Krishnamurti Audio & Video Recordings on YouTube

Public Meetings

20 May 1967 AM67T1 Audio To look without a concept is to be aware of the observer and the thing observed
21 May 1967 AM67T2 Audio Where there is pleasure there is the shadow of pain
24 May 1967 AM67T3 Audio Is it possible to renew the mind?
28 May 1967 AM67T4 Audio Can thought stop?
30 May 1967 AM67T5 Audio It is only a very silent mind that can actually see

11 May 1968 AM68T1 Audio Can one establish a relationship with reality?
12 May 1968 AM68T2 Audio Is it possible to end thought?
18 May 1968 AM68T3 Audio In acting completely there is no fragmentation
19 May 1968 AM68T4 Audio This light in oneself
22 May 1968 AM68T5 Audio The meaning of life

3 May 1969 AM69T1 Audio Why don’t we have the energy to change?
4 May 1969 AM69T2 Audio How is conditioning to be understood?
10 May 1969 AM69T3 Audio In the demand for freedom is fear
11 May 1969 AM69T4 Audio Looking at life, loving and dying as one movement
14 May 1969 AM69T5 Audio What is a religious life?

22 May 1971 AM71T1 Audio Subt. Change without analysis
23 May 1971 AM71T2 Audio Subt. Can one end sorrow?
24 May 1971 AM71T3 Audio Subt. I cannot assume anything about myself
25 May 1971 AM71T4 Audio Subt. What is the meaning of religion?

19 Sep 1981 AM81T1 Video Subt. Thought and time are the root of fear
20 Sep 1981 AM81T2 Video Subt. A religious mind is a very factual mind

30 Jan 1971 BA71T1 Audio Subt. What is fear and what is pleasure?
31 Jan 1971 BA71T2 Audio Subt. How does the observer come into being?

10 Jan 1973 BA73T1 Audio Subt. In the state of attention there is no observer
13 Jan 1973 BA73T2 Audio Subt. Fear, love and death
14 Jan 1973 BA73T3 Audio Subt. A meditative mind is free of all control

5 Jan 1974 BA74T1 Audio What is your mind?
6 Jan 1974 BA74T2 Audio Is there a non-mechanistic behaviour?
12 Jan 1974 BA74T3 Audio Sorrow, love and death
13 Jan 1974 BA74T4 Audio Meditation is concerned with the whole of life

27 Nov 1969 BE69T Audio Why does man perpetuate violence?

3 Feb 1969 BK69T1 Audio Can the mind be free?
4 Feb 1969 BK69T2 Audio Thought sustains fear and pleasure
5 Feb 1969 BK69T3 Audio Life, death and love
6 Feb 1969 BK69T4 Audio True revolution

Bombay (Mumbai)
7 Feb 1971 BO71T1 Audio Subt. To perceive ‘what is’ is the basis of truth
10 Feb 1971 BO71T2 Audio Subt. Direct perception is freedom
14 Feb 1971 BO71T3 Audio Subt. Love is that quality of mind in which there is no division
17 Feb 1971 BO71T4 Audio Subt. A mind in meditation is concerned only with meditation, not with the meditator

19 Jan 1974 BO74T1 Audio Can the human mind radically regenerate?
20 Jan 1974 BO74T2 Audio Can the mind remain with hurt?
26 Jan 1974 BO74T3 Audio Living, love and the meaning of death
27 Jan 1974 BO74T4 Audio Meditation, order and space

21 Jan 1978 BO78T1 Audio Subt. When you change radically it affects all mankind
22 Jan 1978 BO78T2 Audio Subt. Can there be a regeneration of the mind?
28 Jan 1978 BO78T3 Audio Subt. What makes our lives so disorderly and confused?
29 Jan 1978 BO78T4 Audio Subt. Meditation is a flowering that has no motive

24 Jan 1979 BO79T1 Audio Action not based on knowledge
27 Jan 1979 BO79T2 Audio Security not based on thought

16 Jan 1980 BO80T1 Audio A crowded brain is incapable of being free
19 Jan 1980 BO80T2 Audio The tremendous energy of the brain
20 Jan 1980 BO80T3 Audio Learning and desire
27 Jan 1980 BO80T4 Audio Time perpetuates the agony of humanity
30 Jan 1980 BO80T5 Audio Self-centred occupation creates sorrow

23 Jan 1982 BO82T1 Audio Thought limits our lives
24 Jan 1982 BO82T2 Audio Why have we lost relationship with nature and each other?
30 Jan 1982 BO82T3 Audio The movement of fear
31 Jan 1982 BO82T4 Audio Remaining with suffering without thought
6 Feb 1982 BO82T5 Audio Fragmentation, time and death
7 Feb 1982 BO82T6 Audio Without meditation there is no religious mind

22 Jan 1983 BO83T1 Audio Subt. Why do we have problems at all?
23 Jan 1983 BO83T2 Audio Subt. Is it possible to live without a single problem?
29 Jan 1983 BO83T3 Audio Subt. Is there time psychologically?
30 Jan 1983 BO83T4 Audio Subt. A religious mind

4 Feb 1984 BO84T1 Video Subt. A different quality of life
5 Feb 1984 BO84T2 Video Subt. The endless cycle of action and reaction
9 Feb 1984 BO84Q Video Subt. Questions & Answers
11 Feb 1984 BO84T3 Video Subt. The art of living and dying
12 Feb 1984 BO84T4 Video Subt. Love, freedom, goodness, beauty are one

2 Feb 1985 BO85T1 Video Subt. What is our brain?
3 Feb 1985 BO85T2 Video Subt. Thought and time are always together
5 Feb 1985 BO85Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
7 Feb 1985 BO85Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
9 Feb 1985 BO85T3 Video Subt. Sorrow is part of our self-centred activity
10 Feb 1985 BO85T4 Video Subt. Is there a meditation that is not brought about by thought?

Brockwood Park
6 Sep 1969 BR69T1 Audio Subt. Living without resistance
7 Sep 1969 BR69T2 Audio Subt. Why are we not completely aware of the psychological dangers in which we live?
9 Sep 1969 BR69D1 Audio Subt. How am I to become extraordinarily alert?
11 Sep 1969 BR69D2 Audio Subt. Can I live completely without resistance?
13 Sep 1969 BR69T3 Audio Subt. Knowing what love is
14 Sep 1969 BR69T4 Audio Subt. Meditation is the beginning of understanding oneself

5 Sep 1970 BR70T1 Audio Subt. Observing without the ‘me’
6 Sep 1970 BR70T2 Audio Subt. Can one live without psychological effort?
8 Sep 1970 BR70D1 Audio Subt. If one is conforming there is no freedom
10 Sep 1970 BR70D2 Audio Subt. Maturity is freedom from conditioning
12 Sep 1970 BR70T3 Audio Subt. Does a Free Mind Choose?
13 Sep 1970 BR70T4 Audio Subt. Acting without ideas

4 Sep 1971 BR71T1 Audio Subt. Being free of the deepest conditioning
5 Sep 1971 BR71T2 Audio Subt. Action without the authority of the image
7 Sep 1971 BR71D1 Audio Subt. Can I live a harmonious life?
9 Sep 1971 BR71D2 Audio Subt. Can habit end without decision or choice?
11 Sep 1971 BR71T3 Audio Subt. What is the relationship between the pursuit of pleasure and love?
12 Sep 1971 BR71T4 Audio Subt. Meditation is the total release of energy

9 Sep 1972 BR72T1 Audio Subt. Complete freedom from thought
10 Sep 1972 BR72T2 Audio Subt. If I don't change now what will the future be?
12 Sep 1972 BR72D1 Audio Subt. You can learn only if you do not know
14 Sep 1972 BR72D2 Audio The action of intelligence
16 Sep 1972 BR72T3 Audio Subt. If freedom is responsibility, how do I act?
17 Sep 1972 BR72T4 Audio Subt. To come upon the new, thought must be quiet

1 Sep 1973 BR73T1 Audio Subt. Can the fragmented mind be whole?
2 Sep 1973 BR73T2 Audio Subt. Why does the mind always cling to the known?
4 Sep 1973 BR73D1 Audio Subt. The word is you
6 Sep 1973 BR73D2 Audio Subt. Can the movement of the self end?
8 Sep 1973 BR73T3 Audio Subt. To live a life that is whole
9 Sep 1973 BR73T4 Audio Subt. Is there anything truly holy, sacred?

31 Aug 1974 BR74T1 Audio Subt. Can the conditioned mind go beyond itself?
1 Sep 1974 BR74T2 Audio Subt. Is thought a slave to time?
3 Sep 1974 BR74D1 Audio Subt. The place of pleasure
5 Sep 1974 BR74D2 Audio Subt. Is the mind capable of seeing thought?
7 Sep 1974 BR74T3 Audio Subt. Death means a total renewal
8 Sep 1974 BR74T4 Audio Subt. The energy to meet problems

6 Sep 1975 BR75T1 Audio Subt. What is the function of thought?
7 Sep 1975 BR75T2 Audio Subt. Can suffering end totally?
9 Sep 1975 BR75D1 Audio Subt. The action of total awareness
11 Sep 1975 BR75D2 Audio Subt. Do you respond according to an image?
13 Sep 1975 BR75T3 Audio Subt. Is there something with no beginning or end?
14 Sep 1975 BR75T4 Audio Subt. Can we ever perceive truth?

28 Aug 1976 BR76T1 Video Subt. A transformation which implies freedom
29 Aug 1976 BR76T2 Video Subt. Pleasure is a factor of conditioning
31 Aug 1976 BR76D1 Video Subt. How do you observe your fears?
2 Sep 1976 BR76D2 Video Subt. Can thought perceive the whole?
4 Sep 1976 BR76T3 Video Subt. Is psychological time an invention of thought?
5 Sep 1976 BR76T4 Video Subt. Freedom is the first and last step

27 Aug 1977 BR77T1 Video Subt. Is it possible to see the limitation of thought?
28 Aug 1977 BR77T2 Video Subt. What is the function of the brain?
30 Aug 1977 BR77D1 Video Subt. Is there such a thing as love?
1 Sep 1977 BR77D2 Video Subt. Why is your mind chattering?
3 Sep 1977 BR77T3 Video Subt. What is at the very root of sorrow?
4 Sep 1977 BR77T4 Video Subt. Is the flowering of goodness a matter of time?

26 Aug 1978 BR78T1 Video Subt. Can I strip Myself of the Network of Language?
27 Aug 1978 BR78T2 Video Subt. How Is One To Have Complete Order?
29 Aug 1978 BR78D1 Video Subt. Are You Aware of the Structure of Yourself?
31 Aug 1978 BR78D2 Video Subt. Can One Learn Through Relationship?
2 Sep 1978 BR78T3 Video Subt. Understanding and Living Freedom
3 Sep 1978 BR78T4 Video Subt. The Beginning of Meditation

25 Aug 1979 BR79T1 Video Subt. What will make us change?
26 Aug 1979 BR79T2 Video Subt. Is thought the instrument of right action?
28 Aug 1979 BR79Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
30 Aug 1979 BR79Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
1 Sep 1979 BR79T3 Video Subt. Can one know oneself completely?
2 Sep 1979 BR79T4 Video Subt. Meditation, the timeless and love

30 Aug 1980 BR80T1 Video Subt. What is right action in this chaotic world?
31 Aug 1980 BR80T2 Video Subt. Can the brain transform itself?
2 Sep 1980 BR80Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
4 Sep 1980 BR80Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
6 Sep 1980 BR80T3 Video Subt. What is the relationship between the inner and outer confusion?
7 Sep 1980 BR80T4 Video Subt. Religion, death and meditation.

29 Aug 1981 BR81T1 Video Subt. Thought and the problems of our world
30 Aug 1981 BR81T2 Video Subt. Looking at the whole content of consciousness
1 Sep 1981 BR81Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
3 Sep 1981 BR81Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
5 Sep 1981 BR81T3 Video Subt. Knowledge, sorrow, death, and to be free of the content of consciousness
6 Sep 1981 BR81T4 Video Subt. What is meditation?

