aug 1971 SA71D2 Audio Subt. The old must be silent to discover the new
6 Aug 1971 SA71D3 Audio Subt. Harmony of the mind, heart and body
7 Aug 1971 SA71D4 Audio Subt. Thinking about the future breeds fear
8 Aug 1971 SA71D5 Audio Subt. Images prevent relationship
9 Aug 1971 SA71D6 Audio Subt. How are we going to teach our children?
10 Aug 1971 SA71D7 Audio Subt. What is a religious life?

16 Jul 1972 SA72T1 Audio Subt. Can I see wholly?
18 Jul 1972 SA72T2 Audio Subt. What is it to be creative?
20 Jul 1972 SA72T3 Audio Subt. Thought and its limitations
23 Jul 1972 SA72T4 Audio Subt. Can the mind be totally unconditioned?
25 Jul 1972 SA72T5 Audio Subt. Will the discovery of the cause of suffering end it?
27 Jul 1972 SA72T6 Audio Subt. Pleasure, joy and death
30 Jul 1972 SA72T7 Audio Subt. Religion and meditation
2 Aug 1972 SA72D1 Audio Subt. The observer and the observed
3 Aug 1972 SA72D2 Audio Subt. The problem of existence
4 Aug 1972 SA72D3 Audio Subt. Total attention
5 Aug 1972 SA72D4 Audio Subt. Fragmentary action and total action
6 Aug 1972 SA72D5 Audio Conclusions prevent looking
7 Aug 1972 SA72D6 Audio Subt. The sacred in life
8 Aug 1972 SA72D7 Audio Subt. Are you aware of your conditioning?

15 Jul 1973 SA73T1 Audio Subt. Can the mind change radically outside of time?
17 Jul 1973 SA73T2 Audio Subt. Can the mind choicelessly see its conditioning?
19 Jul 1973 SA73T3 Audio Subt. Can thought explore consciousness?
22 Jul 1973 SA73T4 Audio Subt. Can thought reveal the meaning of life?
24 Jul 1973 SA73T5 Audio Subt. What is the action of total inaction?
26 Jul 1973 SA73T6 Audio Subt. Can death be brought into the field of the known?
29 Jul 1973 SA73T7 Audio Subt. What is religion and what is meditation?
1 Aug 1973 SA73D1 Audio How does one observe?
2 Aug 1973 SA73D2 Audio Subt. Choice, will and action
3 Aug 1973 SA73D3 Audio Subt. Relationship without dependence
4 Aug 1973 SA73D4 Audio Subt. Fear is a destructive poison
5 Aug 1973 SA73D5 Audio Subt. Are you aware?
6 Aug 1973 SA73D6 Audio Subt. Are life and death two separate things?
7 Aug 1973 SA73D7 Audio Subt. Where there is intelligence there is order

14 Jul 1974 SA74T1 Audio Subt. What is the operation of thought?
16 Jul 1974 SA74T2 Audio Subt. Is there energy not based on idea or ideology?
18 Jul 1974 SA74T3 Audio Subt. Does thought bring order?
21 Jul 1974 SA74T4 Audio Subt. Can the mind not be a slave to knowledge?
23 Jul 1974 SA74T5 Audio Wisdom comes through the understanding of suffering
25 Jul 1974 SA74T6 Audio Are you seeking security in a concept?
28 Jul 1974 SA74T7 Audio Meditation is to discover an area in which there is no movement of thought
31 Jul 1974 SA74D1 Audio Subt. Thought is not the instrument of change
1 Aug 1974 SA74D2 Audio Subt. Why is the mind attached?
2 Aug 1974 SA74D3 Audio Subt. What is our responsibility?
3 Aug 1974 SA74D4 Audio What is the relationship between attention and lack of attention?
4 Aug 1974 SA74D5 Audio What is a chaste mind?