28 Aug 1982 BR82T1 Video Subt. What can we do in this world?
29 Aug 1982 BR82T2 Video Subt. What has happened to mankind?
31 Aug 1982 BR82Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
2 Sep 1982 BR82Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
4 Sep 1982 BR82T3 Video Subt. The intelligence which brings order and peace
5 Sep 1982 BR82T4 Video Subt. The beauty of death as part of life

27 Aug 1983 BR83T1 Video Subt. How can the brain transform itself?
28 Aug 1983 BR83T2 Video Subt. Only in peace can the human mind be free
30 Aug 1983 BR83Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
1 Sep 1983 BR83Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
3 Sep 1983 BR83T3 Video Subt. Freedom from the self
4 Sep 1983 BR83T4 Video Subt. What kind of brain is needed for meditation?

25 Aug 1984 BR84T1 Video Subt. The cause of conflict in relationship
26 Aug 1984 BR84T2 Video Subt. Looking at fear, that extraordinary jewel
28 Aug 1984 BR84Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
30 Aug 1984 BR84Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
1 Sep 1984 BR84T3 Video Subt. Is it possible to end all sorrow?
2 Sep 1984 BR84T4 Video Subt. The nature, depth and beauty of death

24 Aug 1985 BR85T1 Video Subt. Why do we have so many problems?
25 Aug 1985 BR85T2 Video Subt. The relationship of time and thought to fear
27 Aug 1985 BR85Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
29 Aug 1985 BR85Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
31 Aug 1985 BR85T3 Video Subt. The relationship of freedom to self-interest
1 Sep 1985 BR85T4 Video Subt. The nature of the brain that lives religiously

Calcutta (Kolkata)
20 Nov 1982 CC82T1 Video Subt. Your consciousness is the consciousness of all humanity
21 Nov 1982 CC82T2 Video Subt. Is there a new instrument totally different from thought?
27 Nov 1982 CC82T3 Video Subt. What is the nature and the structure of disorder?
28 Nov 1982 CC82T4 Video Subt. Time, death and meditation

8 Nov 1980 CO80T1 Audio Subt. Life is relationship and action
9 Nov 1980 CO80T2 Audio Subt. The book of life
12 Nov 1980 CO80D Audio Subt. The root of all fear
15 Nov 1980 CO80T3 Audio Subt. What is death?
16 Nov 1980 CO80T4 Audio Subt. What is the magnitude of the mind?

2 May 1961 LO61T1 Audio What is the mind?
4 May 1961 LO61T2 Audio What is thinking?
7 May 1961 LO61T3 Audio Can the mind experience without leaving a residue as memory?
9 May 1961 LO61T4 Audio Why has the mind to be occupied?
11 May 1961 LO61T5 Audio Can the mind free itself from fear?
14 May 1961 LO61T6 Audio Can the mind wipe away entirely the conditioning of centuries?
16 May 1961 LO61T7 Audio What significance has desire?
18 May 1961 LO61T8 Audio Can the mind be free from conflict?
21 May 1961 LO61T9 Audio Time and death
23 May 1961 LO61T10 Audio What is the quality of the mind that is capable of meditation?
25 May 1961 LO61T11 Audio The truly religious mind is not a slave to time
28 May 1961 LO61T12 Audio How is one to understand the totality of suffering?

22 Apr 1965 LO65D1 Audio Can we deal with life as a whole?
26 Apr 1965 LO65D2 Audio Subt. Effort involves dissipation of energy
29 Apr 1965 LO65D3 Audio Subt. Time is disorder
3 May 1965 LO65D4 Audio Subt. Is it possible to live in this world without experiencing?
6 May 1965 LO65D5 Audio Subt. On change and meditation
9 May 1965 LO65D6 Audio Subt. Is it possible to look at fear out of silence?

12 Mar 1969 LO69T1 Audio Looking at violence without the word
16 Mar 1969 LO69T2 Audio Can the mind be free of fear?
20 Mar 1969 LO69T3 Audio A way of living in which there is no division
23 Mar 1969 LO69T4 Audio Meditation and the activity of silence

5 Jun 1982 LO82T1 Audio Subt. Is it possible not to have conflict and not to have images?
6 Jun 1982 LO82T2 Video Subt. Order in consciousness

Madras (Chennai)
28 Dec 1969 MA6970T1 Audio Why is there fragmentation and division?
31 Dec 1969 MA6970T2 Audio Order is the total response to a challenge
2 Jan 1970 MA6970D2 Audio Meeting a challenge anew
4 Jan 1970 MA6970T3 Audio Living, dying and love
6 Jan 1970 MA6970D3 Audio To live in fear is to be asleep
7 Jan 1970 MA6970T4 Audio Meditation concerns the whole of life
30 Dec 1970 MA6970D1 Audio Can the conditioned mind throw off its conditioning?

6 Jan 1971 MA71T1 Audio Conditioning disappears at the moment of attention
10 Jan 1971 MA71T2 Audio Why are we fragmented?
12 Jan 1971 MA71D1 Audio What is the place of memory in daily life?
13 Jan 1971 MA71T3 Audio Attention, meditation and understanding oneself
15 Jan 1971 MA71D2 Audio Burdened with habits we are not capable of awareness

9 Dec 1972 MA72T1 Audio Subt. Can the mind bring about a radical change in itself?
10 Dec 1972 MA72T2 Audio Subt. Observing fear without any movement of thought
12 Dec 1972 MA72D1 Audio Subt. Why does the mind get hurt?
14 Dec 1972 MA72D2 Audio Subt. Meditation, freedom from the known, and suffering
16 Dec 1972 MA72T3 Audio Subt. Freedom, order, love and death
17 Dec 1972 MA72T4 Audio Subt. What is religion, what is truth?

15 Dec 1973 MA73D1 Audio Can the mind free itself from the habit of comparison?
16 Dec 1973 MA73D2 Audio Subt. We are the world and the world is us
18 Dec 1973 MA73T1 Audio Subt. A different quality of mind not bound by thought
20 Dec 1973 MA73D3 Audio Can the brain look at the present without time?
22 Dec 1973 MA73T2 Audio Subt. Living in the past prevents action in the present
23 Dec 1973 MA73T3 Audio Subt. Order is essential for survival
26 Dec 1973 MA73T4 Audio Subt. In meditation there is no direction

7 Dec 1974 MA74T1 Audio Knowledge and envy
8 Dec 1974 MA74T2 Audio Looking at the content of consciousness
10 Dec 1974 MA74D1 Audio Relationship and sleep
12 Dec 1974 MA74D2 Audio Your consciousness is the collective consciousness
14 Dec 1974 MA74T3 Audio Sorrow, passion and death
15 Dec 1974 MA74T4 Audio Meditation is inquiry into the sacred

11 Dec 1976 MA76T1 Audio Relationship without the movement of thought
12 Dec 1976 MA76T2 Audio Looking into the content of consciousness
14 Dec 1976 MA76D1 Audio The observer is the past
16 Dec 1976 MA76D2 Audio Giving all your energy to understand fear
18 Dec 1976 MA76T3 Audio Pleasure and desire
19 Dec 1976 MA76T4 Audio Love, compassion and sorrow
25 Dec 1976 MA76T5 Audio Listening, learning and dying
26 Dec 1976 MA76T6 Audio Religion, meditation and truth

24 Dec 1977 MA7778T1 Audio Why should the brain register hurt?
25 Dec 1977 MA7778T2 Audio Observing the content of consciousness
27 Dec 1977 MA7778D1 Audio Desire in itself is not contradictory
29 Dec 1977 MA7778D2 Audio What are you afraid of?
31 Dec 1977 MA7778T3 Audio What place has knowledge in correct action?
1 Jan 1978 MA7778T4 Audio Fear and pleasure are movements of time
3 Jan 1978 MA7778D3 Audio Discontent with yourself and the world
7 Jan 1978 MA7778T5 Audio The innermost nature of the self is not-a-thing
8 Jan 1978 MA7778T6 Audio Can the brain renew itself?

31 Dec 1978 MA7879T1 Video Subt. Organisations have not saved man
1 Jan 1979 MA7879T2 Video Subt. An action that is not the outcome of thought
6 Jan 1979 MA7879T3 Video Subt. Is freedom a matter of time?
7 Jan 1979 MA7879T4 Video Subt. What brings about disorder in relationship?
9 Jan 1979 MA7879D2 Video Subt. Are we aware of division?
11 Jan 1979 MA7879D3 Video Subt. Can you understand what a religious life is?
13 Jan 1979 MA7879T5 Video Subt. What is a religious mind?
14 Jan 1979 MA7879T6 Video Subt. The movement of meditation

22 Dec 1979 MA7980T1 Audio The flowering of the seed of a million years
23 Dec 1979 MA7980T2 Audio Thought has put together the whole structure of the ‘me’
29 Dec 1979 MA7980T3 Audio Where is security found for the brain?
30 Dec 1979 MA7980T4 Audio A mind living in control, conflict and desire is never free
3 Jan 1980 MA7980D Audio Bringing together all one’s energy to look at a problem
5 Jan 1980 MA7980T5 Audio Why does the mind live in concepts?
6 Jan 1980 MA7980T6 Audio Sorrow, death and meditation

27 Dec 1980 MA8081T1 Video Subt. What is the cause of the present crisis?
28 Dec 1980 MA8081T2 Video Subt. What is our relationship to another?
3 Jan 1981 MA8081T3 Video Subt. Salvaging the brain
4 Jan 1981 MA8081T4 Video Subt. Is there order which thought has never touched?
6 Jan 1981 MA8081Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
10 Jan 1981 MA8081T5 Video Subt. Is thought the cause of the decay of man?
11 Jan 1981 MA8081T6 Video Subt. Can the brain ever be free from the known?
17 Jan 1981 MA8081Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

26 Dec 1981 MA8182T1 Video Subt. How do we psychologically respond to the present condition of the world?
27 Dec 1981 MA8182T2 Video Subt. Why have we become habituated to conflict?
29 Dec 1981 MA8182Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
31 Dec 1981 MA8182Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
2 Jan 1982 MA8182T3 Video Subt. Discovering the causes of disorder
3 Jan 1982 MA8182T4 Video Subt. Fear, pleasure and suffering are one unitary movement
9 Jan 1982 MA8182T5 Video Subt. Can one live a totally integrated life?
10 Jan 1982 MA8182T6 Video Subt. In meditation there is no becoming nor being

25 Dec 1982 MA8283T1 Video Subt. What instrument will solve human problems?
26 Dec 1982 MA8283T2 Video Subt. The mirror of relationship
28 Dec 1982 MA8283Q1 Audio Questions & Answers
30 Dec 1982 MA8283Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
1 Jan 1983 MA8283T3 Video Subt. Psychological time is the cause of conflict
2 Jan 1983 MA8283T4 Video Subt. Remaining with the challenge of sorrow

31 Dec 1983 MA8384T1 Video Subt. Can we radically bring about a change in ourselves?
1 Jan 1984 MA8384T2 Video Subt. What relationship has time to fear?
3 Jan 1984 MA8384Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
5 Jan 1984 MA8384Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
7 Jan 1984 MA8384T3 Video Subt. To live means also to end
8 Jan 1984 MA8384T4 Video Subt. What has religion to do with your daily life?

29 Dec 1984 MA8485T1 Audio Without change won't we destroy ourselves?
1 Jan 1985 MA8485Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
3 Jan 1985 MA8485Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
4 Jan 1985 MA8485T2 Video Subt. Can thought give human beings security?
5 Jan 1985 MA8485T3 Video Subt. The shallowness of a life without passion
6 Jan 1985 MA8485T4 Video Subt. Death is not at the far end of life

28 Dec 1985 MA8586T1 Video Subt. The action with no past or future
1 Jan 1986 MA8586T2 Video Subt. Fear destroys love
4 Jan 1986 MA8586T3 Video Subt. What is creation, the origin, the beginning?

New Delhi
15 Dec 1966 ND66T1 Audio How is a mind so heavily conditioned to be made new?
18 Dec 1966 ND66T2 Audio Time and will have not changed man
22 Dec 1966 ND66T3 Audio Die totally to the past so that the mind is renewed
25 Dec 1966 ND66T4 Audio To bring about a radical transformation demands great energy

19 Nov 1967 ND67T1 Audio Subt. Freedom and love
23 Nov 1967 ND67T2 Audio Being alone means being innocent
26 Nov 1967 ND67T3 Audio Subt. Love is not mechanical
30 Nov 1967 ND67T4 Audio Subt. Intelligence creates its own austerity
3 Dec 1967 ND67T5 Audio Subt. What causes disorder inwardly?

31 Oct 1981 ND81T1 Audio What is the process of thinking?
1 Nov 1981 ND81T2 Audio Can we be free of fear?
7 Nov 1981 ND81T3 Audio Disorder, sorrow, death and love
8 Nov 1981 ND81T4 Audio Meditation is the release of creative energy

New York
17 Apr 1971 NY71T1 Video Subt. To be aware of our past
18 Apr 1971 NY71T2 Video Subt. What you think, you are
24 Apr 1971 NY71T3 Video Subt. Relationship
25 Apr 1971 NY71T4 Video Subt. Can the mind become quiet?

9 Apr 1983 NY83T1 Audio Why are human beings what they are now?
10 Apr 1983 NY83T2 Audio An urgent change

16 Jul 1949 OJ49T1 Audio Subt. Does self-knowledge come through searching?
17 Jul 1949 OJ49T2 Audio Subt. Relationship has significance only when it is a process of self-revelation
23 Jul 1949 OJ49T3 Audio Subt. If we had no belief what would happen to us?
24 Jul 1949 OJ49T4 Audio Simplicity cannot be found unless one is free inwardly
30 Jul 1949 OJ49T5 Audio Subt. How is one to be aware?
31 Jul 1949 OJ49T6 Audio Subt. What is true religion?
6 Aug 1949 OJ49T7 Audio Subt. To understand ‘what is’ there must be no prejudice
7 Aug 1949 OJ49T8 Audio Subt. Experiencing the state of immortality without ideation
13 Aug 1949 OJ49T9 Audio Subt. Ideals and ambition
14 Aug 1949 OJ49T10 Audio Subt. Without self-knowledge there cannot be complete action
20 Aug 1949 OJ49T11 Audio Subt. Why do we want to dominate or be subservient to another?
21 Aug 1949 OJ49T12 Audio Subt. Why do we seek a method or technique?
27 Aug 1949 OJ49T13 Audio Subt. Simplicity comes into being when there is freedom from the desire to achieve
28 Aug 1949 OJ49T14 Audio Subt. Why do we seek?

8 Apr 1972 OJ72T1 Video Subt. What will bring humanity together?
9 Apr 1972 OJ72T2 Video Subt. Order has its own law

7 Apr 1973 OJ73T1 Audio Relationship without image is love
8 Apr 1973 OJ73T2 Audio The meaning of life, pleasure and fear
14 Apr 1973 OJ73T3 Audio Order, love and death
15 Apr 1973 OJ73T4 Audio Religion and meditation

31 Mar 1974 OJ74D1 Audio Subt. Thinking, relationship and fear
7 Apr 1974 OJ74D2 Audio Subt. Meditation, energy and regeneration in consciousness

3 Apr 1976 OJ76T1 Audio Relationships, images and hurt
4 Apr 1976 OJ76T2 Audio Why is thought fragmentary?
6 Apr 1976 OJ76D1 Audio What is the function of learning?
10 Apr 1976 OJ76T3 Audio Fear and the structure of the ‘me’
11 Apr 1976 OJ76T4 Audio Reality, pleasure and sorrow
13 Apr 1976 OJ76D2 Audio What is the correct action in life?
15 Apr 1976 OJ76D3 Audio Correct action in a disintegrating society
17 Apr 1976 OJ76T5 Audio Desire, love and death
18 Apr 1976 OJ76T6 Audio Meditation implies a life of great order

2 Apr 1977 OJ77T1 Video Subt. An intelligence in which there is complete security
3 Apr 1977 OJ77T2 Video Subt. The source of conflict
5 Apr 1977 OJ77D1 Video Subt. How does one transform oneself?
7 Apr 1977 OJ77D2 Video Subt. The relationship of experience and thought
9 Apr 1977 OJ77T3 Video Subt. Can man radically transform himself psychologically?
10 Apr 1977 OJ77T4 Video Subt. The art of listening, seeing, learning and living
12 Apr 1977 OJ77D3 Video Subt. Education and conditioning
14 Apr 1977 OJ77D4 Video Subt. Intellect and intelligence
16 Apr 1977 OJ77T5 Video Subt. Love and death
17 Apr 1977 OJ77T6 Video Subt. What is the significance of meditation?

1 Apr 1978 OJ78T1 Audio Subt. When there is no pressure there is freedom
2 Apr 1978 OJ78T2 Audio Subt. Is it possible to bring about order without the operation of thought?
4 Apr 1978 OJ78D1 Audio Subt. Can the observer come to an end so that there is clarity of perception?
6 Apr 1978 OJ78D2 Audio Subt. Why do we live under pressure?
8 Apr 1978 OJ78T3 Audio Subt. Why does the mechanism of image-making come into being?
9 Apr 1978 OJ78T4 Audio Subt. What is the relationship of thought to desire?
11 Apr 1978 OJ78D3 Audio Subt. What will make you see the danger of conditioning?
13 Apr 1978 OJ78D4 Audio Subt. What is correct action?
15 Apr 1978 OJ78T5 Audio Subt. Is it possible to live, act, without a centre?
16 Apr 1978 OJ78T6 Audio Subt. In meditation there is no observer or the observed

7 Apr 1979 OJ79T1 Video Subt. Living in goodness
8 Apr 1979 OJ79T2 Video Subt. What is the relationship between desire, thought and action?
10 Apr 1979 OJ79D1 Video Subt. Can a conditioned mind free itself?
12 Apr 1979 OJ79D2 Video Subt. Is there a way of living in which self-centred activity ends?
14 Apr 1979 OJ79T3 Video Subt. What is the root of fear?
15 Apr 1979 OJ79T4 Video Subt. The art of observing the book of mankind
17 Apr 1979 OJ79D3 Video Subt. Freedom, love and responsibility
19 Apr 1979 OJ79D4 Video Subt. What is blocking us from change?
21 Apr 1979 OJ79T5 Video Subt. What is disorder in one’s life and what is death?
22 Apr 1979 OJ79T6 Video Subt. Meditation is the ending of all the content of one’s consciousness

3 May 1980 OJ80T1 Video Subt. Can we think together about the crisis we are facing?
4 May 1980 OJ80T2 Video Subt. Observation is the total denial of analysis
6 May 1980 OJ80Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
8 May 1980 OJ80Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
10 May 1980 OJ80T3 Video Subt. Is time necessary to end something psychologically?
11 May 1980 OJ80T4 Video Subt. Desire, attachment and fear
13 May 1980 OJ80Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
15 May 1980 OJ80Q4 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
17 May 1980 OJ80T5 Video Subt. Psychologically we are one unitary movement
18 May 1980 OJ80T6 Video Subt. Action, observation and dying while living

2 May 1981 OJ81T1 Video Subt. What is the root of the crisis in mankind?
3 May 1981 OJ81T2 Video Subt. Life is a movement of relationship
5 May 1981 OJ81Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
7 May 1981 OJ81Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
9 May 1981 OJ81T3 Video Subt. Can thought bring about right action?
10 May 1981 OJ81T4 Video Subt. Do we have the patience to listen to ourselves?
12 May 1981 OJ81Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
14 May 1981 OJ81Q4 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
16 May 1981 OJ81T5 Video Subt. Remaining with sorrow
17 May 1981 OJ81T6 Video Subt. In ending, which is death, is great beauty

1 May 1982 OJ82T1 Video Subt. Are we concerned with total human existence?
2 May 1982 OJ82T2 Video Subt. What is the place of knowledge in our lives?
4 May 1982 OJ82Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
6 May 1982 OJ82Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
8 May 1982 OJ82T3 Video Subt. Can our minds being in disorder create order?
9 May 1982 OJ82T4 Video Subt. What are the causes of human conflict?
11 May 1982 OJ82Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
13 May 1982 OJ82Q4 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
15 May 1982 OJ82T5 Video Subt. Where there is sorrow there is no love
16 May 1982 OJ82T6 Video Subt. Is there anything sacred in life?

14 May 1983 OJ83T1 Video Subt. Thought and knowledge are limited
15 May 1983 OJ83T2 Video Subt. War is a symptom
17 May 1983 OJ83Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
19 May 1983 OJ83Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
21 May 1983 OJ83T3 Video Subt. Ending without any motive
22 May 1983 OJ83T4 Video Subt. To watch without any movement of thought

19 May 1984 OJ84T1 Video Subt. Truth is the catalyst to end conflict
20 May 1984 OJ84T2 Video Subt. What is wrong with pleasure?
22 May 1984 OJ84Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
24 May 1984 OJ84Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
26 May 1984 OJ84T3 Video Subt. Attention is like a fire
27 May 1984 OJ84T4 Video Subt. Is love part of consciousness?

11 May 1985 OJ85T1 Video Subt. Why is our house in disorder?
12 May 1985 OJ85T2 Video Subt. A crisis in our consciousness
14 May 1985 OJ85Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
16 May 1985 OJ85Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
18 May 1985 OJ85T3 Video Subt. Creation is never ending
19 May 1985 OJ85T4 Video Subt. The ending of continuity

10 Apr 1969 PA69T1 Audio Change and fear
13 Apr 1969 PA69T2 Audio Uncovering the content of consciousness
17 Apr 1969 PA69T3 Audio Fear, time and silence
20 Apr 1969 PA69T4 Audio Can we live without division?
24 Apr 1969 PA69T5 Audio A reality of a different dimension

11 Nov 1978 RA78T1 Audio What is the cause of our destructive way of living?
12 Nov 1978 RA78T2 Audio Do you know your life is in disorder?

25 Nov 1981 RA81T1 Audio Thought in relationships brings disorder
26 Nov 1981 RA81T2 Audio Perceiving the whole movement of fear
28 Nov 1981 RA81Q Audio Question & answer meeting
29 Nov 1981 RA81T3 Audio Understanding the nature of meditation

11 Nov 1984 RA84T1 Video Subt. What is the significance of our daily life?
12 Nov 1984 RA84T2 Video Subt. A religious mind has great sense of beauty
24 Nov 1984 RA84T3 Audio Unless you radically change now the future is what you are now
25 Nov 1984 RA84T4 Audio What place has thought in the movement of desire?

18 Nov 1985 RA85T1 Video Subt. Whatever you think, you are
19 Nov 1985 RA85T2 Video Subt. All time is contained now
21 Nov 1985 RA85D Video Subt. Why do we divide the spiritual and the mundane?
22 Nov 1985 RA85T3 Video Subt. As long as there is a meditator, there is no meditation.

4 Nov 1969 RO69T Audio What is one to do confronted with deterioration in the world?

31 Oct 1971 RO71T Audio How is man to change?

28 Oct 1973 RO73T Audio When the mind realises the observer is the observed

25 Jul 1961 SA61T1 Audio Subt. How do we meet life?
27 Jul 1961 SA61T2 Audio Subt. To see something totally, the brain must be quiet
30 Jul 1961 SA61T3 Audio Subt. Why are we in such conflict?
1 Aug 1961 SA61T4 Audio Subt. There is no learning, there is only seeing
3 Aug 1961 SA61T5 Audio Subt. Self-knowing is the beginning of meditation
6 Aug 1961 SA61T6 Audio Subt. Time does not wipe away sorrow
8 Aug 1961 SA61T7 Audio Subt. An attentive mind is without conflict, therefore free
10 Aug 1961 SA61T8 Audio Subt. To die implies having no continuity of thought
13 Aug 1961 SA61T9 Audio Subt. It is only the religious mind that can be in a state of creation

22 Jul 1962 SA62T1 Audio Subt. We can listen only when there is no motive
24 Jul 1962 SA62T2 Audio Subt. An intensely awake mind does not need experience
26 Jul 1962 SA62T3 Audio Subt. Is it possible to be free of influence?
29 Jul 1962 SA62T4 Audio Subt. Conflict wears the mind
31 Jul 1962 SA62T5 Audio Subt. Seeing the whole mechanism of habit is the essence of freedom
2 Aug 1962 SA62T6 Audio Subt. Emptying the mind of fear
5 Aug 1962 SA62T7 Audio Subt. The ending of sorrow and the intensity of passion
7 Aug 1962 SA62T8 Audio Subt. Death is creation
9 Aug 1962 SA62T9 Audio Subt. Meditation is an extraordinary thing that demands no effort
12 Aug 1962 SA62T10 Audio Subt. Freedom implies the total emptying of the mind of the known