13 Jul 1975 SA75T1 Audio Reality and truth
15 Jul 1975 SA75T2 Audio Can love exist in the field of reality?
17 Jul 1975 SA75T3 Audio Is there suffering when there is no attachment?
18 Jul 1975 BRGS75CB7 Audio Subt. If thought cannot achieve, why should it suffer?
20 Jul 1975 SA75T4 Audio Time, action and fear
22 Jul 1975 SA75T5 Audio Freedom, pleasure and joy
24 Jul 1975 SA75T6 Audio Can one living in the world of reality end selfishness?
25 Jul 1975 BRGS75CB8 Audio Subt. What is the substance of thought?
27 Jul 1975 SA75T7 Audio The quality of energy which comes about through meditation
30 Jul 1975 SA75D1 Audio Stepping out of the stream of selfishness
31 Jul 1975 SA75D2 Audio Thought and the centre
1 Aug 1975 SA75D3 Audio What is the relationship between truth and reality?
2 Aug 1975 SA75D4 Audio Responsibility and meditation
3 Aug 1975 SA75D5 Audio Space, love and compassion
6 Aug 1975 BRGS75CB9 Audio Subt. Is there in the brain anything untouched by culture?

11 Jul 1976 SA76T1 Audio What will change a human being?
13 Jul 1976 SA76T2 Video Subt. Observation and fear
15 Jul 1976 SA76T3 Video Subt. The impediments to radical transformation
18 Jul 1976 SA76T4 Video Subt. Can the content of consciousness free itself?
20 Jul 1976 SA76T5 Video Subt. Suffering and love
22 Jul 1976 SA76T6 Video Subt. Can attachment, belief, experience, knowledge, end now?
25 Jul 1976 SA76T7 Video Subt. When you are a light to yourself you are a light to the world
28 Jul 1976 SA76D1 Video Subt. Why should we get hurt?
29 Jul 1976 SA76D2 Video Subt. How does understanding take place?
30 Jul 1976 SA76D3 Video Subt. Judgement and death
31 Jul 1976 SA76D4 Video Subt. On being a light to oneself
1 Aug 1976 SA76D5 Video Subt. Is there thinking without the word?

10 Jul 1977 SA77T1 Video Subt. What are we seeking?
12 Jul 1977 SA77T2 Video Subt. Is there security in psychological authority?
14 Jul 1977 SA77T3 Video Subt. What is the relationship of clarity to compassion?
17 Jul 1977 SA77T4 Video Subt. Does compassion flower in the field of desire?
19 Jul 1977 SA77T5 Video Subt. Is there an action which is without cause and motive?
21 Jul 1977 SA77T6 Video Subt. What is it to observe holistically?
24 Jul 1977 SA77T7 Video Subt. A movement which is timeless
27 Jul 1977 SA77D1 Video Subt. What it means to be totally aware
28 Jul 1977 SA77D2 Video Subt. Motive prevents observation
29 Jul 1977 SA77D3 Video Subt. Education, meditation and death
30 Jul 1977 SA77D4 Video Subt. Facts, reality and truth
31 Jul 1977 SA77D5 Video Subt. Relationship and intelligence

9 Jul 1978 SA78T1 Video Subt. The structure of self-centred concern
11 Jul 1978 SA78T2 Video Subt. The identification of thought
13 Jul 1978 SA78T3 Video Subt. The limitation of thought
16 Jul 1978 SA78T4 Video Subt. Is thought necessary in relationship?
18 Jul 1978 SA78T5 Video Subt. Is love a movement of time and thought?
20 Jul 1978 SA78T6 Video Subt. Can consciousness go beyond itself?
23 Jul 1978 SA78T7 Video Subt. If you are not occupied, are you nothing?
26 Jul 1978 SA78D1 Video Subt. Can the drive of selfishness end?
27 Jul 1978 SA78D2 Video Subt. What will make a human being change?
28 Jul 1978 SA78D3 Video Subt. Can time end?
29 Jul 1978 SA78D4 Video Subt. Constant effort damages the brain
30 Jul 1978 SA78D5 Video Subt. Order in oneself

8 Jul 1979 SA79T1 Video Subt. Is there a way out of the crisis in the world?
10 Jul 1979 SA79T2 Video Subt. Can we together create a good society?
12 Jul 1979 SA79T3 Video Subt. Is there security at all psychologically?
15 Jul 1979 SA79T4 Video Subt. Can goodness, love and truth be born of discipline?
17 Jul 1979 SA79T5 Video Subt. Are desire and time responsible for fear?
19 Jul 1979 SA79T6 Video Subt. Intelligence, love, and compassion
22 Jul 1979 SA79T7 Video Subt. In total silence the mind comes upon the eternal
25 Jul 1979 SA79D1 Video Subt. Is there an action that doesn't bring sorrow?
26 Jul 1979 SA79D2 Video Subt. Finding out what love is
27 Jul 1979 SA79D3 Video Subt. Meditation is giving thought its right place
28 Jul 1979 SA79D4 Video Subt. What is the central issue of our life?
29 Jul 1979 SA79D5 Video Subt. How can we bring about a good society?