11 Jul 1965 SA65T1 Audio Subt. How is the mind to see the totality of existence?
13 Jul 1965 SA65T2 Audio Subt. Problems exist as long as there is self-image
15 Jul 1965 SA65T3 Audio Subt. Change can take place only when there is no conscious effort
18 Jul 1965 SA65T4 Audio Subt. Freedom, space and order
20 Jul 1965 SA65T5 Audio Subt. A mind in a state of complete negation
22 Jul 1965 SA65T6 Audio Subt. Can conformity come to an end?
25 Jul 1965 SA65T7 Audio Subt. Ending sorrow needs a very clear, simple mind
27 Jul 1965 SA65T8 Audio Subt. Love and death are something unknown
29 Jul 1965 SA65T9 Audio Subt. Why do we deteriorate?
1 Aug 1965 SA65T10 Audio Subt. Sacredness is the essence of religion
4 Aug 1965 SA65D1 Audio Subt. What is the state of mind that learns?
5 Aug 1965 SA65D2 Audio Subt. The mind can be clear only in negation
6 Aug 1965 SA65D3 Audio Subt. In negation is action
7 Aug 1965 SA65D4 Audio Subt. What does it mean to live in the now?
8 Aug 1965 SA65D5 Audio Subt. Understanding meditation
9 Aug 1965 SA65D6 Audio Subt. This movement of life in which there is death
10 Aug 1965 SA65D7 Audio Subt. Only a fresh mind can create a new society

7 Jul 1968 SA68T1 Audio What is the essential issue in life?
9 Jul 1968 SA68T2 Audio No system will help man be free
11 Jul 1968 SA68T3 Audio Freedom, systems and conditioning
14 Jul 1968 SA68T4 Audio Looking at conditioning without distortion
16 Jul 1968 SA68T5 Audio Living is the beauty of action and love
18 Jul 1968 SA68T6 Audio Pleasure, love, beauty and loneliness
21 Jul 1968 SA68T7 Audio The ending of fear
23 Jul 1968 SA68T8 Audio Looking at sorrow with the complete abandonment of silence
25 Jul 1968 SA68T9 Audio Meditation is the understanding of the nature of life
28 Jul 1968 SA68T10 Audio A religious life
31 Jul 1968 SA68D1 Audio Can I look out of silence at my contradictory life?
1 Aug 1968 SA68D2 Audio Looking at oneself without words, images or pride
2 Aug 1968 SA68D3 Audio Why have we neglected the world of mind and spirit?
3 Aug 1968 SA68D4 Audio Can man go beyond his own limitation?
4 Aug 1968 SA68D5 Audio Why do we seek and what is there to seek?
5 Aug 1968 SA68D6 Audio True action
6 Aug 1968 SA68D7 Audio Is it possible to see with love?

18 Jul 1971 SA71T1 Audio Subt. What is your deep interest in life?
20 Jul 1971 SA71T2 Audio Subt. How is one to bring about order in oneself without any conflict?
22 Jul 1971 SA71T3 Audio Subt. Looking at oneself without division
25 Jul 1971 SA71T4 Audio Subt. What is right relationship?
27 Jul 1971 SA71T5 Audio Subt. Can the mind be completely free of any distorting factor?
29 Jul 1971 SA71T6 Audio Subt. Does having concepts waste energy?
1 Aug 1971 SA71T7 Audio Subt. What is the relationship between thought and intelligence?
4 Aug 1971 SA71D1 Audio Subt. Knowing the content of my consciousness
5 Aug 1971 SA71D2 Audio Subt. The old must be silent to discover the new
6 Aug 1971 SA71D3 Audio Subt. Harmony of the mind, heart and body
7 Aug 1971 SA71D4 Audio Subt. Thinking about the future breeds fear
8 Aug 1971 SA71D5 Audio Subt. Images prevent relationship
9 Aug 1971 SA71D6 Audio Subt. How are we going to teach our children?
10 Aug 1971 SA71D7 Audio Subt. What is a religious life?

16 Jul 1972 SA72T1 Audio Subt. Can I see wholly?
18 Jul 1972 SA72T2 Audio Subt. What is it to be creative?
20 Jul 1972 SA72T3 Audio Subt. Thought and its limitations
23 Jul 1972 SA72T4 Audio Subt. Can the mind be totally unconditioned?
25 Jul 1972 SA72T5 Audio Subt. Will the discovery of the cause of suffering end it?
27 Jul 1972 SA72T6 Audio Subt. Pleasure, joy and death
30 Jul 1972 SA72T7 Audio Subt. Religion and meditation
2 Aug 1972 SA72D1 Audio Subt. The observer and the observed
3 Aug 1972 SA72D2 Audio Subt. The problem of existence
4 Aug 1972 SA72D3 Audio Subt. Total attention
5 Aug 1972 SA72D4 Audio Subt. Fragmentary action and total action
6 Aug 1972 SA72D5 Audio Conclusions prevent looking
7 Aug 1972 SA72D6 Audio Subt. The sacred in life
8 Aug 1972 SA72D7 Audio Subt. Are you aware of your conditioning?

15 Jul 1973 SA73T1 Audio Subt. Can the mind change radically outside of time?
17 Jul 1973 SA73T2 Audio Subt. Can the mind choicelessly see its conditioning?
19 Jul 1973 SA73T3 Audio Subt. Can thought explore consciousness?
22 Jul 1973 SA73T4 Audio Subt. Can thought reveal the meaning of life?
24 Jul 1973 SA73T5 Audio Subt. What is the action of total inaction?
26 Jul 1973 SA73T6 Audio Subt. Can death be brought into the field of the known?
29 Jul 1973 SA73T7 Audio Subt. What is religion and what is meditation?
1 Aug 1973 SA73D1 Audio How does one observe?
2 Aug 1973 SA73D2 Audio Subt. Choice, will and action
3 Aug 1973 SA73D3 Audio Subt. Relationship without dependence
4 Aug 1973 SA73D4 Audio Subt. Fear is a destructive poison
5 Aug 1973 SA73D5 Audio Subt. Are you aware?
6 Aug 1973 SA73D6 Audio Subt. Are life and death two separate things?
7 Aug 1973 SA73D7 Audio Subt. Where there is intelligence there is order

14 Jul 1974 SA74T1 Audio Subt. What is the operation of thought?
16 Jul 1974 SA74T2 Audio Subt. Is there energy not based on idea or ideology?
18 Jul 1974 SA74T3 Audio Subt. Does thought bring order?
21 Jul 1974 SA74T4 Audio Subt. Can the mind not be a slave to knowledge?
23 Jul 1974 SA74T5 Audio Wisdom comes through the understanding of suffering
25 Jul 1974 SA74T6 Audio Are you seeking security in a concept?
28 Jul 1974 SA74T7 Audio Meditation is to discover an area in which there is no movement of thought
31 Jul 1974 SA74D1 Audio Subt. Thought is not the instrument of change
1 Aug 1974 SA74D2 Audio Subt. Why is the mind attached?
2 Aug 1974 SA74D3 Audio Subt. What is our responsibility?
3 Aug 1974 SA74D4 Audio What is the relationship between attention and lack of attention?
4 Aug 1974 SA74D5 Audio What is a chaste mind?

13 Jul 1975 SA75T1 Audio Reality and truth
15 Jul 1975 SA75T2 Audio Can love exist in the field of reality?
17 Jul 1975 SA75T3 Audio Is there suffering when there is no attachment?
20 Jul 1975 SA75T4 Audio Time, action and fear
22 Jul 1975 SA75T5 Audio Freedom, pleasure and joy
24 Jul 1975 SA75T6 Audio Can one living in the world of reality end selfishness?
27 Jul 1975 SA75T7 Audio The quality of energy which comes about through meditation
30 Jul 1975 SA75D1 Audio Stepping out of the stream of selfishness
31 Jul 1975 SA75D2 Audio Thought and the centre
1 Aug 1975 SA75D3 Audio What is the relationship between truth and reality?
2 Aug 1975 SA75D4 Audio Responsibility and meditation
3 Aug 1975 SA75D5 Audio Space, love and compassion

11 Jul 1976 SA76T1 Audio What will change a human being?
13 Jul 1976 SA76T2 Video Subt. Observation and fear
15 Jul 1976 SA76T3 Video Subt. The impediments to radical transformation
18 Jul 1976 SA76T4 Video Subt. Can the content of consciousness free itself?
20 Jul 1976 SA76T5 Video Subt. Suffering and love
22 Jul 1976 SA76T6 Video Subt. Can attachment, belief, experience, knowledge, end now?
25 Jul 1976 SA76T7 Video Subt. When you are a light to yourself you are a light to the world
28 Jul 1976 SA76D1 Video Subt. Why should we get hurt?
29 Jul 1976 SA76D2 Video Subt. How does understanding take place?
30 Jul 1976 SA76D3 Video Subt. Judgement and death
31 Jul 1976 SA76D4 Video Subt. On being a light to oneself
1 Aug 1976 SA76D5 Video Subt. Is there thinking without the word?

10 Jul 1977 SA77T1 Video Subt. What are we seeking?
12 Jul 1977 SA77T2 Video Subt. Is there security in psychological authority?
14 Jul 1977 SA77T3 Video Subt. What is the relationship of clarity to compassion?
17 Jul 1977 SA77T4 Video Subt. Does compassion flower in the field of desire?
19 Jul 1977 SA77T5 Video Subt. Is there an action which is without cause and motive?
21 Jul 1977 SA77T6 Video Subt. What is it to observe holistically?
24 Jul 1977 SA77T7 Video Subt. A movement which is timeless
27 Jul 1977 SA77D1 Video Subt. What it means to be totally aware
28 Jul 1977 SA77D2 Video Subt. Motive prevents observation
29 Jul 1977 SA77D3 Video Subt. Education, meditation and death
30 Jul 1977 SA77D4 Video Subt. Facts, reality and truth
31 Jul 1977 SA77D5 Video Subt. Relationship and intelligence

9 Jul 1978 SA78T1 Video Subt. The structure of self-centred concern
11 Jul 1978 SA78T2 Video Subt. The identification of thought
13 Jul 1978 SA78T3 Video Subt. The limitation of thought
16 Jul 1978 SA78T4 Video Subt. Is thought necessary in relationship?
18 Jul 1978 SA78T5 Video Subt. Is love a movement of time and thought?
20 Jul 1978 SA78T6 Video Subt. Can consciousness go beyond itself?
23 Jul 1978 SA78T7 Video Subt. If you are not occupied, are you nothing?
26 Jul 1978 SA78D1 Video Subt. Can the drive of selfishness end?
27 Jul 1978 SA78D2 Video Subt. What will make a human being change?
28 Jul 1978 SA78D3 Video Subt. Can time end?
29 Jul 1978 SA78D4 Video Subt. Constant effort damages the brain
30 Jul 1978 SA78D5 Video Subt. Order in oneself

8 Jul 1979 SA79T1 Video Subt. Is there a way out of the crisis in the world?
10 Jul 1979 SA79T2 Video Subt. Can we together create a good society?
12 Jul 1979 SA79T3 Video Subt. Is there security at all psychologically?
15 Jul 1979 SA79T4 Video Subt. Can goodness, love and truth be born of discipline?
17 Jul 1979 SA79T5 Video Subt. Are desire and time responsible for fear?
19 Jul 1979 SA79T6 Video Subt. Intelligence, love, and compassion
22 Jul 1979 SA79T7 Video Subt. In total silence the mind comes upon the eternal
25 Jul 1979 SA79D1 Video Subt. Is there an action that doesn't bring sorrow?
26 Jul 1979 SA79D2 Video Subt. Finding out what love is
27 Jul 1979 SA79D3 Video Subt. Meditation is giving thought its right place
28 Jul 1979 SA79D4 Video Subt. What is the central issue of our life?
29 Jul 1979 SA79D5 Video Subt. How can we bring about a good society?

6 Jul 1980 SA80T1 Video Subt. Why is there such chaos in the world?
8 Jul 1980 SA80T2 Video Subt. The movement of thought and becoming
10 Jul 1980 SA80T3 Video Subt. Action that is always correct
13 Jul 1980 SA80T4 Video Subt. Breaking the pattern of conditioning
15 Jul 1980 SA80T5 Video Subt. The relationship of desire, will and love
17 Jul 1980 SA80T6 Video Subt. The ending of sorrow brings love and compassion
20 Jul 1980 SA80T7 Video Subt. Is there anything sacred in life?
23 Jul 1980 SA80Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
24 Jul 1980 SA80Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
25 Jul 1980 SA80Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
26 Jul 1980 SA80Q4 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
27 Jul 1980 SA80Q5 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

12 Jul 1981 SA81T1 Video Subt. What is the nature of our consciousness?
14 Jul 1981 SA81T2 Video Subt. Learning that transforms consciousness
16 Jul 1981 SA81T3 Video Subt. The ending of conflict
19 Jul 1981 SA81T4 Video Subt. Living without images
21 Jul 1981 SA81T5 Video Subt. Can the brain be totally free?
23 Jul 1981 SA81T6 Video Subt. Love and freedom
26 Jul 1981 SA81T7 Video Subt. To live without a shadow of control
29 Jul 1981 SA81Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
30 Jul 1981 SA81Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
31 Jul 1981 SA81Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

11 Jul 1982 SA82T1 Audio Isolation brings conflict
13 Jul 1982 SA82T2 Video Subt. What makes our lives so fragmented?
15 Jul 1982 SA82T3 Video Subt. An intelligence beyond cause
18 Jul 1982 SA82T4 Video Subt. What are we human beings trying to become?
20 Jul 1982 SA82T5 Video Subt. What is it to listen, to learn and to observe?
22 Jul 1982 SA82T6 Video Subt. Meditation and the ending of the self
25 Jul 1982 SA82Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
26 Jul 1982 SA82Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
27 Jul 1982 SA82Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

10 Jul 1983 SA83T1 Video Subt. Is it possible to live in peace?
12 Jul 1983 SA83T2 Video Subt. The function of the brain
14 Jul 1983 SA83T3 Video Subt. Where does one find complete security?
17 Jul 1983 SA83T4 Video Subt. What is supreme intelligence?
19 Jul 1983 SA83T5 Video Subt. Unconditioning the brain cells
21 Jul 1983 SA83T6 Video Subt. Religion and meditation
24 Jul 1983 SA83Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
25 Jul 1983 SA83Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
26 Jul 1983 SA83Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

8 Jul 1984 SA84T1 Video Subt. If all time is now, what is action?
10 Jul 1984 SA84T2 Video Subt. The relationship of health to freedom
12 Jul 1984 SA84T3 Video Subt. Thought and the divisive process
15 Jul 1984 SA84T4 Video Subt. Ending disorder now
17 Jul 1984 SA84T5 Video Subt. Why do we live with unresolved problems?
19 Jul 1984 SA84T6 Video Subt. Living with death and life together
22 Jul 1984 SA84Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
24 Jul 1984 SA84Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
26 Jul 1984 SA84Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

7 Jul 1985 SA85T1 Video Subt. Why does man live in conflict?
10 Jul 1985 SA85T2 Video Subt. To be utterly free of disorder
14 Jul 1985 SA85T3 Video Subt. Seeing self-interest as the root of fear
17 Jul 1985 SA85T4 Video Subt. Beauty is the quiet of the self forgotten
21 Jul 1985 SA85T5 Video Subt. Silence as the ground of the eternal
23 Jul 1985 SA85Q1 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
24 Jul 1985 SA85Q2 Video Subt. Questions & Answers
25 Jul 1985 SA85Q3 Video Subt. Questions & Answers

San Diego
5 Apr 1970 SD70T1 Video Subt. How does one learn about oneself?
6 Apr 1970 SD70T2 Video Subt. Can the human mind be completely free of fear?
7 Apr 1970 SD70T3 Video Subt. Understanding meditation requires order
9 Apr 1970 SD70T4 Video Subt. What is meditation?

San Francisco
10 Mar 1973 SF73T1 Audio Knowledge in relationship creates division
11 Mar 1973 SF73T2 Audio What is the place of thought?
17 Mar 1973 SF73T3 Audio Suffering, love and freedom from death
18 Mar 1973 SF73T4 Audio Total negation of the self

20 Mar 1975 SF75T1 Audio Freedom is necessary to investigate into oneself
22 Mar 1975 SF75T2 Audio What is the relationship of knowledge to transformation?
23 Mar 1975 SF75T3 Audio Why have we not been able to resolve suffering?
25 Mar 1975 SF75T4 Audio The art of meditation

30 Apr 1983 SF83T1 Audio Subt. Can disorder in our lives end?
1 May 1983 SF83T2 Audio Subt. When the brain is totally unconditioned, the mind is religious

5 May 1984 SF84T1 Audio Why are we in conflict?
6 May 1984 SF84T2 Audio Fear, sorrow, death and meditation

Santa Monica
18 Mar 1972 SM72T1 Video Subt. To act instantly is to see actually ‘what is’
19 Mar 1972 SM72T2 Video Subt. Is there a total action which will be sane in an insane world?
25 Mar 1972 SM72T3 Video Subt. In freedom there is order
26 Mar 1972 SM72T4 Video Subt. A different kind of energy

United Nations
11 Apr 1985 UN85T Video Subt. Why can't man live peacefully on the earth?

Washington DC
20 Apr 1985 WA85T1 Video Subt. In the present is the whole of time
21 Apr 1985 WA85T2 Video Subt. At the end of sorrow is passion

Conversations and Seminars

24 May 1967 AM67DYP1 Audio What does it mean to be totally free?
28 May 1967 AM67DYP2 Audio When one observes a fact without knowledge then one can learn
31 May 1967 AM67DYP3 Audio Is there such thing as free will?

14 May 1968 AM68DYP1 Audio When I say I must know myself, what is ‘myself’?
16 May 1968 AM68DYP2 Audio To change without effort
21 May 1968 AM68DYP3 Audio Thought operates in the present having its root in the past
23 May 1968 AM68DYP4 Audio It is only in freedom that there can be love

20 May 1968 AM68I Audio Interview by a Rosicrucian group

6 May 1969 AM69DYP1 Audio Can I live harmoniously?
8 May 1969 AM69DYP2 Audio What am I to watch when all is me?
13 May 1969 AM69DYP3 Audio Learning has nothing to do with criticism or experiencing
15 May 1969 AM69DYP4 Audio Thought is a movement in fear and pleasure

26 May 1971 AM71DYP Audio Subt. What is the root of isolation?

1 Feb 1971 BA71DSG Audio Can the past be wiped away through effort?

11 Jan 1973 BA73DSG1 Audio What is the function of thought in life?
12 Jan 1973 BA73DSG2 Audio Where there is division, there must be conflict

10 Jan 1974 BA74DT Audio A relationship where teacher and taught don’t exist

9 Jan 1974 BA74S Audio Is it possible for the mind not to be hurt?

10 Jan 1975 BA75DSG Audio Education and the transformation of consciousness

Bombay (Mumbai)
7 Feb 1984 BO84IIT Video Subt. What place has knowledge in human relationship?

Brockwood Park
22 Jun 1969 BR69DSG Audio The central cause of all conflict

28 Sep 1969 BR69DSS1 Audio Freedom, peace and compassion
1 Oct 1969 BR69DSS2 Audio How do we awaken intelligence?
4 Oct 1969 BR69DSS3 Audio Living without harming
5 Oct 1969 BR69DSS4 Audio An awareness in which ‘to be’ is non-existent
7 Oct 1969 BR69DSS5 Audio Authority, freedom, intelligence and responsibility
12 Oct 1969 BR69DSS6 Audio There is no prejudice in awareness
19 Oct 1969 BR69DSS7 Audio At what time should we go to bed?
21 Oct 1969 BR69DSS8 Audio Do you know that society and friends influence you?
23 Oct 1969 BR69DSS9 Audio Do you see the danger of fragmentation?
25 Oct 1969 BR69DSS10 Audio Pleasure, fear and love

5 Oct 1970 BR70IWT Audio Interview by Wilfred Thomas

6 Jun 1970 BR70S1 Video Subt. Violence and the ‘me’
7 Jun 1970 BR70S2 Audio Subt. Is there a living in which there is no violence?
13 Jun 1970 BR70S3 Audio Subt. When there is complete attention thought does not interfere
14 Jun 1970 BR70S4 Audio Subt. Can a mind in contradiction know what harmony is?
20 Jun 1970 BR70S5 Audio Subt. Can a divided mind perceive the wholeness of life?
21 Jun 1970 BR70S6 Audio Subt. What is the quality of the mind that has seen the effects of division?

16 Sep 1971 BR71DT1 Audio Creating a good mind
18 Sep 1971 BR71DT2 Audio Action and intelligence

7 Oct 1972 BR72CB Audio Subt. On intelligence

21 May 1972 BR72DSS1.01 Audio Subt. Are you revolutionary?
23 May 1972 BR72DSS1.02 Audio Subt. You can live without an image
1 Jun 1972 BR72DSS1.03 Audio Subt. The trap of mediocrity
4 Jun 1972 BR72DSS1.04 Audio Subt. Refreshing the mind
8 Jun 1972 BR72DSS1.05 Audio Subt. Prejudice
11 Jun 1972 BR72DSS1.06 Audio Subt. What am I?
15 Jun 1972 BR72DSS1.07 Audio Subt. Fragmentation
18 Jun 1972 BR72DSS1.08 Audio Subt. Seeing a fact together
22 Jun 1972 BR72DSS1.09 Audio Subt. The danger of hurts
25 Jun 1972 BR72DSS1.10 Audio Subt. Love and beauty

26 Sep 1972 BR72DSS2.1 Audio Subt. Why Brockwood exists
29 Sep 1972 BR72DSS2.2 Audio Subt. Division is deadly
1 Oct 1972 BR72DSS2.3 Audio Subt. Communication without the blockage of images
6 Oct 1972 BR72DSS2.4 Audio Subt. Is life a battle?
8 Oct 1972 BR72DSS2.5 Audio Subt. Fear of death
10 Oct 1972 BR72DSS2.6 Audio Subt. What is your responsibility in a sick society?
13 Oct 1972 BR72DSS2.7 Audio Subt. Listening without resistance

26 May 1972 BR72DT1.1 Audio Subt. The fountain of sanity
7 Jun 1972 BR72DT1.2 Audio Subt. Do we collectively feel responsibility?

22 Sep 1972 BR72DT2.0 Audio Subt. A flame of seriousness

29 Sep 1973 BR73DSG1 Audio Subt. We can only learn about ourselves in the mirror of relationship
30 Sep 1973 BR73DSG2 Audio Subt. The brain trying to find security creates the image
6 Oct 1973 BR73DSG3 Audio Subt. Duality, envy and sorrow
7 Oct 1973 BR73DSG4 Audio Subt. Meditation, control, belief and not knowing

7 Feb 1973 BR73DSS Audio Subt. Don’t be smothered by the world

21 May 1973 BR73DT1.2 Audio Unconditioning yourself and the student while teaching
25 May 1973 BR73DT1.3 Audio The place of knowledge
1 Jun 1973 BR73DT1.4 Audio Sanity in an insane world

14 Oct 1974 BR74S1 Audio Preparatory meeting (without Krishnamurti)
14 Oct 1974 BR74S2 Audio Subt. Modern physics and Eastern mysticism, the self and seeing
14 Oct 1974 BR74S3 Audio Subt. Defining being human, compassion, feeling special
15 Oct 1974 BR74S4 Audio Subt. The brain, images in relationship, yoga
15 Oct 1974 BR74S5 Audio Subt. Transformation, feeling responsible, being attached
16 Oct 1974 BR74S6 Audio Subt. Dreaming, meditation and laziness
17 Oct 1974 BR74S7 Audio Subt. The brain, meditation, compassion in science
17 Oct 1974 BR74S8 Audio Subt. Alternative medicine and holism
18 Oct 1974 BR74S9 Audio Subt. The immeasurable, non-verbal communication, love, Krishnamurti’s youth
18 Oct 1974 BR74S10 Audio Subt. The masters, Krishnamurti, meditation and silence
19 Oct 1974 BR74S11 Audio Subt. Meditation, death, the mind when the self is not
19 Oct 1974 BR74S12 Audio Subt. Cooperation and action not based on ideals

5 May 1975 BR75DSS1.01 Audio Subt. Freedom to learn
9 May 1975 BR75DSS1.02 Audio Subt. Authority and influence
11 May 1975 BR75DSS1.03 Audio Subt. What is the most important thing in life?
15 May 1975 BR75DSS1.04 Audio Subt. Excellence
18 May 1975 BR75DSS1.05 Audio Subt. Like and dislike
22 May 1975 BR75DSS1.06 Audio Subt. Meditation and yoga
25 May 1975 BR75DSS1.07 Audio Subt. Thinking
29 May 1975 BR75DSS1.08 Audio Subt. The untidy mind
1 Jun 1975 BR75DSS1.09 Audio Subt. What silence is
3 Jun 1975 BR75DSS1.10 Audio Subt. Death and ending
12 Jun 1975 BR75DSS1.11 Audio Subt. What will change man?
15 Jun 1975 BR75DSS1.12 Audio Subt. The superficial mind
19 Jun 1975 BR75DSS1.13 Audio Subt. Respect
22 Jun 1975 BR75DSS1.14 Audio Subt. The whole content of my consciousness is me
26 Jun 1975 BR75DSS1.15 Audio Subt. Knowledge does not change man

17 May 1976 BR76CTM1 Video Subt. Are we aware that we are fragmented?
18 May 1976 BR76CTM2 Video Subt. A mechanical way of living leads to disorder
18 May 1976 BR76CTM3 Video Subt. Can I completely change at the very root?
19 May 1976 BR76CTM4 Video Subt. In aloneness you can be completely secure
19 May 1976 BR76CTM5 Video Subt. Your image of yourself prevents relationship
20 May 1976 BR76CTM6 Video Subt. Images and consciousness
20 May 1976 BR76CTM7 Video Subt. Life is sacred
21 May 1976 BR76CTM0 Video Subt. Introduction to 'The transformation of man' series

26 Sep 1976 BR76DSS2.1 Video Subt. Acting without contradiction
30 Sep 1976 BR76DSS2.2 Video Subt. Is there a different way of helping the student to learn?
3 Oct 1976 BR76DSS2.3 Video Subt. What is love?
8 Oct 1976 BR76DSS2.4 Video Subt. If you radically, psychologically change, you affect the consciousness of the world
10 Oct 1976 BR76DSS2.5 Video Subt. Inward flowering
14 Oct 1976 BR76DSS2.6 Video Subt. Can the constant movement of thought come to an end?

9 Sep 1976 BR76DT1 Video Subt. What is my relationship with the students?
11 Sep 1976 BR76DT2 Video Subt. How do you bring about order without authority?
16 Sep 1976 BR76DT3 Video Subt. In the ending of violence is the flowering of intelligence
18 Sep 1976 BR76DT4 Video Subt. Intelligence is to see something very clearly and act instantly
20 Sep 1976 BR76DT5 Video Subt. Investigating fear
24 Sep 1976 BR76DT6 Video Subt. Do we see the importance of the radical transformation of the human mind?

29 Aug 1977 BR77DSG Audio Subt. Small Group Discussion - What is preventing change?

24 Jan 1977 BR77DSS1.1 Video Subt. Sex, money, power and relationship
28 Jan 1977 BR77DSS1.2 Video Subt. Order, influence, intelligence and watching

24 Sep 1977 BR77DSS2.1 Video Subt. What is the common factor amongst all of us?
2 Oct 1977 BR77DSS2.2 Video Subt. Are you aware that you are conditioned?
6 Oct 1977 BR77DSS2.3 Video Subt. Freedom, authority and responsibility
9 Oct 1977 BR77DSS2.4 Video Subt. Why does the brain register?
13 Oct 1977 BR77DSS2.5 Video Subt. Is there a way of living with no shadow of fear?
16 Oct 1977 BR77DSS2.6 Video Subt. The difference between duty and responsibility
23 Oct 1977 BR77DSS2.7 Video Subt. The importance of living a life that is whole, not fragmented
30 Oct 1977 BR77DSS2.8 Video Subt. Can the brain be aware of its movement of accumulation?

22 Jun 1978 BR7879CBS1 Video Subt. Are you not saying what the Buddha said?
23 Jun 1978 BR7879CBS2 Video Subt. Is there a state of mind without the self?
23 Jun 1978 BR7879CBS3 Video Subt. Does free will exist?
28 Jun 1979 BR7879CBS4 Video Subt. What is truth?
28 Jun 1979 BR7879CBS5 Video Subt. Is there life after death?

11 Jun 1978 BR78CPJ1 Audio Subt. Has there been a radical change in Krishnamurti’s teaching?
12 Jun 1978 BR78CPJ2 Audio Subt. Thought cannot fundamentally perceive or comprehend the totality of consciousness

9 May 1978 BR78DSS1.1 Video Subt. Can you give equal importance to all the things in your life?
14 May 1978 BR78DSS1.2 Video Subt. Can thought bring about a life that is totally harmonious?
21 May 1978 BR78DSS1.3 Video Subt. What is the essence of relationship?
28 May 1978 BR78DSS1.4 Video Subt. Can you learn about yourself totally independently from others?
19 Jun 1978 BR78DSS1.5 Video Subt. Why do we make sex into a problem?

1 Oct 1978 BR78DSS2.1 Video Subt. Is there an awakening of intelligence in you?
15 Oct 1978 BR78DSS2.2 Video Subt. Intelligence is not personal
22 Oct 1978 BR78DSS2.3 Video Subt. Desire
29 Oct 1978 BR78DSS2.4 Video Subt. The flame of discontent

20 Oct 1978 BR78DT1 Video Subt. What is intelligent action?

12 Sep 1978 BR78S1 Video Subt. The art of questioning
13 Sep 1978 BR78S2 Video Subt. Is it possible never to be hurt?
14 Sep 1978 BR78S3 Video Subt. Can you face the fact that you are absolutely nothing?
16 Sep 1978 BR78S4 Video Subt. Observing fear as it happens
17 Sep 1978 BR78S5 Video Subt. Pain is the reaction to attachment
18 Sep 1978 BR78S6 Video Subt. Can I be a light globally?
19 Sep 1978 BR78S7 Video Subt. What is it that flowers?

28 Sep 1979 BR79CJLD1 Video Subt. Thought and observation
28 Sep 1979 BR79CJLD2 Video Subt. Why do we get educated?

20 May 1979 BR79DSS1.1 Audio Subt. Preoccupation and security
27 May 1979 BR79DSS1.2 Video Subt. On being good
3 Jun 1979 BR79DSS1.3 Audio Subt. What has man made of himself psychologically?
10 Jun 1979 BR79DSS1.4 Audio Subt. What is the purpose of life?
17 Jun 1979 BR79DSS1.5 Video Subt. Why is the mind always occupied?
24 Jun 1979 BR79DSS1.6 Video Subt. Thinking together

30 Sep 1979 BR79DSS2.1 Video Subt. Freedom and responsibility
7 Oct 1979 BR79DSS2.2 Video Subt. What does it mean to live an intelligent life?

17 Jun 1979 BR79DT2.1 Video Subt. The relationship between teacher and student
20 Jun 1979 BR79DT2.2 Video Subt. We have divided life as the outer and the inner
23 Jun 1979 BR79DT2.3 Video Subt. The art of listening

13 Sep 1979 BR79S1 Video Subt. What is one to do in a world of increasing violence?
14 Sep 1979 BR79S2 Video Subt. Observing my prejudice
15 Sep 1979 BR79S3 Video Subt. What is the root cause of the disorder in the world?
16 Sep 1979 BR79S4 Video Subt. When the illusion of individuality ends
17 Sep 1979 BR79S5 Video Subt. What do I do in a deteriorating world?
18 Sep 1979 BR79S6 Video Subt. Can you have insight if there is a centre?

6 Oct 1980 BR80CJLD Video Subt. What is it to be serious?

15 Sep 1980 BR80DCO1 Video Subt. Why haven't we changed?
19 Sep 1980 BR80DCO2 Video Subt. Are you aware that your mind is functioning in a groove?

7 Oct 1980 BR80DSG2.0 Video Subt. Thought is the beginning of desire

1 Jun 1980 BR80DSS1.1 Video Subt. Intelligence is to observe authority not revolt against it
8 Jun 1980 BR80DSS1.2 Video Subt. Are we helping each other not to be mediocre?
15 Jun 1980 BR80DSS1.3 Audio Subt. What is desire and what is thinking?
22 Jun 1980 BR80DSS1.4 Audio Subt. Is there such thing as right action?

28 Sep 1980 BR80DSS2.1 Audio Subt. Is it possible to grow up without any kind of fear?
5 Oct 1980 BR80DSS2.2 Video Subt. Why don't we flower?

16 Sep 1980 BR80DT2.1 Video Subt. Do we want a children’s school at Brockwood?
18 Sep 1980 BR80DT2.2 Video Subt. Do we think together?
21 Sep 1980 BR80DT2.3 Audio On cooperation and feeling isolated
23 Sep 1980 BR80DT2.4 Audio Investigating the burden of anxiety
26 Sep 1980 BR80DT2.5 Audio On being limited and having problems
2 Oct 1980 BR80DT2.6 Audio Subt. Where there is a psychological image you inevitably produce conflict
4 Oct 1980 BR80DT2.7 Audio Subt. Do we want a school where leisure is used for a serious purpose?
25 Oct 1980 BR80DT2.8 Audio What is the intention of Brockwood if we don’t have young students?

27 May 1981 BR81CPJ1 Audio On God
7 Jun 1981 BR81CPJ2 Video Subt. Living with death

31 May 1981 BR81DSS1 Audio Why are we being educated?
14 Jun 1981 BR81DSS2 Video Subt. Thought and knowledge
21 Jun 1981 BR81DSS3 Video Subt. Why haven't we been able to resolve our problems?

5 Jun 1981 BR81DT1 Video Subt. What place has knowledge in life?
6 Jun 1981 BR81DT2 Video Subt. Is it possible to end conflict?
12 Jun 1981 BR81DT3 Video Subt. Is there a deep change taking place in us?
19 Jun 1981 BR81DT4 Video Subt. Leisure
20 Jun 1981 BR81DT5 Video Subt. What is the quality of your mind?
23 Jun 1981 BR81DT6 Video Subt. Individuality

11 Sep 1981 BR81S1 Video Subt. Immediate change
12 Sep 1981 BR81S2 Video Subt. The division between the observer and the observed is illusory
13 Sep 1981 BR81S3 Video Subt. Can thought see itself?
14 Sep 1981 BR81S4 Video Subt. You are humanity
15 Sep 1981 BR81S5 Video Subt. Communication

21 Jun 1982 BR82CPJ1 Video Subt. How does one inquire into the source of all life?
23 Jun 1982 BR82CPJ2 Video Subt. Can we live without the burden of a thousand yesterdays?

30 May 1982 BR82DSS1.1 Video Subt. Can you live without a single problem?
13 Jun 1982 BR82DSS1.2 Video Subt. Opposites
20 Jun 1982 BR82DSS1.3 Audio Subt. Is there energy which is not at all wasted?
27 Jun 1982 BR82DSS1.4 Audio What are the factors that bring about a good human being?

3 Oct 1982 BR82DSS2.1 Audio Subt. Love has no hurt
10 Oct 1982 BR82DSS2.2 Video Subt. Self-centredness
17 Oct 1982 BR82DSS2.3 Video Subt. Discovering something totally new

8 Oct 1982 BR82DT Video Subt. To educate is to bring about a new generation

11 Jun 1983 BR83CB1 Video Subt. Is there an action not touched by thought?
20 Jun 1983 BR83CB2 Video Subt. Is there evolution of consciousness?

24 Jun 1983 BR83CPJ1 Video Subt. What will bring about change in the brain?
25 Jun 1983 BR83CPJ2 Video Subt. Why are we frightened to be nothing?

2 Jun 1983 BR83DSS1.1 Audio Subt. What are the factors of jealousy?
5 Jun 1983 BR83DSS1.2 Audio Subt. What will you do to have peace in the world?
12 Jun 1983 BR83DSS1.3 Video Subt. Conflict is a wastage of energy
16 Jun 1983 BR83DSS1.4 Audio Can our brains not be programmed?
19 Jun 1983 BR83DSS1.5 Video Subt. How will you stop being mediocre?
23 Jun 1983 BR83DSS1.6 Audio What makes the brain deteriorate?

16 Oct 1983 BR83DSS2.0 Video Subt. Supreme intelligence is to have no illusions

15 Oct 1983 BR83DT2.1 Audio Helping the students to meet the violence in the world
18 Oct 1983 BR83DT2.2 Video Subt. Why can’t we think together?

18 Oct 1984 BR84CIM1 Video Subt. Where there is self-interest love is not
18 Oct 1984 BR84CIM2 Video Subt. When there is love there is truth and beauty

5 Oct 1984 BR84CMZ1 Video Subt. What do we mean by conditioning?
5 Oct 1984 BR84CMZ2 Video Subt. What is the fact of fear?
14 Oct 1984 BR84CMZ3 Video Subt. What is religion to you?

24 Jun 1984 BR84CRE Video Subt. Can Fear Be Completely Wiped Away?

8 Jun 1984 BR84SBR1 Video Subt. What is thought?
9 Jun 1984 BR84SBR2 Video Subt. Is there an action in which there is no limitation?
10 Jun 1984 BR84SBR3 Video Subt. Can thought come to an end?

2 Jun 1985 BR85DS1.1 Video Subt. What was your background like?
9 Jun 1985 BR85DS1.2 Video Subt. There is freedom when there is learning
18 Jun 1985 BR85DS1.3 Video Subt. Isn't comparison a form of violence?

14 Oct 1985 BR85DSG1.1 Video Subt. Why don’t you listen?
19 Oct 1985 BR85DSG1.2 Video Subt. Will Brockwood be a place where people come to listen to something very deep?

18 May 1975 BRGS75CB1 Audio Subt. What is truth and what is reality?
24 May 1975 BRGS75CB2 Audio Subt. Seeing 'what is' is action
31 May 1975 BRGS75CB3 Audio Subt. Thought cannot bring about an insight
14 Jun 1975 BRGS75CB4 Audio Subt. How does desire arise from perception?
22 Jun 1975 BRGS75CB5 Audio Subt. Attention implies that there is no centre
28 Jun 1975 BRGS75CB6 Audio Perceiving without the perceiver
18 Jul 1975 BRGS75CB7 Audio Subt. If thought cannot achieve, why should it suffer?
25 Jul 1975 BRGS75CB8 Audio Subt. What is the substance of thought?
6 Aug 1975 BRGS75CB9 Audio Subt. Is there in the brain anything untouched by culture?
27 Sep 1975 BRGS75CB10 Audio Subt. Truth does not belong to an individual
4 Oct 1975 BRGS75CB11 Audio Subt. What is wisdom which is not a movement of thought?
11 Oct 1975 BRGS75CB12 Audio Subt. Can the brain free itself from all self-delusion?

15 Nov 1968 CL68CHS Video Subt. Authority is destructive

11 Nov 1968 CL68DYP1 Audio Subt. Freedom of choice is not freedom
12 Nov 1968 CL68DYP2 Audio Subt. Learning is action
13 Nov 1968 CL68DYP3 Audio Subt. Is it possible to end the thousand yesterdays?
14 Nov 1968 CL68DYP4 Audio Subt. Can the mind be free of thought?
15 Nov 1968 CL68DYP5 Audio Subt. The mind that is free of authority is a very intense, alive mind

8 Nov 1968 CL68TYP1 Audio Subt. A radical transformation in the psyche itself
10 Nov 1968 CL68TYP2 Audio Subt. Thought is the cause of fear
17 Nov 1968 CL68TYP3 Audio Subt. The benediction of meditation

14 Aug 1962 GS62DSG1 Audio Subt. A passion which has no motive
15 Aug 1962 GS62DSG2 Audio Subt. Imitation and negative thinking
16 Aug 1962 GS62DSG3 Audio Subt. Do we go to the end of anything?
17 Aug 1962 GS62DSG4 Audio Subt. Authority and imitation
18 Aug 1962 GS62DSG5 Audio Subt. Seeing authority as a poison
19 Aug 1962 GS62DSG6 Audio Subt. What is the state of the mind that discovers?
20 Aug 1962 GS62DSG7 Audio Subt. Fear is preventing us from looking
21 Aug 1962 GS62DSG8 Audio Once discovery is deeply taking place there is nothing more to discover

15 Aug 1964 GS64DSG1 Audio Start at the very depth of things
16 Aug 1964 GS64DSG2 Audio Action from the unknown
17 Aug 1964 GS64DSG3 Audio An action beyond the bondage of time
18 Aug 1964 GS64DSG4 Audio The mind that sees the whole
19 Aug 1964 GS64DSG5 Audio Where there is accumulation there is fragmentation
20 Aug 1964 GS64DSG6 Audio Is there action apart from animalistic action?
21 Aug 1964 GS64DSG7 Audio Learning is the act of intelligence
22 Aug 1964 GS64DSG8 Audio Knowing without experiencing

30 Jun 1965 GS65DSG1.1 Audio Choice and its relationship to time
23 Jul 1965 GS65DSG1.2 Audio Is it possible for the mind to be free of the process of habit?
30 Jul 1965 GS65DSG1.3 Audio Going deeply into the unconscious

15 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.1 Audio Is thought detrimental?
18 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.2 Audio Am I aware of the process of thinking?
21 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.3 Audio What will make me see that thought breeds frustration?
24 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.4 Audio From where do attachment and detachment come?
25 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.5 Audio A complete stillness
29 Aug 1965 GS65DSG2.6 Audio When the mind is completely quiet, how can there be time?

13 Aug 1967 GS67DYP1 Audio A state which is always moving
15 Aug 1967 GS67DYP2 Audio An action that is not a projection of the past

23 Jul 1974 GSBR74DT01 Audio Subt. The flame of responsibility
28 Jul 1974 GSBR74DT02 Audio Subt. Are we still working in the traditional field?
30 Jul 1974 GSBR74DT03 Audio Subt. Is it possible to produce students who will never be conditioned?
1 Aug 1974 GSBR74DT04 Audio Subt. Can we create an ambience that breaks conditioning?
4 Aug 1974 GSBR74DT05 Audio Subt. Can we bring about such intelligence that the mind is never conditioned?
14 Sep 1974 GSBR74DT06 Audio Subt. Creating an atmosphere of complete security
15 Sep 1974 GSBR74DT07 Audio Subt. Total responsibility
16 Sep 1974 GSBR74DT08 Audio Subt. The habit of conflict
17 Sep 1974 GSBR74DT09 Audio Subt. The art of listening, the art of seeing, the art of learning
18 Sep 1974 GSBR74DT10 Audio Subt. Listening and ending
23 Oct 1974 GSBR74DT11 Audio Subt. Awakening the flame of orderliness and intelligence

19 Sep 1967 LO67DSG1.1 Audio Thought is the observer
26 Sep 1967 LO67DSG1.2 Audio Can I look at myself without thought?
28 Sep 1967 LO67DSG1.3 Audio Images, change, the observer and the observed

20 Sep 1967 LO67DSG2.1 Audio What is sacred?
21 Sep 1967 LO67DSG2.2 Audio Meditation and experience

29 Sep 1967 LO67DSG3.1 Audio How will you live a different kind of life?
1 Oct 1967 LO67DSG3.2 Audio What are we educated for?

Los Alamos
20 Mar 1984 LS84S1 Video Subt. Scientists Talk - Can thought be creative?
21 Mar 1984 LS84S2 Video Subt. Scientists Discussion - Creation comes out of meditation

Madras (Chennai)
18 Jan 1971 MA71DYP Audio Subt. Looking without conclusion

19 Dec 1979 MA79CPJ Audio Subt. Is there a way which will make man free of suffering?

2 Jan 1979 MA79DSG1.1 Video Subt. What is the nature of the religious life?
3 Jan 1979 MA79DSG1.2 Video Subt. What is a religious mind?
4 Jan 1979 MA79DSG1.3 Video Subt. What is a holistic perception?

26 Dec 1979 MA79S1 Video Subt. How can a human being bring about a radical change, not only in himself but outside?
26 Dec 1979 MA79S2 Video Subt. As a human being caught in the structure of society what is right action?
27 Dec 1979 MA79S3 Video Subt. Can you give all your energy to understanding the image-making machinery?
27 Dec 1979 MA79S4 Video Subt. Can a human problem be resolved instantly?

14 Jan 1981 MA81S1 Video Subt. What will break the chain in which the brain is caught?
15 Jan 1981 MA81S2 Video Subt. Remaining with the stream of sorrow
16 Jan 1981 MA81S3 Video Subt. Do you ever come to a point where your brain is in a state of not knowing?

1 Jan 1982 MA82DSG Video Subt. Is it possible for the brain to act totally?

5 Jan 1982 MA82S1 Video Subt. Is there a movement totally apart from time?
6 Jan 1982 MA82S2 Video Subt. Desire, time and thought are the basic elements of fear

4 Jan 1983 MA83S1 Video Subt. What creates division?
5 Jan 1983 MA83S2 Video Subt. What is intelligence?

2 Jan 1984 MA84DSG1.1 Video Subt. Living is a constant movement
4 Jan 1984 MA84DSG1.2 Video Subt. Understanding death
11 Jan 1984 MA84DSG1.0 Video Subt. Ideas have divided people

18 Jan 1984 MA84DYP2 Video Subt. What is the relationship between highly educated, specialised people and the rest of the world?

14 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP1 Audio Is analysis the way for the mind to learn about itself?
15 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP2 Audio How do I become aware of my conditioning?
21 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP3 Audio Thought creates fear of the pain of tomorrow
22 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP4 Audio A brain overcrowded with memories becomes confused
28 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP5 Audio Can the mind be free of fear, pain and pleasure?
29 Dec 1968 ML6869DYP6 Audio Can the mind look at violence as it arises, as though for the first time?
4 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP7 Audio Is there a discipline without the act of will?
5 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP8 Audio What is the state of a mind that is necessary to learn?
11 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP9 Audio Loneliness and intelligence
12 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP10 Audio What is the relationship between a free mind and an organized mind?
18 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP11 Audio Living without assumption
19 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP12 Audio What is the element that brings about a tremendous instant revolution?
25 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP13 Audio How do we gather the energy needed to change?
26 Jan 1969 ML6869DYP14 Audio The possible and the impossible

21 Feb 1970 ML70DSG1 Audio Subt. Living with a sustained seriousness
22 Feb 1970 ML70DSG2 Audio Can the brain operate without recourse to the past?
14 Mar 1970 ML70DSG3 Video Subt. What makes one control?
15 Mar 1970 ML70DSG4 Video Subt. Being serious without belief
21 Mar 1970 ML70DSG5 Video Subt. Attention leads to learning
22 Mar 1970 ML70DSG6 Video Subt. Fear in consciousness
28 Mar 1970 ML70DSG7 Video Subt. What is order?
29 Mar 1970 ML70DSG8 Video Subt. How is one to be entirely free from fear?

29 Mar 1970 ML70I Video Subt. A short interview about the future of the foundations and schools

27 Mar 1971 ML7172CAN1 Audio Subt. The circus of man’s struggle
28 Mar 1971 ML7172CAN2 Audio Subt. On good and evil
24 Jan 1972 ML7172CAN3 Audio Subt. Is there a permanent ego?
25 Jan 1972 ML7172CAN4 Audio Subt. Masters and hierarchy
26 Jan 1972 ML7172CAN5 Audio Subt. Stepping out of the stream of the self
27 Jan 1972 ML7172CAN6 Audio A mind that is not empty can never find truth
28 Jan 1972 ML7172CAN7 Audio Subt. Religion and meditation

26 Mar 1971 ML71CJN1 Audio Subt. The role of the teacher
26 Mar 1971 ML71CJN2 Audio Subt. Inner space

27 Mar 1972 ML72IFW Audio Subt. Interview by Frank Waters

New Delhi
1 Dec 1981 ND81DTV Video Subt. Conversation with Pupul Jayakar and Achyut Patwardhan

4 Nov 1981 ND81S1 Video Subt. The crisis in consciousness
5 Nov 1981 ND81S2 Video Subt. Can fear come to an end?
5 Nov 1981 ND81S3 Video Subt. When I observe fear, that fear is me

New York
14 Apr 1983 NY83CDS Video Subt. Memory, thought and the illusion of continuity

29 Mar 1972 OJ72DSG1 Audio Subt. Conflict and choice
30 Mar 1972 OJ72DSG2 Audio A life without measurement
31 Mar 1972 OJ72DSG3 Audio Subt. Direct perception
1 Apr 1972 OJ72DSG4 Audio Can thought bring about a change in our daily life?

23 Jan 1972 OJ72DYP Audio Subt. Questioning everything

9 Apr 1975 OJ75IFH Video Interview on education by Fred Hall

14 Apr 1977 OJ77CDI Audio Awareness is a mirror in which the movement of thought is perceived

25 Feb 1977 OJ77DT1 Video Subt. How does one help a child to understand the immense problem of conditioning?
25 Mar 1977 OJ77DT2 Video Subt. Is it possible to bring about a different human being through right education?
26 Mar 1977 OJ77DT3 Video Subt. How will you help a child not to have fear?
27 Mar 1977 OJ77DT4 Video Subt. Observation is partial when you identify with a group

14 May 1980 OJ80CDI Audio What is living, actually?

14 Apr 1981 OJ81CB Audio Subt. A feeling for something sacred

1 Apr 1981 OJ81DSG Audio Subt. Computers, thought and insight

3 Apr 1981 OJ81S2.1 Audio There is no individual consciousness
4 Apr 1981 OJ81S2.2 Audio Subt. Consciousness and learning
5 Apr 1981 OJ81S2.3 Audio Subt. Have we lost all sense of religion?

16 Apr 1982 OJ82CNM1 Video Subt. Roots of psychological disorder
17 Apr 1982 OJ82CNM2 Video Subt. Psychological suffering
17 Apr 1982 OJ82CNM3 Video Subt. The need for security
18 Apr 1982 OJ82CNM4 Video Subt. What is a healthy mind?

27 Mar 1983 OJ83CJS Video Subt. What makes us change?

15 May 1984 OJ84CLS Audio We live in conflict with everything

28 Apr 1984 OJ84CPJ Audio What is the summation of Krishnamurti’s teaching and who are you?

Ojai - Brockwood (The Ending of Time)
1 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB1 Audio Subt. The roots of psychological conflict
2 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB2 Audio Subt. Cleansing the mind of the accumulation of time
8 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB3 Audio Subt. Why has man given supreme importance to thought?
10 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB4 Audio Subt. Breaking the pattern of egocentric activity
12 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB5 Audio Subt. The ground of being, and the mind of man
15 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB6 Audio Subt. Can insight bring about a mutation of the brain cells?
17 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB7 Audio Subt. Death has very little meaning
19 Apr 1980 OJBR80CB8 Audio Subt. Can insight be awakened in another?
1 Jun 1980 OJBR80CB9 Video Subt. Brockwood Park 1980 - Dialogue 9 - Senility and the brain cells
7 Jun 1980 OJBR80CB10 Video Subt. Cosmic order
14 Sep 1980 OJBR80CB11 Video Subt. The liberation of insight
16 Sep 1980 OJBR80CB12 Video Subt. The intelligence of love
18 Sep 1980 OJBR80CB13 Video Subt. The ending of psychological knowledge
20 Sep 1980 OJBR80CB14 Video Subt. The mind in the universe
27 Sep 1980 OJBR80CB15 Video Subt. Can human problems be solved?

12 Apr 1969 PA69DYP1 Audio What is the state of the mind when the observer is not?
16 Apr 1969 PA69DYP2 Audio What am I to do in life?
19 Apr 1969 PA69DYP3 Audio Why are we confused?
22 Apr 1969 PA69DYP4 Audio Looking at pleasure and pain

1 Dec 1965 RA65TS1 Audio Subt. Why are you being educated?
4 Dec 1965 RA65TS2 Audio You can understand yourself very simply when you are quiet
7 Dec 1965 RA65TS3 Audio Subt. Why does one have to have order in life?
10 Dec 1965 RA65TS4 Audio Subt. To understand death we must understand living

17 Nov 1981 RA81DS1 Audio Learning and sorrow
19 Nov 1981 RA81DS2 Audio You become insensitive if you get used to anything

31 Oct 1972 RO72DSG1 Audio Subt. Can I live a life which is totally harmonious?
2 Nov 1972 RO72DSG2 Audio Subt. The world is on fire
4 Nov 1972 RO72DSG3 Audio Subt. Is there anything new at all?

30 Oct 1973 RO73DSG1 Audio The division between the observer and the observed
31 Oct 1973 RO73DSG2 Audio Subt. Ending the chattering of the mind

Rishi Valley
30 Nov 1978 RV78DS1 Audio Subt. Don’t compare yourself with anybody
5 Dec 1978 RV78DS2 Video Subt. Do you see the importance of not being frightened?
7 Dec 1978 RV78DS3 Video Subt. Can you observe your thinking?
12 Dec 1978 RV78DS4 Video Subt. To behave rightly is to have consideration and respect
14 Dec 1978 RV78DS5 Video Subt. Look at the human being, not the word
18 Dec 1978 RV78DS6 Audio Subt. Intelligence is total security
19 Dec 1978 RV78DS7 Audio Subt. Love means having no fear

11 Dec 1978 RV78DSG Audio Subt. The mind of Krishnamurti

28 Nov 1978 RV78DT1 Audio Subt. Is there a way of living not based on thought?
2 Dec 1978 RV78DT2 Audio Subt. Learning the art of attention
3 Dec 1978 RV78DT3 Audio Subt. How will you, as educators, help the student to listen?
9 Dec 1978 RV78DT4 Audio Subt. What will bring about total relationship in our life?
10 Dec 1978 RV78DT5 Audio Subt. What is our responsibility as educators and human beings?
16 Dec 1978 RV78DT6 Audio How can we bring about human beings who are flowering deeply?
17 Dec 1978 RV78DT7 Audio Subt. How will you bring about a group of people who are helping each other to uncondition themselves?

17 Nov 1979 RV79DS1 Video Subt. To be sensitive is to be aware of what you are doing
19 Nov 1979 RV79DS2 Audio Subt. Do you lead a life of hypocrisy?
21 Nov 1979 RV79DS3 Video Subt. Can you be free of the image?
27 Nov 1979 RV79DS4 Video Subt. Do you have confidence or trust in anybody?

11 Dec 1980 RV80DS1 Video Subt. What happens when you are concerned only with yourself?
13 Dec 1980 RV80DS2 Video Subt. Are you aware of what is happening in the technological world?
15 Dec 1980 RV80DS3 Video Subt. Thinking about the future causes fear
17 Dec 1980 RV80DS4 Video Subt. Freedom, responsibility and discipline

20 Dec 1980 RV80TSS Audio Short talks given by Krishnamurti and Indira Gandhi

10 Dec 1981 RV81DS1 Video Subt. Have you ever asked yourself what knowledge is?
15 Dec 1981 RV81DS2 Video Subt. Will you be responsible not to be corrupt?

18 Dec 1982 RV82CPA Video Subt. Reading the book of mankind

8 Dec 1982 RV82DS1 Audio Subt. Have you noticed how your brain is conditioned?
13 Dec 1982 RV82DS2 Video Subt. Discipline means to learn
16 Dec 1982 RV82DS3 Video Subt. What are the factors which bring about a deterioration of the brain?

12 Dec 1983 RV83DS1 Video Subt. What is your future?
14 Dec 1983 RV83DS2 Video Subt. The function of an educator is to help students have a good academic brain and be good human beings
16 Dec 1983 RV83DS3 Video Subt. Where do I look to see what I am?

24 Nov 1983 RV83S1 Video Subt. Why are you educating your children?
26 Nov 1983 RV83S2 Video Subt. From whom are we learning?

7 Dec 1984 RV84DS1 Audio Subt. Can we stop thinking about ourselves?
18 Dec 1984 RV84DS2 Video Subt. The brain is always recording
20 Dec 1984 RV84DS3 Video Subt. What is the cause of corruption?

16 Dec 1984 RV84DSG1.1 Audio Subt. Have you ever looked with all your senses?
19 Dec 1984 RV84DSG1.2 Video Subt. Why have I not radically changed?

5 Dec 1985 RV85DS1 Video Subt. What is the taste of fear?
11 Dec 1985 RV85DS2 Video Subt. Thinking about myself all day long

3 Dec 1985 RV85DT1 Audio Subt. A different human being
7 Dec 1985 RV85DT2 Video Subt. Can education bring a holistic way of living?
9 Dec 1985 RV85DT3 Video Subt. If you stand alone you are related

26 Jul 1967 SA67DT1 Audio Can the educator and the educated learn together?
8 Aug 1967 SA67DT2 Audio A different kind of education
9 Aug 1967 SA67DT3 Audio Discipline, freedom and comparison
10 Aug 1967 SA67DT4 Audio How do you bring about feeling of non-comparison?
11 Aug 1967 SA67DT5 Audio Radical mutation takes place when there is no comparison or pattern for change
12 Aug 1967 SA67DT6 Audio Bringing about a deeper, wider feeling for life
13 Aug 1967 SA67DT7 Audio Living in this world, what am I to do?

19 Jul 1967 SA67DYP Audio How do I find out what love is?

17 Jul 1968 SA68DYP1 Audio Why do I want to fulfil myself?
19 Jul 1968 SA68DYP2 Audio When are we aware of the image-making process?
24 Jul 1968 SA68DYP3 Audio Non-fragmentary action in a fragmented world
26 Jul 1968 SA68DYP4 Audio Do we build images to protect ourselves?

25 Jul 1969 SA69CV1 Audio Subt. Can another dispel the darkness in oneself?
26 Jul 1969 SA69CV2 Audio Subt. Can one experience the infinite?

24 Jul 1970 SA70DYP1 Audio What is your vocation?
31 Jul 1970 SA70DYP2 Audio How do you know you are confused?

12 Aug 1984 SC84CRB1 Audio Sound and silence
13 Aug 1984 SC84CRB2 Audio The holistic way of life is outside of the brain

San Diego
8 Apr 1970 SD70DYP Audio How can the mind free itself of its accumulated violence?

25 Mar 1971 SD71DYP1 Video Subt. Can human beings radically bring about in themselves a psychological revolution?
29 Mar 1971 SD71DYP2 Video Subt. A possibility of change

16 Feb 1972 SD72CA1 Video Subt. Listening is a great miracle
16 Feb 1972 SD72CA2 Video Subt. What Is The Point of Education?

15 Feb 1972 SD72CCTR Video Subt. What is Meditation?

17 Feb 1972 SD72CES1 Video Subt. Goodness only flowers in freedom
17 Feb 1972 SD72CES2 Video Subt. Ending disorder is the ending of death

18 Feb 1974 SD74CA1 Video Subt. Knowledge and the transformation of man
18 Feb 1974 SD74CA2 Video Subt. Knowledge and conflict in human Relationships
19 Feb 1974 SD74CA3 Video Subt. What is communication with others?
19 Feb 1974 SD74CA4 Video Subt. What is a responsible human being?
20 Feb 1974 SD74CA5 Video Subt. Understanding of our disorder
20 Feb 1974 SD74CA6 Video Subt. The nature and total eradication of fear
21 Feb 1974 SD74CA7 Video Subt. Understanding, not controlling, desire
21 Feb 1974 SD74CA8 Video Subt. Does pleasure bring happiness?
22 Feb 1974 SD74CA9 Video Subt. Sorrow, passion and beauty
22 Feb 1974 SD74CA10 Video Subt. The art of listening
25 Feb 1974 SD74CA11 Video Subt. Being hurt and hurting others
25 Feb 1974 SD74CA12 Video Subt. Love, sex and pleasure
26 Feb 1974 SD74CA13 Video Subt. A different way of living
26 Feb 1974 SD74CA14 Video Subt. Death, life and love are indivisible
27 Feb 1974 SD74CA15 Video Subt. Religion, authority and education - Part 1
27 Feb 1974 SD74CA16 Video Subt. Religion, authority and education - Part 2
28 Feb 1974 SD74CA17 Video Subt. Meditation, a quality of attention that pervades all of one's life
28 Feb 1974 SD74CA18 Video Subt. Meditation and the sacred mind

23 Nov 1970 SY70DSG1 Audio Subt. What does it mean to look at something as a whole?
30 Nov 1970 SY70DSG2 Audio Subt. Comparison and conformity

Washington DC
20 Apr 1978 WO78DSS1 Video Subt. The purpose of a Krishnamurti school
21 Apr 1978 WO78DSS2 Video Subt. Is it possible to be free of pressure?
23 Apr 1978 WO78DSS3 Video Subt. The arts of listening and learning