6 Jul 1980 SA80T1 Video Subt. Why is there such chaos in the world?
8 Jul 1980 SA80T2 Video Subt. The movement of thought and becoming
10 Jul 1980 SA80T3 Video Subt. Action that is always correct
13 Jul 1980 SA80T4 Video Subt. Breaking the pattern of conditioning
15 Jul 1980 SA80T5 Video Subt. The relationship of desire, will and love
17 Jul 1980 SA80T6 Video Subt. The ending of sorrow brings love and compassion
20 Jul 1980 SA80T7 Video Subt. Is there anything sacred in life?
23 Jul 1980 SA80Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
24 Jul 1980 SA80Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
25 Jul 1980 SA80Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
26 Jul 1980 SA80Q4 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
27 Jul 1980 SA80Q5 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

12 Jul 1981 SA81T1 Video Subt. What is the nature of our consciousness?
14 Jul 1981 SA81T2 Video Subt. Learning that transforms consciousness
16 Jul 1981 SA81T3 Video Subt. The ending of conflict
19 Jul 1981 SA81T4 Video Subt. Living without images
21 Jul 1981 SA81T5 Video Subt. Can the brain be totally free?
23 Jul 1981 SA81T6 Video Subt. Love and freedom
26 Jul 1981 SA81T7 Video Subt. To live without a shadow of control
29 Jul 1981 SA81Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
30 Jul 1981 SA81Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
31 Jul 1981 SA81Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

11 Jul 1982 SA82T1 Audio Isolation brings conflict
13 Jul 1982 SA82T2 Video Subt. What makes our lives so fragmented?
15 Jul 1982 SA82T3 Video Subt. An intelligence beyond cause
18 Jul 1982 SA82T4 Video Subt. What are we human beings trying to become?
20 Jul 1982 SA82T5 Video Subt. What is it to listen, to learn and to observe?
22 Jul 1982 SA82T6 Video Subt. Meditation and the ending of the self
25 Jul 1982 SA82Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
26 Jul 1982 SA82Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
27 Jul 1982 SA82Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

10 Jul 1983 SA83T1 Video Subt. Is it possible to live in peace?
12 Jul 1983 SA83T2 Video Subt. The function of the brain
14 Jul 1983 SA83T3 Video Subt. Where does one find complete security?
17 Jul 1983 SA83T4 Video Subt. What is supreme intelligence?
19 Jul 1983 SA83T5 Video Subt. Unconditioning the brain cells
21 Jul 1983 SA83T6 Video Subt. Religion and meditation
24 Jul 1983 SA83Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
25 Jul 1983 SA83Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
26 Jul 1983 SA83Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

8 Jul 1984 SA84T1 Video Subt. If all time is now, what is action?
10 Jul 1984 SA84T2 Video Subt. The relationship of health to freedom
12 Jul 1984 SA84T3 Video Subt. Thought and the divisive process
15 Jul 1984 SA84T4 Video Subt. Ending disorder now
17 Jul 1984 SA84T5 Video Subt. Why do we live with unresolved problems?
19 Jul 1984 SA84T6 Video Subt. Living with death and life together
22 Jul 1984 SA84Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
24 Jul 1984 SA84Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
26 Jul 1984 SA84Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

7 Jul 1985 SA85T1 Video Subt. Why does man live in conflict?
10 Jul 1985 SA85T2 Video Subt. To be utterly free of disorder
14 Jul 1985 SA85T3 Video Subt. Seeing self-interest as the root of fear
17 Jul 1985 SA85T4 Video Subt. Beauty is the quiet of the self forgotten
21 Jul 1985 SA85T5 Video Subt. Silence as the ground of the eternal
23 Jul 1985 SA85Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
24 Jul 1985 SA85Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
25 Jul 1985 SA85Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers